problems that can be solved by mobile apps
Problems that Can be Solved by Mobile Apps

If you are running a business or planning to establish one, one of the most important considerations should be related to mobile solutions. You can find millions of apps in all kinds of categories that

HIPAA compliant app development
HIPAA Compliant App Development

HIPAA compliant app development has been on the rise in the past few years. And for a good reason. As big data breaches and security threats continue to grow, concerned businesses must protect health information

internshala case study
Internshala Case Study: Why It is Our One-stop Pla...

Internshala is India’s most considerable homegrown content, career, and skill development platform for students. Started in 2010 as a WordPress blog, Internshala connects with over 3 million Indian students every year. So how does it

olympics whatsapp bot
Follow Olympics with New Olympics WhatsApp Bot

One of the world’s mega events, the Olympics, has just started a few days back in Tokyo. However, since it’s being held in Japan, the timing of the events for the rest of the regions

how to create an app like Shazam
How to Create an App like Shazam?

Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio, YouTube, or even in a store and did not know what the song was? Well that is where Shazam app comes into play. It

what is the spotify greenroom app
What is Spotify Greenroom App?

Greenroom app is a live audio based platform that allows users to host live audio sessions and podcasts on topics including sports, music, and culture. Spotify has recently launched the Greenroom app in more than

how to create an app like pinterest
How to Create an App like Pinterest?

How to create an app like Pinterest? – Everything you need to know! Pinterest is one the hottest startups out there and no wonder – it’s a social media platform that is making waves in

windows 365 and cloud pc
Windows 365 Cloud PC

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s latest virtualization service- Windows 365 Cloud PC. With the advent of technology and the software industry, digitalization has become a global phenomenon. There is hardly any sector or

how to create trivia game app
How to Create a Trivia Game App?

How to create a trivia game app? How to develop a quiz game app? Or How to build a game app like Buzztime? If you are also someone who is desperately searching for answers to

photo editing app
How to Build a Photo Editing App?

In today’s world of Instagram pictures and snaps, a photo editing app has become a holy grail for a lot of people out there. Everyone including celebs, influencers and even the common people use top

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