Latest app development trends

Following the latest, mobile app development trends in 2022 can put your app ahead of the competition in many ways. 

From chatbots to the blockchain, there are many advanced technologies available that you can add to your app to provide better user experiences.

You can read this blog to know the latest mobile app development trends for 2022 to make your app better ever than before.

Top mobile app development trends

Many app trends revolve around us, which tells us how future apps are constantly changing. 

Continue this section to get the latest mobile app development trends for your business. You can choose any app trend that suits your app business.

1. Making apps for foldable devices

Many consumers are going towards foldable smartphones for their benefits and extra features like larger screens with excellent portability and multiple screens that increase productivity. 

Statista reports state that 50 million units will be shipped in 2022. The sales units of these foldable phones will expand further in the upcoming years, which makes app developers think about these devices and makes apps compatible with foldable devices. It will help app owners get a more audience that uses these foldable devices. 

2. AR and VR devices compatibility

According to Statista, The global extended reality (XR) market that includes augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) reached 29.26 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, rising to over 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. Many popular apps and games have become famous for using Augmented reality (AR) technologies such as Snapchat and Pokemon Go. AR/VR gives an additional feature to future apps.

Talking about Virtual reality (VR), the game “Metaverse” is already booming, creating great potential for app business. Making apps ready to work with AR/VR technologies can bring their audiences to your platform. Also, the use of these devices is becoming more popular in mobile app trends. You can check the market size of AR and VR devices.

market size of AR & VR headsets

3. Integration with wearable devices

Wearable helps users to become healthy and productive with a wide variety of apps in different ways. Statista’s report states that the active units of wearables could go up from 453 million in 2017 to 929 million by 2022

Many big brands such as Apple, Google, and Samsung have launched their wearable devices making great sales within the market. So, making your app compatible with these devices can bring a great audience and profits to your app. 

You can go for niches like health apps and productivity apps if you want to get an extra audience that uses wearable devices. Learn more about app development in wearable devices, which are gaining more popularity in mobile app trends. Also, you can check the market size of wearable devices from the given infographic.

wearable technology market size in US

4. Uses of AI and Machine learning

From content/shopping recommendations to chatbots, the uses of AI and ML make mobile apps more advanced nowadays. It brings automation to mobile apps that minimize humans’ manual efforts, which is cost-effective and brings better results to the business. 

It makes sense to stay up to date with this advanced technology. You can learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. 

5. Mobile-friendly e-commerce

Since the incredible rise in digitalization, mobile apps have been in trend for purchasing items online. Moreover, there are more mobile users than PC users worldwide, making it an excellent choice for business owners to make their e-commerce store compatible with mobile devices.

Also, providing many payment options and focusing on app security can improve your business by improving mobile commerce. Know how you can start an e-commerce business from this blog.

6. More importance to app security 

The news related to data theft and cyber fraud is getting more popular nowadays. It makes many users concerned about their data security. Enabling advanced security features can help your app for getting users’ trust. 

These features can make your app more secure and bring more extra users to your app who are more concerned about their data security. You can include app security features like OTP verification, biometric authentication, and so on to improve your app’s security.

7. Delivery apps are more profitable nowadays. 

Since the pandemic started, the usage of delivery apps has increased. Also, these apps save a lot of time and cost by letting app users avoid locating at physical stores to purchase such things. 

If you are looking for a more profitable business idea in app development, then going for delivery app development would greatly return your investment. If you are searching for the best-trending app ideas, delivery apps can be the best for your app business.

8. Use of blockchain in app development

The use of blockchain technology in business has already proved its worth from its benefits, such as security, speed, and especially decentralization. According to, the market growth of blockchain is expected to reach $20 billion in revenue by 2024.

The blockchain-relevant apps are already doing well in the market, such as crypto trading, NFT minting, decentralized cloud servers, and so on. Making an app related to blockchain technology can be another best option for your app business.

9. Mobile apps utilizing IoT technology

With the rise of IoT-enabled smart gadgets, making apps for these devices has provided another best opportunity for entrepreneurs. The IoT market size was around 157.9 billion dollars in 2021, and it is expected that the market will become more profitable in the upcoming years.  

Many IoT-based devices revolve around us, such as voice-control virtual assistants like Alexa or wearables and other IoT gadgets based on sensors and internet connectivity. Learn more about IoT in home automation. Right now, home automation is booming in the IoT market, and you can check its market growth from the given infographic.

10. Making mobile educational apps

Many famous educational apps like Udemy and Coursera helps students and employees to boost their career. The market size of mobile learning is expected to reach $58.50 billion, with an increasing CAGR of 21.45% by 2025. 

Also, according to Statista, 35% of employees use their mobile devices to learn new things to upgrade their skills. Mobile learning provides them with many benefits, like a better rate of course completion, great user engagement, and portability to take courses anywhere and anytime. 

The market has grown so fast in just a few years, which makes it a better opportunity for entrepreneurs to publish mobile-based educational apps. Mobile educational apps can be considered another best option among trending app ideas. 

11. Use of predictive analytics in mobile apps

In case you don’t know about predictive analytics, it is an advanced analytics technology that predicts future outcomes of anything by looking at its historical data and using some advanced techniques like statistical modeling, data mining, and machine learning. 

Predictive analytics are used in many apps like Amazon and Netflix for personalized products or content recommendations. Using predictive analytics helps to improve the user experience on their app. 

You can use this technology in your app to give a more personalized experience to your users, be it for delivery apps, e-commerce apps, social apps, etc.

12. Developing mobile wallets/payments-based apps

Emarketer report states that around 1.31 billion people would likely use a mobile-based payment system by 2023.

Also, many big brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google have already launched their mobile-based payment apps, which are used mainly by consumers nowadays. Many entrepreneurs are aware of this situation which encourages them to publish their mobile-based payment apps.

13. Entrance of 5G network

The number of 5G connections is increasing at a high-speed rate. While compared to 4G, the 5G network is 100 times faster. The next-gen internet will help app developers to put more advanced and heavy online features to the app, which the 5G network can manage well. 

Also, the app data will load faster, which will improve the overall app performance and user experience.

graph for expected 5G smartphone connections worldwide

14. Use of chatbots

Chatbots are AI bots that are programmed to talk with app users. Chatbots help users solve their doubts 24/7, which provides a great advantage for an app that uses chatbots.

Along with apps, chatbots are also used in websites that are ready to help their visitors by answering users’ questions. Chatbots are getting smarter after the advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning which is another plus point for having chatbots in business apps.

Also, according to Acquire’s report, 69% of users like using chatbots because bots can give an instant reply to their basic questions related to the apps and business services. 

15. Integration of cloud computing

Cloud computing helps apps save user data on their servers instead of users’ devices. Cloud computing allows apps to improve their performance as accessing data from cloud servers is much easier and faster than accessing data on users’ devices.

Also, using the cloud will minimize the app size, saving the user’s device storage which is another plus point for using cloud computing within apps. User experience improves within the app that uses cloud computing. The future of cloud computing looks more promising, as you can check from this given data.

graph for cloud computing market size

16. Instant apps feature 

It becomes possible on the Android platform to try apps without installing them. App users can do this by clicking the “try now” button that provides an instant app feature on the Google Play store. These apps are limited versions of their original apps, which can be fully accessed upon installation on Android devices. 

This feature helps Hollar (an e-commerce app) to increase conversions by 20%. Entrepreneurs wanting to launch their apps in 2022 can also include this feature in their apps.

17. Providing on-demand apps

The latest PWC report states that on-demand digital services will reach a valuation of $335 billion by 2025. These on-demand apps help improve the users’ life by providing ease of accessing home services like pet care, house cleaning, and so on. Here’s the list of the most popular on-demand services:

  • Maintenance services
  • Pet care
  • House cleaning
  • Laundry service
  • Food delivery
  • Barber and beauty salon

Big brands like Airbnb and Uber are already doing well within the on-demand market. On-demand services provide a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch their apps by providing some rare and unique services that can move their business ahead of their competitors.

18. Making P2P mobile apps

P2P is known as a peer-to-peer payment service. It allows users to send money to other users’ bank accounts over the internet by using smartphones. The use of P2P payment services is increasing worldwide due to its ease of making payments and its benefits.

Also, according to eMarketer, it is estimated that the transaction value of P2P mobile services will reach $612.23 billion by 2023. Take a look in detail at the worldwide P2P valuation from this infographic. 

graph for transaction value of P2P mobile payment

After looking at all these popular trends, let’s move on to the end of the blog. 


It’s 2022, and it doesn’t make sense for app owners and developers to follow old-fashioned app development trends. It will be better to follow some latest app development trends while making apps.

Also, you can do more research on the new app trends that can help you stay ahead of your app competitor by following the latest app-making practices. 

Even better, you can contact Idea Usher, which can help you make your app even better and make it more profitable by adding the best features and improving your app’s user experience.

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Q. What is the downside of not following the latest app development trends?

A: Not following the latest trends can help your app competitors to provide the best user experience whenever your competitor follows the latest trends and apply them to their app. This situation is unsuitable for your business as your users can shift to competitors’ apps. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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