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We all know how Facebook has been in the news for violating the privacy policies of its users. In 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that Facebook would have to pay a record $5 billion fine to settle the privacy and data concerns. However, this was not the only black mark on the social network’s data-mining practices. 

Last year, the company also agreed to pay a $550 million fine for harvesting facial data without the users’ explicit consent. Indeed, this has raised a lot of questions in the minds of Facebook users. Every person who uses a social networking site today has only one concern – “Is my data safe?

Facebook Data Concerns

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Although Facebook claims that it will never sell your information to anyone, social networking users have their guards up now. They’re no longer willing to deal with hidden terms and conditions, below par data protection policies, and a massive number of advertisements. As a result, they are on the hunt for a new app like Facebook that offers 100% transparency and some exceptional features that are unknown to them.

Previously, we discussed the top 5 communication apps that one can use as an alternative to Facebook Messenger. However, now it’s time to discuss the top 5 Facebook alternatives that offer people exactly what they need in 2021 – a social networking site that offers data security and protection.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss some of the best social networking alternatives to Facebook.

  1. 1. MeWe - A New App Like Facebook 
  2. 2. Yubo - An Online Social Community 
  3. 3. VERO - Algorithm-free and New App Like Facebook 
  4. 4. Ello - A New App Like Facebook For Creators 
  5. 5. LinkedIn - A New App Like Facebook To Find Jobs
  6. Conclusion

1. MeWe – A New App Like Facebook 

If you’re planning to switch to a new app like Facebook in the name of free speech and privacy, then MeWe is your best bet. As its tagline says, it is the Next-Gen Social Network. The best part about this Facebook alternative is that it has made its intentions crystal clear. The platform mentions that its customers’ data are not shared or sold and that their private lives are not for sale

You must be wondering – how does MeWe work? Well, it’s no different than any other social networking site. You can add your favorite pictures and selfies to your feed, write texts, react to others’ posts, etc. Apart from person-to-person online chat, you can also have group chats among three or more people. 

Additionally, if you opt for the paid subscription, you can also use their secret chat, which is end-to-end encrypted. This means that your chats will be 100% private and will not be visible to MeWe as well. 

Pros and Cons of MeWe

Here are the pros and cons of MeWe – a new app like Facebook. 



The social networking site is 100% free of ads. There’s a possibility that most of your contacts do not use MeWe yet.
The site keeps your data safe and never uses it. It offers basic features.
MeWe never changes the order of your newsfeeds. You have complete control over how you see the posts. MeWe offers the ‘Secret Chat’ feature only on a subscription basis.


2. Yubo – An Online Social Community 

Apart from privacy concerns, another reason behind looking for a new app like Facebook could be boredom. And if that’s the case, you’re not alone. Although Facebook continually updates its platform and adds new features, it’s no surprise that you don’t enjoy using the platform as much as you did earlier – especially if you’re a Gen-Z. 

However, with Yubo being in the picture, you can forget what boredom feels like. Founded in 2015, Yubo is a social networking platform that is an excellent Facebook alternative. It is primarily geared towards the younger generation, typically the age group between 13-25 years. Apart from chatting, socializing, and sharing, it has some excellent features that allow you to build a community. If you’re into sports, art, games, music, or anything, you can connect with like-minded people and discuss your common interests. 

Apart from that, it also allows you to go live and stream videos with your friends. Moreover, you can make the chatting session more interactive by playing games together such as “To Be Honest”, their Q&A game, and so on. 

Pros and Cons of Yubo

Here are the pros and cons of Yubo – a new app like Facebook. 



You can chat with your friends and build a community around people with the same interests as yours. The platform asks for a parent’s consent for users below the age of 18. 
You can play games with your friends and go live on the platform. There is a possibility of having a number of immature users on the platform.
You can earn rewards for inviting your friends to join the app. Yubo may not be the best social networking platform for the older age group.


3. VERO – Algorithm-free and New App Like Facebook 

Facebook focuses on “meaningful interactions”. This means that only those posts will show up on your feed that is likely to have a positive reaction from the users. Thus, many people are unhappy with this algorithm and want posts to be displayed in chronological order. And this is what Vero capitalized on. 

Launched in 2015, VERO is another app like Facebook that offers a great social experience for everybody. It offers an ad-free and algorithm-free platform that shows posts from your connections in reverse chronological order. The social networking site claims that they offer this feature so that you’re in full control of what you see and interact with. 

The sign-up process is simple. All you have to do is download their iOS or Android application and provide your name, email address, and phone number. Furthermore, if you wish to buy something from the platform or donate to a cause, VERO asks for your payment information, billing address, and shipping address. However, the platform does not use or sell this data. 

Pros and Cons of VERO

Here are the pros and cons of VERO – a new app like Facebook. 



The social networking site is 100% free of ads. The application consumes a lot of cellular data.
It shows posts from your connections in reverse chronological order. VERO is only available on an application. It has no web platform. 
VERO offers multiple features, products, community news, and services. You’re required to post a picture if you wish to share something.


4. Ello – A New App Like Facebook For Creators 

What if we told you that there’s a social networking site specifically for creators? Yes, you heard that right. Ello is a new app like Facebook, but not exactly similar to the social media platform. It is a managed and networked marketplace that allows creators to build an audience, sell and share their content and work, and get hired. 

The best part about this social media platform is that it offers an uncomplicated and minimal design. Moreover, it focuses on a human-approach rather than an algorithm-approach. Although it started off as a great Facebook alternative, this ad-free platform has recently pivoted to a more Pinterest-like outlook. As of December 2020, there were 450,000 visitors to this global community of artists. 

Apart from this, it works in a fairly simple manner. You can add your friends via their usernames and categorize them under two options – “Friends” or “Noise.” When you choose the latter, you won’t get many updates from those fellow users. 

Pros and Cons of Ello

Here are the pros and cons of Ello – a new app like Facebook. 



The social networking site is 100% free of ads. You cannot find and add your friends on the platform unless you know their username.
It is GIF friendly and allows you to share trendy ones with your friends. Ello is best-suited for creators and may not be for everyone.
Ello ensures maximum privacy, security, ad safety of its users.  You can only use the platform if you get an invite from existing users.


5. LinkedIn – A New App Like Facebook To Find Jobs

We all know how tough last year has been. The pandemic cost many people their jobs, and others had to work on half-pay. However, as times are gradually becoming better, it’s time you join a professional community and find your dream job. 

LinkedIn is one such social networking platform that is very similar to Facebook. It has a newsfeed, chat feature, and the option to share and interact with the posts. However, it doesn’t end here. You can add your current and previous employments on your profile and look for jobs. Subsequently, you can refine your search by adding the designation, location, remote work, and so on. 

When it comes to privacy, LinkedIn gives its users complete control over how they wish to share their personal information. Moreover, if you wish to view the data LinkedIn has about your profile, you can request a copy, and they’ll send you one within 24 hours. 

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn

Here are the pros and cons of LinkedIn – a new app like Facebook. 



You can share whatever you want – pictures, videos, text, and so on. The platform is focused on jobs and careers.
You can connect with your potential employers and get a good job. It may take a lot of time and effort to build a community and get engagement on your posts.
It gives users a professional look. You might see businesses spamming your newsfeed with continuous posting.



So, these were the top 5 applications that can act as a successful alternative to Facebook in today’s world. 

If you’re a creator, Ello could be your best bet. Similarly, if you want to engage with a professional community, LinkedIn is how you do it. Of course, if you’re simply looking to interact with friends, MeWe, Yubo, and VERO could help you do that.

Therefore, use these platforms and decide for yourself which one is best suited for your personality or needs. After all, it’s all about having meaningful interactions. 

Additionally, if you wish to create a new app like Facebook for your start-up, we have solutions for that too! Get in touch with us today and make your dream project come true. 

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