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Create your fintech app
An ultimate guide to build and launch a fintech ap...

Are you planning to build your own fintech app? Fintech apps have simplified the banking experience more than ever with the help of mobile and internet technology. “In 2020, over 64% of people worldwide used

Finance application development - 2
All About Finance Application Development

Are you struggling with your finance management or failing to keep track of your finances and transactions? Or do you know someone who might be struggling with the same? Do you know you can convert

revolut business model
Revolut business model: Working of the most valuab...

Revolut business model is a fintech solution for new banking systems. Like Volt in Australia, Monzo in the UK and Germany, this banking solution is gaining a lot of attraction. Seeing the success of fintech

top neobanking applications
Discover The New Banking Era With The Top 10 Neob...

Neobanks have ruled the world with their numerous advantages. Here are the top neobanking apps that have proved a hit in the US. These applications have given tough competition to the banking industry in the

neobank the evolution of future banking
Know How to Build an App for a Neobank – The...

The growing curiosity of the entrepreneur demands to know how to build an app for a Neobank. But before coming to the development of the application, it is essential to know about the concept in

how to create a payroll app like gusto
How To Make A Payroll App Like Gusto?

When the entire world is striving to digitize services, why should the human resource department lag? Gusto is a popular application that offers full-service payroll, HR, and other benefits. It’s an HR platform serving thousands

best bitcoin payment gateway 2022
10 Best Bitcoin Payment Gateway of 2022

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as of late, with Bitcoin being the king of the industry. Many companies like Tesla, for example, are accepting cryptocurrencies like Doge as a payment method for some

mobile apps development trends 2022
Mobile Apps Development Trends 2022- Key Takeaways

So let’s take a look at the top takeaways of mobile apps development trends 2022. Apps that were not as popular before the pandemic has made a huge impact on user behavior, like contactless payment,

how to create a loyalty program app
How to Create a Loyalty Program App?

Imagine you are shopping at a local supermarket. Previously, you would need to scrounge your purse to find the physical loyalty card. However, with the ease of QR codes and smartphones, all you need to

How to build a finance app like Mint
How to develop the best personal finance app like ...

If you are like most people, then you have dollar signs in your eyes whenever you think of money. Your phone vibrates with reminder after reminder about bills that need to be paid or loans

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