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MeWe is a social networking and social media platform available worldwide. MeWe app, an alternative social networking site, has seen a rise in new members (according to the platform’s in-house analysis, MeWe has more than 12 million members). 

It describes itself as the “next-gen social network” and also emphasizes data privacy and offers an ad-free experience to potential users. 

MeWe is owned by Sgrouples, which was also the platform’s original name. Mark Weinstein, a businessman in the online space, launched it. 

Weinstein referred to himself as “one of the men who developed social media” in an interview with Rolling Stone.

He founded SuperGroups in 1998, a very early social networking website that was shut down by its backers in 2001.

Weinstein began a new internet business endeavor in 2011, which ultimately led to the founding of MeWe.

MeWe twitter. ui
App MeWe
Type of businessPrivate
FoundedMay 12, 2012
CategorySocial Networking
ProviderSgrouples, Inc.
CEOJeffrey Scott Edell
HeadquartersCulver City, California, U.S.
FoundersMark Weinstein and Jonathan Wolfe
Downloads5,000,000+ downloads
Available in Multilingual
USPMeWe offers privacy protections and never sells data to other companies. 

Market Growth

Let’s explore some intriguing information on market growth.

  • MeWe, a Facebook competitor, reportedly attracted 2.5 million subscribers in only one week, according to a January 2021 article in USA Today. This occurred when WhatsApp, a Facebook-affiliated firm, revealed its controversial new privacy policy, and users hurried to safeguard the data.
  • According to the same USA survey, the USA, Canada, and Mexico, all high- to middle-income nations have more than half of all active MeWe users.
  • Compared to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which invest millions of dollars in advertising, MeWe spends nearly nothing on the promotion of its services.
  • reports that MeWe had a staggering 36 percent growth in Q1 2021. It has increased by an average of 173 percent annually over the previous three years. It indicates that every seven months, MeWe’s active users doubled.

How Does the MeWe App Work?

MeWe and MeWePRO are the two versions of the MeWe app. Both free and paid members utilize the MeWe app.

The MeWePRO app is designed for business users that want to customize their home page and build out their network of MeWe users.

MeWe twitter. ui

The MeWe app gives its customers a wide range of features, including:

For Free Users

  • Authentic connections with an individual’s family, friends, and those who share your interests
  • Newsfeeds specifically for close friends
  • Open and closed groups for interacting with people who share your views
  • Pages for fans and businesses come next
  • Both individual and group discussions are supported via the instant messaging and chat feature
  • Postings and messages that vanish after 24 hours

For Premium Users 

  • Fun and cool tricks using a custom camera
  • Utilizing the camera for creating GIFs
  • Voice and video calls that are in real-time, including group calls
  • A personal and social cloud features
  • Individual and customized profiles
  • Custom sticker and emoji collection

Why is MeWe Becoming More Popular?

MeWe popularity. ui

MeWe’s CEO Mark Weinstein claims that this success is evidence of his decision to start MeWe in 2016 as a Facebook alternative. MeWe positions itself as a data protection company. Users’ personal information is not used to sell advertisements or choose what content to display to users.

According to Weinstein, it generates money by charging subscribers for additional features; hence the MeWe app is getting popular because of its advanced features. 

In every market where it is available, the MeWe app is seeing considerable growth. MeWe offers 20 languages, up from its previous 4 language availability.

MeWe applications for Android and iOS continue to receive more than 150,000 monthly downloads, and by 2021, there will be at least 1.5 million additional users.

Revolutionizing Social Media

MeWe has the potential to be the actual game-changer and also a genuine Facebook rival. As Facebook is accused of misusing user data and violating the privacy, the MeWe app’s no-bad stuff stance will gain more traction.

Here are some significant differences between Facebook and MeWe:

  • Facebook algorithms influence the content, stories, and comments that appear on your news feed whereas MeWe manipulates the user’s news stream using a simple algorithm and nothing fancy.
  • Facebook pages are available to anybody, whereas MeWe specialized pages require a monthly subscription price of at least $1.99.
  • The Messenger app on Facebook provides free voice and video calling services. These features are available to MeWe premium subscribers who pay $4.99 each month. MeWe’s innovative Dual Camera technology allows an individual to use the front and back cameras simultaneously, which is a unique feature.
  • MeWe stories may be set to disappear after 24 hours, just like Facebook stories. However, if you’ve created a journal with entries, they can stay there indefinitely.
Facebook vs. MeWe

Anti-Facebook Stance 

Like other social media networks, this is not a free social network. MeWe relies on subscriptions from its customers and companies and in-app purchases rather than advertisements.

The company’s “Anti-Facebook” approach, which has built years of goodwill and trust by never attempting to sell privacy, makes it a place to be.

MeWe's privacy bill of rights. ui

User Pay Application

Users can access the services of a social media network like Facebook or Instagram for free. 

The consumers are drawn in by targeted content, but their services are not free, and their data is sold to the marketers for a huge sum.

As a result, Facebook and similar platforms function as advertising platforms rather than social networks for its actual users, who happen to be its advertisers.

MeWe: Business Model

Even without ad sales, MeWe has also other sources of revenue. MeWe is a social networking platform that requires users to subscribe to access the advanced features. Users may join and use MeWe for free.

In a similar vein, MeWe’s business page is not free like it is on Facebook. It costs up to $1.99 in membership fees only to build your first company page.

The MeWe app may upsell its premium features, such as voice and video chatting, more cloud storage, and customized emojis, to customers for a cost as little as $4.99 per month once they begin using its services.

Additionally, both companies and individual users sell several services in the form of in-app purchases using the MeWe app.

MeWe has worked with Microsoft and Google to create their Office Automation suites. Now that you have a MeWe login, you can utilize Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and share your work with your team and colleagues.

Do MeWe have Multiple Competitors?

It’s not like Facebook’s only real competition is MeWe. Numerous applications compete for users’ attention; some of them resemble other well-known social networking apps in design and functionality. 

Some of MeWe’s main rivals include:

Competitors of MeWe. ui

Key Features Of The Social Media App MeWe 

Similar to the social network app, the app’s features set it unique from rivals and help it succeed. These are the fundamental qualities that must be present in any app that aims to be similar to MeWe.


Registration of MeWe app. ui

MeWe doesn’t collect user data, but it still needs them to provide some basic facts to form a user profile. User registration is, therefore, an essential component of an app like MeWe. Additionally, the registration and sign-up processes must be followed by every social networking app.

The app can include a quick user sign-up process, after which it prompts users to build a profile by providing information such as name, birth date, gender, profile image, email address, and many other parameters. 

Numerous applications even allow users to sign up for or log into accounts on social networking platforms operated by third parties.


Authorization of MeWe. ui

The privacy and data of app users can be safeguarded with the help of this feature. The app especially allows users to register and log in to the site using their phone numbers and email addresses. Additionally, it calls for a reset mechanism, password recovery, specialized security measures, and several additional features.

Adding a user authorization architecture might significantly increase the cost of developing the app, but it is an essential step in boosting app security. By using end-to-end encryption, the functionality protects messages and eliminates cyber security concerns, including the expense of developing MeWe applications.

Search and Be-Friend

Search and be-friend option in MeWe.ui

For the people in your social circle, you may improve the quality of search results by using advanced search settings. So, you may focus your search results on the most relevant choices for individuals, organizations, and sites by utilizing filters.

Advanced Features for Creating a Social Media App Like MeWe

Social Media users vs. MeWe users. ui

Following the completion of essential capabilities and features, the advanced features that, while perhaps not fundamental, can raise the popularity of the app to a new level. 

When creating a social media application like MeWe, advanced features should be taken into account; let’s learn a few. 

Advanced features for creating MeWe. ui

My Cloud

This feature integrates all the app content into My Cloud, which functions as your cloud. Additionally, it provides users with an interactive dashboard where they can manage whatever they upload or share. If necessary, it may be quickly removed or shared again.

Permission Control

The decision-making process and granular management rights are both enabled by this. Additionally, users have the option to opt out of the search directory, which renders them inaccessible to other app users online, among many other options.

Tagging Anyone

This innovative and useful app feature enables the user to categorize and organize all the material they receive and share, making it simpler to discover anything at any time.

Dual-Camera Videos

The front and rear cameras of the phone are used simultaneously to display one user talking to another user.

Voice Inclusion 

Also, users can upload images, documents, videos, and voice messages here. They can chat or comment on shared posts. The platform’s speech integration capability works for users and their connections.

Tech Stack Required To Create Apps like MeWe

PlatformFrontend FrameworksBackend FrameworksProgramming LanguagesDatabase Development
AndroidAngularDjangoJava and KotlinMySQL
iOSExpress-JsLaravelObjective C and SwiftPostgreSQL
Hybrid(Android and iOS)ReactPhalconRuby On RailsNoSQL

Determining the Development Cost of App like MeWe

Development cost of MeWe. ui

You must be intrigued to learn the approximate cost estimate to develop such an app if you are prepared to invest in a social media platform that is similar to MeWe. So, to make a decision, the following considerations must be taken into account:

Type of App

Here, you must choose the kind of app you want to build such as basic, on-demand, authentication, data-driven, wearable/IoT-based, or other hardware-based.

Team Of Committed Developers

It is advisable to work with a group of knowledgeable and experienced experts that can create a remarkable app for iOS and Android. Along with project managers, testers, programmers, designers, and strategists, the team should also have a back-end staff for client support.

Location Of The Development Service Provider

Depending on whether the developers are in India, North America, Eastern Europe, or Western Europe, different rates apply to hiring an Android app development company. 

Additionally, there are many advantages of outsourcing app development to a company like Idea Usher in India if you want to use mobile apps to increase the popularity of your company among the appropriate target market. 

The three main advantages are on-time delivery, assured product development, and ongoing app updates, which draw thousands of projects each month.

App Designing

The price to produce an app with a simple design and a few components will be lower than the price of creating an app with a complex design.

Users may decide not to renew their membership if the user interface’s design does not engage their audience.

If the app isn’t going to have a captive audience, having excellent UI/UX is therefore crucial for its success.

Tech Stack

The technological stack that will be employed throughout development is another factor that influences pricing. An open-source cross-platform app would cost less than licensed software. Similarly, an iOS native app may cost more than an Android native app.

In case you wish to develop an app like MeWe, You should get in touch with the best mobile app development firm, i.e. Idea Usher with talented app developers who can make your original app ideas a reality. 


People started seeking platforms that are safer and more focused on privacy when Facebook changed its policies and messed with the privacy of its users. This necessitates the creation of applications like MeWe. One must consider several factors while creating an application like MeWe, including essential functionalities, UI design, and much more.

However, if you have any questions regarding several aspects like mode of development and required time, feel free to contact us. 

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How much does the MeWe app cost?

This social media platform is not completely free. However, only a few features are free; several subscriptions help support the business model.

What is MeWe premium? 

One can access more premium features on MeWe with a monthly membership. Features such as video journals, unlimited voice and calling, custom emoji and stickers, and many more. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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