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When you have an app with you, what is the next step you’re looking for? It is definitely how to upload an app to Google Play Store. The blog highlights the same.

No one can deny the popularity of Google, and its Play Store has a treasure trove of applications. Statistics show that a 2.7% rise has been shown in-app downloads worldwide. This means app downloads reached 36.1 billion in the last quarter of 2021.

PlatformGoogle Play Store
Categories of appsGames, Business, Education, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Productivity, Health, etc.
Total app downloads 2020108.5 billion
Total app downloads 2021111.3 billion

So, if you are developing an app, you should also know how to upload the same in the Google Play store. Here’s how!

Step By Step Guide To Upload An App To Google Play Store

The Google Play Store shows an undoubtful dominance in making an app popular. A Play Store debut is a must for any app to script a success story. The sheer number of apps Google Play Store released daily displays its might. With the help of a Google Play account, any business/game can expect to get a solid foundation.

The quest ends here for someone wondering how to submit an app to the Google Play Store. The complete guide with all the end-to-end processes for the uploads in Google Play can be easily found here.

To avoid any mistakes in the process, you are recommended to follow the steps in chronological order. These steps will be followed after you build an app.

1. Google Play developer console- why it’s a must?

google play developer console

The use of a developer console is of significant importance. For uploading an app on the play store, it acts as a control center. This platform provides access to the first-party data. Such reliable data collected from the audience projects the practical performance of the app.

Moreover, the console also enables the uploader to monitor the conversion rates and the user acquisition reports. If a developer wants to use the features, only a fee of $25 is required. It is in addition to the filling of credentials. We can count it as the cost of putting the app on Google Play, which doesn’t really overburden the developer.

2. Create a merchant account 

merchant account

Creating a merchant account is essential when the app to be uploaded supports the feature of in-app purchases. It conveniently helps the customers pay through a debit or credit card for in-app purchasing.

A merchant account is relatively simple to create. The developer simply needs to sign in to the Google Play Console account and click the reports option. It opens up a financial reports option. There the developer can select the option for setting up a merchant account. With a merchant account, you can effectively manage the app sales while examining them for further improvements.

3. App store listing details

app store listing

The customers are less likely to trust the app without the app store listing. This is what makes it essential to prepare a play store app for store listing. By doing so, the customer can get the most critical information.

That helps in the app store optimization. Moreover, more details about the app prompt the users to get more attention. It should include the following contents, which are a must:

  • Product description
  • Screenshots
  •  Icons
  • Tags
  • Promotional video

The step of the app store listing is nothing but a move that needs you to fill in the relevant information. The developer must be cautious and should use appropriate keywords only. Only then does it increase the chance of visibility of your app. Therefore, preparing the details you want to list in advance is always a wise move.

4. Uploading app bundles is a necessary technical step

app bundles or apk

The next step for the app upload to Google Play Store is the APK files upload. It also helps in optimizing the app size in the Play Store. The use of APK files is an important step. Google has a limit for the app size based on the various Android versions. If your app exceeds the limit, APK files are the best way to tackle that issue. The use of files like App bundle or the APK requires the developer to follow these steps:

  • Release management
  • App release
  • Create release

To systematically complete the process, you can navigate to the release management tab and click the app release tab. To proceed further, you have to choose from different types of release such as:

  • Internal release
  • Cloze test
  • Production release
  • Open test

After confirming the type of release, you need to click the create release tab. From there, an option arises to either sign in or opt-out. Then, all you need to do is browse files and click on Save.

5. The crucial step of content rating

content rating

Rating is the first thing a customer prefers to view for judging the utility of an app or service. We cannot ignore a household product like an electrical appliance for its rating. Thus, we can imagine how crucial content rating can be for a new app. It is recommendable to the app developer to pass a rating questionnaire for this purpose. It can prevent your app from getting the tag of an unrated app.

An unrated app always draws poor attention even if you place the app in Google Play Store. As a developer, you must ensure the information is accurate to avoid misrepresentation. Otherwise, there is always a chance for removal from the Play Store.

The steps for content rating can be followed quickly. It requires the developer to navigate to the menu and select its tab. Click continue to save the email address and then confirm the same. From there on, fill the questionnaire and select the save questionnaire button to complete the survey. Now, you need to click on the calculate rating option. And finally, end the process with the apply rating tab.

6. Give due attention to app pricing and distribution

app pricing and distribution

Planning for app pricing and distribution is the next step to submit an app to Google Play Store. An ambitious developer who wishes the app to succeed needs an unmistakable thought of the target countries. It is significant for the price distribution, as Google doesn’t support the publishing of apps in all regions. Therefore, assigning the areas is mandatory.

Assigning the price for the app is significant for another reason as well. Ensuring a decisive price is needed as you cannot convert free apps into paid ones later. However, it is possible to change the price structure. For fixing a price distribution following are the steps.

  • Go to the Pricing and Distribution tab
  • Choose the option from either Paid or Free
  • Select the Countries
  • Choose the Age Compatibility (as an additional option)
  • Select the options for Ads (if required)

7. Publish the app and upload it to Google Play

publish the app

With this final step, you can come to a satisfactory end to the quest of how to upload an app to the Google Play Store. Once it is absolute that you have followed all the prerequisites, you can end the process. To do so,

  • Go to the App Releases tab
  • Select Manage Production tab
  • Choose Edit release
  • Click on the Review option
  • Start Rollout to Production
  • Select the Confirm tab to end it successfully

With the help of these guiding steps, you can upload the app to Google Play easily. And all that would be left is to wait for its approval, which depends on Google Play’s updated policy. Once the consent is official, the app is free to go public and it is now up to the users and app quality to become a success! 

After completing the aforementioned steps of how to upload an app to the Google Play Store, your app is all set to make a debut!

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Winding up

The most accessible way customers can access a business is through an app. Moreover, there are gaming apps, utility apps, entertainment apps, and much more. No matter how successful or unsuccessful your business is. If you have your app, you will see a drastic rise in the success rate of your business. If you wish to have an even deeper understanding of how to upload an app to Google Play Store, don’t forget to reach out to professionals. 

Not all apps get the luxury of listing them on the Google Play Store. The reason is simple: not all of them deserve that reputation. The more utility an app has, the more popularity it receives. Publishing an app involves only a few steps. Well, contact us to make this job easier for you.


1. How much does it cost to upload an app to Google Play Store?

Uploading any app on Google Play Store is accessible only when you have paid a one-time fee of $25. Once this fee is paid, the subsequent apps are free to publish on Google Play Store.

2. How much time does it take to upload an app on Google Play Store?

This time usually varies from 1 day to a maximum of 5 days. But, this period is generally not fixed. It all depends on the reviewing time that Google takes. Generally, the time is more for new users than existing users.

3. Can anyone upload an app to Google Play Store?

Developer account is a must for anyone who wants to upload an app to the Play Store. The sign up process is quite easy which can be done using an existing Google account. Once this is done, you are all set to upload an app after paying one time fee. 

4. How can I earn from the Play Store?

After uploading an app to Play Store you can choose a method of monetization. Showing ads in your app with AdMob is one such method. They show their ads in your app and this way you get to earn from Play Store.

5. How much money does a million app downloads make?

When any Play Store app crosses one million, it makes around $50,000 per day, (1,000,000*0.05= $ 50,0000). Estimating the monthly payment would be somewhere around $1.5 million.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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