App For Online Bus Booking - Top 8 Picks

App For Online Bus Booking – Idea Usher’s Top 7 Picks

Due to the hustle and bustle of cities, it often gets challenging to commute conveniently. When you top that with your super-busy schedule and meeting deadlines, traveling back and forth gets worse. In such a scenario, you might want to consider opting for public transportation – say a bus. Not only would you contribute to saving traffic congestion, but you’d also save money (now that’s a win-win situation!)

But, what if you were to buy bus tickets in the traditional manner? As in, stand in long queues and wait for long until you get a ticket. Sounds icky, right? Especially when you have people around you who wear their masks below their nose and don’t maintain a simple 6ft distance. 

It’s a big NO. Therefore, it’s time you switch to more convenient things – preferably something like an app for online bus booking. Well, it’s nothing new. These apps have been around for quite a while now; however, not many people have discovered the best ones. 

If you’re one of those people who want to know more about online bus booking apps, you’re just in the right place. We’ve handpicked the top ones and compiled them in our list of the top 7 apps for online bus booking. 

So, whether you want to commute for work or want to have a weekend getaway, you can pick your choice of app and experience convenience at its best. 

But before we list the names, let’s discuss the benefits of using an app for online bus booking. 

Benefits of Using an App For Online Bus Booking

With the advancement of technology, everything has become much more straightforward – including bus booking. Here are the benefits of using an app for online bus booking:

  • Open 24/7 

The best part about online bus booking is that this service is available 24/7. You can book your tickets at any time, and from anywhere you want. Thus, if you and your friends make a last-minute plan to go on a trip, or if you suddenly remember that you have to go somewhere tomorrow, a booking app can come in handy! No closing time, no limitations. 

  • Discounts and Offers

If you want to save money while booking a trip, using an app for online bus booking is how you do it. Such apps always have some sort of ongoing discounts and offers. So, instead of using an agency or booking through the traditional way, you can use an app to get the perfect ticket price.

  • Hassle-free Process

Bus booking apps save a considerable amount of your time and allow you to book the seat of your choice. Moreover, you don’t have to be physically present to make payments. Through the in-app payment system, you can pay for your trip conveniently from the comfort of your home. 

  • Rating and Reviews

Most bus booking apps offer ratings and reviews of the available buses. This ensures that users have a great traveling experience. They can check out the reviews added by other users and add their own once they’ve traveled on the bus. 

  • Comprehensive Bus Booking Details 

Bus booking apps show information about an extensive bus network. This includes schedules, routes, operators, and cities. Within a few clicks and taps on your smartphone, you can get comprehensive details about your trip and all the buses around you. All you need to do is add your “From” and “To” locations, choose your preferred time, and you’ll be all set to select your trip.


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Top 7 App For Online Bus Booking

As we’ve covered the benefits of using an app for online bus booking, let’s jump onto the list of our top picks. 

Wanderu is one of the best bookings apps available today. It allows you to book buses, flights, rental cars, and train tickets across North America and Europe. The best part about this app for online bus booking is that it allows you to find and compare all the available bus tickets. Moreover, you can choose your options based on the amenities and extras that matter to you – free WiFi, extra legroom, in-seat power outlets, and more.

If you wish to book a bus through Wanderu, all you need to do is go to their website or download their app. Then, you can compare bus schedules and prices from a number of travel companies and select the one that works best for you. Additionally, they also have a convenient in-built payment system that makes the checkout process hassle-free. They don’t charge an additional fee. 

Megabus is a website and app for online bus booking available across the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. If you wish to book tickets from this platform, all you need to do is select the “from” and “to” location. Then, you need to pick the “leaving” and “returning” dates, along with the number of travelers. They also have the option called “special needs” that allows you to select a number of travelers on your trip that have a disability. 

Megabus is undoubtedly one of the most convenient, affordable, and safe ways to commute from one place to another. You can explore the most iconic cities with the highest level of comfort and safety. In the wake of COVID-19, Megabus ensures stringent cleaning, social distancing by keeping the next seat empty to each customer and that each person wears a facial covering while boarding or moving out. 

Rome2Rio is one of the better-known bus booking apps. But here’s the thing – it is not just limited to buses. Whether you’re after flight, train, bus, ferry, rideshare, or rental car info, their platform displays estimated prices, journey durations, maps, and booking details from over 5000 companies in more than 160 countries. No wonder it is one of the best online travel resources used globally.

If you wish to use Rome2Rio, all you need to do is enter any address, landmark, or city as your destination. Then, the platform will instantly display all your travel and booking options. Moreover, it will also show the information about accommodation and other things to do in the city in one convenient spot.

FlixBus is available in 35 countries and across 2500+ destinations. So, if you’re planning a backpacking trip in Europe, want to go on a weekend getaway, or a holiday with your family or friends, FlixBus can be your best bet. It’ll take you from “A to B” at a very reasonable price. 

You can choose from France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, and many more countries. Moreover, FlixBus ensures comfort and luxury at the same time. You’ll get snacks and drinks from their friendly bus drivers along with free Wi-Fi and plug sockets. Therefore, you can surf the web, watch movies and stay connected for the duration of your journey.

If you wish to create a similar app for online bus booking for your startup, we have solutions for that as well. Get in touch with us and get started with your project today!

Boltbus is another excellent online bus ticket booking app for android and iOS. It operates in the northeast and western United States and British Columbia, Canada. Apart from convenient, frequent travel schedules and low-cost tickets, their premium on-board experience includes free standard Wi-Fi, power outlets, leather seats, and extra legroom.

Moreover, you can also get real-time updates on-the-go. Whether the bus is waiting for you at the stop or is on its way, the BusTracker app will display the updated ETA and where they are along a route. Apart from this, they have a feature known as “BoltLoyalty” that makes you eligible for a free one-way ticket trip after you take eight trips on BoltBus.

Busradar is an app for online bus booking to hop around cities in Britain and Europe. With Busradar, you are sure to find a suitable, long-distance bus line, having rates, departure times, and bus stops in your area right at your fingertips. Thus, if you wish to travel and take the benefits of sightseeing while saving money for the local cuisine, Busradar can be a great option for you. 

The best part about this online bus ticket booking app for android and iOS is that it is free of charge and is easy to use. You can use the app to find all long-distance bus stops near you and available long-distance bus routes for the desired connection. Furthermore, you can also compare the journey time and rates of the various providers. 

redBus is one of the biggest and leading bus booking platforms available today. It operates in 6 countries, namely India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Peru, and Colombia. Till now, redBus has sold over 180 million bus tickets worldwide through its website and app.

They offer tickets at low prices and take extra measures to ensure your safety. Before any trip, all passengers, bus drivers, and staff undergo thermal screening and temperature checks. Moreover, all the buses are sanitized and disinfected while ensuring that each passenger wears a mask. Apart from this, they also have a bus tracking feature known as “Track My Bus” that allows users to know the exact location in real-time.


These were our Top 7 picks for bus booking apps. 

If you wish to create a similar app for online bus booking for your startup, we have solutions for that as well. Get in touch with us and get started with your project today!

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