How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm?

In this blog, we will cover an in-depth guide about How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm.

Lately, we all have experienced a surge in stress and anxiety, especially during the lockdown period. Forced to stay at home, the loneliness and boredom had really taken a toll on our mental health. 

Pandemic changed our daily routines and work environment entirely. We were compelled to do all the work from our four-walled rooms. All this had increased our work pressure and anxiety. 

Meditation is a one-stop solution for reducing stress. It helps in rejuvenating your mind. Similarly, it helps in reducing work-related stress and calms your body and mind. 

Therefore, a lot of people opted for meditation to keep their sanity intact in these challenging times. 

However, a lot of times, they were unable to find the right resources to meditate correctly. Either they were not meditating effectively, or they were not comfortable in the environment surrounding them.

A smart and user-friendly meditation app is the solution for all the problems. A meditation app will help you to meditate properly and effectively from the comfort of your home. It will help you to achieve better mental health in an enjoyable and easy way.

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm?- Everything Explained.

There are many meditation apps available in the market. Two of the most famous and effective apps are Headspace and Calm. In this next segment of the blog we will cover everything in detail about Headspace.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is a startup meditation app. The primary goal of the app is to make meditation accessible and useful for all. Loaded with all the features and tools, this app will help you to meditate efficiently.

The app’s overall experience, including the app interface and graphics, will help you calm down your mind. In-app audio sessions, soothing tracks, and meditation routines- everything you need to meditate is there in the app.

All these features and tools make Headspace a successful meditation app in the market. It fulfills all its goals through its excellent services and tools. 

Headspace aims at teaching you to meditate properly in the first 10 days of using the app. It starts from the elementary level assuming that you know absolutely nothing about meditation. You will learn the foundational aspects of meditation in the initial days. Hence aiming at teaching meditation productively and effectively. 

This app offers its users an excellent opportunity to achieve better mental health and a calm body and mind.

How to use Headspace?

Headspace comes with an introductory beginner course of 10 days. During the foundation course, the primary and fundamental aspects of meditation are taught to beginners. After the initial foundation course, you can pick meditation routines from the library according to your mood. 

You can even download the audio sessions and listen to them offline.

Furthermore, you can even track your progress and your overall journey on the app. There are 40 million active users on the app. You can even choose the length of the meditation session and replay your favorites on the app. 

The user-friendly app interface makes it easier and more fun to use the Headspace app.

You can download the Headspace app for free. However you can upgrade to headspace plus at just $12.99 per month with 7 days free trial. You can also take an annual subscription for Headspace App. The annual subscription costs $69.99 with 14 days free trial.

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm? – In-depth Guide.

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm?

The competition to make a better and advanced meditation app is increasing in the market. In this next segment of our blog, we will cover everything about How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm.

There are so many intricate things to take care of while developing a meditation app. All the features in the app should fulfill customer demands. Henceforth, everything needs to be customized.

In this next segment of the blog, we will cover all the essential features of a meditation app. So without any further ado, let us begin with it. 

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm? – A look into its Important Features

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm it is important to know about the features included in the app. Here is our list if best features of Headspace-How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm?

  • On Boarding Block

Using a meditation app for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. To overcome this situation, Headspace has a very dedicated On-Boarding block. It helps the new users to get introduced to the aspects of meditation.

While developing a meditation app, it is crucial to have an introductory video to explain the basic features. However, it is necessary to keep the video short and crisp. It is not required to include all the features of the app in one video.

Headspace uses a 1-minute long video as a part of their introduction. 

  • Calm Interface of the App

The graphics and user interface of a meditation app should never be very loud and tacky. Doing so will jeopardize the whole purpose of the app. A meditation app should be as calming and smooth as possible.

Usage of soft and pastel colors like peach, pink, and sky blue will make your app look more organized and calm. 

Furthermore, also make sure that your app is not cluttered. Keep it as simple and elegant as possible. The animations used in the app should be very simple and easy so that the app does not look very complicated.

Nobody likes boring and complicated designs hence stick to the neutral palette. Headspace and Calm use the same scheme of colors to make their app look very aesthetic and pleasing.

  • Personalized Profiles

Personalization is the key to any meditation app. Customized profiles help users to track their progress. By personalization, users will have their own motivation for meditation.

By this feature, users can choose their own session length according to their preference. This will allow a tailored experience to users according to their likings and preferences.

Henceforth personalization and customization will help you to boost the customer in-flow. Additionally, it will enhance the experience of the app to a great extent.

  • Subtle Gamification

Adding subtle gamification to our meditation app makes the app more engaging. Implementing a user leaderboard and other similar features makes the app more intriguing and fun to use.

This feature will work as a motivation for a lot of users. It will work as an added motivation source since a lot of people will use this to come back to the app daily.

For example, Headspace has its own achievement system. It gives users badges after they complete each milestone on the app. This way, users get rewarded for their progress.

  • Meditation Podcasts

Meditation podcasts are the core feature of any meditation app. Meditation podcasts on different topics with soothing background music are a must for any meditation app. 

The duration of these podcasts is generally between 5 to 20 minutes long. As stated earlier, everyone meditates for different reasons. Henceforth, the content of the podcasts must be for everyone regardless of the age and gender. 

It is also vital to integrate a download option for these podcasts. By doing so, users can download podcasts and can listen to them offline whenever they want

  • Play Screen

Play Screen is undoubtedly the most essential screen of a meditation app. Henceforth, it is vital to keep the play screen’s aesthetic as calm and straightforward as possible.

A minimalistic design with a play button in the center is a spectacular idea for any meditation app. An excellent background with a landscape picture is also a great idea. 

The core motive is to keep the graphics of the app straightforward and subtle. This feature will ensure that the app experience is equally calming and soothing to the users.

  • Discover Screen

Discover screen will enable the users to dive into different genres of the app content. It will help them to find new podcasts, meditation routines, and other app content.

This feature will keep the users engaged with your app.

Furthermore, it will make your app fun and interactive for the users. Consequently, increasing the time they spend on your app. It will also generate more users for your app.

  • Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a crucial aspect of any app. It will keep the users near your app. By integrating push notifications in your app, you can easily retarget your users.

It will help them to notify about any new content or feature of the app. Similarly, it will also enable the users to follow their favorite content on the app.

Furthermore, you can notify your users about new discounts and offers by integrating push notifications options. Also, do not forget to remind your users about the rewards so that they would use your meditation app daily.

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm?- Making Money by these Apps.

How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm?

The next most important thing about developing a meditation app is how to make money from them. Now there are a lot of options by which you can make money from meditation apps. Some of them are-

  • Subscription

App subscription can be the primary source of revenue for any meditation app. It is a good idea to offer a paid opportunity for your users to upgrade their app experience.

By offering better service in the upgraded version of your app you can easily make users pay for your app.

  • Adds

The most important source of revenue for any app is from the ads running on it. You can simply run the ads on your app and keep it completely free. However, if you are creating a meditation app then ads can be very bothersome and annoying. 

Henceforth, running ads on a meditation app is not a good idea. It will degrade the performance of your app.

  • In App Purchases

In-App purchases are also a good source of revenue for a meditation app. You can keep certain aspects and features of your app as paid options.

This will also enable the users to buy certain parts of a session without unlocking the whole session.

  • Paid Downloads

Paid downloads for podcasts and other offline content of your app can also aid in revenue generation for your app. However, it is a very outdated method and is not very effective in generating revenue for the app.


To conclude, developing a meditation app is not a one-person job. It requires hours of dedication and hard work to make one successful meditation app. There are so many intricate things that need to be done in order to make a successful app.

A very detailed and precise Onboarding block with a simple and aesthetic UI is the key to make a good meditation app. Furthermore, taking care of other aspects like the color scheme, animations, personalization is also equally important.

I hope you like our blog on How to make Apps like Headspace and Calm. To read more such blogs on meditation apps, click HERE.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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