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TGF (The Gut’s Feeling) is an iconic restaurant start-up that has taken the pledge to rebuild the devastated eating lifestyle of people by offering nutritious and delicious fast food.

Why does your Restaurant need an app?

In present digital civilized age, online commercialism has replaced the word of mouth marketing or conventional paper marketing scheme. The live examples of online marketing are two of the most popular restaurant apps, i.e. Spago, Beverly Hills and Alinea, Chicago. They started with a small but now have made their place in the 10 most famous restaurants in the world list by adopting the present digital means to commercialize their restaurants. Online Website or App for your Restaurant is the most productive idea to reach maximum people and market your brand in Industry.

How a Mobile App and a Website is benefitting TGF?

1. To Target Maximum People Within their Geographical Boundaries

Apps and Websites for your Restaurant Business are one of the surest ways for a business to reach its local users. There are several ways by which an app can target users regionally, such as through iBeacon technology, GPS, and even localized marketing.

2. Hassle-free reservations

TGF App can help customers to book a table for the desired time from the comfort of their home or office. TGF App takes away the hassle of walking down to the restaurant or calling the help desk. This way, the TGF group can ensure convenient dining experience for its customers.

3. Notify customers

TGF is proactive in offering attractive deals depending on the season and festival. TGF mobile app and website guarantees to send push notifications to inform the diners about attractive deals. This can help in acquiring more number of food ordering.

4. Increase Restaurant’s Brand Awareness

TGF restaurant application and website increase the scope of brand awareness. This is because the app is always there on the mobile phone of customers, reminding them all the time about their business. This is also one of the most magnificent benefits of owning an app for your Restaurant Business.

Along with this, with the app, TGF group send push notifications to the users highlighting their special days’ deals. And every single announcement from their restaurant on the users’ device is equal to an opportunity to create deeper brand resonance in the users’ mind.

5. Improve your services

By incorporating review and feedback section in restaurant app design, they get instant access to all the opinions of the users, not just for their mobile app but also for their business.

Apart from highlighting the areas where they lack, the review and feedback section also gives them an idea on how to expand their restaurant business further.

6. Ensure returning visits

A customer loyalty program in the app plays an essential role in ensuring return visits. There is no lie in saying that users who use loyalty programs are at a higher chance to return.

Some Features That Make TGF a Great Restaurant App

There are some of the elements that have emerged as unique features of the TGF restaurant app. Let’s have a glance at them quickly.

       1. Search Option to Look for Food Items –

The freedom of choice is a pleasant thing. TGF app has a search icon that opens a world of options for the users, aware them about the wide variety of cuisines.

It is daunting for an individual to choose from an exhaustively long list. Hence, a search and filter option implemented in the app lets the user quickly find the dish that they want.

        2. Display Food Menu-

TGF app has an option to showcase all the items from their menu. This feature helps the customers to make the right choice of food before coming to the restaurant. It also maintains the transparency between the restaurants and customers.

       3. Blog Section-

There is an inbuilt blog section on the app which allows the TGF Group to post blogs related to nutrition, gut health etc. They can also have the provision to post about their restaurant’s plans, history, mission and vision.

       4. Chatbot /Customer Support System-

The restaurant app has the latest AI-based chatbot to solve the queries of the customers and to assist them in the booking table.

      5. Customer Reviews and Feedback Option-

Feedback option is the most crucial option that is integrated into every app. It shows the generosity of the restaurant. Customers appreciate if the restaurant owner themselves ask to fill the feedback form. It signifies the desire for improvement of the restaurant staff to make better dining experience for customers.

Now that you know how a restaurant app can enhance your Restaurant Business. The next step is to contact our team of skilled app developers and fulfil your dream to see your restaurant at the top and make remarkable progress and fortune.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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