Technology has made our lives simpler in a way we earlier wondered only magic could. There is hardly any sector left to be assisted with technology, and event ticket booking is not an anomaly. If you are an event management organization and you haven’t yet digitized your offerings, there’s a lot in this blog you might wish to know about how to make an event management app.


Event ticket booking mobile applications apps additionally present the spots of your interest around you, on the off chance that one is new to a spot. It assists individuals with meeting similar individuals at places that draw their consideration. Information like the event subtleties, timings, scene, ticket cost, and so on is shown on the app introduced on the clients’ gadgets. 


Such apps additionally help spread mindfulness about any celebrations that are being commended on the day around there.


Consumers today are slaves of ease, which is best provided through technology. As the entire world is gradually shifting online, we present how to make an event management app and its importance, necessary features, and the cost required.


What is an Event Ticket Booking App?

event management app development

An Event Ticket Booking application primarily allows the users to browse through the available events and buy the tickets for the ones they wish to. Moreover, An event ticket booking app answers the drawn-out issues of making bookings either waiting in lines (offline) at the ticket counter or through the web. 


With mobile applications’ assistance, one can straightforwardly make their record and like and save the dates of interest events. They can check for the dates and the classes of seats accessible at a show, club, or any other event. 


Event Booking Mobile app offers the clients a consistent encounter of making bookings and takes the clients through the whole booking measure in an effortless way. The reservations can be made through the app, giving a lift to the matter of these business applications.


An event ticket-booking platform offers the customer unlimited authority over the space reservation function, upgrading comfort to deal with the booking cycle from start to finish. The stage gave an interactive and simple approach to look and book tickets for cutting-edge clients. We, at Idea Usher, build a profoundly effective and advantageous ticketing choice to acknowledge reservations on the mobile platform.


Why is Event Ticket Booking App Required?

With every solution to a problem lies the question of why it is required in the first place. The success of a business application immensely depends on this answer.


  • Offering rest to the conventional methods of booking tickets for events, celebrations, movies, clubs, hotels in addition to other things, 
  • The ticket booking apps have continuously drawn in over a large portion of smartphone users.
  • It places the organizations into a win-win arrangement by allowing an immense number of individuals to get to the online ticket booking counter. 
  • Users can now reserve a spot distantly, anytime without extra effort, which was unimaginable earlier. 
  • Clients today needn’t bother with a postponement and an overcrowded process of booking their tickets, which is the best answer for such issues.


Objectives of the App

event bookings app

A committed Event Ticket Booking app’s primary objectives include the availability of distinguished types of events and the ease of booking for users. The various events that are primarily on-demand include:


  • Music Concerts and melodic Events
  • Seminars and Conferences 
  • Movies, Theatre and Broadway 
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • Cultural Events 
  • Product Launch Events

The event ticket booking app development services can incorporate highlights to meet a portion of the significant objectives like: 

  • In-app highlights of choosing seats and installment safely 
  • Rundown of theaters and showing trailers of movies review and review posting
  • Successful and cost-productive tool to book tickets from anywhere at any instant of time.
  • Browsing through events dependent on catchphrases and expressions through a basic route 


Significant Features of Event Ticket Booking App

Mobile apps are all about the features they offer. However, as you already know, there are various differences between service providers and service consumers’ requirements.


User End Features


User Registration 

Individuals can present their fundamental subtleties and register themselves with the app. They need to present their email id, phone number, name, secret phrase, and other applicable subtleties. 


Sign in 

The clients can sign into the app utilizing the vital accreditations, similar to secret word and mobile number. The instrument ought to likewise permit them to sign in through friendly connections and messages. 


Picking Location 

The area must be chosen through GPS or physically before the client continues to the home screen. 


Home Screen 

The home screen gives the clients impending and continuous shows. These are delegated games, melodic events, plays, movies, etc. 

Tapping on any favored segment, the client ought to have the option to explore the chose classification and investigate the events. The home screen additionally displays the arrangements, offers, language, and warning settings. 


Postings of Events 

This part empowers the clients to view the included shows. They can see it by their name, class, evaluations, offers, language, costs, area, or different measures. The postings contain certain sub-classifications like time allotments, scenes, and so forth. 


Subtleties of Shows 

In the wake of picking the ideal event, the client can get further subtleties like evaluations, terms, configuration, names or pictures of stars and entertainers, etc. 


Booking the Show 

This segment empowers the client to tap the included symbol and book the tickets. They can pick the favored show time, scene, and several seats under some random classification. At last, they can continue to the installment choice. 


Booking Screen 

At the point when the booking cycle is finished, the clients can see the outline. It might comprise the booking id, name of the event, scene, timing, seat number, ticket cost, etc. It might likewise incorporate the affirmation choice through a phone number or email. 


Various Payment Options 

Through this element, clients can make installments consistently, however various channels. By and large, these incorporate credit and charge cards, PayPal, and different other outsider apps. The simplicity of installment decides the ease of use of the apps to a huge degree. 



This is perhaps the main feature in the app, as it permits clients to send their input. The events are appraised regarding stars or remarks in the content. 


Other significant features of the client board include: 

  • Age check 
  • Continuous booking 
  • Reclaiming steadfastness focuses 
  • Printing tickets 
  • Downloading tickets 
  • Updates

Share on Social Media

Social Media is responsible for the largest part of event promotions. The app should incorporate a feature of sharing a booked ticket/pass to an event via social media. Ultimately, it will make sure that more people can know about the event and thus, the organizers get more bookings.


Features for Event Organizers

Event ticket bookings


This element empowers the administrator to utilize the accreditations and sign into the app. 



The dashboard contains all data on the thing is occurring on the app. 

It incorporates the business details, complete booking and income, several recorded events, and so forth. The necessities can additionally separate this. 


Overseeing Users 

This element empowers the administrator to deal with the client list, and the administrators can see the dynamic clients. They can likewise eliminate clients and add new ones. 


Overseeing Events 

Here, the administrator can see every recorded event and channel them as per their classifications. 


They can likewise change the subtleties of continuous and impending events, language, configuration, setting, and time. The administrator can likewise add new events and deactivate a current one. 


Booking Manager 

Utilizing this element, the administrator can deal with the recorded events, similar to catchphrase look, seeing bookings, sifting the events by date, class, reach, and types. 


Overseeing Earnings 

In this part, the administrator can deal with the income. This component empowers them to see the generally procuring, channel it by setting, date, client, reach, area, or different measures. 

They can likewise see the genuine profit, other than the sum that the organizer must pay to the setting. 


Other significant features of the administrator board include: 

  • Overseeing profile 
  • Overseeing limited time offers 
  • Sending pop-up messages 
  • Examining tickets 


Aside from the features referenced above, you may likewise decide on certain high-level features as an extra. These incorporate Google Map mix, shrewd hunt, coordinated schedule, and:

  • Business Analytics
  • Guestlist
  • Third-Party dealings
  • Advertise
  • Party inventories management
  • Content management


Advance Features 

Coordinated schedule


The clients can oversee plans, can monitor their arrangements; accordingly, they can make an advance booking. 


Smart search

A client gets suggestions according to the inquiry history. 


Client care help

24×7 Customer support chief services should be there to manage the clients upon their issues with the application. 


Incorporating visual media 

It makes the apps splendid and alluring. On the off chance that a client enjoys the app, they will return to book more events. 


Incorporating cloud services like storage

Guarantees information security, storage, and privacy control.


Business Models of Event Ticket Booking Apps

The income model of these apps is lucrative. Investigate how they bring in cash through their app: 

  • The event coordinators charge a fixed measure of return for each ticket booked for an event. 
  • Cover a broad scope of sports to scale up benefits. 
  • Some apps likewise do uncommon screenings of movies, which assist them with acquiring extra income. 
  • Promotions of outsiders are paid, which helps the ticket booking apps procure income. 
  • At last, they likewise permit the highlight inclusion of specific events on their landing page. This space on the landing page is chargeable, and the event coordinators pay a substantial sum for this.

Summarising Business Models

There exist some more business models other than packages/bundles provided by the event management app company.



The event chiefs use the model of various bundle classes like paying a fixed level of each ticket cost or fixed charge on a fruitful deal. 


Customized Pricing 

The event chiefs can customize the estimating cost according to the features/provisions to be utilized by them on the app. 


Administration charges 

Revenue can also be generated by expenses charged on utilizing the superior services. For example, a fixed percentage of payment handling per ticket, if utilizing a particular installment mode or costs for utilizing the smartphone, talk and email support, and many kinds of service charges. 


Expenses for onsite staffing services

The event chiefs can utilize the onsite staffing services on the app by paying predefined expenses.


How to make an Event Management App


The most experienced programmers create event Ticket-booking applications. This empowers booking without challenges. To make an effective mobile booking app, coming up next are the absolute prescribed procedures followed during the development interaction. 



This is the place where the venture starts. Engineers meet with the intended interest group to discuss the features they need to be coordinated into the app. The ideal approach to gathering such data is by utilization of overviews and meetings. The crowd could be youngsters or more established grown-ups. They could likewise be experts like directors, specialists, attorneys, entrepreneurs, etc.


Setting the Requirements 

After the adequate examination is done, designers make a rundown of the relative necessities required by clients. This is trailed by envisioning them individually if there should be help; other expert designers offer counsel. This is to guarantee that clients get the genuine product they were sitting tight for. 


Utilizing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) 

This is significant in each sort of development. It includes delivering the real app to the crowd to decide if it’s helpful to them or not. This is a decent method to test the application. The technique will help center around the significant features required while lessening development time and cost. 


Client Feedback 

You can get a great deal of data in regards to your app through client criticism. This is utilized to make development simpler and more fun. The MVP technique is utilized to gather criticism. Various clients are connected with to talk about issues concerning the app. 



This ought to be done around a little while before the delivery date to get a wide assortment of clients. Inability to do it proficiently will make the app development organization lose purchasers. The development of each ticket booking application should follow the correct idea and configuration to prevent issues later on, such as app crashes.


How do Stakeholders Benefit from an Event Ticket Booking App?

An Event Ticket Booking App is a huge boon for various stakeholders, as it provides an optimal solution to many problems in the domain of event ticket bookings. As we move forward along the journey of making an event management app, let’s examine what benefits the app brings to various stakeholders.

Benefits to Event Organisers

  • Increase in attendance of events
  • 24×7 sales functionality
  • Enhanced productivity of ground operations teams
  • Facilitates in transparent communication and better management
  • Budget management of events
  • Event calendar planning
  • Saves expenses and time
  • Secured payments and efficient funds management
  • Real-time Business Analysis


Benefits to Users

  • Accessible 24×7
  • Easy booking option
  • Effortless cancellations
  • Saves time and extra expenses
  • Easy transactions via preferred payment methods
  • Discounts and loyalty rewards
  • View events’ details
  • Possibility of last-minute booking


Most Popular Event Booking App in the World: EventBrite

Whenever Event Ticket Booking apps are considered, EventBrite tops the list. It is the most valuable and popular event booking app in the U.S. Some of the core highlights of EventBrite include: prioritizing local events as they are economical and accessible for the majority. Another strategy of EventBrite is its smart event suggestion functionality. The app also has various plugins which allow users to share their upcoming visits to various events.


Portable Event Bookings: Past, Present, and Future

Undoubtedly, the smartphone is already becoming the most versatile and remarkable mechanism of interfacing individuals across all ventures – be it media, transport, amusement, creation and assembling, clinical, designing, programming, and so forth. It’s nothing unexpected that our smartphone has become the most impressive and most likely gadget in all we do in a day. 

From eCommerce to internet banking and wellness to finding a location, Mobile apps may accomplish every one of them very well through a touch on our mobile screen. Furthermore, ticketing isn’t an exemption here.

After observing many mobile apps in the event ticket booking domain, business owners and organizations realize that digitization is the key to success. The smartphone usage scale is also impacting how businesses see through marketing and managing their services. 


What lies ahead?

After all these developments, techies still need to do much for the complete adoption of mobile app ticketing.

  • Prioritizing local events on the apps
  • Betterment of content delivery
  • Enhanced personalized suggestions
  • Overall better event booking experience


How can Idea Usher help you in achieving your goals?

If you own an event management company, do not delay developing your personal ticket booking app. We are already coming through tons of reasons to switch to the digital market, and this could just be a life-changing decision for you. Idea Usher is an esteemed app development organization with experienced developers in all the latest tech stacks. Even if you do not own a business, you got an idea; Contact us for a quote at [email protected].

Why should you hire Idea Usher for developing mobile apps?


An Event Ticket Booking app is undoubtedly not a complicated task for us; we thrive to outperform and satisfy your requirements concerning all the dimensions. It is preferably a journey over an objective. Furthermore, as in a real journey, the venture’s accomplishment generally relies upon your accomplices. We at Idea Usher make sure the journey to building proficient and smart mobile apps is outdone smoothly, and together we create exquisite experiences for your customers. 


Wrapping Up

An Event Ticket Booking application enhances overall value for event management organizations. It further assists them in gaining more new customers and retaining their existing customers. Besides the business models, it is more about the comfort that an Event Ticket Booking app brings for organizers and customers. Hence, the Event Ticket Booking sector is a fantastic bid to go with. 




What is the tech stack required for the Event Ticket Booking App?

The tech stack to go with depends mainly on the requirements of the organization. It depends on whether you want a native app or a hybrid app. There are options for integrating web apps with mobile, apps too, by using the latest technologies. With Futter and React Native emerging as the primary choices, developers have many factors to consider before developing.


How much does it cost to develop an Event Ticket Booking App?

The cost is decided because of the number of hours contributed, features, and technologies included. The cost relies upon various angles, for example, 


  • Fundamental and Advanced Features 
  • Picked Platform (iOS, Android, API, Hosting, Languages)
  • App development organization area 
  • Intricacy, features, and functions in the  app 

Presently, the cost of making such an app might be just about as over the top as the amount of coordinated technology. Nonetheless, an app with sensible abilities is positive to cost somewhere near $15,000-$40,000 for single stages.


Is it necessary to have a ticket booking app for Event Management Businesses in 2021?

Yes, amidst the stiff competition and technological advancements, it is more than necessary. Businesses should not bother if they cannot develop an app by themselves. They can always hire an organization like us to build a fully-fledged Event Ticket Booking app. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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