Develop app like Houseparty
How to build a successful video chat app like the House party app?

Contents What is the House party app and why is it everywhere? Basic needs for any good quality video chat app  Top 5 features that make House party app stand apart from the video chat crowd 1. Provided group games feature2. The facemail option3. Quirky names of features4. Chat room feature5. Intelligent notification alerts6. House party app helpHow

How to create your own live streaming app
How To Create Your Own Live Streaming App

Do live streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu attract you? Learn how to create your own live streaming app here!

How to make online streaming platform such as Netflix
The business model of online streaming platform such as Netflix|How does it make money?

Contents What is Netflix and why is it popular? But, why is Netflix inc still popular?So, what features make online streaming platform such as Netflix so popular? 1. The vast collection of movies and documentaries2. Easy to use 3. Titles updated daily4. The user interface is easier to use than its competitors like Amazon Prime5. Smart downloading optionRevenue

The Ultimate Guide To Sports App Development Solutions

Mobile apps have made things simpler for individuals. We now know it all inside the space of seconds wherein they are intrigued. Additionally, technology has also made it ready for sports businesses and ventures. The sports mobile app development is a blooming domain. Whether it is live streaming matches or fantasy sports betting, all are

How to Make A Video Streaming App

In this blog will learn the dynamics of streaming application development and its popularity in recent years.    Contents What is the idea behind streaming?But how does streaming work?For companies to offer content for streaming:As a consumer, to view the streaming content:What is the difference between cable and streaming?What are the types of streaming options

Netflix clone
Live Video Streaming Apps – The Next Big Thing

Netflix Clone Televisions used to be the basic staple in households. Now it’s nothing more than a fixture occupying space. Watching TV has become too mainstream. We have to pay for a whole batch of channels and what we get in return is repeat episodes, stale content and annoying commercials in between. It is expected

What type of mobile apps have become popular due to coronavirus?

Contents Home aloneSome apps that are popular right now and their reasons1. Grocery delivery apps2. Social media/communication apps3. Gaming apps4. Video-conferencing apps5. Video streaming apps6. Healthcare apps7. Fitness appsConclusionHome alone Even if you have not been following the news, chances are you have still heard or read about the novel coronavirus outbreak by now. The

Is now the perfect time to launch your on-demand video streaming app?

The Perfect Time to Launch OTT? Contents Rest and relaxationWhat features should a video streaming app have?User app:Admin app:ConclusionRest and relaxation With the novel coronavirus outbreak across the globe, various governments are preparing to or have already put cities on lockdown. And people are being advised to stay home to prevent the virus from spreading

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