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The NFL app is the ultimate app for every football lover, an all-in-one app. It is quite significant in the lives of football fans since there are numerous features of a  fantasy football app like NFL, such as live game streaming (exclusive for Verizon smartphone customers), trending videos on NFL Now, game replays with NFL Game Pass (subscription), and many more.

What is a Fantasy Football App?

Football is one of the top ten most popular sports on the planet. The fantasy football app allows you to create your team, add players to it, play football with your team, and watch live football match clips. The app includes a wide range of competitions, including the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, the World Cup, and the NFL season.

The NFL Fantasy Football App: An Overview

The NFL fantasy football app keeps fans up to date on the game with breaking NFL news, highlights, stats, and more, whether it’s game day or non-game day, from the preseason through the playoffs.

One can be confident that the news and updates are coming straight from the individuals engaged in the league, as NFL Fantasy Football produces high-quality content.

NFL Fantasy Football is free to download and play, and you can create your league or join an existing one. If an individual is searching for a football-focused app with experts, they can trust it, as the NFL app is hard to beat.

Let’s find out more about this fantasy football app:

App NameNFL
Release DateAugust 24, 1994
CEO Roger Stokoe Goodell
App CategoryFootball
SellerNFL Enterprises LLC
Size14.4 MB
In-App Purchases$9.99
USP Best available tools- Lineup optimization, an idle auto-trade function, a trading machine, and an adaptive draft range tool.

Best 20 Features of a Fantasy Football App

The official NFL mobile app provides users access to everything to enjoy the football season to the fullest. News, live scoring updates, the option to monitor your favorite teams, and live streaming video from the NFL Network or NFL Game Pass are all available. 

Let’s discuss the features of a fantasy football app like the NFL more closely.

1. Check Out the Recent News

Recent news ui

The app’s navigation menu bottom has five sections. The latest news is highlighted in blue. The News page is divided into three sections at the top. The other sections of the NFL app follow the same pattern. The major categories are at the bottom, while the subclasses are at the top.

The top News tab is Featured. It covers all of the main NFL news from every team. The news for one’s team is displayed in the center tab. Everything there is about the team you’re following and the players on it.

2. Find Out About Games, Schedules, and Scores

Games and score features ui

The NFL app’s next important feature is Games. This area provides live scoring updates, scheduling information, and fast team comparisons.

One’ll always show up on time for the current week’s schedule. If there are no games or it is the off-season, the next week’s schedule will be displayed.

The time, teams playing, and current scores are all displayed for each game. If one’s favorite team is playing that week, the first game mentioned is their game. Otherwise, it’s listed in reverse chronological order.

The top of the screen in the NFL app displays the week an individual view the schedule. Users can tap it to see the whole season’s schedule. Choose any week to preview the lineup, or go to previous weeks to see how one’s team has progressed.

3. Performance History

Performance history ui

The app provides player information with performance history to assist users in the team selection process. This is another great feature for fantasy football enthusiasts trying to get information about the top players. Their news section can be found at the bottom of each team’s page.

4. Opportunity to Learn About Teams

Learn about teams ui

One will discover everything they need to know about their favorite NFL team and the opponents they’ll face this season under the Teams tab. To switch between teams, users can tap the team name and then select a different one from the list.

  • One can notice relevant facts about the team they’re following when they first come on teams. The app’s win or loss record is displayed at the top of the window. 
  • More interesting facts, such as their head coach, stadium, owner, the year they began, and social media links, may be found just below that.
  • Following that, each team’s listing includes the ability to purchase tickets and the team’s season schedule. Here users can see what’s coming up for their fantasy squad or the teams they follow.
  • The league rankings for each team are displayed below. The app displays their ranks in a simple graph that compares them to the league leader.

5. Explore the Rankings and Statistics

Ranking and statistics

Find out how one’s team performs against the competition once the season begins. The NFL app’s Standing feature displays the team’s and its opponents’ positions within the league and division.

The standings may be sorted in three ways: by Division, Conference, and the whole League. Each of them has its own tab. The information they show is the same, but the various organizations make it simpler to understand a team’s position in each scenario.

6. Additional Services: More

Additional services like More ui

The app also includes access to other applications and services that are linked to and integrated with the NFL app, such as streaming from the NFL Network and NFL Game Pass.

To get a list of the various alternatives to investigate, select More. Shop directs you to the NFL Fanatics store, where you may purchase officially licensed items. You will be able to get tickets for upcoming games using Tickets. 

7. NFL Network Streaming

NFL network streaming ui

Tap NFL Network while you’re still in the More section. Without a TV subscription, one won’t be able to get very far. The first screen asks for the provider, including streaming services like Sling.

The NFL app sends an individual to the NFL Network when they sign in. The live feed appears at the top of the screen. The future programs are mentioned below. Users can expand the video by turning the smartphone sideways into landscape mode.

One may also return to the NFL fantasy app without leaving the video (PiP ie, picture in picture mode). To return to the app, press the Back button, and the stream will minimize to the corner. Swipe up towards the left corner when you’re ready to return to the stream. Swiping right on the minimized stream will close it.

8. Independent Subscription

Independent Subscription ui

Game Pass is the NFL’s streaming service. It gives users access to unique content, preseason games, complete replays, and highlights. To access it, open the app and go to More > Game Pass.

Game Pass is a standalone subscription that costs $99.99 for the whole season as of June 2019. Users can quickly sign in if they have a membership. One may also use the NFL app to sign up for a subscription and make an account. Users will be able to access all of the Game Pass content through it.

9. Guide for Beginners

Guide for beginners ui

An onboarding guide informs users of the app’s and game’s rules and regulations. Here users can understand how the app works and how to navigate it.

10. Live Match Updates

Live match updated ui

Every match and league performed on it is integrated with an app. This allows for real-time updates on match results.

11. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management ui

To manage customer relationships, the customer response and feedback team work together, answering their questions, resolving technical and non-technical concerns, and so on is important. Good reviews and ratings are given to an app with exceptional customer service.

12. Match Highlights

Match highlights feature ui

Fantasy Football applications not only display the live score of the matches but also display the match highlights. From highlights, a user can tap to learn more about the game. 

13. GPS Location Monitoring

GPS location monitoring ui

This feature enables the app to identify the user’s location to send alerts and push notifications about future and ongoing matches in the area.

14. Game Management and Settings

Game management ui

To adjust or edit the game’s experience, several game options such as language, sound settings, two-factor authentication, game lessons, alerts, and so on are accessible.

15. Leaderboard Control

Leaderboard control ui

On the leaderboard, display the most skilled and earning players to inspire others and to recognize the best players in your game.

16. Category Management

Category Management tool ui

This tool allows the user to manage the category of all current and forthcoming live Football matches. One may change the categories at any moment.

17. Referral Management

Referral Management ui

By rewarding users who suggest their friends and family download the game, one may swiftly grow the game’s reach while simultaneously benefiting users.

18. Team Management

Team management ui

Users are allowed to pick players who will participate in the live match; by using this feature, one may enable just the performing players to be selected.

19. Reward Point Management

Reward point management ui

One may create a loyalty card in the game using reward point management. Players who use the game regularly will receive great prizes.

20. Ads Management 

Ads management

Control and manage advertisements as needed. An individual may apply any form of ad whenever they want. This feature gives the total individual control over all in-app advertisements.

NFL to Start its Own Streaming Service Including Live Games

The NFL understands its audience very well and knows what they want, i.e., another streaming service. According to the Sports Business Journal, the league will start its own service in July, and the service includes live games, which will cost around $5 per month.

Live games on mobile phones and tablets will be the content centerpiece of NFL Plus, which will sell for about $5 monthly, though a source cautioned the pricing structure might change. It will likely include other content as well; possibilities include radio, podcasts, and miscellaneous team-created content.                                             — Sports Business Journal

The games included in the app will be the same ones that fans can view locally. It’s not official whether the service is going to expand further. 

Fans who want to see every game — including local and national blackouts — may subscribe to MLB.TV. League Pass and NBA TV are both available through the NBA.

The main problem the NFL encountered was that, in the past, the NFL depended on other firms to broadcast games. The new application welcomes the league into the world of live streaming.

It also opens the door for the NFL to develop its internal version of the “Sunday Ticket” package in the future.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Fantasy Football App Like NFL?

To create an app like Fantasy Football, one must assemble an excellent team of app developers and all of the required app development and design technologies. It requires a great deal of technical expertise as well as effective collaboration. 

It may be costly to design a Fantasy Football app with all the complex features, functionalities, and integration of numerous platforms. Generally, the cost depends upon the company an individual chooses. 

And if one includes payment alternatives, then there’s a need for a high level of security and privacy. Such features necessitate significant expenditure, making your software eventually costly.

The most important factors to consider when calculating the cost of a fantasy football app like the NFL are

1. The platform where you will release the app

One must decide or select the platform, whether it is Android or iOS. One may choose an app that works on various devices and operating systems. As a result, a strategy is needed to attract consumers and a cost-effective platform.

2. Features of the application

In the app development process, features are the most crucial factor. Features like sign-up, social media integration, in-app chat, and many more. In case you want something unique, you can create advanced features, which will be expensive but may gain user traffic.

3. UI/UX design

One must pick the best design for the app to attract users/visitors and bring money. A great way to bind users with the app is to adopt UI/UX, which is quite affordable. 

4. Geographic location

The charges may differ depending on the region. For example,  if the company is in Australia, the United Kingdom, or South America, the cost will be more since the company is more experienced; however, the cost will be lower if the company is in India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan.

5. Size of the mobile app development team

The cost of app development even depends on the size of the development team. Hiring 2 or 3 developers may turn your development process slow; there is a need for a large crew to help with the development process. And also, the price may rise significantly.

Choose Idea Usher to Create the Best Fantasy Football Mobile App

Idea Usher has skilled professionals with expertise in developing high-quality & scalable applications. It’s a firm with a broad portfolio of producing numerous mobile applications and can create a smooth operating mobile gaming app.

If you want to create a fantasy football app like NFL, kindly contact us for a free consultation. 

Let’s take a look at your future fantasy football app, which can be found here: Fantasy Football App Development | Idea Usher

Also, you may reach out to them for more information and an in-depth understanding of the application development process.

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Final Words

The NFL fantasy app offers excellent service all around the world. It enables a vast number of features that users can access, but the biggest one is that it comprises some of the best experts analyzing all of the facts and metrics you need to know before making any decisions, trades, or moves.

NFL official mobile app gives access to every information related to football season as it provides news, live scoring updates, the option to follow your favorite teams, NFL game pass, etc. The NFL app is worth checking out if one’s seeking fantasy football tools, events, or NFL games.


Q. How to get NFL football games on your phone?

For as low as $1.99 a month, users may watch all prime-time and local games, including Thursday and Monday nights, via the NFL Mobile app (available on iOS and Android). The free edition of the app is limited to highlights, scoring updates, and stories if you’re using a different carrier.

Q. What can a user get from an NFL game pass, and where can they purchase it?

  • Live games.
  • All 256 regular-season games can be replayed (not live).
  • Relive games from 2011-to-2020.

NFL Game Pass is a service that requires a subscription. It was created by the NFL and can be accessed through or the NFL app.

Q. How to order NFL RedZone for mobile?

  • Pick the More option at the bottom of the NFL app.
  • Choose the silhouette in the upper right of the app.
  • Under subscription, choose RedZone. This will allow you to buy a RedZone subscription.
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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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