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Flower Manager by Gravity Free was founded back in 1991 in The United States. It is a modern, worldly, and renowned e-commerce sales & marketing platform built completely and precisely for the floral industry with insights specifically from some of the largest local florists in the country.

This existing e-commerce platform has been customized for florists but is largely designed for large florists that know and understand the increasing demands of the people and the Internet and require deep functionality and flexible customization option which is Exclusive territory.

Flower Manager Website is extensively used by the industry’s leading local florists and generates revenue of well over a filthy hundred million dollars in floral sales annually! 

Flower Manager Website features

  • Automated Card Printing
  • Customer Account Profiles
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Order Management

Flower Manager Pricing Overview

The pricing of Flower Manager starts at $380.00 per month which includes a one-time license/ monthly hosting, and maintenance. They do not have a free version and Flower Manager does not provide a free trial.

You can sell more flowers with the help of the best Floral e-commerce platform which is none other than the Flower Manager Website!

How to use the Flower Manager Website?

  • Flower Manager sites work efficiently and seamlessly on every device.
  • Whether you are on the go or order from your desktop, the whole process is totally user-friendly and is accurately designed to give you a great experience!
  • The site is continuously tested to get buyers in no time and it is ensured that their visit becomes a sale.

Trias Flowers

Trias Flowers is Miami’s leading florist! They’re excellent in providing both- their products and services. Trias Flowers is totally committed and dedicated to providing the on-time delivery of the best and unique floral customized designs to the community.

They also have a physical store wherein you can find a variety of things ranging from gift baskets, home decor items, scented candles, and baby gifts, chocolate and cookie baskets, orchid plants, homemade cakes, and much more!

When you shop with Trias Flowers, you’ll experience the results of the high standards they set being in the family business for over 100 years! Amazing, isn’t it?

Their aim and sole purpose are to meet the demands of any occasion, with the end goal of making you and everyone happy and satisfied with their products and services, making you want to return to them every now and then to get the desired products.

Isn’t it high time for your online floral shop to really start working for you? Well, the Flower Manager Website does that for you!

Kendall Flowers:

Kendall Flower shop is a real local florist in Cambridge. They provide flowers to a lot of states and cities. You are bound to love them as they always deliver the freshest blooms on time! Kendall flowers cover all kinds of occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and many more!

They supply beautiful flowers for these special days. You’ll get a wide selection of floral designs to decorate your home as they deliver the best fresh flowers on time.

Whether it is to surprise someone special or to send a get well flower gift basket, Kendall Flower shop will make sure to send quality fragrant flowers in a stunning arrangement!

The details we provide for the Flower Manager Website is all that you were looking for!

Florist Websites

  • FTDFTD is a florist website that has clean, elegant, and easy to use designs and elements. Whether you need flowers for the funeral, anniversaries, birthdays, and more, this website provides such flowers for your need!
  • Flower Chimp- Flower Chimp is one of the most vibrant and lively e-commerce florist websites. It offers you a quick and easy flower finder feature where you can pick the type of flowers you wish to purchase according to the occasion and budget.
  • Bloomex- Bloomex florist places the phone number and live chat on the header section of the website. It also elegantly and explicitly displays the discounted items in a clear manner making it a lot easier to connect and locate the businesses.
  • Interflora- Interflora is another great florist website that can make occasions extra special! The website includes customer reviews to help drive more sales, Instagram, and a blog for publishing interesting posts to help connect with the audience.
  • Arena Flowers- You can now connect with and find numerous florists anytime and anywhere! The website showcases different flowers available in different places. Thanks to Arena Flowers as you can order the best and fresh flowers with just the tip of your finger!

We hope you find our review on the Flower Manager Website Interesting and Helpful!

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