building a meditation app

In today’s world, everything relates to calmness and peace. With mental health awareness on the rise, the popularity of mindfulness is growing and increasing exponentially.

building meditation app

It is time that we stop and think about developing a meditation app.

Idea Usher has come up with this exciting idea. With our team and experts, you can indeed develop and start on your way of building a meditation app. Let us tell you something. Building a meditation app is a simple process and the cost of the app with the pitfalls is more comfortable to remember.

Let’s Talk About Meditation

Before we get started on the app, let us talk about meditation. Meditation is the form of attaining peace in yourself and finding blissful ways of aiming towards mindfulness. Stress is one of the major factors that keeps us busy these days.

No wonder that many people have sorted and chosen to resort on the path of meditation. Meditation and mindfulness are one of the simple ways from which you can benefit without no side effects. It is a vast trend that might cause you no harm. The consequences of meditation can help you have a good life and also leave out stress from your life.

How did meditation apps come to be?

Before restarting building a meditation app, we need to understand where they came to be. Meditation is supposed to be a reprieve from our addiction to smartphones and the daily social life which consumes us.

We all understand that a million factors can cause stress.

When you are not sleeping, you are continually working about different thoughts inside your head. Another is when you are not finding peace at your home and even at where you work.

The third is when stress becomes a constant habit in your life.

Whether you are at a party or with your friends, you cannot stop thinking about the future stress that accompanies it. 

This is when the human mind needs proper ways through which it can attain peace. Our smartphones have helped us through a lot of ways. Therefore, building a meditation app can help save a lot from the daily stressful life.

To rephrase, the internet is the only option where people will find themselves looming on. Mobile apps such as meditation apps can bring a guide through which people can practice the wonders of meditation.

Mobile apps also bring the practice done with leading practitioners’ help and getting their services, which can appreciated in the 21st century. Like every other fitness app, meditation apps also do the same thing. The coach and the narrator are there to help them attain a state of mindfulness. Other meditation apps come with voice recognition techniques. It helps every single person to select the type of coaching they want and follow the same. To this article, building your meditation app will help you to save many people from their daily stressed-out life.

Building a meditation app: How to start with the basics?

building meditation app

Before we estimate and start building a meditation app, we need to understand the necessary statistics. Apps like headspace have many significant stages of development and how the app has gone and the interest of clients. Building an app for the very first time can be intimidating.

Therefore, you need the advice of experts who can help you make the app right from scratch.

Pitching The Idea

The first thing to know before building a meditation app is to pitch the basic idea. Meditation is more than just crossing your legs and sitting in silence. There are a lot of ways through which a person can attend divine peace and mindfulness. To make a successful app, you need to pitch the idea to your team at first.

The idea of your meditation app should be simple and catchy. It should base the concept of building the meditation app on two points.

If the app is marketable or not and if your software development team can conduct their research and test the idea behind your app.

So these are the essential points you need to understand before starting. 

  • The primary purpose of the app. As in how the people of the users will gain from using this app.
  • Mindfulness and what type of meditation techniques will be available on this app. Many people take their time and put them into research to understand the types of meditation techniques there.
  • Guided meditation for walking and talking is useful. If you wish to include them in your app, you need to understand and talk about your software development team.
  • The types of meditation that will include inside your app. Do you want to progress with something, such as music meditation? Or do you want to invest your time into guided meditation as in Yoga?

Understanding All Points of Launching

Before you start on your meditation app, you need to understand this essential point. Another distinction between types of app and the level of expertise is unique to expect the kind of app you will build.

Will your app help the users to find the meaning of meditation?

Here are some points to get started.

  • Defining what your target audience would like. We can do this before conducting your research on what type of target audience you would like to keep.
  • Locating the problem of your users and what they wish to solve with the help of your app.
  • Specifying how your app will be helpful to the users and solve their problems.
  • Identifying the type of competition that you will face in the market when you launch your meditation app.
  • Deciding on the unique value proposition of your meditation. Before you know and get started on building a meditation app, you need to understand the USP.
  • Mapping and having the optional features is critical because you need to choose your app’s type of audience.
  • Last but not least, you can always decide on the monetization model used for your performance monitoring.

Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

This is the chief thing you need to understand before building a meditation app. In today’s world, you’re thinking of making your meditation app good digital.

But whenever you are talking about the digital world, there is always something related to research. Keyword research is one of the best ways to which you can gain popularity and lead your customers to invest more in your app.

Any meditation app has competition, and it won’t do to this record the existing relaxation as you create your own. Knowing the entire market and the battle which lies for you, it will go to the app. Think about the famous apps known as headspace.

This mindful and meditation app is one of the most important names that revolves around the American community. The thing about the headspace or any meditation app like calm helps you understand the best process needed for guided meditation.

Know What Headspace and Calm are Doing

The first thing that you will notice in the app headspace is the cartoon interface that it has. So before you start building a meditation app, understand the interface that your application will develop.

Depending on your application’s type of interface, it will be easier for your audience to use that.

Another big name in the industry is for the Calm meditation app. It comes directly after headspace. So before you get started on your meditation app, know the type of narration that will be included.

Also, understand the kind of sleep stories that the actors and the professional voice overs will tell. You can always know and even dive into the world of keyboard researching before developing your meditation app. Keyword researching will help you focus on the target words that your customers would like to hear.

Comments like, are having a sleepless night? Or it is you facing any problem with overcoming stress in your life? Words like this will always strike a chord with your audience.

The Cost of the App

building meditation app

The cost of the app and be determined into a lot of features. It states some of them below.

  • The app’s cost depends on the types of features that will be included inside your meditation app. There are various prototypes which can be created one after the other. Every single prototype can gain possible feedback so that it can improve the other one.
  • Another factor which determines the cost of the meditation app is the minimum visible product. MLP stands for a minimum lovable product. Every user should love one thing about the application from which it can generate the cost.
  • Last, there is another feature that is known as paid downloads. The paid downloads of the in-app purchases can help you gain revenue from the app’s direct usage.


These are the basic things which are included in building a meditation app. Once you understand what you have to do, it will become easier for everyone or even the development team to create a meditation. The basics are straightforward to understand. Idea Usher is here to help you in every single stage for the app development. Our team of experts and professionals will help you track the progress and make a meditation app with properly integrated features.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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