solana blockchain app development

Solana blockchain offers multiple benefits, such as low transaction fees and high transaction speed.

However, many other benefits make app developers and business owners prefer Solana for app development.

You can learn more about this blockchain and understand why it is more suitable than other blockchain networks for building applications and smart contracts.

What is the Solana blockchain?

The blockchain was created in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko. It is an open-source project that implements a new and high-speed layer one blockchain.

This blockchain implements an innovative hybrid-conscious model that combines the proof of History (PoH) and proof of Stake(PoS) algorithm. 

The third-generation version of this blockchain is designed to facilitate smart contracts and decentralized app creation.

How does the Solana blockchain work?

Here are the working steps of this blockchain.

  1. Solana uses the proof of history consensus mechanism. Proof of history is a core component of the Solana Protocol. It is a sequence of computations that provide a digital record for confirming events.
  1. The proof of the history relies on the Tower Byzantine Fault Tolerance(BFT) algorithm. Tower BFT is an optimized version of the traditional Byzantine fault tolerance protocol where the data structure is added to the traditional BFT algorithm. This optimized version of BFT keeps the network secure as an additional tool to validate transactions. 
  1. In addition to BFT, Solana uses the 250-bit secure hash algorithm (SHA-256) as a cryptographic function that gives an output of 256-bit value.
  1. According to the set of hashes, the network provides real-time data included on central processing units. The validators of this blockchain can use this set of hash to record specific data that was created after the generation of the specification hash index. 
  1. Once the data is recorded on their blockchain network, it generates a transaction timestamp. In Solana, all the nodes have cryptographic clocks that track events rather than waiting for other validators to verify transactions.

Understand this blockchain in detail by knowing its key characteristics.

Key characteristics of Solana for app development

These are the following characteristics that make developers prefer building apps on Solana:

1. Proof of History (PoH)

Solana uses a proof of history mechanism to boost its network efficiency by storing transaction history. PoH boots network efficiency by tracking the series of occurrences that are happening on their blockchain network.

However, POH is not a consensus technique. Instead, it is a cryptographic clock that enables nodes to track the timing of the chain’s event without needing communication because each node has its clock. Also, check other consensus algorithms.

2. BFT Tower 

Solana uses a modified version of the byzantine fault tolerance algorithm. This algorithm uses a cryptographic clock to obtain consensus without needing nodes to exchange messages. 

Not needing the message exchange results in speeding up transactions on this blockchain. 

3. Sealevel

Solana uses Sealevel, a parallel transaction processing engine that enables them to expand across GPUs and SSDs. Moreover, Sealevel improves network runtime by allowing similar transactions on the same chain.

Sealevel is a blockchain technology that enables apps to run simultaneously. Sealevel triggers smart contracts to speed up the overall processing time and validate the operation of decentralized apps.

4. Pipeline

The pipeline is a transaction processing that describes incoming data’s operation to various processing components. This transaction allows nodes to duplicate and validate rapid transition information quickly. 

Also, using the pipeline mechanism helps it to optimize validation on its network.

5. Cloudbreak

Cloudbreak is a horizontally scaled account database that helps blockchain to expand its network scalability. It arranges the account database, allowing blockchain networks to enable 32 concurrent reads and writes across the network.

6. Archives

Archives is a network of nodes that help Solana to store data on its network. It is a distributed Ledger storage where simple laptops and PCs can serve as archiver nodes for storing blockchain data.

7. Gulfstream

Gulfstream is a transaction forwarding mechanism without a mempool that helps Solana to perform 50,000 transactions per second. 

The mechanism helps blockchain to reduce confirmation time and memory requirements by allowing network validators to execute transactions beforehand. 

8. Turbine

The turbine divides the data into smaller chunks to facilitate data flow between nodes.

A block propagation protocol helps this blockchain improve its transaction processing performance to handle bandwidth-related concerns easily.

Now let’s check the advantages of using Solana to develop decentralized apps.

Advantages of Solana blockchain app development

Solana uses proof of history protocol in its ecosystem. PoH is a  special synchronization algorithm created by Solana. The algorithm aims to offer single-time streaming of events and add timestamps to each block without using complicated, time and energy-consuming processes.

The time stamps of Solana allow validators to complete the transition more quickly, reducing the network load and maximizing bandwidth.

Check other benefits that Solana offers for application development.

1. Low fees

Solana takes very low fees to perform a different operation on its blockchain network than other blockchain networks. Low fees help businesses reduce their app development budget to publish them to this network.

2. Superior performance

Extreme performance on the blockchain network can help businesses and users get better product and service experiences. 

This blockchain can process up to 50,000 transactions per second, resulting in the superior performance of apps and services for transactions.

3. High Security

Solana uses a modified proof of History (PoH) consensus mechanism that helps them to offer high security on its blockchain networks. Businesses looking for highly secure blockchain networks should consider Solana for creating and publishing their decentralized apps. 

4. Engage users with staking

If you decide to launch your token on Solana, you can offer rewards to your users based on their staking contribution to your token.

Offering a staking-based feature to your token will help you get more customers and audience to your platform.

5. A broad network of partnerships

Solana has partnered with well-known projects like Brave, Reddit, Circle, and more. Having a partnership with a broad network allows Solana to expand their blockchain network over different platforms quickly. 

Also, businesses can take the benefit who want to expand their businesses to different platforms by developing their apps on Solana.

Check out the development steps to create your app on Solana.

How to start app development on Solana? 

Check the development steps to understand how to create your app on Solana.

1. Determine the scope of the project

Decide all the features and functionality you want on your blockchain application. To get a better idea, you can check your competitors to know what features they have implemented in their blockchain apps. 

Also, when deciding the project scope, you can choose app monetization models, your targeted audience, your preferred blockchain network, and other requirements that help you decide the scope of your project. 

2. Hire blockchain developers

It is one of the essential steps of your app development journey. Hiring experienced, and good blockchain developers are essential for your project to ensure you can handle challenges when developing your blockchain. 

They can help you with creating the user interface, building and adding app features, or integrating advanced technologies and third-party tools into your app.

When hiring blockchain developers, you can check their past app portfolios to determine the skills and expertise needed to create blockchain applications.

3. Design a good user interface for dApp

The user interface is the first part of your user interaction with your blockchain app. Ensure you have implemented easy-to-use and simple user interfaces that are engaging enough and easy to navigate.

Hiring a good blockchain development team can help you create a better user interface for your blockchain app. 

4. Develop dApp smart contracts

Smart contracts are programs stored on blockchain networks that execute when the predetermined conditions are met. You need to create smart contracts for your blockchain application to authorize transactions on your platform.

5. Audit Smart Contracts by passing test cases

Not writing an efficient smart contract can result in an economic loss for you and your users due to the involvement of transactions. You can do a smart contract audit to test the efficiency and security of your smart contracts. 

There are multiple test cases available that can help you audit smart contracts for your blockchain app. 

Also, you can do smart contract auditing by submitting your smart contracts to the team of other blockchain developers not involved in creating your blockchain app for better testing and getting an accurate audit report. 

6. Code the required functionality of the dApp

Along with smart contracts, many other features are required to make your app fully functional. 

In this stage, the blockchain developers will create the entire backend functionality for your blockchain app, such as features, APIs, integrating third-party services, etc.

7. Integrate Smart Contracts with the front-end and back-end systems

After completing the development of both the front-end and back-end parts of your blockchain app, you can integrate smart contracts with the front-end and back-end systems to make your blockchain app fully functional and ready to use.

8. Use test cases to test your application

To ensure your app is ready to use and is free from all the technical glitches and drawbacks, you can use multiple test cases to test your blockchain app.

However, you should test your blockchain app with the blockchain developers as they are already experienced with all of the technical glitches that commonly occur after developing blockchain apps.

9. Deploy your app on Solana

After testing all the possible use cases for your blockchain app, you can deploy your app on this blockchain network. 

You can perform marketing practices such as AirDrop, social media marketing, and others to attract potential customers and app users to your Solana-based blockchain product.

But what makes Solana superior to other blockchain networks for app development? Let’s understand in detail.

What makes Solana better for app development than other blockchain networks?

These are the following reasons that make Solana more suitable for app development than other blockchain networks:

1. Development friendly environment

Low transaction fees and high transaction speed are the reasons that make Solana better for developing decentralized apps. 

Also, the blockchain allows users to interact with numerous apps with their SOL tokens and other tokens based on Solana.

2. Use of familiar programming language 

Talk over the programming language Solana use “Rust” to write smart contracts and develop decentralized apps. The Rust programming language offers developers many benefits, such as a statically typed, high-level, general-purpose programming language.

Developers can use Rust programming language to build various applications, from file systems to browsers and from gaming components to blockchain networks.

Many developers find Rust language easy to use. There is a great development community for the Rust programming language where anyone can get help and find solutions for creating apps with Rust.

3. Highly scalable

It is less challenging to scale apps on Solana than on other blockchain networks. Due to its parallel runtime characteristics, the Solana transaction engine can handle tens of thousands of smart contracts simultaneously. 

Parallel runtime characteristics help apps to scale and achieve great scalability quickly.

Also, Solana offers a high transaction speed and charges low transaction costs, allowing developers to scale their apps quickly and economically easily. 

You can compare Solana with other blockchain networks.

If you want to create your apps on Solana but need help finding where to hire blockchain developers for your project, here is the best way to get blockchain developers to build your apps on Solana. 

Why choose Idea Usher for app development on Solana? 

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Q. Which programming language is used in Solana?

A. Solana uses the “Rust” programming language to build smart contracts and applications. Also, Solana supports on-chain programs using C and C++ programming languages.

Q. What layer is Solana?

A. Solana is a Layer 1 blockchain. Solana offers writing smart contracts and creating new decentralized applications (DApps).

Q. What is special about Solana?

A. These are the following things that make Solana special:

  • Low transaction fees
  • High transaction speed
  • Great network efficiency 
  • Uses well-familiar programming languages for smart contracts and app development

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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