how to hire blockchain developers

What is the best way to hire blockchain developers?

The multiple benefits of decentralization have increased the demand for blockchain technology in many businesses, such as health care, product development, content management, nft marketplace, etc.

If you also need to integrate blockchain technology into your business. In that case, it is sure that you must be looking to hire highly professional blockchain developers for your project.

Know the hiring steps so you can be sure that you have selected the best blockchain developers for your project.  

Steps to Hire the Right Blockchain Developer

You can check the following steps to hire the right candidate for your blockchain project:

1. Decide your business’s blockchain needs

Before hiring blockchain developers, you must know all the project requirements that need to be fulfilled. You can discuss with your development team the need for blockchain technology for your project. Know the cost of creating blockchain projects.

2. Decide which types of blockchain developer to hire

Once you have cleared all your business needs, it will be easy to decide what kind of blockchain developers you need for your project. 

To your knowledge, blockchain developers are of two types: 

  • Core crypto developers 
  • Blockchain software developers.

Hire core blockchain developers: To create your exclusive blockchain network, you must hire core crypto developers. 

Hire blockchain software developers: If you want to develop apps (like NFT marketplace and smart contracts) on the available blockchain network, such as Ethereum or Solana, you consider hiring blockchain software developers.

3. Post a clear and accurate job description

After having a clear business objective, you can upload job descriptions on different platforms. You must clearly define all the job roles and conditions that you want for your projects, such as:

  • Experience level
  • Required skills
  • Job location (remote/on-site), etc.
  • Working hours/days

4. Plan your selection process

You must plan your recruitment process for hiring developers for your blockchain project. You can prepare a list of interview questions, programming tests, and other screening factors to find the best blockchain developers for your development team.  

5. Start recruiting

At this point, after completing the hiring process, you have to shortlist the best candidate for your team. Even better, you can take recommendations from your team members to choose the best blockchain developer for your project. 

Know the list of the skills crypto developers must have.

Skills to check in a blockchain developer.

Here is the list of skills that make a candidate a perfect pick for being a blockchain developer:

  • Having experience in multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, C++, C Python, and Node.JS
  • Having expertise in OOPS (Object-oriented programming structure)
  • The candidate works with data structures such as linked lists, hash tables, and acyclic graphs.
  • The candidate deeply understands the public and private keys, encryption, and decryption concepts.
  • The candidate must have excellent knowledge of cyber security concepts such as secure algorithms.

Blockchain Developer Requirements

Along with blockchain-relevant skills, you can check other requirements that will help you shortlist and select the best blockchain developer for your team.

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, and other related fields.
  • Having two years of experience as a blockchain developer (in case there is no senior blockchain developer in your team).
  • Understand cryptography and blockchain protocols.
  • Experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures.
  • The candidate must have advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills will be a plus point so the developer can easily collaborate with other team members and bring positive results to the project.

Now let’s check crypto developers’ responsibilities to contribute best to your project.

Blockchain Developer Responsibilities

The blockchain developer will take responsibility for the following things and activities:

  • Working with managers to determine the blockchain technology needs and functionality required for the project.
  • Creating application features and interfaces using blockchain technology and other relevant programming languages.
  • Integrating new tools and technology to secure blockchain applications.
  • Protecting the digital transaction against cyber attacks and information hacks by applying the latest cryptology techniques.
  • Maintaining client and server-side blockchain applications.
  • Having knowledge of crypto coins and metaverse.
  • Updating the project with the latest blockchain technology and cryptography methods.
  • Preparing documentation that mentions the entire workflow of the development processes and appropriate suggestions regarding the best practices in data protection.

Important considerations while hiring blockchain developers

here’s some information on what to consider when hiring blockchain developers:

1. Choose between Public & Private Blockchain

First and foremost, it’s important to determine whether you need a public or private blockchain for your project. These two types of blockchain protocols require different skill sets from developers, so it’s important to choose the right type of blockchain early on in the process to ensure you’re hiring the right developers.

2. Infrastructure Requirement

Once you’ve determined the type of blockchain you need, you’ll want to consider the infrastructural requirements of your project. If you’re planning to use a public blockchain, you’ll need to work with an existing blockchain network.

On the other hand, if you’re using a private blockchain, you’ll need to set up a network and use a cloud-based blockchain platform. When hiring developers, look for those who are familiar with Blockchain-as-a-Service platforms.

3. Program Language Requirement

Programming language skills are also an important consideration when hiring blockchain developers. Depending on the platform you choose, you may need developers with skills in Solidity, Java, JavaScript, Python, or other languages. Be sure to assess the candidate’s language proficiency during the interview process.

For enterprise blockchain projects, it’s important to look for developers who have a strong understanding of blockchain architecture, in addition to a solid understanding of blockchain fundamentals.

4. Blockchain Architect

Keep in mind that blockchain is a niche skill set, so it may take longer to find the right candidates. Look for developers with hands-on experience in blockchain technology, rather than expecting them to have expert-level skills in other areas, such as mobile or web development.

5. Competent team

If you’re hiring a remote team of blockchain developers, it’s important to have a competent team leader in place. This person should have excellent communication skills and knowledge of project management tools to help manage the remote team effectively.

Check our video to clear your doubts related to blockchains. 

Here’s the list of websites that can help you to find the best blockchain developers for your project.

Best websites to hire blockchain developers

Due to high competition in the blockchain business, many business owners have already hired excellent crypto developers for their teams, resulting in a shortage of experienced blockchain developers. 

Still, some excellent websites can help you hire highly skilled blockchain developers for your project. 

You can consider all these websites for hiring crypto developers for your team. 

1. Idea Usher

Idea Usher is our top recommendation to help you select the best blockchain developers for your project. The blockchain developers in Idea Usher have already created iconic blockchain-based projects, such as the NFT marketplace, smart contracts, etc.

Moreover, you don’t need to perform unnecessary hiring processes such as posting your job description, candidate screening, and other recruitment-related procedures once you decide to go with Idea Usher. 

Avoiding unnecessary hiring processes can help you to focus on different areas of your business and save your precious time and efforts(that you can invest in your other business parts). 

2. Stack overflow talent

The website is a sub-part of Stack overflow—a famous forum for millions of professionals engaged in technologies(especially programming). Stack overflow talent can help you find a great blockchain developer for your project.

The platform has over 50 million monthly visitors looking for a job to boost their careers. After posting your job requirement, many qualified blockchain programmers with relevant experience will show their interest in joining your company.

Along with posting your job requirement, you can also search for the right candidate by the “candidate search feature” for your blockchain development job by reaching them directly on the Stack overflow talent platform.

3. ARC

The platform earlier was known as CodementorX. Arc is another best option to find crypto developers for your project. The platform Arc work in the following given ways:

  • You will submit your job requirement to the platform.
  • Arc will screen out the best blockchain developers suitable for your job.
  • After screening, the platform will recommend the best candidate by doing their shortlisting for your job interview.
  • After a job interview, you can select the right blockchain developer to meet your expectations.

Arc simplifies the hiring process by managing payroll benefits and other activities required during hiring. The platform offers contractors, remote teams, and full-time crypto developers for your project. 

4. Toptal

Toptal is a freelancing platform where you can hire blockchain developers globally. You can contact Toptal to discuss your project requirements; then, the platform will connect you to the best crypto developers for your project. Toptal has an excellent screening process that allows the various tests to ensure that only 3% of developers can join their development community. The screening process helps Toptal to include highly qualified and skilled blockchain developers on its platform.

5. Blocktribe

Blocktribe is a job board that offers jobs related to blockchain technology. Due to its focus on a specific domain, there is a good chance for you to get highly skilled crypto developers from the platform. Once you register with Blocktribe and post your job requirement, you will receive applications from candidates, and you can interview them to select the best one for your project. 

The platform offers the following benefits:

  • Their job board is easily accessible for businesses and candidates looking for jobs.
  • You can use their free service to post a limited number of job positions on their platform.
  • The platform also offers premium service through which you can receive resumes via email. Moreover, the platform also advertises the jobs of premium members on its home page. 

6. GitHub Jobs

GitHub jobs is another best job board for hiring blockchain developers. To use the GitHub jobs platform, first, you will need to create your company’s profile on the platform. 

Now you will be eligible to post your job requirement on the platform. After posting your job requirement, you will get a response from many candidates, and you can shortlist and interview them for your job. 

The GitHub community contains over 40 million members, most of whom are experienced developers, creating a better option for you to find better candidates from the GitHub jobs platform.

The platform also supports repositories so that you can check their blockchain project to easily judge their blockchain programming skills to get a perfect candidate for your project.

7. We work remotely

The website is famous for finding remote professionals. You can consider this website if you are looking for the best crypto developers and are ready to offer them a job remotely.

To use this hiring platform, you’ll need to create your profile on the platform, and then you can post your job. As many blockchain developers are already working remotely and are active on this platform, they might see your job posting and can apply for it.

Then you can shortlist the best candidates for your project by taking their interviews. You need to pay a fee to the platform if you want to display your job post on the top page to get better exposure among crypto developers.

8. Hired

Hired is another popular job search marketplace, and you can use this platform to find crypto developers for job hiring. Moreover, candidates looking for a job can create their profile to get recognition from companies looking to hire crypto developers. 

The platform offers the following advantage such as:

  • The platform has a robust algorithm helping you to maintain your hiring process. 
  • Hired supports 14 cities on a global level, allowing companies to hire developers locally. 
  • Higher also supports remote jobs. 
  • The algorithm of this platform can help you find the right candidate with relevant experience suitable for your blockchain project.

9. Crypto jobs list

Crypto jobs list is another available job board platform, especially for blockchain and crypto-based projects. The platform gives an excellent chance to find experienced blockchain developers for your project. 

The platform will offer you the following benefits:

  • Your job requirement will be their priority after you pay their premium fees. 
  • Its premium service will help you to promote your job posting on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.
  • Crypto job list also offers multiple hiring options so that you can provide jobs based on either local or remote hiring and long-term employees or short-term contractors.

Get your blockchain project started with us.

Idea Usher has highly skilled blockchain developers with experience creating many blockchain projects such as smart contracts, NFT marketplace, etc. 

There will be no risk of hiring the wrong candidate for your blockchain projects if you hire crypto developers from Idea Usher. The company performs screening and various programming tests to select only the best and most experienced blockchain developers for their clients

For more information, you can contact the Idea Usher from the given below details and get the best of the best consultation on your blockchain project.

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Q. How do I hire a blockchain developer?

A. Ensure all the development needs for your project. Then you can post your job request on multiple websites mentioning all the job details (working days/hours/ required skills). Now you can take interviews with shortlisted candidates and can select from them.

Q. What should blockchain developers know?

A. You must hire crypto developers that have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Cryptography
  • Smart contracts
  • Data Structure
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Web development 
  • Programming languages (Java, C++, python)

Q. What does a blockchain developer do?

A. The blockchain developer works on the following things:

  • Implementing blockchain technology to the product.
  • Protecting online transactions and users’ data by using blockchain technology.
  • Programming smart contracts and applications on the blockchain platform.

Q. Which programming language is used in blockchain?

A. You can do blockchain development by following programming languages:

  • C++ 
  • Python
  • Java
  • Solidity 
  • Golang 
  • C# 
  • JavaScript 
  • Vyper
  • Simplicity
  • Rholang
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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