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Many patients prefer using online healthcare services after digitalization. Healthcare apps give an easy way of accessing healthcare services like buying medicines, taking doctors’ appointments, etc.    

Many types of apps are available in healthcare services, making better profits. This situation creates a better opportunity for entrepreneurs to publish their best healthcare apps. 

Launching your app in this market can be your best decision to make a good profit. Know a better way to start your app business and understand the healthcare market in detail by checking some of the best healthcare apps from this blog.

What are healthcare apps?

Healthcare apps offer products and services related to the healthcare industry. Whenever you hear of healthcare, you may think of yoga, diet plans, spirituality, etc. But all these health activities came within the wellness market, which is different from healthcare.

Healthcare is different from the wellness market. Wellness suggests ways to become healthy and prevent any serious disease or viral fever. The common activities in wellness are:

  • Yoga 
  • Healthy eating
  • Mindfulness
  • Spirituality, etc.

Healthcare focuses on people already suffering from diseases or viral fever. The activities included within healthcare are 

  • Medications
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Body tests
  • X-ray sonography, 
  • Telemedicine app, etc. 

Before entering the healthcare market, it makes sense to look out at the potential of making profits from this market. Knowing opportunities helps you make better business decisions for launching your app in the healthcare market. 

How profitable is it to publish apps in the healthcare market?

Just look at the few healthcare stats from fortunebusinessinsights’ report to know why publishing your apps in healthcare can be the best business decision:

  • The global mobile healthcare services market was around 24.93 billion US dollars in 2020.
  • This market could reach around 314.60 billion US dollars in 2028 with a CAGR of 34.8%
  • North America alone generated a revenue of 7.44 billion US dollars in 2020 from the mobile healthcare market.

The benefits your target audience are getting from the apps are why apps succeed in the healthcare market. You can check the benefits users are taking from the app in the next section.   

Why do patients prefer using healthcare apps?

healthcare apps benefits

Let’s check out the reasons why patients are using mobile healthcare services and what benefits they are taking from these apps: 

  • Patients can instantly check their medical reports straight from their app even without reaching hospitals/clinics.
  • Now app users can book appointments without phone calls with the app’s booking feature.
  • The app reminds patients about their medication routine through the alert and notification feature.
  • Order medicine online straight from the app without locating medicals from telemedicine apps.

After knowing the app’s benefits, you can check this blog to know the future of the healthcare & wellness market. Also, you can understand the types of healthcare apps from the next section.

Types of healthcare apps

There are many types of health-related apps, from which we’ll discuss on top 3 categories of mobile healthcare services that are more profitable compared to others.

1. Online Therapy App

Online therapy is the best category of medical apps for patients to get online treatment for their disease. This type of app works well for known diseases, such as viral fever, cough, stomach pain, and so on. 

Also, patients can take different health-related therapies such as nutrition, beauty, weight loss, etc. This app enables an in-app chat feature that helps patients communicate with doctors. 

2. Pharmacy Delivery App

Not every medical store has all the necessary medicine required by patients. Also, some families only have old age members, making it hard to visit the medical shops. You can check this video to know some important features that must be on your medical delivery app. 

The pharmacy delivery app proves to be more beneficial for their day-to-day use for such consumers. Patients can buy medicines online from these apps. The apps provide many offers like bulk discounts, no delivery charges, contact with medical shop owners, etc. You can read this blog to understand the overall process of pharmacy delivery app development.

3. On-demand Doctors App

Since after COVID-19, many patients prefer to avoid visiting a doctor’s clinic to protect themselves from this coronavirus disease. 

This situation makes the on-demand doctor’s appointment app more popular nowadays. 

From on-demand doctor apps, the patients can take in-house doctor’s appointments. After an appointment, the doctor visits the patient’s home and prescribes the necessary medication and precautions for the patient’s better recovery.

You can check some best apps for your better research on medical application development. Taking ideas from successful apps will help you decide on the features you can include in your app.

Top best healthcare apps to take inspiration from

You can check some of the best medical apps for patients in this section, which can help you know about some great features that you can include in your app.

1. Generis

Generis: Healthcare app

This app helps users to improve their life by understanding their genes. It offers health advice based on users’ DNA. Also, it guides on food, nutrition, the best supplements, and even more.

Talk about its overall features

  • DNA-based recommendations 
  • Suggestions based on food & nutrition
  • Instructions on exercise
  • Recommended supplements
  • Health & fitness goals 

The app UI is easy to use and comes with a good-looking interface which is another plus point.

Available platformsiOS
PriceLifetime purchase of $19.99 
Services offeredDNA-based health recommendations and fitness goals

2. Teladoc

Teladoc : Healthcare App

The app “Teladoc” connects patients to the best-experienced doctors available. Doctors prescribe medicines and necessary precautions to patients based on their suffering diseases.

Many health services on this app are available such as

  • Skincare
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Routine Checkups
  • Diabetes treatments
  • Stress & depression treatments
  • Weight loss
  • Creating fitness goals

Also, this app integrates with Apple Healthkit to give a better experience within the app. It allows users to upload their most recent medical details within the app. 

Available platformsAndroid & iOS
RatingsAndroid: 4.3iOS:  2.9
Price$75 dollar per visit
Services offeredAppointments, Nutrition tracking

3. Better Help

Better help: Healthcare App

Users can quickly access mental health professionals from this app. The platform has over 3000 licensed therapists and counselors to communicate with them online. The app offers its monthly subscription, which gives unlimited access to communicate with therapists and weekly live sessions. 

The users can access these features within the app:

  • Group therapy
  • Journaling
  • Live chat scheduling
  • Anonymous phone calling
  • Live video sessions

App provides counseling ranging from depression to anxiety disorders. Also, they offer group webinars to the community of their patients.

Available platformsAndroid & iOS
RatingsAndroid: 4.7iOS:  4.8
PriceSubscription of $90 per month 
Services offeredPsychology treatments

4. MDacne

Mdacne: Healthcare App

MDacne allows patients to communicate with top-class dermatologists online within the app. The app has a simple and easy-to-use user interface from which users can get quick solutions to their skin problems. 

It comes with the most advanced features like skin monitoring, setting treatments, and medicine recommendations ranging from allopathy to ayurvedic. Along with skin treatments, the users can also buy MDacne products like cleansers and anti-acne treatment creams for their skincare. 

Also, users can get a free customized acne treatment kit for the first on their app platform. But the users will need to pay for the shipping of that free kit.

Available platformsAndroid & iOS
RatingsAndroid: 4.6iOS:  4.6
PriceSubscription of $20 per month 
Services offeredSkin treatment 

5. Leafly

Leafly: Healthcare App

The use of marijuana for curing diseases is growing nowadays. It encourages many entrepreneurs to publish their apps to offer treatments using cannabis.

The Leafly app is also one of them. The leafy app connects patients with doctors for taking Marijuana treatments. Also, their community helps users to know more about these plants for their health treatments. The app has integrated weed maps that help users find nearby cannabis products, medical marijuana doctors, cannabis retail stores, and other cannabis-related products and services.

Along with marijuana treatments and therapies, it informs app users about the latest news, legalization updates, and healthy lifestyle tips. Developing a cannabis delivery business app can also provide another best money-making opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Available platformsAndroid & iOS
RatingsAndroid: 4.8iOS:  4.8
Services offeredFinding nearby cannabis

6. MySugr

Mysugr: Healtcare App for diabetics

MySugr is the best app for diabetic patients. With MySugr, patients can track their blood sugar, carbs, and other diabetic factors. The app also provides motivating challenges to tackle with Type 1 and type 2 diabetes within the app. 

The MySugr offers many useful features, such as

  • Insulin calculator
  • Wearable connectivity
  • Complete diabetic reports
  • Fitness challenges
  • Clear data visualization of blood sugar levels
  • Sharing blood reports with doctors 
Available platformsAndroid & iOS
RatingsAndroid: 4.8iOS:  4.8
PriceSubscription of $2.99 per month
Services offeredDiabetes & Insulin related treatments

7. Eye care Live

EyeCareLive: App for Eye Problems

This app is best for connecting with eye specialists for mild problems like dry eyes, red eyes, eyes allergy, and other less serious eye problems. The doctor in this app uses video calls to record their patient’s eye condition, then suggests the best way for its cure.

On this app, the users can access eye–care related services like

  • Vision care
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Red-eye treatment
  • Buying contact lenses 
Available platformsiOS
RatingsiOS:  4.4
Price$49 per visit
Services offeredEyecare treatments

8. Heal

Heal: Home health Care services app

Heal app provides online and home health care services to its app users. Users are free to choose any options for taking appointments on this platform. After the pandemic, these apps are more popular nowadays for taking treatments through doctor’s home visits. 

The heal app is known for its three most basic healthcare services as

Doctor’s house calls: The doctor can visit a patient’s home for its treatments.

Virtual health visits: The patients can get online treatment from doctors, such as medications and precautions, by telling doctors about their symptoms and health problems.

Remote monitoring: It helps doctors access the most recent patients’ health information. Accessing health reports allows doctors to prescribe more accurate medications and precautions.

Available platformsAndroid & iOS
RatingsAndroid: 4.2iOS:  4.8
Price$79 per app visit$159 for house calls
Services offeredDoctor’s home visits & remote monitoring

Developing apps similar to these listed applications can provide the best money-making opportunity for taking profits in healthcare. You can learn more about medical application development for better guidance. 

Also, understanding how to make money from your apps in healthcare will be better for your app business.

How to make money from healthcare apps?

Making money from apps depends on their monetization model. You can check the best healthcare apps and your competitor to know which money-making strategies are doing well for their mobile healthcare services. 

You can choose from a premium or freemium app monetization model. In healthcare, the premium app model is the most common option for app monetization. The app owner can take charges based on healthcare services, like taking a commission from every appointment made between doctors and patients on their platform. 

The same commission method is also applicable to pharmacy delivery, online therapy, and other mobile healthcare services. Also, you can check this blog if you are interested to know about monetizing free apps.

Once you develop your healthcare app, you can promote your app to bring doctors or medical store owners to your app. Now, let’s take a quick review of this blog.

What to conclude?

It makes a better decision to take a look at the healthcare market and understand its business potential. Publishing apps within this market can be an easy way to start your business.

Making apps requires programming skills and the technical knowledge of the app platform on where you want to publish it. Mastering all these skills will take you so much time. Also, it may be possible that someone with a better app development team will launch it first. 

The only option that makes a better decision for publishing your app is to outsource your app to an experienced app development team that has already published many apps related to healthcare. You can contact us to get a free consultation on starting your app business.

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Frequently asked questions

You can check some most asked questions related to developing apps that will guide you much better on your app development journey.

1. What features should a health app have?

You can include these features to provide a better experience in your app

  • Data Security
  • Live Video Consultation
  • Tracking health activities
  • Symptoms checker.
  • Integration with Wearable 
  • Cloud Integration
  • Use Of Block-chain

2. What Do Patients Want in a Mobile Healthcare App?

It will be better if you provide the following things in your app.

  • Easy Access to Functionalities
  • Detailed, Actionable Information
  • Easy Communication with Professionals
  • Patient Community
  • Simple Yet Amazing Digital Experience
  • Integration with Wearable Devices

3. How do you develop a healthcare app?

You can follow these steps to ensure that you won’t miss any important stage during the app development.

  • Identify the problem to be solved
  • Decide your healthcare app’s target group
  • Select valuable features for your app users
  • Outsource your app to the development team
  • Don’t forget app testing
  • Publish your app

4. What are the available options for starting an app business in the healthcare and wellness industry?

There are many categories where you can start your healthcare and wellness business. You can check the list of all the available options below:

  • Meditation 
  • Cannabis delivery 
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Medicine delivery
  • Wearable fitness apps
  • Women’s health 
  • Skincare
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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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