In 2019, the world was hit by a massive wave of infection called the  COVID-19. 

In 2020, the whole nation went into a nationwide lockdown, and the scenario of work culture took a huge turn.

Comfortable beds replaced office cubicles. Virtual Work environment routines came into existence. 

We shifted from Important meetings were moved to zoom call sessions, and so on. 

Our day-to-day routines suddenly changed. We slowly slipped into our comfort zones within a secure boundary of our homes and families. 


As COVID-19 spreads to an ever-growing fragment of the worldwide population, the first concern of each association in this season of emergency ought to be on securing the strength of its ability of clients, merchants, and different partners. 


Innumerable associations show their obligation to control the spread of the infection by shutting offices (or parts of them) and conveying a distant working arrangement.

distant working arrangement.


This lockdown has urged everyone to focus on how we can stay safe and protected. Handling our chores by sitting at home, we protect ourselves and play a significant part in keeping people around us safe. 

We, at Idea Usher, want you to know that we care. We understand the gravity of this situation and how it can affect your health as well. Idea Usher encourages remote work and advises our workforce to abide by the government’s guidelines. We not only promise safety, but the quality of work doesn’t hinder at any cost. 

Since we have the necessary infrastructure that keeps us running, our clients don’t have to worry about their projects and their functionality. 

We’ve guided our employees & stakeholders in the best preventive practices. 

At there is a sudden surge in the spread of coronavirus around us, we don’t have a say on how the virus is transmitted & on to whom.

With the world finding elective approaches to work without human contact, the work from home power is getting a facelift. 

An examination by Standford of 16,000 specialists more than nine months tracked down that telecommuting builds efficiency by 13%. 

This expansion in execution was because of more calls each moment credited to a calmer and a good workplace and working more minutes per shift due to fewer breaks and days off.

Work from home enablement has proven to be a better and safer option for many organizations. 

Since our inception, we’ve always teleworked. Working virtual is as easy as ABC for us. We keep the future in mind when we devise our strategies. We always have a plan C, despite having a plan B. 

Idea usher gives you a platform wherein you can construct your idea into a reality. 

While sitting at home, you can still fuel your concept to fruition. We are here 24*7 to assist you and make your transition to mobile platforms with ease. 

Keeping this in mind, we have assigned two spocs (single point of contact) with a project manager to every client. One authoritative individual will always be in reach for you. If, by any chance, due to some technicality, you are not able to reach one spoc, the other assigned spoc will always be available to the client. 



We all are fighting this wave together. All we need to do is stay strong both mentally and physically to emerge victoriously.

Idea Usher is here to provide the security you need for your project. We are here for our clients. As a team, we believe that whatever our clients have in mind, it should turn into reality. So we work relentlessly for that.

We are doing our part, all we want from you is to stay strong and healthy and leave your worries and project in our hands. We’ll handle it from there. 

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