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Are you thinking of making your very own skincare app? Let me tell you that you have made  one of the best decisions and I’m proud of you for that!

Skincare industry has a market share of 155.8 billion US dollars and is estimated to grow to 189.3 billion US Dollars by the year 2025.

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What is a Skincare App? 

A skincare app is a mobile application that allows users to search for the best skin care products and skincare routines for themselves. Some additional features can also be seen in apps like product shopping, routine trackers, dermatology tests, and more. 

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Functionalities of a Basic Skincare App 

  • It helps a person know their skin type through online tests. 
  • Allows people to consult expert dermatologists right from their homes.
  • Skincare routine maker – Recommend safe and suitable skincare products and make a custom skincare routine.
  • Skincare routine tracker – send reminders and track an individual’s skincare routineskincare app

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How Can You Make Your Skincare App Different? 

Here are a few simple and unique ways to make your skincare app different from an ordinary skincare app and make it the best skincare routine app.

Add the shopping feature: This feature allows people to purchase skincare products directly from the app. 

Add a custom message with reminders: The custom messages make the customer feel as if someone is talking to them, and this personalized feel can take the app to the next level. 

Use the navigation system to identify the customer’s location: Knowing the customer’s site can help you provide them with a dermatologist in their city to communicate freely in the local language. Small changes can sometimes show significant results! 

Give a unique name to every feature: Giving a quirky name to every app feature can make the app stand out from its other competitors. 

For example, You can name the shopping section ‘Skin Pampering Zone.’

Adding more diverse features: We all know that glowing skin depends on various factors like stress, fitness, diet, and more. So adding some extra features to the skincare app like 

  • Meditation or relaxation sounds 
  • This a reminder to drink more water 
  • Diet suggestions 
  • Workout guide 

It will be more thoughtful and lead to a holistic app. 

The two main panels of the application: 

The app will be consisting two main panels:

Administration panel: 

Well, you have an app designed, but how to track the ordinary order? The app is not a human being. Thus, the administration panel comes into work.  

The administration panel is designed for the admins who will be making the necessary changes from time to time, like,

  • Adding new products to the shopping list 
  • Connecting customers to dermatologists 
  • Update any further information or blog 
  • Understand the analytics 

Customer Panel:

 The customer panel is part of the app that the end-users have access to and can be used for 

  • Searching products 
  • Taking the online skin test 
  • Communicate their problem 
  • Online shopping and more 

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How to Make a Skin Care Routine App? (Development Process)

Skincare App Development Process

Skincare routine app development can be super cool and profitable, but it’s essential to warm up before the workout to get the best skincare routine app. How? come, let me show you a few simple exercises.

Market research: 

Market research is an integral part of skincare routine app development. It helps you – 

  • Knowing your target market 
  • The needs of your target market
  • Know your target customer base
  • Effective communication technique 

Market research will include surveys, questionnaires, product testing, and more. 

Know Your Requirements: 

It is essential to be clear about what kind of app you want. Your requirements can be of two types. 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): 

An app with MVP includes the basic features which allow the app to launch in no time. 

Such an app has limited features and is not so captivating. However, you can test-launch an app with MVP and upgrade the elements according to the user’s feedback. 

Add Ons: 

Yes, You got it right! This feature refers to the additions made in an application to MVP. It helps your app to be captivating, user-friendly, and stand out from others. 

This feature allows you to curate the app according to your needs and add extra features like 

  • Search Options 
  • Feedback section 
  • Navigation feature 
  • Shopping feature 

And the list can be endless. 

Choose a platform for your app: 

There are mainly three options available when choosing the platform for your application. 

The most beneficial and futuristic platform for new-age apps can be the Microsoft store.

Confused about which platform to choose? Well, your market research is going to help you out, or you can opt for Cross-platform. 


Here comes the exciting part of app development. Let your app developers know how your app should look. 

Discuss what you have visualized before. If you don’t have a design ready, then you can take the help of various designing tools available like Pixate and Marvel app. 

Apps work just like the phrase, ‘we first eat the food from our eyes. ‘The app should be 

  • visually appealing 
  • clear about its intent 
  • user friendly 
  • not clumsy  

The UI/UX designers will then work on the design and provide you with the layout. 

Once you are delighted with the UI/UX design, it’s time to move to the next step. 

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App development:  

Now comes the most crucial part. The app development process consists of three phases:

Alpha phase:

This is the core phase where the developers try to fix all the bugs they can find. Once the developers see that there remain no major crashes or bugs, this process is considered complete. 

Beta phase:

The beta phase distributes the app to some specific users to get their feedback and make sure it is user-friendly and bug-free. 

Launch phase:

After all the rounds of trials, finally, the app is launched on the selected platforms, app store, play store, or maybe both. 

The app is now ready to use!  


Something might be tremendous, but what if it doesn’t work for you? 

For example, you download a fascinating online shopping app, but you cannot see all the products, and every time you open the app, it crashes! That’s because your phone is unable to take the load of the app. 

In such a case, testing the app helps. 

Importance of testing – 

  • It helps in fixing all the bugs permanently. 
  • Testing ensures that the app is accustomed to all the latest features. 
  • Provides better performance – performance is the key! 

The launch: 

After all the hustle, finally, the app is ready to launch. 

It is essential to read all the Google, Apple, or Microsoft store guidelines before launching an app. 

How do we know if a person is the world’s best dancer if they only dance in their room? 

Same way, say you launched an app, but how are people going to know about it? And if they don’t know about it, how are they going to download it? 

Here comes the next step, which helps to make the app popular, 


One of the most exciting facts about Marketing and advertising is that when chewing gum ads started showing people chewing two pieces of gum at once, sales doubled instantly. That’s because people also started to chew two pieces at a time, just like they’d seen in the advertisements. This is the power of marketing and advertising!

Marketing that is creative and gains real customers and not just social media followers is crucial. Idea Usher is no doubt the best in the field!

Why is Marketing important? 

  1. It helps in reaching the right audience. 
  2. Maintains the company’s reputation
  3. Helps in building a relationship between the company and its customers 
  4. Provides insights about the business 
  5. Marketing helps the app to maintain its relevance.
  6. Marketing helps in boosting sales.
  7. It enables the company to make analyzed decisions and calculated risks. 
  8. Marketing also helps in beating business rivals, in our case, making our skincare routine app stand out. 

The type of marketing that is most suitable for a skincare app:

Digital Marketing: 

Digital marketing

For a mobile application, it is vital to target people who use their mobile phones for almost every purpose. 

Therefore, investing a lot in making a giant billboard hoarding won’t fetch you many customers, but making a small digital poster definitely will! 

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  1. It helps you target customers from all over the world and therefore expand market size. You are no longer limited to a specific locality. 
  2. It helps you run ads on different apps and gain customers. 
  3. Digital marketing is cost-effective. 

Why Idea Usher? 

Idea Usher believes in doing work that leaves a significant mark, and the experienced app developers here make sure to transform your dreams into reality without leaving any bugs! 

Moreover, Idea Usher is your one-stop destination for all your pre and post-launch solutions.

Before launch, we help you decide on the layout, check security issues, fix bugs, capture the target market, and more. 

And we hold your hands even after the launch and help you market your application.

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Q. How much does app development cost?

It starts from 2000 USD and increases depending on the complexity and technology used. You can, however, always let IdeaUsher know your budget, and we’ll help you out. 

Q. How much time does it take to develop an app?

It takes 90-120 days. If you want the app to be developed faster, contact Idea Usher. 

Q. Which is the most beneficial platform for launching a routine skincare app? 

Selecting a platform majorly depends on the target market and your choice. Most people, however, opt for the cross-platform, which gives them a broader market.

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