Having unique features and a successful mantra , Idea Usher can make your next payment app. Read in the blog to find out the development cost of a payment app.

The journey of cash to cashless payments goes like this-coins, paper, plastic, and now smartphones. Mobile payment apps technology isn’t slowing down. In fact, it has become a fad. Mobile payments are monitored by digital transactions. Payments app works on a technology called Near Field Communication. When a smartphone and payment reader is in close proximity, NFC allows it to communicate wirelessly. Electronic payments travel better than cash. Payments app has become a real thing.


 Are you still fumbling for cash? 


Or struggling with unpaid invoices? 


Here are the reasons why you should embrace the emerging technology of payments app and stay on top of new tech-


Easy Breezy–  According to Statista, nearly a third of Americans prefer to pay via smartphone. Having a payment app is a win-win situation for you and your customers. It allows you to accept payments via multiple devices. Contactless payments are comparatively less time-consuming. Thus a payment app can make the shopping experience smooth sailing for your customers.


More Reliable– The USA leads as the most credit card fraud-prone country. It accounted for 38.6% of reported scams in the year 2018. And you know what’s more threatening? Credit and debit card fraud continues to climb up over time. Using a payment app is safer as compared to card payments. There is an increased level of security and even in the worst-case scenario if your phone gets stolen, the activity can be readily halted.


Cash Flow Management– While running a business you need to do multiple tasks like managing accounts, paying bills, and giving details of every transaction to your accountant. It can be quite tedious and tiresome at the same time. But guess what, with the help of a payment app you can do better management of your funds. It will reduce the time spent in bookkeeping and eliminate piling up of invoices and receipts.


Are you still looking for potential reasons to have a payment app? Well, then the below-mentioned numbers will speak for themselves.


  • The amount of payments through smartphones is expected to mount up to $503 billion by 2020.
  •  75% of US consumers would use the contact-free payment for over  50% of their purchases.
  • 29% of buyers agreed that they would like to pay through smartphones at any given time.
  • 38% of online shoppers in the US think that contactless mobile payments are relatively more efficient.

Steps to create a top-notch payment app:


After understanding the relevance of a payment app it is quite evident that you want to stay at the top of the tech. In order to ensure that your business falls in that bracket, you need to create your own payment app. Here’s a step by step guide to building your payment app-


Fostering Trustworthiness


Safety is of paramount importance. This is the most crucial part that requires your attention while building a payment app. Minor loopholes in a payment app can be overlooked but not even a single user will make payment through your app if it’s not safe. Sluggish performance is acceptable but never turn a blind eye to the security aspect while developing a payment app. Therefore it’s mandatory for you to pay heed to “ins and outs” of online payments and security. 


Find the platform that will strike the right kind of balance between security and hassle-free user experience thereby ensuring the safety of their info. Comply with the industry security standards. Have a sound understanding of the guidelines issued by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to make your payment app reliable.


Localized Outlook


It’s not prudent to enter aggressively into a market that is already dominated by big players. like PayPal. If you do so you’re likely to fail even if your payment app has top-class features. Hence it is advisable to adopt a localized approach. This means you’ve to focus on the geographical market. 

There is no one-size-fits-all concept required while building a payment app. So concentrate on developing custom platforms and delivering personalized experience to your users. Analyze and then develop a payment app that is a perfect fit for your regional market.


Third-Party Access


The question of survival is of utmost importance while tapping into the contactless payments market. Making your payment app a big name comes after you get a stronghold in the market. Either way, it’s advisable to avail third party Application Programming Interface and services. In the initial stages never invest big fat money. In fact, opting for APIs and services of a third party has become too mainstream in the payment app development procedure.


Hassle-Free Experience

Make sure that your payment app offers multiplex medium support. Follow up emails, asking for feedback, active responses to requests are some of the factors that increase the chances of retaining customers.


Success Mantra of creating a payment app:

In the large market of mobile payment apps where a plethora of alternatives is available out there. What is that “extra factor” that will set you apart? 


Hold your excitement as we’re going to unravel the success mantra to make your payment a “big thing”. These are the various features that will ensure the success of your peer to peer payment application.


Interactive  User Interface

payment app

Your users will not give you a second chance to make the first impression. An appealing UI plays a vital role in engaging customers. Hence it should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the users.


Tracking Transactions

paymnet transaction app

In order to give your users an unforgettable experience include this feature which will further enable them to keep an eye on the financial transactions made by them. This way users can check the history of payments made by them.



transaction app

By adding this feature people across various countries will be able to use your payment app without worrying about the translation of the language. This feature will let them select the language of their choice thereby making your app user friendly.


E- Conversion

payment application 

Your payment app should support various currencies. In order to do that feature of electronic currency conversion considering their rate is very crucial. Moreover, this will eliminate the conversion charges which are supposed to be paid while the withdrawal of money from the local banks.


Customer Support

app like gpay payment app

Do you have any idea how many positive customer experiences it takes to make up for a negative one?

Any guesses?


Well, it takes merely one unsolved query of your customer to nullify 12 positive responses.  Answering customer queries instantly and further resolving them will increase the engagement. According to a survey conducted by American Express 3 out of 5 Americans would switch to a new company for a better experience. While creating a payment app ensure to give your users such a wonderful experience that literally WOWS them and eventually scale up your business.


 Cost Factor


Determining cost is a subjective matter and depends on the features and complexity of the app. The cost of creating a payment app depends on the following factors-


  • Location of the mobile app developers
  • Size of the development team
  • Tech Stack (a blend of software products and programming languages used to create a web or mobile application)


Why choose us for making a Payment App?

Idea Usher is a web and custom mobile application development company. We have a team of zealous self-driven tech experts who provide robust solutions to level up your business. Idea Usher has rich experience in building apps irrespective of the industry. We find the best way to give you optimum results by keeping an eye on your budget. Our team of keen technocrats focuses on gaining 360 degrees of understanding of your company, rivals, target market, and customer preferences. Work with us, and you’ll work with seasoned professionals. Our team is vigilant of deadlines and committed to going beyond client expectations. Make a smart choice!  Get in touch to get free quotes.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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