ar tattoo app
How to Enhance Your Tattoo Business with an AR Tat...

AR Tattoo App is a relatively new phenomenon that allows you to “try on” tattoos before getting them permanently inked. They have become trendy among millennials and teens who want something unique and exciting but

Amazon Saloon
What Is Amazon Saloon and How Is It Using Augmente...

I am sure everyone is aware of the impact that Amazon has caused with the help of the latest technology, whether it’s cinema, online shopping, or listening to music. Now this company has taken a

augmented reality integration with on-demand beauty apps can increase customer engagement
How augmented reality integration with on-demand b...

The on-demand economy has transformed almost every business, including the beauty industry. On-demand beauty apps have made it easy for customers to browse and book appointments with the beauticians of their choice at their own

augmented reality showing the way
How Augmented Reality (AR) can make your events mo...

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most fascinating concepts that has become a trending topic in the tech industry. And rightly so. Since Pokémon Go started the AR hype, this

AI and Machine Learning would transform the whole ...

We all are living witnesses in this era of exciting and innovative times with futuristic technologies emerging and expanding like a virus providing everything at our fingertips. Recently there was news that some scientists created

Building a Strong Brand Doesn’t Just Happen

But as we all know, building a strong brand is easier said than done. We’ll guide you on how to make one! Building a Strong brand doesn’t just happen A brand is an idea, a concept

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