Developing An App Like Mewe: Must Have Features And Cost Estimation 

The inability of popular social media platforms to protect data has made many users consider alternative social media platforms that value their privacy.

MeWe emerged as a better option where users can connect without compromising their data and privacy.

With the growing user base, social media platforms are changing their core functionality. They are not limited to connecting global users but giving businesses ample opportunities to showcase and promote their brands. 

As per the report, the global social networking app market was valued at $49.09B in 2022 and is expected to boost at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.2% between 2023 to 2030.

Social media network app market size

Businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a profitable opportunity can tap into the social networking app market by considering developing an app similar to MeWe.

Let’s explore more about the MeWe app, its essential features, and the cost estimation for developing the same kind of app.

What Is The Mewe App?

MeWe App

Mewe, a next-gen social network site, is an alternative to popular social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The Mewe platform is well-recognized for its business approach, which excludes advertising, targeting, promotions, and the manipulation of news feeds.

Internet entrepreneur Mark Weinstein founded the platform and is owned by a company called Sgrouples. In a Rolling Stone interview, Weinstein identified himself as “one of the men who developed social media.”

In 1998, he launched SuperGroups, a pioneering social networking website that was shut down in 2001 by its supporters. Recently the platform has collaborated with Frequency (a Layer 1 blockchain network) to decentralize its social network.

Here are more details about the app.

Founded onMay 12, 2012
Category Social Networking
Founded byMark Weinstein and Jonathan Wolfe
Owned bySgrouples, Inc.
HeadquartersCulver City, California, U.S.
CEOJeffrey Scott Edell
Available onWeb, Android & iOS
App downloads5M+
App ratings4.3

How Does The MeWe App Work?

The app’s working can be explained by the set of features and functionalities which can be accessed in free and paid ways. The app comes in two versions, i.e., Mewe and Mewe Pro. 

The free version offers the following features to its users: 

  • Authentic relationships with one’s family, friends, and those who have similar interests
  • There are open and closed groups for connecting with people to share their opinions
  • Messages and posts that disappear after 24 hours
  • Pages for fans and companies
  • Instant messaging and chat function for both individual and group discussions 
  • Newsfeeds tailored to close friends

While its paid version offers the following features to its premium users: 

  • Real-time voice and video conversations, including group calls
  • Customized emoji and sticker collection
  • Cool and entertaining camera filters
  • Making use of the camera to generate GIFs
  • Personal and social cloud
  • Profiles that are unique and personalized

The Business Model Of The Mewe App

There are multiple revenue streams for Mewe. Mewe is a subscription-based social media platform where users can join and use it for free but need to pay an additional fee to access advanced features on the platform. 

There is a need to pay $4.99 monthly to access premium features like voice and video calling, extra cloud storage, and custom emojis. 

Similarly, the Mewe app lets other businesses access their monthly tools ranging between $1.44 to $14.99. 

Unlike Facebook, Mewe doesn’t offer the creation of a free business page and charges upto $1.99 as subscription charges to create the business page for the first time.

Moreover, the platform has also collaborated with Google and Microsoft to allow users to share their work and documents with their collaborators and team with Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365. 

Must-Have Features For An App Like Mewe

Consider adding the following features for building a Mewe-like app:

1. Profile creation 

Enable your users to create their profiles on your platform by enabling them to enter their details such as e-mail address, name, website, birth date, phone number, and other required details. 

2. Authorization 

MeWe app feature Authorization

Implementing authorization will help you secure your users’ privacy and data and make your platform more trustable. The authorization will enable users to sign up and login into your platform through their phone number and e-mail address. 

Additionally, the authorization will be helpful for users to recover or reset their password on your platform.

3. Search and Be Friend

MeWe App feature Search and Be friend.

Enable search functionality to your platform to allow users to search for their personal contacts, content, and posts they are interested in. Moreover, consider adding filters to the search feature to narrow the search results and make them more relevant. 

4. Messaging

As a social media platform, it is crucial to allow your users to communicate by offering them a proper communication channel, such as text messaging. 

Additionally, you can allow your users to send media files, stickers,  and emojis through the messaging functionality to make communication more engaging. 

5. User interface 

In addition to implementing essential features, app design is another important aspect that must be taken care of because the user interface is how your users will access your app and its functionalities.

6. Custom social cloud

The custom social app comprises different groups where the personal social cloud offers each member. 

The custom social cloud will enable users to automatically save, publish and record their video call with other users. It can organize them in the cloud storage associated with their profile account.

7. Control over permissions

In a world of fast-growing digitalization, users are more concerned with their privacy and data. Therefore it becomes crucial for you to provide the rights to users to let them manage and control what data should be collected and by whom.

The users should also be facilitated with an option to remove themselves from the search directory by offering them an invisible mode to hide from other users.

8. Tagging

The feature is valuable as it allows users to filter and organize all the content they receive or distribute. The users can organize varieties of content into multiple categories to ease out search and sort out content and post on your platform. 

9. Journals by MeWe

The journal feature enables users to sort, tag, save, rearrange, and organize their stories and create a timeline of memories. However, stories featured through the timeline are valid for 24 hours.

10. News feed

The news feed is not a unique feature, but it must be included if you are considering creating an app. The news feed is a live feed about activities in your circle, including friends, people, pages, family, etc.

11. Voice and video calling (dual camera)

A premium feature where users can access unlimited IP calling in invoice and video mode. The feature lets users connect with multiple users simultaneously in a single voice video call. 

The app also facilitates a live streaming facility with a dual-camera video calling feature, allowing users to simultaneously communicate with front and rear cameras.

12. Groups

The app enables premium subscription users to create groups for inviting people with shared interests to have an open conversation, sharing thoughts, ideas, visions, etc. You can also enable users to implement content moderation policies for smooth and easy interactions.

Top Competitors Of The Mewe App

Explore the top alternatives to get more ideas for creating social platforms with similar features and functionalities.

1. Mighty Networks 

Mighty Network App

A social network platform where entrepreneurs, creators, and brands can build their digital communities, courses, and membership. Mighty Networks enables users to start a live stream of events, establish entertaining activities, and much more. 

Founded in 2010
Available onWeb, Android & iOS
Founded byGina Bianchini
App downloads1M+
App rating4.3
HeadquartersPalo Alto, California, United States

2. Mastodon

Mastodon App

A one of the largest decentralized social networks where anyone can join and can create their profiles and can express themselves with custom emojis, videos, GIFs, and many other available options.

Instead of a single website, Mastodon is a network of millions of users from independent communities who can interact with each other. However, each community has had their guidelines that users need to comply with to keep its members safe and prevent any spamming activities. 

Founded in 2016
Available onWeb, Android & iOS
Founded byEugen Rochko
App downloads1M+
App rating3.4
HeadquartersEllijay, Georgia, United States

3. Locals 

Locals App

The platform is designed for independent creators where they can publish their content along with engaging and earning revenue from their supporters.

The app believes that creator should be their publishers, and they provide them with tools for publishing and operating their content and posts. The creators also create their guidelines on their page, where they are offered a list of valuable tools that can help them to manage their community. 

Founded in 2019
Available onWeb, Android & iOS
Founded byDave Rubin and Assaf Lev
App downloads100k+
App rating4.4
HeadquartersMiami, United States

4. Minds

Minds App

Mind is an open-source social network that allows freedom of speech and is integrated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The platform enables its users to speak freely, protects their privacy and crypto rewards, and facilitates them with greater transparency and accountability. 

Users can earn cryptocurrencies in various ways, such as when someone subscribes or likes, shares, or comments on the content of the creators.

Founded in 2011
Available onWeb, Android & iOS
Founded byBill Ottman
App downloads500K+
App rating4.7
HeadquartersGlastonbury, Connecticut, United States

5. Zingr

Zingr App

A location-based social networking platform where users can explore nearby people along with discovering their photos, posts, and stories. 

However, the distance is limited to 1 KM and respects users’ privacy by not sharing their live location. The platform also offers hashtags where users can connect with other nearby people with the same hobbies. 

Founded in 2019
Available onWeb, Android & iOS
Founded byKęstutis Gedaitis
App downloads100K+
App rating2.4

Technology Stack To Develop An App Like Mewe 

The technology stack selection will depend on various factors, such as the platform you are considering to launch your application and the development team’s experience using specific tools, frameworks, APIs, etc. 

Hire an app development company to select appropriate tools for your project. The most recommended tech stack for a MeWe-like app development is as follows:

Platform AndroidiOSHybrid(Android and iOS)
Frontend Framework AngularExpress-JSReact
Backend Framework DjangoLaravelPhalcon
Programming LanguagesJava and KotlinObjective C and SwiftRuby On Rails
Database Development MySQLPostgreSQLNoSQL

Factors Influencing The Cost Of A MeWe-Like App Development

Understanding different factors that can affect the cost of building an app can help you estimate the app development cost for your project. 

1. App Type 

Determining the app type will involve multiple factors, such as its app development approach, whether hybrid or native, and market segments, such as public, professional bodies, or enterprises.

The list of features you want to implement and categorizing them into free-to-use and premium features, deciding whether to add in-app purchases are some other factors that determine the app types.

2. Development Team Structure 

An ideal team structure comprises professionals and app developers, including project managers, UI/UX designers, marketers, and Q&A testing engineers.

Employing a development company with years of experience and expertise in building social networking platforms is advisable. Access their portfolios with different apps they have developed for their past clients. 

Here is more detail about hiring an app development company in 2023.

3. Location Of The Team  

The team’s location is another important aspect that decides an app development fee based on their hourly rate. The development team, based on their location, comprises the following app development hourly rates:

Location Hourly Rates
Western Europe/UK$160-$225
North America$150-$200
The Middle East$100-$115
Eastern Europe$125-$140
Australia/New Zealand$90-$125

The variation in hourly rate is due to having no similarity in the cost of living for the different locations. 

4. Tech Stack

The selection of a technological stack will be another factor that will influence the pricing of your app development budget. 

Based on your app development types, whether native or hybrid, each development type will require different app development tools and technologies to build the same kind of app.


Adopting the business strategy of social media apps that respect users’ data and privacy is a way to stand out among the competition.

As many social media platforms have changed their policies that compromise users’ privacy, many users opt for privacy-oriented social media platforms. When building an app like MeWe, you must focus on its core features, UI designs, business, strategy, marketing, and more. However, all these skills need years of experience and expertise that only a reliable app development company can have. 

If you are juggling multiple business ideas and are seeking expert guidance in developing and promoting social media platforms, you can contact Idea Usher. 

You can leverage our expertise and experience in building custom software solutions where we can turn your app idea into reality. Our team comprises highly skilled developers, designers, and project managers that work together to ensure your app will get delivered on time, within budget, and meets all requirements.

We at Idea Usher follow a systematic development process from defining the project scope to launching your social media platform to your targeted market. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you start and expand your business.

Contact Idea Usher 

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Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like MeWe?

A. Multiple factors can decide the cost to develop an app like such as app development type (Hybrid or Native), team structure, tech stack, and location of the team, etc.

Q. How does the MeWe app work?

A. The app allows users to post messages on their timelines, share them among their networks, such as friends and families, and join and create groups in private and group chats. 

Q. What are some unique features of MeWe?

A. My Cloud, Unique profiles, Voice integration, Dual-camera videos, Universal tagging, and Permission control are some of the unique features.

Q. What is MeWe?

A. MeWe is a social networking platform with essential features on popular social media platforms. The platform is well known for its business model, with no promotions, ads, targeting, or news feed manipulation.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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