How to develop an on demand laundry mobile app like Rinse

What are on-demand laundry mobile apps?

A mobile app helps its users wash all their dirty clothes from the convenience of their homes and get it back delivered using the same platform. In many aspects, apps like Cleanly and Rinse clones are the future of the laundry industry. And in turn, home services apps are gaining popularity.

it helps you to wash your clothes at the click of a button. The app lets you select the number of clothes you have and then ask a nearby laundry shop to pick up your clothes. In case there is no shop nearby, the delivery partner working with the company can also help. 

Why are on-demand apps becoming more popular?

An app that helps both business owners and customers win. With people depending on technology more every day, the need for on-demand services is rising exponentially. Like food delivery apps, more and more people are using laundry services daily. This is due to the increasingly busy lifestyle in the urban areas.

  • Customers have the convenience to automate routine activities like laundry.
  • Easily schedule pick-up and delivery.
  • Savi travel costs & time to nearby/distant laundry facilities.
  • Users can save time on sorting clothes.

According to statistics, the US’s dry cleaning and laundry services will amount to more than $96 billion by 2024

If we look at the state of the on demand mobile app economy, you will find that no matter which industry you work in, there is a mobile app for that. 

What is Rinse?

Rinse is an on demand laundry mobile app that lets users send their clothes for washing. All you have to do is select the “Rinse” option from the app and schedule your pick-up. Every Rinse customer has a specified route and gets free delivery.

If you want your laundry done on an emergency basis, the app also has an option called “Rush delivery” that will wash or dry clean your clothes in under 24 hours. The mobile app charges $5 more if you make use of the feature.

The app will ask the users to separate the washing items from dry-cleaning ones. This includes towels, sheets, and other clothes. Even if you are not at home when the company delivers your clean clothes, they will still return provided you give them a safe area where they can place the cleaned clothes.

Let us talk about money. The app is based on per pound instead of per piece of cloth. The average price per pound is somewhere around $2.25, with Rinse charging extra for items such as comforters and duvets.

The reason why Rinse is so successful at what it does

One of the main reasons why Rinse took off is because it is user-friendly. All you need to do is schedule your pick-up and pack up your clothes. The app’s delivery service will pick it up for you. If users forget their valuables like keys and wallets in their clothes’ pockets, RInse will take care of it.

The second reason why Rinse gained massive popularity is because of its service time. The turnaround time is somewhere around 24 hours. This is way less than that offered by traditional laundry stores. In addition, people are tired of visiting their local laundry shops multiple times to find out that their clothes haven’t been cleaned yet. This, along with home delivery service, made Rinse a viable alternative to offline stores.

The service is available in 6 US cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Boston, and D.C. with plans for future expansion.

How does an on-demand laundry mobile app work?

How does an on demand laundry mobile app work?

Now, you might be wondering how an iron and washing app works. First, let us take a look at the general structure of any laundry app. 

Step 1: The customer places an order

Using the on-demand laundry app, the customer places an order and chooses a pick-up time of his choice.

Step 2: Delivery partner picks up the laundry

After the customer successfully places the order, the delivery partner will go to the mentioned address and pick up the dirty laundry from the customer.

Step 3: Washing clothes and other things

According to the user’s service, the service partner will either wash, clean, or iron clothes. In addition, the app notifies the store of the service the customer opted for.

Step 4: Delivery of clean clothes

After the clothes are processed, the delivery partner is responsible for delivering dresses back to the customer. The customer can provide the delivery service with a safe area if they are not at home or cannot pick up their clothes.

The need for an laundry mobile app

The on demand dry cleaning app avoids the hassles of manually going to the laundry shop and getting their clothes washed at their convenience.

As a matter of fact, the on-demand industry hasn’t slowed down during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite. The demand for such apps has gradually risen in the last year. According to reports, the need for such apps will only grow tremendously in the coming years.

Here are two reasons why users might want to opt for a laundry mobile app

In addition to the features of the app we discussed, these pointers also add to customer delight:

  • With the limited number of machines available in a laundry shop, people get frustrated because they usually have to wait for hours before using one. Using a laundry delivery app will change that.
  • Nothing is more accessible than tapping a few buttons on your smartphone and watching your clothes get cleaned. The busy lifestyle culture makes a mobile laundry app the ideal service people can use to save time.

Why create a mobile app for laundry in the first place?

Why create a laundry mobile app in the first place?

Apart from generating high revenue for businesses’, mobile app for laundry can offer several benefits:

For customers

When it comes to customers, today’s generation prefers ease of access over everything else. A mobile app offers several features such as a one-click service guarantee, free pick up and delivery options, etc. It can also prove helpful for businesses that want to make bulk orders. 

The app can also add-on services such as chemical or bleach-free wash, instant service, and emergency laundry services.

For laundry shops

If you happen to run a laundry store, apps like Rinse can offer you several benefits, such as increased sales. The app can also help expand your area of operation and with customers from far away places using the service.

The mobile application can also help you with logistical and operational issues. It can either be order management, labeling, and schedule creation. 

For aggregators

If you happen to develop an app for a laundry aggregator startup, this is the best chance you can get to compete with giants such as Rinse and FlyCleaner. You will save a lot of money by avoiding set-up and investment costs. In addition, this will help you promote and advertise your brand in a better way.

How on-demand  app for laundry can make millions in revenue for your business:

  • If you are a service provider, you have a lot to gain from a laundry app. Store owners can quickly expand their customer base by signing an agreement with the app. Also, they are freed from the hassle of handling customers personally.
  • The laundry mobile app segment is still uncrowded compared to other similar service niches. So now is the perfect time to start making one. That way, you will be able to tap into the large laundry market service quickly.
  • Existing laundry delivery apps still have a long way to go in terms of features. However, there are various things they can work on to expand their customer base. You can also provide add-on services that can be used in combination with laundry services.

We have a team of experienced and creative people who can help you create a mobile app just the way you want it to. If you wish to, our creative team can also suggest some unique features for your mobile application. 

Before you develop an on-demand service, make sure you choose the business model you want the app to work on. We will discuss this in a while, so make sure you keep reading till the end.


How do apps like Rinse work?

How do apps like Rinse work

Rinse of one of the most prominent players in the laundry delivery app niche. They have completely disrupted and revolutionized the market ever since their entry in 2013. The San Francisco-based company offers laundry and dry cleaning services at the tap of a button.

According to Crunchbase, Rinse uses more than 26 technologies to overcome the complex logistical and operational challenges they had to face. Idea Usher can help you develop a Rinse clone that uses similar technologies used by the popular platform.

Business model

Like all businesses, mobile apps need to earn money. The companies behind the laundry delivery apps mainly follow two business models:

On-site model

This business model is for companies that have already set up their laundry business. It is ideal if you want to scale up your business. Existing business owners can easily access a large customer base by developing a mobile app for your laundry business or website and partnering up with delivery solutions for pickups and drops.

Marketplace (aggregator model)

The other business model that laundry delivery apps use is the aggregator or the marketplace model. If you don’t want to invest in equipment, then this is for you. This model offers a central place where users can connect with various laundry shops and services like online marketplaces.

The app handles all the orders and is responsible for processing payments. Based on the users’ location, the laundry app selects the store nearest to them. However, the app and the provider need to sign a partnership agreement before they start working.

How does an on-demand mobile app for laundry business function (Panels)

Just like every on-demand app service out there, there are four panels when it comes to laundry delivery apps. Let us take a look at what they are and what features they offer:

1. Customer panel

  • Sign-up using various options such as email and social media

The user should be able to register themselves on the platform using a variety of methods. Popular authentication methods include email addresses or social media such as Facebook.

  • Price and services offered should be visible

The user should be able to choose the service of their choice, such as laundry, dry clean, or ironing. Also, the pricing for the same should be written.

  • Choose pickup and delivery date

Design the app so that the users can easily choose the pickup and the delivery date. If the app offers an emergency delivery service, make it so that users can quickly select them.

  • View nearby stores

 The mobile app can let the user locate their nearest laundry stores and choose accordingly. In addition, it will help the users select their preferred stores in case they have one.

  • Track deliveries using maps

Customers should have the option to track all their orders using GPS services such as Google Maps to keep track of their deliveries.

2. Delivery partner panel

  • Login using different credentials

The delivery partner should be able to log in using their mobile number or social media credentials. It helps them manage deliveries effectively.

  • GPS integration

This is the core of the delivery partner app. In addition, the mobile app when it comes to laundry should come with an integrated map feature that’s the delivery partner to track their deliveries in real-time. After all, pick up, and delivery is the most crucial feature.

  • Track your earnings

The delivery partner should be given access to a tool that helps them track their earnings at any time. Also, they should be able to check specific stats like orders fulfilled in real-time.

  •  Pick up and drop service

The app should let the partners handle all pickup and drop requests.

3. Laundryman/shop panel

  • Various login methods

The laundryman panel should offer a secure way for shop and business owners to log in securely. 

  • Managing client data

It should offer the ability to manage various customer data such as clothes to wash, type of clothes, etc.

  • Advanced analytics

The app should let the business generate reports and analytics. It should offer data based on various periods such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

  • Task scheduler

The laundryman app should have a built-in task scheduler so that the shops can easily schedule all their daily and upcoming tasks.

  • Employee management 

The app should be able to manage the employees and let the owner assign tasks to them. It is one of the most important features every laundry-related mobile app should have.

Tech stack for developing an on-demand mobile app for laundry business like Rinse

Tech stack for developing an on demand laundry mobile app like Rinse

For an app like Rinse to be successful, you will need to develop a robust mobile application. In the coming years, the mobile app market is expected to overtake the traditional website-based marketplaces.

Let us take a look at some of the technologies you can make use of to develop a laundry app:

1. UI/UX:

  1. Figma
  2. Adobe XD
  4. Marvel

2. Marketing tools:

  1. SEMRush
  2. Slack
  3. MOZ Pro
  4. WordPress
  5. Ahrefs

3. Website hosting:

  1. Bluehost
  2. AWS
  3. Google Cloud Platform
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Azure Web Pages

4. For analytics: 

  1. Google Firebase
  2. Amplitude

5. Front-end:

  1. Angular JS
  2. React JS
  3. HTML 
  4. CSS
  5. Swift
  6. Android Studio

6. Back-end:

  1. MongoDB
  2. MySQL
  3. Apache
  4. Laravel

The Idea Usher development team is experienced and has years of hands-on experience working with several technologies mentioned above. If you decide to work with us, we will help you choose the tech stack you need to develop an on-demand dry cleaning app.

How to start a laundry delivery service: Phases of Development

How to start a laundry delivery service: Phases of Development

Step 1: Plan the project

Before you start working on the app itself, plan things out. Planning is an essential phase of any project. First, take into consideration various factors, such as what feature you want to make use of. Then, talk to the developers about your needs and ask them if it is feasible or not. It is the most important and overlooked feature of any project.

Step 2: Set Budget 

Depending on the feature set you opt for, the cost of the app will vary drastically. Make sure you have set a budget for your app. Start with all the MVP features and build on that. It is improbable you will need highly advanced features such as cloud integration right off the bat. Adhere to the budget you have set and ask the developers how much additional features will cost.

Step 3: App design (UI/UX development)

A commonly known fact amongst the UX community is that users form their first impression in the first 50ms. .

If you want to build a successful on-demand mobile app for your laundry business, make sure it looks clean and easy to navigate. The UX and UI is the crucial aspect of any mobile application. Explain to the UI and UX developers how you want the app to look and feel. They can help your imagination become a reality. Animations help a lot when it comes to developing a pleasant user interface. It makes the transition between various features of the app a lot smoother.

Step 4: Developing the app

The app development process is what defines the success of your business. A team with experienced developers on board is essential for the creation of a good app. After all, no one wants a poorly coded or app with several bugs. We have a team of experienced developers at Idea Usher with an extensive portfolio of numerous mobile applications. 

Step 5: Testing / debugging

The testing and the debugging process is the second last step of the app development process. Many companies that want to make a mobile application tend to skip or shorten the testing duration. However, it may backfire in the long run. Enough time should be allocated to the developers to test the app extensively before it is deployed.

Step 6: App deployment

Another vital phase of the development process is the support provided after the app is deployed. An excellent mobile app development company always provides support after the app is available for download. This makes the transition process relatively more straightforward. Also, if the business has some technical difficulties, post-launch support can help resolve the issue fairly quickly.

Four tips for washing out your competition 

Tip 1: Use eco-friendly products

The drastic effect of pollution on Earth has encouraged app developers to use eco-friendly practices. For example, in the case of a laundry delivery app, you can use eco-friendly detergents. Moreover, try to use chemical-free products and advertise the same, so your customers return a second time. You can also improve on the packing and make use of biodegradable plastic.

Tip 2: Special offers

Everyone loves offers and discounts! If you are just getting started with your business, offer generous discounts and offers to customers. First-time offers and deals when users come around a second time are pretty helpful. They can help you retain your customers.

Start with rates less than standard rates to build a loyal customer base. You can also show them that you care by giving them free buttons and cloth covers. All these things will help you retain customers in the long run.

Tip 3: Convenience (separate clothes)

One thing some on demand laundry delivery apps lack is the cloth separation feature. Several laundry apps need you to sort out clothes depending on their material and the type of service you opt for. Newcomers can work on the same and sort out the clothes for their customers. They will indeed feel special and use your service more often.

Tip 4: Pickup reminders 

Personalized pickup and drop-off reminders are something we all love. You can customize the app to remind customers based on their behavior to use the service. However, make sure you don’t send too many notifications since they usually act as a deterrent.

Cost of developing a mobile app for a laundry business

Creating a laundry delivery app is a complex process. The cost associated with the same entirely depends on what features and services you opt for and your demographics. If you outsource the development process, it will be a lot cheaper. The cost of development between companies operating in the US is more compared to Asian countries.

We can help you develop a laundry delivery service app at a reasonable price. The cost associated with developing a basic dry cleaning mobile app is somewhere around $4000-$30000. However, it would be economical if you choose to work with Idea Usher.

Insights into the popular mobile apps for laundry services in the USA and Europe

According to a report by Technavio, the COVID-19 pandemic had no effect on the on demand service sector, and the laundry sector is expected to grow by 33 percent by the end of 2024. Having said that, the popular mobile apps for laundry services companies with solid revenues are as follows:

Rinse: $93 million

FlyCleaners: $39 million

Pressed Garments: $1 million

The difference between the revenue generated by Rinse and Flycleaners is enormous. Looking at the Uber for laundry’ apps, the niche is competing with the likes of Rinse with apps like WashClub and Laundryheap.

Why choose Idea Usher

Idea Usher has years of experience developing on-demand applications. Our development team is comfortable working on the latest technologies and creating all the features you want in your mobile application. We have developed hundreds of mobile applications in the last few years, spanning various niches. 

Also, if you are a startup with a limited budget, we can help you develop an app at lower than competitive prices. If you decide to work with us, we assure you our developers will help and guide you throughout the entire process. Contact us for a free quote at contact@ideausher or, you can click here.


The mobile laundry app segment is one of the most significant contributors to revenue generation in the laundry and dry cleaning industry. They offer several benefits to both the customer and the business place. It is currently dominated by a few companies and has a vast customer base. If you want to develop an on-demand mobile app for your laundry business, then this is the right time to do so.


Q. Why create a laundry app now in 2023?

A. This is the best time to create a washing clothes app. Cleanly app and Rinse are taking over the market by storm but cannot take on various demographics due to certain limitations. If you decide to develop a Rinse clone now, the chances are high that your business will be successful. 

Q. What is the cost associated with developing a laundry app?

A. The cost associated with an laundry mobile app depends on the number of features you opt for.  We at Idea Usher will help you develop one at reasonable prices.

Q. Will I be able to generate profit right from the start?

A. The laundry industry is relatively large, with a number of offline businesses. They either don’t have the money or are not interested in developing an app for themselves. If you decide to opt for the aggregator model, you can earn decent profits provided you tie-up with offline stores. It all depends on market strategy and demographics and if you can target the right audience.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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