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We know that you miss watching the Tokyo Olympics live but worry no more. We got you the list of the best apps to watch Tokyo Olympics which will satisfy your FOMO!

But before jumping on to the best apps to watch Tokyo Olympics, let’s first see:

How to watch the Olympics live on Television for free? 

Discovery plus is one channel that is showing almost all the Olympic events live in HD. 

Best apps to watch Tokyo Olympics 

Not that old-school type? Watch Olympics on your device! Install these four best apps to watch Tokyo Olympics and enjoy. 

Olympia news app

Tokyo olympics app

The official app of the International Olympic Committee tops our list! Why? Here are the reasons;

  • It shows the location, time, and category of the competition. 
  • It gives an overview of the medal table every time.
  • Enables you to select your favorite team, which will then be prominently displayed. 

Other perks? 

The app is free to use, and it allows you to watch Olympic and paralympic games.

Pros  Cons 
Free to use app Visually not appealing (Bad UI/UX)

Tokyo 2021 

Tokyo Olympics live

‘Tokyo 2021’ is an app offered by Cytech Informatica, almost the same as the previous but with a better visual experience. 

Some more features; 

  • It helps you schedule your favorite sports.
  • The app offers a premium version only for 99 cents. 
Pros  Cons 
  • Userfriendly 
  • Visually appealing 
Includes in app purchases 

Sonic at the Olympic games

Best app to watch Tokyo Olympics

How can we miss the blue hedgehog Sonic when the Olympics is taking place in Japan?

The app offers you exciting and entertaining games which are free upto the first ten levels. 

Pros  Cons 
  • User friendly 
  • Creative and fun 
  • The app includes several bugs 

Tokyo Map Olympia Edition 

app to watch Tokyo Olympics

As the name suggests, Tokyo Map Olympia Edition provides you with a virtual city map of Tokyo and shows you all the competition! 

Want to hear something more interesting? 

You can view the route of the marathon race in the app and some more landmarks like railway stations, hiking trails, and more. 

Pros  Cons 
  • Helpful app 
  • User-friendly 
  • Unique features 
  • Login issues 
  • Slows down when being used by a lot of users 

Wrapping Up

Now you have some of the best apps to enjoy the Tokyo Olympics! But which events to watch on it? Here I’m listing the top 5 events. 

  1. Gymnastics 
  2. Swimming 
  3. Basketball
  4. Soccer 
  5. Volleyball 

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