how to grow my restaurant online
How to take my restaurant business online? 5 fool-proof methods

Have you been thinking about how to grow my restaurant online? If you want to grow your business, you need to be where your customers are. And in today’s times, that is the Internet. According to a study by the National Restaurant Association, more than 60% of customers in the United States use online food

make an app like opentable
How To Build A Restaurant Reservation App Like OpenTable

Before learning how to build a restaurant reservation app Like OpenTable, let us understand what the restaurant reservation system is? The restaurant reservation system means booking a table with any restaurant, managing the bookings, and canceling the bookings (if required). This table reservation system has helped restaurants estimate demand more efficiently. OpenTable is a restaurant

develop a cloud kitchen app
Core Must Have Ideas in Cloud Kitchen App Development

Brick and mortar facilities with warm memories in restaurants are to become history. The pandemic has made cloud kitchens popular. It is ideal to invest in cloud kitchen app development before the market gets too competitive.  Contents Cloud kitchen app development: A step by step guideCloud Kitchen technologies- A sneak peek! What should a cloud kitchen

Top Food Delivering Apps
10 best food delivery app London list (2021 edition)

It’s now more convenient than ever to have meals delivered to your home at any time from any location. Thanks to the wonderful on-demand delivery apps that are now accessible. Simply download the best food delivery app London, decide, place an order, and pay with your smartphone or cash upon delivery. These apps benefit not

graphical restaurant reservation system app
Graphical Restaurant Reservation System App (GRRS)

Imagine you go out with your friends, family, or date to a restaurant only to find out that there’s a 30-minute long waiting due to the busy hour. As a result, you have no choice but to wait for your table and meanwhile you regret not booking one in advance. Therefore, you take the effort

TGF : A Restaurant App and Website like Spago and Alinea

TGF: A restaurant App and Website TGF (The Gut’s Feeling) is an iconic restaurant start-up that has taken the pledge to rebuild the devastated eating lifestyle of people by offering nutritious and delicious fast food. Why does your Restaurant need an app? In present digital civilized age, online commercialism has replaced the word of mouth

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