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Want to create your very own Bus Booking App? You are at the right place, IdeaUsher experts have simplified this complex process of How to Make a Bus Booking App? In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about making a bus booking app.

We have tried to keep everything as simple and easy to understand as possible so that anyone can understand it. Want to know more about How to make a bus booking app? Read ahead to know more.

With the advent of technology and digitalization, more and more things are replacing traditional methodologies and are shifting towards the online world. Hence almost everything has an online option today, be it online education, online food deliveries, or online ticket booking.

A lot of companies want to build their own bus ticket booking applications. But it is not a one-person task to create a successful application. The development of such app needs to be done with precision. Henceforth, it is very crucial to choose the right developers for your application.

choose the right developers for your application

With IdeaUsher, you can create a robust bus ticket booking app. Our team of best developers will help to choose the best solutions for your application. IdeaUsher will cater to all your needs and guide you through the designing and development of your app. We even offer our assistance post your app launch, thus helping your app to do well in the market. All this too in your budget! So don’t forget to check out our Bus Booking App Portfolio.

How to Make a Bus Booking App? A Brief Introduction.

Industries have seen this as a golden opportunity to boost their businesses by introducing their businesses online. They have successfully achieved this so far with the help of online tools such as mobile and web-based applications.

This factor has created an uproar in the market. Every day new domains of businesses are shifting towards the online world. Furthermore, online companies are more feasible and accessible to everyone since location and accessibility are not the limiting factors. 

One such domain is online bus ticket booking. Online bus booking app is a mobile-application system that works through a centralized network management. All the functions including checking seat availability, ticket booking, online payment, customer care service, etc are carried out by the single application.

Online bus booking applications have been in the market for quite some time now. They are of great use when you want to book a bus ticket quickly just sitting at your place. Additionally they are of great use when you are running short on time. Since you can very quickly book your bus ticket from the bus ticket booking application. 

Additionally, no one likes the hassle of standing in queues for hours just to get their work done. It is very frustrating and annoying since everyone is running short on time today. We have a hectic life, and there are things that need to be done. So standing in long lines for hours does not seem to be a feasible and productive option. 

Henceforth online businesses have sky-rocketed, especially since the pandemic has hit the world. Since no one was able to go out of their houses to get their work done, online businesses have taken the world by storm in these unprecedented times.

Some of the best bus booking apps includes BoltBus, FlixBus and WanderU

Basic Functioning of a Bus Booking App Explained.

In this next segment of our blog we will discover another aspect of How to make a bus booking app? 

Bus booking apps are made to simplify the process of booking bus tickets. Henceforth it is important to keep the app very user friendly and simplified. 

However, just to make it very clear online ticket booking is very different from traditional computerized booking. Computerized booking uses a database to track real time bus locations and book tickets. Whereas when you book a ticket via online app you are tracking the bus and booking ticket as per your convenience. 

Furthermore, you can check other facilities in your bus via an online bus booking app. You can choose your  departure time, bus types according to the amenities it provides, etc by using a mobile app.

Henceforth, an online bus booking app is a much more user friendly and feasible option to book tickets quickly and conveniently.

Since the travel agencies have realized the uproar for online booking applications they are trying hard to take their business to new heights. Online bus booking apps seem to be a great option to fulfill this dream. 

How to Make a Bus Booking App? Sneak Peek into its Important Attributes.

how to make a bus booking app

In this next segment of our blog, How to make a bus booking app, we will look closely at the factors that can make or break your bus booking app.

When you are working on developing a meaningful bus booking app, it is extremely important to consider some of the attributes that make a bus booking app successful. We have compiled a list of some most crucial details that will make your bus booking app better than its counterparts.

1. Pickup and Drop Location Facility

It is undoubtedly the most critical and essential function of any bus booking app. Thus a bus booking app must provide the users with the facility to choose their pickup and drop location according to their choice.

Henceforth, it eases the user experience and further enhances the performance of your bus booking application.

2. Provide Inside Information

Specific general info like availability of certain amenities, food types available, any other notification, etc., that should pass on to the customers must enable through your app.

This feature will improve the overall experience of the app. Consequently bringing in more customers and boosting your business.

3. Travel Insurance Facility

Travel Insurance facility is the most underrated facility of any bus booking app. Furthermore, this feature can quickly become the highlight of your app since everyone is concerned about their health in today’s times.

Henceforth, it is a very good idea for any new bus booking app to provide travel insurance to its passengers.

4. Ensured Safety of Passenger Data

Users are trusting your app with their private information like their card details and other personal information. Henceforth it is extremely important to take care of your customer data with utmost precision. 

This attribute will make your app secure to use and further enhance its performance too.

5. Ratings and Review Option

Constructive criticism and critics are the only way to know your shortcomings. Ratings and review options in your bus booking app will enable the customers to rate their experience.

This way, you can improve your application according to your customer preferences. Similarly this feature will ensure that your app is in sync with the customer demand.

All the above-given features are vital for any bus booking app. These attributes will enhance the functionality of your bus booking app. Consequently making it more fun and easy to use. 

Furthermore, these features will make your app stand out from the other apps in the market.

Vital Features of a Bus Booking App Explained.

In this next segment of our blog we will look into some of the most crucial features of bus booking apps. We have simplified this process by separately dividing the features for user, admin, and travel agency panel.

how to make a bus booking app

So let us jump straight into this segment of our blog!

User Panel Features

The user panels of a bus booking app includes- 

  • Easy and secure registration using email 
  • OTP verification secure in-app experience
  • API integration to view all the important info about bus timing, location, etc
  • Seat selection and Ticket booking
  • Online payment option via different modes
  • Sort and Filter option for user preference
  • Pickup and Drop location selection option
  • Multi Currency support for easier payment
  • Multi Language support
  • Graphical map showing booked and available seats
  • Fare calculator for the journey from pickup to drop location
  • Live Bus Tracking option
  • Push Notifications of Ticket confirmation through SMS or email
  • 24/7 In-App Support for Passengers
  • Request Cancellation of ticket and Refund option
  • Feedback and Reviews Option for Customers
  • Automated Bus Reminders 
  • Discount offers and Loyalty points redemption option

All these features in the User/Passenger panel of a bus booking app will greatly enhance the overall user experience of your app. Henceforth, it is vital to integrate these features while developing a bus booking app.

Travel Agency Panel Features

  • Easy and quick registration through email
  • Secure login with OTP option
  • Real time location tracker for bus
  • Easy and efficient dashboard management
  • Effective management of profiles
  • Detailed view of total bookings, cancellations, refunds and total revenue for easy tracking.
  • View passenger feedbacks and ratings
  • User/Passenger Management
  • Manage bus routes and tracks
  • Total sales summary view on dashboard
  • Manage ticket bookings and cancellations
  • Real-time passenger onboarding checking
  • Sales and analytics

These are some of the features that should be integrated in the Travel agency/Operator Panel of your bus booking app.

Admin Panel Features

  • Quick registration and secure login
  • Management of user/passenger Profiles
  • Push Notifications
  • User permission management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration
  • Manage payment to operators, income and total revenue
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Real-time Bus tracking
  • Integration of Content Management System (CMS)
  • Commissions Management
  • Provide discounts and gift vouchers
  • Email and SMS marketing management
  • Admin dashboard Management
  • Travel agency/ operator management

All these features in the admin panel of the bus booking app makes the app very efficient and easy to manage. This will increase the efficiency and productivity of your bus booking app. Consequently generating more customers and revenue for your company.

Latest technologies to include in the Bus Booking App.

Latest technologies to include in the Bus Booking App.

With the advent of new technologies everyday it will only make sense if you integrate these technologies in your app. Since these technologies will make your app smarter and easier to navigate hence producing more profits.

There are a lot of technologies in the market. It becomes pretty daunting to choose the right ones for your app. We have amalgamated the best ones here in this segment of our blog.

So without further ado let us begin with it!

QR Code Validation

Using this feature the app can scan the QR code from the tickets. This will ensure the legitimacy of the ticket. Additionally this feature comes very handy when you quickly want to check if the ticket is valid or not.

Henceforth, QR code scanning is an amazing technology that you should definitely include in your bus booking app.

Integrated Chat Support

Users can call the customer support services in case of any hitch or confusion. It would be great if the bus booking app provides this facility in multi languages. Additionally it will ensure a wider reach of your app and increase the productivity of the app.

Customer Resource Management Integration

Customer resource integration offers great connectivity between CRM software and other third party applications. This feature will be automated. Henceforth it increases the productivity and functionality of your application.

Thus it would be great if you include this feature in your bus booking application.

Promotional tools for Marketing

Marketing of your application is extremely important. Without the proper marketing of your app it will not be possible for it to perform well in the market. 

Loyalty programs, customer points, discount offers, etc are some of the promotional tools you can use to promote your app.

Additionally it will please the users to engage with your app more often thus increasing the profits for your app. 

Loyalty program

Loyalty programs for your app would please your customers. Consequently they will use your app more often. This will work as a promotional tool for your bus booking app.

Furthermore, it will encourage your loyal customers to continue using your app in future too.

Stellar In-App Navigation

A very basic yet important feature of any bus booking app is In-app navigation. This will help the passengers to effectively track the bus directions and know about all the incoming stoppages beforehand.

Third-party Vendors Integration

This feature will be very beneficial for a bus booking app and will help in increasing its popularity. Operators can contact third party vendors like hotels, and taxis for customers who want to book these facilities using the same bus booking app. thus bringing more revenue for the app.

Integrated In-App Calendar

This feature will come very handy when passengers want to set reminders for their upcoming trips. 

Dashboard analytics

Using this feature the owner of the app can easily keep an eye on all the transactions happening on the app. Furthermore, it will help the admin to track all the latest happenings on the app.

Cost of building a Bus Booking App.

how to make a bus booking app

Cost of building a bus booking application depends upon many factors. These factors include the places the place of origin where the app is developed, type and number of platforms for which the app is developed and finally on the features of the app.

Likewise, developing an app for both Android and iOS platform will cost higher than developing for just one platform. Also an app with more advanced features will also cost more than the one with just basic features.

To conclude the average cost of developing such an advanced application can range anywhere from between 15,000 USD to 20,000 USD. 

But if budget is your constraint then you need not to worry since you are at the right place. IdeaUsher will help you to find the best solutions for your app that too within your budget. We at IdeaUsher believe that a small budget should never stop you from achieving your dreams.

If developing your own application is your dream then we IdeaUsher will help you to fulfill this dream. Contact us to get your dream project started today!

How does Bus Booking Apps make Money?

After you have invested a fair amount of money on developing a bus booking app your next goal would be to earn the profits. There are so many ways to earn money through bus booking apps. 

We have listed some of the most common ways by which bus booking apps make money –

  • One of the most common ways to earn money is by running ads. It is a very great way of earning income through bus booking apps. By solely running ads you can earn a huge profit from your app.
  • Another way by which you can make money on bus booking apps is through commissions. Admin can monetize the app by finalizing a commission between both operator and the passengers.
  • You can even earn money through third party applications. App can charge a sum of money by offering a listing to these third party vendors such as hotels and taxis on the app. This is a very smart way of making money through bus booking apps.


Developing a Bus Booking App is a lengthy procedure. It requires hours of hard work and precise work to develop one such application.

It requires a team of best developers and graphic designers to develop a successful bus booking app. Henceforth, all the features should be integrated properly in the app to ensure the best service.

Similarly, it is crucial to vigorously test the app before launching it in the market. Since it will ensure that your app is working smoothly without any complications. thus, further increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

We hope you like our blog on How to Make a Bus Booking App?

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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