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Entrepreneurs and startups are increasingly relying on the top B2B mobile apps. B2B mobile apps make work management and tracking easy and allow a platform where many people and departments can collaborate.

These are the most popular B2B apps.

App #1: Asana

asana b2b app

Asana is available on Android, iOS, and PCs. It is possible to integrate Asana with software like Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Gmail, and Microsoft Office 365. Asana also includes team conversations and is one of the most popular b2b apps. All these features make Asana one of the best mobile apps for business. 

Features of Asana

  1. User friendly: Asana mobile app is intuitive and easy to use.
  2. Task organization: The To-do list of Asana allows users to add task descriptions 
  3. Interactive: Asana app will show the tasks on the mobile screen even without opening the app. 
  4. Integration: Asana is easy to integrate with other commonly used projects management apps like Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. 
  5. Collaboration: The Asana app allows easy collaboration with team members where one user can invite others to share the digital workspace and leave comments on other people’s tasks. 


  1. Asana is cloud-based and works on SaaS (Software as a Solution) technology. 
  2. Asana works on the Luna framework.
  3. The front end uses React and TypeScript.

App #2: Google Analytics App

Google Analytics b2b app

Google is a pioneer when it comes app development and Google Analytics is its best example. The best part of Google Analytics is it is free to use for anyone with a Gmail account. Google Analytics is the most popular tool for businesses that have websites. Users can integrate it with other services such as Google Adsense, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Google Search Console.

Google Analytics is surely one of the top b2b mobile apps with many features. 

Features of Google Analytics

  1. Pattern: You can know the pattern by which the visitor engages with your website. 
  2. Retention: Google Analytics allows you to visualize the retention rate and the bounce rate of your website. 
  3. ROI: Using Google Analytics, businesses can know how many visitors are purchasing from the website.
  4. Marketing campaigns: If a company wants to run marketing campaigns and drive traffic to their website, then Google Analytics is the tool almost all companies use. 
  5. Customized dashboard: Independent businesses can also tailor their Google Analytics dashboards according to their needs. 


  1. Google Analytics uses JavaScript-based page tags. 
  2. These tags collect data from all visitors visiting your website.
  3.  However, since Google Analytics works using cookies, it cannot collect information about those visitors who disable cookies. 

App #3: HootSuite 

HootSuite b2b app

Most businesses rely on social media marketing to enhance their profits. HootSuite is famous as a tool that helps businesses to manage their social media channels. It allows companies to view multiple streams simultaneously. Suppose I want a mobile app for my business; HootSuite is what I will choose. 

Features of HootSuite

  1. Efficient: There is no need to log in to different social media accounts separately like Twitter, Facebook, or even WordPress. HootSuite allows you to view comments and respond in one go with 35 such channels. 
  2. Schedule posts in advance: HootSuite allows you to use the calendar to select the date and time when you want to make your social media posts. 
  3. Analytics data: Professional-looking analytics data shows how well your social media posts have performed. 
  4. Listening: HootSuite lets you know what other people are saying on social media and what keywords they are using. It helps you enter the conversation and explain how your business could help potential clients.
  5. Collaboration: Add multiple team members to social media accounts. You can manage the tasks, edit your company’s posts, and more. 


HootSuite employs technology services like Google Analytics, HTML 5, jQuery, Viewport Meta, Google Font API, etc.

App #4: LinkedIn Pulse 

linked in b2b app

LinkedIn Pulse is the best tool for digital marketing to create B2B leads. In any business, knowledge is power. LinkedIn Pulse will help companies collect all the information and content they think is essential. With so many features and services, LinkedIn Pulse is one of the most popular apps to help promote your business.

Features of LinkedIn Pulse

  1. Connect with others in the industry: Engage with other people’s posts in the industry. If you like their work, you may partner with them to build larger projects. 
  2. Collect relevant information: When interacting with each other, entrepreneurs can get a lot of information pertinent to their businesses. 
  3. Build a brand: Businesses can make their brand images circulate throughout social media, which will help you build more credibility and make your brand easy to recognize. 
  4. Inbound marketing: Linked In Pulse helps you do inbound marketing and grow your business faster. 
  5. Write blog-like articles: To keep the public, the investors, and other businesses interested in your projects, keep publishing articles using LinkedIn Pulse. 


HTML5 is the language in which LinkedIn Pulse is written. 

App #5: WebEx

webex b2b app

WebEx allows you to interact using a simple user interface. It is easy to hand over the desktop and mouse control to someone else in the meeting. It gives an excellent online meeting experience with user-friendly whiteboards and presentations. WebEx is one of the top b2b mobile apps with incredible features. 

Features of WebEx

  1. Unlimited video conferencing: WebEx allows millions of video conferences a month.
  2. Screen share: It is easy to present and share your screen during meetings with your team. 
  3. Webinars: Many B2B businesses conduct webinars to nurture their cold leads. WebEx is a reliable platform to run webinars.
  4. Collaboration allows team members to edit documents using their favorite application without leaving the WebEx meeting. 
  5. Whiteboards: WebEx allows you to share a whiteboard with your teammates during the meeting.

App #6: Salesforce Mobile 

salesforce b2b app

Salesforce mobile app is free. It is a favorite of enterprises. To grow their business, enterprises depend on information about sales. Salesforce app is the best example of how mobile apps and businesses can complement each other.

Features of Salesforce Mobile

  1. Up to date information: As soon as any information is available to the CRM, it is made available throughout the mobile apps of your sales team.
  2. Remove redundant processes: The sales team can directly pitch the customers to eliminate the redundant processes. 
  3. Integration with other apps: The Salesforce mobile app is easy to integrate with other third-party apps. 
  4. Offline connectivity: Salesforce mobile app can also work offline. The data gets updated automatically as soon as the network connectivity is back. 
  5. Organize tasks: Get to know your meetings, assignments, account details, etc., in an organized way at your fingertips.


  1. Salesforce is programmed in the Apex programming language, similar to Java and C++. 
  2. Salesforce CRM is a (Software as a Solutions) SaaS product. 
  3. A lighting framework has been used to develop the front end of Salesforce. 

App #7: DocuSign 

DocuSign b2b app

DocuSign is an e-signature software that allows e-signing. Anything signed using DocuSign is as legally binding as a signed hardcopy document. With so much simplicity and usability, DocuSign is considered one of the top b2b mobile apps and makes it to this list. 

Features of DocuSign

  1. Reduces cost and time: You can simultaneously send a document to multiple clients.
  2. Custom branding: Several reusable templates are available where companies can also add their branding or tailor a document for a specific client.
  3. Supports multiple formats: PDF, *.docx, *.xlsx, *.txt, etc are supported formats in DocuSign. 
  4. Tagging: DocuSign allows you to tag the place where your client has to sign. 
  5. Cloud-based: Docusign is a cloud-based technology for digital transactions. One can use it to exchange contracts and legal materials.

App #8: EverNote 

evernote b2b app

Evernote is the most popular note-taking app. It allows you to keep your notes organized. There are many extra features to make you more productive, like habit tracker, stress logs, etc. With a fantastic platform and user interface, EverNote is the best online business app for any online business if you want to build a note-taking app like EverNote, how to do it!

Features of EverNote

  1. Organize notes: Meeting notes can be challenging to find and organize. EverNote is a real help in these cases.
  2. Handwritten notes and OCR: The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes even handwritten notes easy to search.
  3. Audio notes: You can record audio files of important events into notes. It means there will not be a lot of writing to do. 
  4. Note links: If your business involves a lot of note-taking, then note links allow you to link one note with the other relevant ones. 
  5. Sync: The work you do use EverNote is easily synced across various devices. 


EverNote uses Google Cloud Platform. 

App #9: Google Drive 

google drive b2b app

Google Drive is the most popular cloud-based tool among organizations and solo workers. The simple user interface and the free-to-use software are helpful for all businesses that need employees to collaborate. Google Drive is a favorite of individuals and organizations, making it one of the top b2b mobile apps.

Features of Google Drive

  1. Free 15 GB storage: You get 15 GB of storage free of cost. It is a lot of space to experiment with before you decide to buy more memory. 
  2. Share your file: Google Drive allows you to share your file using a custom link. This way, you can choose who can use your files. 
  3. Store photos and videos: Google Drive allows you to store pictures and videos and pdfs and any files. Important files attached to emails can also be kept in drive. 
  4. SSL encryption: Like Gmail, Google Drive is SSL encrypted. It adds a layer of security. 
  5. Ready to use templates: Google Docs, Sheets, and all other Google Drive files have a host of readymade templates. You could choose any and customize them according to your needs.


  1. Google Drive allows you to do cloud computing.
  2. The storage platform of Google Drive is cloud storage.

App #10: Flipboard 

Flipboard b2b app

Flipboard allows you to create magazines to add materials from the Flipboard or other websites. You could also add relevant tweets and other social media posts to Flipboard. Flipboard is very popular and one of the top b2b apps and favorite businesses and consumers alike. 

Features of Flipboard

  1. Content marketing: If your company uses blogging as a digital marketing tactic, Flipboard is a great place to create magazines related to your blogs and products.
  2. Adding Flipboard to your website: Creating a Flipboard button can engage more people with your materials. 
  3. News: As Flipboard is an excellent platform for news sharing, use Flipboard for sharing information related to your business.
  4. Flipboard TV: Flipboard has many channels to add videos relevant to your business. 
  5. Alerts: Flipboard allows you to know immediately about any urgent news or notifications so that you can remain up-to-date all the time. 

App #11: Dropbox 

Dropbox b2b app

The cloud-based business has become prevalent, especially in these pandemic times. But, Dropbox is much more than a place to store folders that others can access. A lot of companies looking for mobile apps have loved Dropbox. 

Features of Dropbox

  1. Free account with limited storage: Limited storage is a great way to experiment before you make any decision to go for a paid version.
  2. Use on any device: Access Dropbox on PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and many other devices. 
  3. Sync: No matter which gadget you use to store your data, Dropbox will sync it with all your devices.
  4. Security: Even if your device gets damaged or lost, the data remains intact. And, you can always access it using any other device. 
  5. Access deleted files: If you have deleted any files by chance, you can get them back from the trash in a limited timeframe. 


  1. Dropbox uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform.
  2. It stores user metadata in the company’s data centers.

Wrapping Up

B2B mobile apps come in handy, especially when firms outsource their projects to other businesses and need a familiar and user-friendly platform to coordinate their activities. 

So, you have just gone through the most popular B2B apps. But, you must be thinking that some features are missing in them, which paves the way for your entrepreneur mind to step in and offer better solutions!

We can come to your aid if you want to build your custom B2B app. We live in an era where newer technologies and ideas are making even the best solutions obsolete after some time; if you have an idea that can take the legacy of the B2B apps to new heights, contact our charismatic consultants.


Q. What can B2B mobile applications do for clients?

A. A b2b mobile app is an excellent marketing tool. Businesses can build a good impression and authority in the clients’ minds. Also, companies can give personalized offers to clients and monitor their behavior. 

Google Analytics is an excellent tool of this kind. Businesses could build long-term relationships with clients using social media. LinkedIn Pulse is a perfect example of this. 

Q. Which is the best b2b portal?

A. There are many top mobile business websites for b2b businesses but  

Alibaba is the world’s marketplace. iAlibaba is the most popular b2b website for global wholesale trade.

Q. How do you market a B2B app?

A. To market a top B2B mobile app, understand the needs of your target customer. Then build leads and nurture them using social media, webinars, and blogs until they turn into hot leads and are ready to buy from you. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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