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What is an on demand home service app? 

Don’t know about on-demand home services app development? Wait, I’ll explain to you in simple terms that what is an on-demand home services app development.

Want to get your washing machine repaired or your house clean? Or do you want a decorator for the house party? Oh yes, and a beautician also before the party? 

Get all of this done right at your fingertips! Yes, an app that solves all the household problems and provides home-based servicing is known as the on-demand home services app. 

Home services app can be the next big thing! Sounds exciting? Read further to know more about it and to understand that why you should do an on-demand home services app development.

” On-Demand Home Services app market is estimated to grow by $ 4,730 Billion during 2021-2025.”

How does a home service app work?

A home service app has three panels, 

  1. The admin panel 
  2. The service provider’s panel 
  3. The customer panel

Admin Panel

on-demand home services app development

Admin panel is the one where the creators and founders of the app have access. The admin panel consists of an interactive dashboard that acts as a control panel to monitor and track activities.

Business analytics can also be collected through the panel and used in the betterment of the services.

The admin panel is also responsible for resolving issues with the customers and the workers. The management can reply to reviews through the forum. 

The management can also track transactions between the customer and the service provider, and a hassle-free payment can be ensured. 

Service provider’s panel

home services app

This particular panel allows you to register the service providers and verify their IDs.

It helps the providers connect with their nearest customers and accept or decline the request as per their availability and convenience and various other features like customer chat, customer feedback, payment methods, and more. 

Customer panel

home services app

The customer panel is the most crucial part of the app. It is from where your customers reach you. The panel consists of all the features, timing or slots available, cost of service, and more. 

The panel also helps customers to see the history of their orders and to track their current orders. 

Some other standard features of the customer panel are;

  1. Approval notification
  2. Invoice generation
  3. In-app messaging 
  4. Rating and reviews 
  5. Help and support  

How to develop an on-demand home service app? 

Wondering, how to build a service app? No worries, I’m here to help you out with the on-demand home services app development. 

A few essential steps of building the app are as follows:

On demand home services app development process

Step 1: Market research

You need to know the needs and requirements of the people to make your app, along with it also study about your competitors. 

Select the platform: Selecting the platform means choosing a place where your app will run: 

Step 2: Deciding the UI/UX of the app

ui ux design

Your app should be user-friendly and eye-catching. So decide on the color schemes, designs and convey them to your app developers. If you cannot decide on the design, take help from the UI/UX designers.

Step 3: Develop-test-launch

Once everything is finalised, the developers take things into their hands and start with the development process, which involves two debugging phases known as the alpha and beta phases.

The experienced developers at Idea Usher always try to fix all the bugs.  

In the debugging process, try to fix all the bugs and then test the app by launching it for a few users. The reviews from the users will then help you make better choices and improve your app. 

Once you are completely satisfied with your app, wallah, It’s time to launch it! 

Cost of developing on-demand home services app development 

When you know how home services app work and are developed, it’s essential to know the cost of on-demand home services app development. The cost of developing an on-demand home services app depends on its features and the number of professional working hours

I have here listed all the necessary features and the working hours for you, 

Features  Number of hours 
Admin panel  82 hours 
Service provider’s panel 74 hours 
Customer panel 84 hours 
UI/UX  64 hours 
Payment gateway 54 hours 
Messaging feature 48 hours 
Notifications feature  48 hours 
Rating and review features  36 hours 
Marketplace in app  72 hours 
Security setup  60 hours
Help and support page  67 hours 

Well, developing an on-demand home service app can become expensive, but you can always contact Idea Usher and get it done at pocket-friendly prices. 

Wrapping up

Before the  on-demand home services app development , please note that to make your home services app stand out, try including a variety of features and make a home services project documentation including the following features

  • Home cleaning and repair 
  • Shifting home(packers and movers, pest control, and more) 
  • Home design and construction
  • Caretakers for kids 
  • Tutors 
  • Fitness trainers 
  • Health and wellness 
  • Wedding services
  • Party and event services 
  • Beautician 

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I would also like to suggest that before launching the app, research the top 3 on-demand home services app in the market and learn from its pros and cons. 

The top 3 On-demand home services apps are: 

#1 Urban Company 

#2 House Joy

#3 Zimmber 

Why should you choose Idea Usher for your on-demand home services app development? 

Let’s keep it simple here; what are the main things you would want from your developers? 

  • Easy to reach 
  • Cares about customer satisfaction
  • Experienced 
  • Punctual 
  • Less expensive 

If this is what you want, then Idea Usher is the best package for you. Before the development process, it guides you throughout the development and keeps you updated on everything. Not just that, Idea Usher also helps you in advertising and marketing your app and helps it reach the target market. 

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What are you waiting for? Get on a free consultation call now with Idea Usher and let us turn your ideas into innovation.



#1 Which are the best home services app in USA? 

The best home services app in USA is Task Rabit, Urban Company, Zimmber, and Mr.Right. 

#2 Which is the best platform to launch the on-demand home service app?

Hybrid platform to target a large market would be best for an on-demand home services app development. 

#3 How much does it cost to build an on-demand home service app?

The cost entirely depends on the number of features and the professional working hours behind the app’s development. Building an on-demand home services app can be pretty expensive, but you can contact Idea Usher to get the app developed at pocket-friendly prices.


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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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