what is the spotify greenroom app
What is Spotify Greenroom App?

Greenroom app is a live audio based platform that allows users to host live audio sessions and podcasts on topics including sports, music, and culture. Spotify has recently launched the Greenroom app in more than 135 countries on android and iOS platforms. And it is said to be its take on the infamous Clubhouse app.

how to create an app like pinterest
How to Create an App like Pinterest?

How to create an app like Pinterest? – Everything you need to know! Pinterest is one the hottest startups out there and no wonder – it’s a social media platform that is making waves in mobile app development. About 100 million users install the Pinterest mobile app on their Android or iOS phone and use

windows 365 and cloud pc
Windows 365 and Cloud PC

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest virtualization service- Windows 365 and Cloud PC. With the advent of technology and the software industry, digitalization has become a global phenomenon. There is hardly any sector or industry that does not rely on digitalization to work.  Computer science technology and software maker Microsoft recognizes this new

how to create trivia game app
How to Create a Trivia Game App?

How to create a trivia game app? How to develop a quiz game app? Or How to build a game app like Buzztime? If you are also someone who is desperately searching for answers to these questions, then you happen to be at the right place. In this guide by Idea Usher we will guide

photo editing app
How to Build a Photo Editing App?

In today’s world of Instagram pictures and snaps, a photo editing app has become a holy grail for a lot of people out there. Everyone including celebs, influencers and even the common people use top photo editing apps to edit their pictures. For example, there are several Instagram image editor tools readily available for people

crypto games
Crypto Games: A Guide to Blockchain Game Development

With this Idea Usher guide our experts will explain everything you need to know about Crypto Games and Blockchain Game Development process. So without waiting any further, let us begin! Contents What are Cryptocurrency Games? - A Brief Introduction to Crypto GamingComplete Guide to Blockchain Game Development1) Analyze and Understand the Blockchain Infrastructure2) Understand Different

hotline app
Facebook Testing Hotline App to Rival Clubhouse

Recently Facebook is testing the Hotline app to rival the infamous Clubhouse App. Let’s be honest everyone around us is talking about the Clubhouse App. Even our favorite celebrities like Drake, Oprah Winfrey and many more are going all crazy over this app.  Well still if you are someone who hasn’t heard about the Clubhouse

digital marketing tips
5 Fool-proof Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

It’s challenging to succeed in digital marketing, especially given the fierce competition. But you never know, a small tip can do wonders for your business. Here are some digital marketing tips for budding entrepreneurs and startups looking out to grow in today’s competitive environment. Let’s straightaway get to the point. Contents Social Media MarketingContent Creativity

towing vehicle solutions
Towing Vehicle Solutions – Everything You Should Know

The ultimate guide to towing vehicle solutions. Ever got stuck in the middle of nowhere and found yourself stranded with no gas station, repair station or mechanic nearby. Getting stuck in a place where you are unable to find any help can become equally frustrating and anxiety inducing at the same time. Furthermore, calling a

how to create trivia game app
Trivia App Development Guide

The ultimate guide to trivia app development. The Mobile Game App Development market has witnessed a huge surge in the past couple of years. There are new games in the market everyday. People of all ages are going crazy for new and advanced mobile gaming apps. Among all the other games, trivia games are getting

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