packers and movers app development guide

Have you ever had an idea for an app and then wondered the best way to develop it? 

If you have been looking for a quick and best way to know about movers and packers app development, then this post may be of interest to you.

We’ll tell you how to approach developing your own packers app. And in a way to generate it quickly and see exactly how much time and money you’re wasting on developing the app. Let’s start with it!

Packers and movers app development industry details
Revenue $12.6 billion annually
Top companies Dedicated Van Lines, Northern Moving System, MovingAPT.
Legal requirements Interstate broker licensing, operations license, etc. (according to the state, distance, type of goods, etc).
Most active cities (in terms of moving) in the USA Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Jose, San Diego, San Antonio.
App features Cost estimator, digital payment integrations, AI customer support chatbots, etc.
Technologies of app development AWS, Azure, Java, Swift,, Twilio, etc (differs for Android and iOS versions).

What Are Packers and Movers App? How to develop one?

Every day thousands of people migrate from one place to another. And, in the digital age, we can make the shifting process easier for people. There are many ways to do that, but the app for movers and packers business blossoms in all seasons. According to this news, about 9 million people relocated to other states in the US in 2020.

Largest moving companies in USA

Look at the above-given infographic. It shows the names of some in-demand movers and packers companies. The graph indicates the number of trucks required by each firm, which means— more the trucks requirement, the higher the success rates.

If you want to set up your own packers and movers company, then a mobile app for your business is a great way to attract more customers. Because, with the help of a mobile app, you can run your business, advertise it, distribute information about the company, etc.

On second thought, let’s assume you are already running a well-established business or brand, and now you want to develop your app. But hey, where do you even start?

First of all, know about the industry, competitors, how it works, the total revenue, etc., since we have already discussed a lot of it above.

It is safe to say that we have a slight idea about this, right? 

Now, we can move on to the next step and know the features that good packers and movers apps should have.

Shall we start with the features? Okay! Let’s begin.

Features of Packers and Movers App

Moving furniture is a necessary skill for anyone who has ever had to move. But one of the most challenging parts of this skill is determining which type of furniture will be most beneficial in your new home. And, you would also want the best quality possible, a safe transfer of goods. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend more money than necessary.

Any basic packers and movers app should have all the ‘must-needed features’ you provide. Features that can solve moving problems that people deal with, like— Will my furniture reach safely? How much will the transportation cost? etc.

Why wouldn’t people prefer an app that offers you a comprehensive database containing items and prices for moving easily throughout the country? 

Sure, they will. You can search for individual items or categories like hardwood flooring or granite countertops, pricing for each item. Calculate the costs and decide accordingly. Here are some must-have features for a movers and packers app:

1. In-app chat

Users browse the internet and are often interested in finding out about something that can help them move. So, the developers of your app can decide to give it a purpose by providing a place where users can chat about moving-related issues and various tips and tricks about moving.

2. Goods Insurance

Goods insurance feature gives the users an alert notification if any shipments have arrived late or damaged. And, therefore, gives them the option to decide whether to purchase additional insurance coverage. Also, keep an option for these items to buy insurance straight away or wait until after completion of their move. 

The insurance feature covers insurance for all the assets that are shipped. For this feature, many companies join hands with third parties. Most importantly, the third-party app integrations help keep the information updates intact. Goods insurance in such apps includes cyber risks, damages done during transit, or any other general liabilities, etc.

3. Customer Relationship Management

When businesses are trying to enhance their customer satisfaction levels and thus the overall ROI. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app has become an essential aspect of their operations. By leveraging customer data and real-time insights from CRM, they can identify opportunities and improve the overall business performance.

4. Live Tracking

One of the foremost benefits of having an app for shifting the goods is— real-time tracking of the vehicle. If the customer can track the location of their goods and when they will arrive, they will be able to destress and trust your brand more.

5. Evaluating the cost of delivery

The delivery cost is known and chosen from the first time you pick your choices in the app. So, no fuss over the cost issues. Furthermore, the cost will be evaluated in the bill including all details like tax, freight, insurance amount, any discount offer availed, etc.

6. Vehicle Performance Analysis

There are several advantages to using better-performing equipment when picking vehicles for your business. Performance analytics gives fleet operators a better idea. In Addition, they can check how their equipment is performing throughout their day-to-day operations. 

Analyzing the data collected from this feature can provide fleet managers with important information about their performance. And also other things like including how well their equipment is working with drivers and packages transferred, any issues that may be affecting the overall efficiency of the fleet, etc.

7. App Marketing

There are hundreds of apps out there, and each one wants to be your partner in making your business successful. When it comes down to choosing apps for your business, there are two major camps:

  1. There are luxury apps designed for business success. 
  2.  More affordable apps are designed to help everyone get productive on whatever app they’re on right now. 

Since movers and packers is an affordable app that millions of people need every year, the main marketing schemes are simple and laid out. Here, the uniqueness of the app and the popularity of marketing platforms work.

Be aware of the four primary indicators of an effective app marketing strategy:

  1. Frequency of updates,
  2. Quality and engagement of the updates,
  3. Social buzz around the app,
  4. Lastly, the ability to connect with customers in a personal way.

Yes, even a packers and movers app needs marketing! Everyone looks for all services on either search engines or social media. You need to do some social media marketing and even some paid promotions. Such promotions will provide leads and customers afterward.

8. Advertisement Management

Advertising is a great way to grow your business without raising your monthly expenses. It’s like serving a warm chocolate cake topped with raspberry sauce and whipped cream to a group of hungry people!

The process of ad management simply involves placing ads in apps that users are likely to download and use. 

Advertisement placement in apps costs very little and can generate a high return on investment because there is little or no cost to your business in serving these advertisements.

You can utilize the services of an advertising service like AdMob to place these ads. This way, you can incorporate ads into your apps without purchasing more inventory or spending much money on secondary ads.

9. Referral and Loyalty Program feature

So loyalty programs offer app developers a chance to attract new users and keep existing ones happy by offering coveted rewards and privileges in the form of in-app purchases. 

As more users become engaged with apps through the loyalty program, app developers will have an easier time attracting new users and spending more.

In the case of the packers and movers app, you can launch referral schemes. The customers can give away your app referrals to their friends and families in exchange for gifts and discounts.

Some companies launched are either new or have a business but not related to the moving industry. Can they still manage to face the competition? Well, there are such packers and movers apps that could garner huge responses within a brief period. 

And if you think these tricks and other smart moves cannot make your app a success, check out the following examples:

Two Successful Examples of Packers And Movers App:

1. Porter movers app

Porter Movers is a next-generation mobile moving company that makes finding your way around your city easier than ever.

Utilizing an innovative cloud-based platform, they help customers find reliable and affordable moving services from local providers in three cities: New York City, Chicago, and Boston. The site offers both major airfare packages as well as low-cost packages for individuals or small groups. 

It’s a service that made its creator, Christian Porter, wealthy and productive—as well as famous. His company, Moving Experts, provides the mobile app and website that makes this possible. But this isn’t about him. 

It is about his company and how it uses technology to help people move more easily and effectively—a process that saves time, money, and frustration for residents and freight forwarders alike. Porter moving company is fast growing on the US landscape.

2. Uber 

Uber started a taxi service model and slowly descended into the movers and packers area also. And, they did the transit quite smoothly.

Uber isn’t some randomly picked up name. Do you know what people search on Google for finding a packers service? Here are a few of those searches:

  • First is: Uber for moving things
  • And: Uber for moving
  • Lastly: Uber for moving furniture

Seriously? Yes, it is true. The brand has gained the trust of its customers because they provided several services, customer service was top class, different payment gateways on the app, and efficient management of staff and services.

It is their simple but effective work that has led to this booming industry. Using the Uber platform, people can find reliable and affordable transportation to move their belongings from one location to another – whenever they want. With over 60 million riders in over 190 countries, it’s no wonder the world is turning to Uber for moving solutions. 

What does this have to do with personal belongings? Everything! When it comes to packing it all up, having a plan in place can make all the difference. Furthermore, Uber also has a fast-growing home services app. 

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Easy Steps To Develop Your Own Packers And Movers App

Steps to develop movers and packers app

1. Work on the idea

Some ideas are worth spreading, but you can apply them easily and widely by creating an app that solves a problem many people are facing. Apps are a great way to spread ideas and make lasting changes. Certainly, movers and packers app development is a great idea! However, try picking up some USP features that your mobile app has better than your competitors. For instance, increase reply time, bring offers for your customers, etc.

2. Choose the Development platform

When picking the right app to build for your business, you want to consider a few factors. First and foremost, it’s crucial to select the right mobile app development platform. The platform you choose will dictate how many features (if any) it offers and how well it works with your company’s infrastructure. While some go for Android, iOS is another competitor. Honestly? Go for the hybrid app development that works on both these big platforms.

The design is also an important factor to consider. App design can become an important competitive advantage when it comes to mobile app development. An effective design helps users choose to install your application consistently, providing more returns on investment. the process is half-finished if the platform chosen is appropriate.

3. Pick out the relevant features

When it comes to app development, simplicity is the key. It is no longer enough to build a fantastic app. Your app needs different features to cater to different needs and must be updated at least once on each platform. Let us divide the app into three categories which are required:

  1. Customer Panel: GPS location tracker, order history, fare calculator, transportation scheduling option, service request feature, in-app calling feature, etc.
  2. Admin Panel: Interactive dashboard, driver and user management panel, vehicle tracking tool, accept/reject requests option, etc.
  3. Agency Panel: Request management, reviewing customers’ options, earning calculations and reports, Editing profiles, receiving payments, etc.

4.  Hire the top developers

Hiring the right development team can make your app development process much faster and more efficient. The right development team is a critical step toward keeping your apps successful. 

Creating an app usually involves multiple stages: planning, brainstorming, implementing features, testing, and optimizing the app before releasing it to customers. The more time and resources you allocate toward one app development project, the faster you will finish it and add new features.

They will take care of all the aspects of making your application a success, such as writing the app code, making sure it runs smoothly on your device and ensuring that it has the best possible design. 

A dedicated development team will also work with you throughout the entire Kickstarter and pre-order period so that they are ready to work when you are and that they can provide valuable feedback during the development process. 

You want a team of professionals who will put the same amount of effort into their project to build their business. You also want them to know what they’re getting into, so you can communicate effectively. Packers and movers app development need a team of experts because of the detailing it requires.

What does a good app development company offer? The following points:

  •  Great UI/UX Designing

The user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of your product are important. This ensures a consistent and seamless experience for users. It’s your product’s personality. 

Some of the most recognizable brands on the planet have their distinct design language (or UI/UX). Apple has its distinctive i-design that distinguishes its product line from everything else out there. Google’s Material design is a beautiful implementation of simple transitions and animations that gets you from one place to another in a snap. The great thing about a strong design language is that it helps people understand your app and what it does quickly.

  • High-Quality Tech-Stack

An experienced company would have good knowledge and expertise in coding. They must also use the best selection of technology stack to build the app. Therefore, this selection should include some standard software tools and libraries, along with non-standard pieces when needed. The goal here is to give you enough flexibility to grow your app as needed without being locked into a rigid process. We have made a list of important technology stacks:

  • Database- MongoDB, Postgres
  • Payment options- Stripe, Braintree, PayPal (integrations), e-wallets
  • Push notifications-, Twilio
  • Cloud service- AWS, Azure, Google
  • RTA (Real-time Analytics)- Cisco, BigData, AppleFlink

5. Testing and Deployment

The final and most crucial step for creating an app is to test the app’s structure, coding, working, page loading speed, etc. Releasing an app into the wild is quite a big deal, especially if you have put in a lot of effort in producing it. That’s why it’s important to test it and make sure that everything works as intended before releasing it to users.

Why not try out a beta version of your app? It will help you get a feel for the app and find out whether there are any bugs or usability issues. And, it can also help you determine if the developers have any other ideas about adding new features or fixing the bugs before releasing the app to users. 

The benefits of testing an app before it goes live are:

1) You can get a head start on fixing problems.

2) You can ask questions before they’re supercritical and resolve the issues in the nick of time.

3) And, you can also prompt them for updates.

On the other hand, deploying an app means making it available to users on their devices. There are multiple ways of doing this in a marketplace such as Android or Apple Store or providing links through different channels such as app stores or sharing sites. 

Further, the users are more likely to install an app if asked to do it rather than being presented with something they must download and trial. It’s important to deploy an app as soon as possible after you develop it so that users can give feedback on whether they like it or not.

5 Common Mistakes That Are Made While Developing A Packers And Movers App

Developing a Packers and Movers app is the biggest challenge for most new developers. To make a difference in the market, you would need to jump through a lot of hoops. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to have patience on this task at hand. It is always better to stay prepared before starting the app development. 

We’ve put together a list of useful tips to help you start building your app right now! Whether you’re trying to figure out how to move things or are just looking for some information on the industry as a whole, these tips will prove their worth over time.

1. Build good relationships

Many customers will come back to your application whenever they need to relocate. But, it depends on how their first experience went. There are some tips that you can use to build long-term relationships with your customers. Check, for instance, excellent services, instant problem solving, full app speed, great customer services, active social media engagement, etc.

2. Performance improvement

The other best way is to ask for feedback from customers and make use of the ones which are helpful. Make necessary updates on your app so that the customers get enhanced services every time and come back to you when they need moving help.

3. Focus on the target audience

As the competition in the market swells, companies often find themselves struggling to attract customers. However, keeping an eye on the changing market trends and your target audiences’ likes can still gain you more customers. Referral points are also a great way to earn customer interest.  

4. Application marketing

Creating a marketing plan while in the development phase can help generate curiosity about your app. Create unique content to provide on various marketing platforms like social media, search engine ads, etc. Let them know that a new company is rolling out to give the best moving services!

5. Offer personalized services

You can create personal-level connections with the customers by sending notifications with a personal touch. For example: sending festival greetings in a conversation style, etc. But just don’t overdo it. Dumping unnecessary amounts of notifications on their mobiles can irk the customers and push them away. 

4 Must-have features in the packers and movers app?

Movers and packers app must have features

  • Cost estimator tool

The service can be customized by the customer according to their needs. That means the cost must also differ according to the service they are getting. If a customer can understand what exact services they are paying for, it will build trust and increase the credibility of your brand.

  • 24/7 customer support

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s check with the latest way of ensuring 24/7 customer support— AI chatbots. Chatbots provide instant answers, give human touch, and also save cost.

  • Digital Payment feature

The digital payment method is now a common feature that every app has. So, if you don’t have it, you may lose customers. There are many digital payment integrations that you could include in your app:

  1. QR Scan option for payment
  2. Transaction history 
  3. Cryptocurrency wallet
  4. Secure and safe technology for COD payments

Include these options, and you are sure to get appreciation from your customers!

  • Security features

The app will require the users to enter some sensitive details as part of the agreement process. As a loyal brand, it is your responsibility to add security tools to the application. The developing team should make sure that they include secure coding for backend security. The user data storage should be secured to keep the following points checked:

  • Cache files
  • Bots and malware installation
  • Security firewall
  • Security in transmission of data

And must this all be costly? If yes, how can we manage it under our budget? Let’s check it out in the next section.

What is the cost for packers and movers app development?

The best packers and movers app does not have to be costly. Smart management of assets and great team management can reduce time and effort, reducing overall expenses. The team involved and the time taken in developing the application decides the total cost of the app. The basic packers and movers app development team consists of:

  • Team Managers
  • Coding and backend development team
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Testing team

A company with an impressive portfolio, an experienced team of developers, and time efficiency can save you a lot of money. 

Found an experienced app development company? 

The mobile app development industry is a hot topic as the demand for quality mobile applications continues to grow. The newest trend in mobile app development has been outsourced or contracted out of companies like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! and even startups in other industries.

These stellar companies can develop applications for a variety of different platforms while at the same time providing their clients with solutions that are customized for their needs. You can have a look at the vibrant portfolio of Idea Usher and think again about your choice!

Takeaway: Don’t do it yourself, find a qualified app developer for the job!

Packers and Movers apps are created to be used by people who have to shift to another location but have loads of housing items to carry along. It provides them with all the facilities to relocate their household items including furniture, utensils, etc, and gets them to their destination on time. 

A Packers and Movers is an innovative way for people to move or pack their household items and goods from one location to the other. It’s a win-win situation for both parties- the owner and the customers. 

This is an opportune time to get on board with a mobile app development company, or if you have an existing website and are looking to grow your business and improve your marketing exposure.

There has been an increase in the use of apps for moving and relocation services. This has manifested itself in a multitude of ways.

As more people are looking to utilize the services provided by apps for moving and relocation, the need for this specified service has increased along with its popularity. To sum up, the services available through these apps have evolved from those provided through traditional transportation companies. Because apps are the modern face of those traditional movers.

Contact us if you have a movers and packers business idea and need a consultation about the app development process.



How does the mover on-demand app work?

An on-demand movers app works perfectly with various features like a dedicated dashboard, digital signature feature, work status updating tool, etc. And also, an on-demand app takes less time, is less expensive, and you can get all features in one place.

Is there some Uber for movers clone script?

Yes, many app developers are out there who offer movers clone scripts to develop an Uber-like app for you. In fact, Idea Usher doesn’t want to gloat over it but offers you great Uber-like movers clone script at very reasonable prices!

What stands behind the popularity of Uber?

Unique offers, quality services, great promotion techniques, and beneficial partnerships with other related industries helped Uber grow fast.

Is packers and movers app development an expensive idea?

No, is a pocket-friendly business model. Because, finding the right developing team, and preparing a framework for it beforehand are the keys to success.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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