Telehealth app development
Telehealth App Development: Everything You Need To...

There is an alarming shortfall of doctors in the USA. As per the report, there will be a shortage of physicians, with an estimated availability of 15 psychiatrists and 30 psychologists per 100K people. The

How does Zocdoc revenue model work
How Does ZocDoc Work: Revenue Model Explained

The healthcare appointment scheduling app domain is HUGE!   66% of US health systems provide online scheduling, and 64% of patients schedule appointments online. In 2020, healthcare providers spent $324.4 million on appointment scheduling, and it

Virtual health assistant
Comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Virtual Hea...

The World Health Organization defines health as the “state of complete physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” The human body is an organized yet complex organ

how to make an health care app
How to Build a Healthcare Consultation App Like Zo...

The post-COVID world became very health-conscious. People started prioritizing regular health consultations and checkups. Such called for an unprecedented boom within the healthcare consultation service market. As per a recent poll, the online healthcare consultation

develop a healthcare app
Building a Healthcare App: Tips and Best Practices

The hard time in 2020 has impacted not only our lives but also the healthcare app market.  According to the report of CB Insight, there is a 300% increase in investment in every aspect of

Telemedicine app development
Develop Your Telemedicine App With Medical Complia...

Telemedicine applications and telecommunications allow remote healthcare. From the early days of healthcare IT, several companies have provided custom and platform-based telemedicine app development and SaaS application development to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other

Healthcare App Development Process in 8 Easy Steps

According to CB Insights, everything in the healthcare app development sector, including health education services, patient monitoring, and medical consultations, has seen a roughly 300 percent increase in investment. By 2025, the market for mobile

best healthcare apps
Take inspiration from the best healthcare apps for...

Many patients prefer using online healthcare services after digitalization. Healthcare apps give an easy way of accessing healthcare services like buying medicines, taking doctors’ appointments, etc.     Many types of apps are available in healthcare services,

Wellness industry future
What is the future of the health & wellness in...

Stats and facts help entrepreneurs to know about a market’s growth and audience. It helps them find a perfect opportunity to start a business and make profits. It makes a wise decision to look at

Best nutrition tracking apps
10 Best Nutrition Tracking Apps: Pros And Cons

As per the market analysis by Data Bridge, the market of nutrition tracking apps is projected to expand with a CAGR of 20.9% from the term 2020 to 2027. Also, it is expected to reach

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