COVID-19 Came In Like A Silent Storm That
Caused Catastrophe Left And Right

Many industries globally halted or entirely ended their production. Conglomerates coped with keeping afloat during these uncertain times. In an enthralling sight, we know we’re going to rise again. We’re here for you & backing you up. Your boat will start sailing in no time.
Our clients are one of our many prized possessions. Our business partnership stood firm despite the ongoing disruption from the pandemic.
We realize our role as quasi CTO’s for our clients. It is why we assure you that we’re in this mutually.

Our workforce defines us today. We are grateful to our employees. They put aside their distinct cultural differences to unite as a team like always. Their wellness is our utmost priority

To help you better, we stepped in your shoes to answer some questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the plan to tackle the crisis?

Idea Usher & its employees advocate for progress. We encourage remote work and also, advise our workforce to abide by the government’s guidelines. Our clients can expect timely project delivery without frequent shifts in milestones. We have the necessary infrastructure that keeps us running.

2. Can my project suffer from an Indian lockdown extension?

Since our inception, we’ve always teleworked. Working virtual is as easy as ABC for us. We keep the future in mind when we devise our strategies. We always have a plan C, despite having a plan B. It is why we always deliver on time. Our team is reachable like always, be it in office or online.

3. Don't stop at App reviews and online listings, go beyond

You’ve crawled the web, the app stores, and scanned thought ratings and reviews. They might be related to your niche. AngelList or ProductHunt are the go-to places to learn new businesses (of your domain) & their details. We’ll make your shift to mobile platforms easy breezy.

4. What if my spoc is affected by coronavirus?

We’ve guided our employees & stakeholders in the best precautionary practices. We don’t have a say on how the virus is transmitted & on to whom. Keeping this in mind, we have assigned two spocs (single point of contact) with a project manager to every client. One authoritative individual will always be in reach for you.

5. How are employees at global client-locations being managed?

Our task force is working closely (figuratively, not physically given the situation) with associated client teams. With present travel restrictions, we’ve requested them to stay where they are. They are delivering in the work front, while we regularly monitor their wellness.

6. Is a spoc at reach if the staff is unavailable in office premises?

We’re a digital workforce that connects globally. Our employees are at reach virtually if not in person. It eliminates their need for attendance all-round on the premises.

Crisis Commitment

In a challenging survival of the fittest, business still means business.

Business Ideas

To help you better, we stepped in your shoes to answer some questions you might have.

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