Many people use marijuana for recreational purposes. There are several methods of consumption and varieties available to fit the needs of each individual. However, there is a lot more to marijuana than just getting high. Undoubtedly, cannabis is famous for being an agent of recreation and many for the same. However, there is a lot more to weed. It is used for medical purposes, in scientific research, and a lot more. The cultural impact that weed has made is also incredible. There are many apps, like Leafly, which assist in accessing and learning about weed. 

There are thousands of such apps available globally. However, that does not mean all of them are equally good. The majority of them are here to mess up your experience and make you reconsider using apps like these ever again. So it is essential to have a good idea about which apps are the best before using them. Today let us look at the top 6 apps like Leafly!

Top 6 Marijuana Apps Like Leafly

Top 6 Marijuana Apps Like Leafly

What is a Marijuana App?

Marijuana apps are much like every other app; they are developed to ease users’ lives significantly. These apps help one learn about the different strains of marijuana, the various effects on the body, and how to use the other pieces for your benefit. The apps also play a significant role in allowing users to locate legally licensed cannabis distributors. 

Each strain’s prices are also discounted in certain apps, and the apps provide delivery services. Much like food delivery apps, weed apps also offer services like information, location, and delivery. However, it is essential to acknowledge that these delivery services are limited to the United States of America only.

1. Leafly


Leafly is one of the leading marijuana apps in the market presently. The app is also a standard check, even for this article. Leafly was founded in June of 2010 by three engineers. They realized the importance of having a legitimate strain resource and started working for the same. The application increased, and within two years of its birth, the app had over 2 million visitors and 50,000 downloads. The application presently has over 16 million visits per month and about 6 million active users. 

  • Leafly provides tools like dispensary locator, strain explorer, and reviews. 
  • The dispensary locator allows the user to check for legal dispensaries in their area from where they can purchase weed. 
  • The strain explorer enables the users to inform themselves regarding each strain, its effects, and its uses. 
  • The review section allows each user to communicate, voice their opinions, and consequently build a community that keeps growing. 

The app has a very smooth interface, and the design is very subtle and easy on the eyes. The usual services are easy to access, and the overall experience is satisfying. No wonder Leafly is one of the best-recognized weed apps on the market. 

2. Weedmaps


The app that has become a close competition to Leafly is Weedmaps. Weedmaps is senior to Leafly, as it was founded two years earlier in 2008 in California. The application has taken active steps in destigmatizing marijuana and wishes to capitalize pot industry and make it more accessible to the masses. The company even launched a weed museum about 30,000 square feet in size, narrating the history of weed and its historical significance. 

  • Weedmaps provides features that allow users to learn about different kinds of marijuana that exist. 
  • The app also allows users to locate the nearest weed dispensary. 

The application itself does not allow the users to order weed due to the restrictions imposed by app stores across different operating systems. However, the website will enable users to collect the marijuana strain they wish to order and deliver all the same. 

The application is user-friendly, and the design is very appealing. Making it a great app to use and giving the users an overall pleasant experience. 

3. Cannacopia


Cannacopia is the realization of a vision by Nature’s Dream Inc. What makes Cannacopia an exceptional marijuana application is that it tries to look after its users’ needs. The application asks what experience the user is seeking, after that, provides strains that suit their needs. The updated version of the application launches later this year, which will provide the additional assistance of finding weed based on how the user wishes to consume the weed.

  • This application, too, makes a great effort to inform the users about different kinds of marijuana strains.
  • It also speaks about the technical aspects, such as dosage, usage method, and how these factors affect the experience. 
  • Several blogs elaborate on different aspects of using marijuana and issues that pertain to weed, such as the cost of weed and how it differs when the weed is legal, and a lot more. 

The application is relatively new, but it is undoubtedly an excellent competition to Leafly and Weedmaps. The user-friendly interface and user experience, along with the actual effort put in to make sure the users are taken care of, makes this app all the more special. 

4. Greenery Map

Greenery Map

Greenery Map is one of the most impressive and smart marijuana apps present in the market. The application, founded by Dan Ishani, had an emotional story behind it. A family member close to Dan was diagnosed with Colitis. Upon researching, he realized the health benefits marijuana could have on the disease. This realization also came with the fact that information about weed and its medical impacts is limited, and not many people get the information they need. 

This led to the foundation of the Greenery Map. What makes the application unique and beneficial is that it recognizes medical symptoms, need, and modes of consumption, after which they suggest the strain that will help the best. Almost all the diseases and distresses that marijuana can assist with are mentioned, and the company aims to ensure the welfare and health of its users. 

The application has an emotional motive behind it, making it a choice for people who like that sense of assurance. In time Greenery Map will also stand as competition to apps like Leafly.

5. Eaze


Eaze is one of the younger applications that has made a significant impact on the weed app market. Launched in 2014 in San Francisco, this app was nicknamed the “Uber of Weed,” Now, this app is functioning proudly in over 100 cities across California. The application has thousands of active users all over the state and has provided delivery services to many. 

The application has a funky, upbeat appearance and makes the app look like it is here to spread joy. The application asks for the user’s location and accordingly lists every dispensary near them. Edibles and other variants are well incorporated into the list, and the location of dispensaries that provide these variants are provided as well. 

The application is easy to use, as is evident from its name itself. And in due time, the app will become a nationally functioning app. 

6. Duby


Last, but certainly not the least, is Duby. Duby was launched back in 2015, and since then, it has only expanded; with now over 250,000 active members, the community is at its peak and thriving. The application is based on forming a district; the active members share their experiences and knowledge about marijuana and inform and educate each other. 

  • The app is specifically designed to take the form of a social media app for cannabis users as it further contributes to building a community. 
  • The app helps establish a community feeling.
  • It also adds to the cultural significance weed adds to society.

What makes the application an excellent competitor to Leafly is that it is not a competition. It is a space where a user can explore products and choose from a vast array and decide what they need. In due time, Duby intends to launch its own market space as well, but right now, community building is a priority.

How To Make An App for Marijuana?

How To Make An App for Marijuana?

So far, we have discussed the best marijuana apps like Leafly and why they are the best. It is about time that we navigate the discussion to make weed apps that are the best! So, How to make a Deliver App for Marijuana? Let’s find out!

The Business Model

The primary business model for a weed delivery app can be categorized into three basic categories. 

  • Store models, where the weed orders directly come to the application, have to process and execute the same independently. 
  • The Delivery Model, wherein the application’s job is to deliver the package from the seller to the user responsibly. There is no role to play in the order receiving or packaging process. 
  • Lastly, the Aggregator Model, wherein the application allows the sellers and users in one place and takes the administrative role instead of being just an agent of communication. 

What follows are the three kinds of people who interact with one another to make the app successful. 

They are the Buyers, Sellers, and Drivers. 

The Buyers are the consumers who come to the app to seek the services provided. Be it to read blog articles or just to make a purchase. The users can vary from people seeking recreation to people who use cannabis as medicine. It is essential to have these people hooked to the app to convert them into loyal customers. 

Sellers are the members that are a part of the community, which provides the users what they need. These sellers can be dispensaries, clinics, or licensed individuals who are legally allowed to sell weed. This party needs to establish their presence and assure the users who buy from them of their credibility to become loyal to them. 

Lastly come the drivers, who take care of the logistics. The delivery procedure is taken care of by these individuals, and they assure the safety of the packages. 

The Key Features of A Weed Delivery App

A few features play a pertinent role in making a useful Cannabis ordering and delivery app. First being the Registration portal; the users must be of legal age, and the sellers must have legal permission. Both these guarantees save the apps potential legal issues and help with ensuring safety. Following this should be a Search option, which allows the user to scout out what they need and from which seller they want to buy. 

A Wishlist and Cart section adds to the charm by giving the user a choice of saving what they like for later. Tracking options for them to see the status of their order in real-time also helps. The Cancellation option comes in handy when they want to act on a changed judgment. Lastly, a Feedback or Comments section where the users can communicate their grievances or encouragements are most welcome. 

Additional features like Advertisement and Task Management can do them well and assist them in the sellers’ best possible service. The drivers should also be equipped with availability status and GPS services so that they too can do their jobs conveniently. Managing Revenue, Orders, and UserBase should again come as features so that the sellers and drivers can track their growth accordingly. 

Approach to App Development

The first and foremost factor is to know the market and the users’ demography, ensuring maximum success; analyzing all these factors is critical. After that, one needs to set a budget for the whole procedure. Finalizing on a business model that suits your needs the best. Finally, seal the deal by hiring the most qualified app developing team. 

Final Words

To sum up, cannabis is a relatively stigmatized topic and is mostly hushed upon by people at large. However, as days pass by, more action is being taken to change this herb’s reputation. Marijuana has a ton of medicinal values and barely as harmful as it is portrayed to be. 

Cannabis delivery apps further play an essential role as they ensure the security of the users and sellers, make sure the whole process is legal, and drastically reduce the chance of using chemically spiked, harmful products. Therefore, we can conclude that these apps are torchbearers of a more cannabis-friendly future. 

At Idea Usher, we believe in every idea and its potential; if you wish to make an app for marijuana and want us to help you, hit us up. Let us set a date and bring out the best plan to work on the project!


Is a Weed Delivery App safe?

Ans. Yes. A weed delivery app is usually completely safe. What makes it safe is the fact that it requires legal authorities to approve of its functioning. However, there are often people who find loopholes in the system.

Will weed be cheaper from an app?

Ans. Usually, when the herb is bought from a legal dispensary, it is higher, so technically weed apps provide weed at a steeper rate. Although, one can always anticipate a discount from the apps.

Should I switch to using an app to get my Pot?

Ans. It is undoubtedly advisable to switch to a weed app, given it has a lot of advantages and barely any reason not to consider them. But each individual should decide for themselves and switch only if they see it as worthy.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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