On Demand Beautician Software
The Ultimate Guide to Building an On-demand Beautician Software

Enter the Digital World with an On Demand Beautician Software The wake of the technological uprising left no industry untouched. Everything from the way we deliver groceries to education has changed drastically. Owing to the added convenience, this change has been embraced by consumers with open arms.  Consequently, the beauty and salon industry is no

Salon App Development: Must-Have Features and Cost Estimation

Salon App: A digital Solution for your Salon Business During the 70s, Spa and Salon services were extravagances that were held distinctly for the wealthy. There weren’t an excessive number of rooms in the urban areas. Be that as it may, cut to 2020, the situation has been radically changed for the Salon business. Today

Empty salons because of the coronavirus pandemic
Salon apps: How the salon industry can benefit from it during the coronavirus pandemic

A hairy situation Picture this. The global coronavirus pandemic is finally over. People quarantined in their homes for months finally step outside to celebrate with their friends and family. However, no one can recognize each other anymore. After months no access to barbers, hair stylists and beauticians, everyone looks like they stepped off the Paleolithic

with a salon app, you can get haircuts at the comfort of your home
10 must-have features that your salon app needs to have

The Basic Perhaps you are a salon owner who wants their salons to be different from their competitors.  Or you are struggling to draw customers to your salon on a consistent basis. Or you are an entrepreneur or own a chain of salons and wish to simplify the operations aspect of the business.  The solution

5 reasons why your salon needs a salon booking software

A digital era Every business of the service industry, including the spas and salon, needs to keep track of things like client bookings, transactions and history to monitor their income and performance. However, manually entering these details into logbooks and registers can be a cumbersome job, and even lead to critical errors. Fortunately, advancement in

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