Fitness app development

How to start fitness app development?

After the growing trend of using online fitness apps and digital products, many entrepreneurs are interested in entering the fitness business.

According to, the market size of the fitness industry is going to reach USD 136.58 Billion by 2028, which gives a better reason to enter the fitness business to make profits.

But how do you start an online fitness business, and what development steps and features will you need to create your fitness app? Let’s understand all these things in detail. 

Before knowing the development steps, let’s check the list of must-have features for your fitness app.

Essential features for fitness app development.

Every fitness must-have has some basic features, which help provide a better app experience to users interested in fitness. You can check all these features given below:

1. Onboarding

The onboarding feature will help new users understand your app so that they can use your app efficiently. The onboarding feature contains 3 to 8 screens and a 60 to 90 seconds video tutorial explaining how to use every part of your fitness app.

2. Social media registration 

Social media integration feature in  app development

You can allow users to sign up with their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Allowing users to register and log into your app with their social media account in one click helps them save time.

3. Creating a user’s profile

Users can enter their data such as name, height, weight, age, and gender in your app. Users’ data will help you to provide the recommended exercise to your users for achieving their fitness goals. 

You can use artificial intelligence in your app so the app can automatically recommend workouts and other activities to the user by checking their fitness goals.

4. Fitness goals

The feature will help users to submit their fitness goals in your app. Moreover, you can provide a goal tracker to help them know their progress in achieving their fitness goals.

5. Synchronization with wearable devices

Wearable integration feature in fitness app development

The wearable device will help users get additional information on their progress by checking their sleep quality, breathing pattern, and other exclusive health tracking wearable features. Even more, you can create apps for wearable devices to scale your fitness business. 

The synchronization will help your app display all the data of wearable devices so that users can get a complete view of their fitness goals. 

6. Gym workout and exercise

You can include many workouts and fitness-related exercises in your app to train your users to achieve their specific goals. You can include activities related to fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, stress management, etc. 

Workouts & exercise feature in fitness app development

Moreover, you can create a library of famous workouts, such as pushups, bench presses, etc., so users can search these on your app. Also, you can provide app integration for IoT devices, especially for gym-related activities.

7. Activity tracking

Activity tracker feature in fitness app development

You can create an activity tracking feature by allowing your app to synchronize with wearables to collect health-related data, such as the steps count, sleep hour, total pushups, and other sports-related activities. 

You can represent all these tracking data in a clear and attractive graphical style for your app’s users. The visual presentation will help users view the entire data related to fitness.

8. Audio/video player

To provide content related to workouts and fitness, you must integrate audio and video players into your app. The media player will help your app not rely on third-party applications for playing media files available in your app.

9. Product & recipe database

Your fitness can include an extensive database of healthy recipes and nutrition values for each item. The app can provide recipes with nutrition value by integrating API from the third-party websites available in the fitness market.

10. Push notifications & reminders

The push notification will help your app users to provide updates regarding their fitness activities to help them achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, you can provide statements for completing daily fitness tasks such as step count, sleep hours, calorie intake, etc.

 11.  Profile Settings

The app user can manage their profile by changing their username and profile pictures and updating their fitness-related data such as weight, height, etc.

12. Support & customer services

A live chat option in your help can provide a better app experience to your users. Even better, you can include a chatbot in your app so your app users can resolve their queries at any time. Having customer support and services in your app will increase the users’ trust and give your business better profit.

13. Payment feature & method

You can include multiple payment options to help users purchase the product and services from your app in their preferred payment method. 

Multiple payment options will help your app attract a large audience interested in purchasing fitness-related products and services who prefer to pay in their regular payment method.

Also, you can watch this video to find the app startup ideas in the health & fitness industry.

Fitness app development stages

Check the following stages of fitness app development that will help you to know how your project will start and what work needs in each step.

1. App discovery & market research

In this stage, you perform market research to check whether developing your fitness app will be profitable or not. 

You can do research and discussion the following factors:

  • The logic behind your fitness app
  • Creating your user persona 
  • Figuring out challenges along with their solutions, such as customers’ requirements, your app’s unique value proposition, revenue sources, etc

2. Idea validation

Idea validation involves solving technical and business-related problems by listing the best ideas for each issue that may occur during fitness app development.

You can include the project manager, app designer, iOS/Android developer, backend developer, and all other team members. The team will sort out the solutions to all the problems that may come in different stages of development.

3. UX strategy

UX strategy is the stage where the team will work to provide a great user experience for your app. The entire development team will focus on the following factors:

  • Designing Data Structure to interconnect information diagram
  • Project plans, assigning tasks to all the team members, and deadlines for each job. 
  • App prototyping to try different UI and features for your app.

4. App design

The designing process involves creating an app interface and designing transition between the screen activities, making proper navigation by assigning each control button in its right place.

The designer will also take care of choosing the right color combination to create a clean and simple UI for your fitness app development project.

5. App development

While the development process involves programming and other backend-related methods to make your app fully functional, also, the development process includes integrating the backend code into each control button to make your app ready to use. 

Along with backend development, the development team will work on integrating API from the different websites for taking information such as nutritional value in each food source, a list of best workouts for each fitness goal, etc.

6. App testing

After developing the app, the team will perform app testing to find technical issues, bugs, and areas for improvement to provide a better app experience. The team will perform app testing multiple times to ensure there are no technical issues and drawbacks in your app.   

7. App launching

Once your app is ready to publish, your team will focus on different marketing and optimization factors to expand the app’s reach among your audience. 

But, How profitable is investing in the fitness market? Let’s check. 

Why must you invest in the fitness industry?

According to the report on MarketWatch, the fitness app market could reach $14.7 billion by 2026. Making an expectation of market size with an increase in its CAGR of 5% from 2019 to 2023. Also, here is the quick stats of the fitness industry:

  • The wellness industry market is worth $4.5 trillion
  • Digital healthcare will reach 221 billion by 2026
  • Wellness tourism will hike up to $1.2 trillion by 2027
  • Workplace wellness is going to reach $66 billion by 2022 

Learn more about the future of the fitness industry from this blog

Now let’s check the ways to make money from your fitness app.

How to monetise your fitness app?

A great monetization model for your fitness app can give better profits to your business. Explore some popular monetization methods to make money from your fitness app. 

1. One-time purchase  

You can set up a price for your app that users will need to pay for downloading your app. Moreover, you can provide our trial version of your app for a limited period, like 30 days, so users can first access all the features of your app, and then they have to pay to use it for a lifetime.

2. In-app purchase

Instead of paid apps, you can offer premium content and advanced health tracking features to your app, which users will need to pay first to access premium content and features. Most popular apps use in-app purchases in their business and profit significantly from their customers.

3. Advertisement

Another best way to earn from your app is to advertise different brands related to health care, fitness, and other relevant industries and can charge them based on cost-per-mile (CPM) rates. 

Also, you can use third-party ad networks such as Google AdMob to display ads on your app.

4. Commissions

Taking commission from the profits of another business can also give better profits to your business. You can promote the services of different healthcare and fitness brands in your app. Then, you will take a commission on each profit your business partner will make from your app’s audience.

5. Subscription model

Making a profit by offering a subscription to your app user is another best way to make money from your app.

You can offer app users all the features and fitness-related content by taking a monthly or annual subscription fee from them.

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Q. What are the main types of fitness app development?

A. The types of fitness apps are as follows:

I. Diet and nutrition apps

The app provides nutrition tracking features to its users to inform them about the number of calories consumed in each meal.

II. Activity tracking app

The air provides tracking features for different activities such as the number of steps, calories burned during a workout, sleep hours, etc. 

III. Workout apps

The app provides a wide range of workouts and exercises for different fitness goals such as weight loss, stress management, muscle gain, etc.

Q. How do you make money with a fitness app?

A. You can make money from your fitness by choosing a suitable monetization model for your app, such as:

  • Advertisement 
  • One time purchase  
  • In-app purchase 
  • App Subscriptions 
  • Product/Service Commission

Q. What should be included in a fitness app?

A. Make sure your fitness have must have these of the following features:

  • Fitness goals 
  • Synchronization with wherever devices 
  • Video/audio content related to workouts and exercise 
  • Activity tracker 
  • Audio and video player 
  • Product and recipe database

Q. How do you create your own fitness app?

A. You can make your own fitness app by following the given steps:

You can make your own fitness app by following the given project development steps.

  • Do market research
  • Perform idea validation
  • Work o UX strategy
  • Create app design
  • Start back-end development
  • Perform app testing
  • Launch your app

Q. Are fitness apps profitable?

A. Yes, it is. According to a MarketWatch report, the fitness app market could reach $14.7 billion by 2026, with an expectation of market size to increase in its CAGR of 5% from 2019 to 2023.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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