What is aptos blockchain

Since the introduction of blockchain, many big players have entered the market, such as Ethereum, Solana, Ripple, etc. 

All blockchains come with unique features and functionality, helping them attract many investors worldwide. 

Also, new blockchains are preparing to enter the market, and one of them is Aptos blockchain. It is a new, disruptive blockchain technology that will change the way we think about cryptocurrency.

Aptos Blockchain offers a wide range of benefits to people who want to invest in cryptocurrency or use it for other purposes.

It has set a trend by managing to give a better transaction speed during the testnet. 

There’s a lot of buzz around blockchain technology right now. But what is it, really? How can you take advantage of it in your business? Is it worth investing in Aptos Blockchain?

We’re here to help answer all your questions! Let’s check.    

What is Aptos blockchain?

The brand Aptos Labs is working on building its blockchain known as “Aptos.” The Aptos crypto is based on web3, and the blockchain aims to build a highly scalable layer 1 decentralized network.

The company announced the launching of Aptos blockchain on 24 February 2022. The blockchain uses Rust’s based programming language, Move, developed by Mark Zukerberg’s brand “Meta.”

The blockchain is not usable on a full scale yet. However, Developers of Aptos claim that their blockchain can bring decentralization on a full scale for billions of internet users.

During the testnet, this decentralized network processed 160,000 transactions per second while maintaining security and reliability. 

The blockchain has attracted the attention of many capital groups due to its better potential for future decentralization. Also, Aptos has greatly managed to gather significant funds for its blockchain.

“The Aptos has raised around $150 million from capital venture groups such as Multicoin Capital, Hashed, Variant, Tiger Global, BlockTower, FTX Ventures, Paxos and Coinbase Ventures, Katie Haun, ParaFi Capital, and IRONGREY in March 2022.”

But what makes Aptos so much popular in the blockchain market? Let’s check.

What is Aptos testnet?

Wonder why Aptos is a hot topic among investors? The testnet of Aptos may be the reason behind its popularity. The testnet allows its participants to test the performance and capabilities of the Aptos crypto

The testing capabilities include checking Aptos’ user interface, security, transactions, and others. Moreover, the testnet allows participants to receive rewards by completing various challenges. The challenges include finding bugs and exploring ways and means to improve the blockchain.

Also, many other reasons make Aptos popular among investors. 

How Does the Aptos Blockchain Work?

Aptos Blockchain’s Block-STM Technology

Aptos Blockchain employs Block-STM (State Transition Machine) technology, which serves as its core framework. This technology enables the secure and efficient management of the blockchain’s state, encompassing data and smart contracts. It facilitates state transitions by processing transactions and executing smart contracts in a deterministic and synchronized manner, ensuring consistency and reliability across the network.

Aptos Blockchain’s Move Programming Language

Aptos utilizes the Move programming language, designed for creating secure and efficient smart contracts. Move emphasizes safety by preventing bugs, vulnerabilities, and unintended changes in the blockchain’s state. Its unique feature is resource types, which enable precise control over digital assets and ensure secure execution of transactions and smart contracts.

Aptos Blockchain’s BFT Consensus Protocol

Aptos Blockchain employs a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus protocol to validate and agree on the order of transactions within the network. BFT consensus ensures that even in the presence of malicious nodes or network disruptions, the blockchain can reach consensus on the state of the ledger. This enhances the security and reliability of the blockchain network, making it resistant to attacks and ensuring data integrity.

Why has Aptos gained so much popularity?

Here are a few positive sides of Aptos that make it popular in the blockchain market:

1. Experienced and trustable founders

Aptos lab is the founder of the Aptos blockchain. The company has an excellent reputation in the market due to its past crypto projects in need. Also, their background helps them connect with different capital ventures to get the best return on investment in their blockchain.

Aptos was co-founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery ching(CTO). Before Aptos, both worked as senior developers in Meta, giving them a better experience creating a reliable blockchain and maintaining trust among investors.

The development team behind Aptos is already experienced in creating blockchain because they just shifted from their old blockchain project known as “Diem” to the new blockchain “Aptos.”

2. Integration of advanced technologies

Aptos blockchain uses block SDM Technology, Move programming language, BFT consciousness, and other technologies to build their layer-1 blockchain. 

The use of all these latest technologies makes the future potential of Aptos crypto more promising. 

3. High performance

Since the launch of their testnet, many users have visited the platform to test performance. The result seems impressive. 

The blockchain processed up to 160,000 transactions per second while maintaining its security and reliability.

But how did Aptos manage to get 160 thousand transactions per second? Let’s check in detail. 

How do Aptos achieve 160K transactions per second? 

Aptos manages to get such a high transaction speed by working hard to eliminate the limitations in the current transactions of the blockchain.

Most blockchain uses sequential execution of a transaction. However, the sequential performance does not scale well and demands other realistic solutions.

However, the Aptos blockchain aims to design a parallel execution engine to extract computing resources on full scale and at a low cost for blockchain transactions.

Aptos used software transactional memory (STM) libraries to achieve the parallel execution goal, aiming to detect and manage conflicts during transactions and executions. 

However, the use of STM libraries helps them to improve their blockchain in many ways, such as:

  • Light synchronization of all the transactions to avoid the commitment of all the transactions individually and save synchronization cost
  • To avoid inconsistency, all the transactions run on a virtual machine with the help of smart contract languages such as Move and Solidity.

Also, the future goals aimed by the founders of Aptos crypto managed to attract investors and crypto users worldwide.   

Benefits you can expect from Aptos blockchain

Here’s what Aptos blockchain planning to bring to the market:

1. Safety & security

Aptos uses the “Move” programming language for its blockchain. The Move language is best for resource management and execution. Also, the execution output of the resource management, such as information on transactions, is entirely predictable. 

However, the resources of “Move” are in linear types, ensuring that the information contained in the help cannot be copied or can’t be destroyed accidentally.

Moreover, Aptos runs load testing, Byzantine attacks, and other distributed network tests to improve performance. The Aptos also supports private key rotation to avoid a loss that can happen in the case of private key theft

2. Low transaction cost

Aptos aims to provide low-cost transactions by synchronizing transactions and their executed results. Synchronization helps Aptos directly update its ledger state from the executed results so that the blockchain can skip high transactional costs. 

3. Easier upgrades

To provide better upgradability, Aptos managed the validator and configuration with an on-chain state to make it easier for their members to vote and execute upgrades quickly. Also, Aptos has brought significant advancements in the past years to improve the upgradability of its blockchain. 

4. Efficient transactions

The Aptos uses conflict-resistant sequence numbers to run transactions in parallel. Parallel transactions help the blockchain maintain stability even if any transaction fails in a single row by enabling users to control their transaction ordering whenever required.   

But how does Apto manage to become a secure and reliable blockchain? Let’s check.

What makes Aptos a great blockchain?

Here are a few tools that Aptos use to make its blockchain more reliable and secure:

1. Move programming language

Before Aptos, the developers of Diem used the Move programming language to build their blockchains. The language is flexible enough to handle all the needs and requirements for building the Aptos blockchain. 

Moreover, the global storage of this language is more secure than in other programming languages. Additionally, the programming language allows users to define custom resources that restrict themselves from being copied. Restrictions make it challenging for hackers and malicious users to control the Aptos crypto in an unwanted way.

2. BFT Consensus protocol

To reduce latency and increase speed for network transactions, Aptos runs two processes parallel to each other instead of using a conscious protocol (that follows the order of transactions). 

To ensure the blockchain’s accuracy, the developers have created a Byzantine fault tolerant(BFT) engine to analyze individual states on-chain. BFT engines automatically update validators when needed.

3. Block STM technology

The technology is utilized to handle smart contracts efficiently. Block SDM Technology depends on parallel executions for handling multiple transactions at once. Parallel execution gives fast transaction speed because even a single failed transaction won’t affect its overall executing chain.

Moreover, there is a priority for certain transactions in the blockchain to handle validations efficiently on the Aptos blockchain. 

What Makes Aptos Different?

Here’s a table highlighting the differences between Aptos and three other prominent blockchain platforms: Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum.

Consensus ProtocolBFT-basedPoH and PoSAvalanche and PoSPoW (Transitioning)
Smart Contract LanguageMoveRustSolidity and VyperSolidity
ScalabilityHigh throughputHigh throughputHigh throughputModerate throughput
SecurityEmphasizes safetyEmphasizes throughputFocuses on decentralizationHistorical vulnerabilities
Ecosystem and AdoptionDeveloping ecosystemGrowing ecosystemExpanding ecosystemEstablished ecosystem

Aptos stands out with its BFT-based consensus and Move language for secure smart contracts. Solana focuses on high throughput, Avalanche on decentralization, and Ethereum has an established ecosystem but is transitioning to PoS for scalability. Each platform has unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to different use cases and priorities.

Is it worth investing in Aptos blockchain?

The Aptos blockchain’s future looks promising due to its trustable and experienced founders and heavy investments from capital ventures.

However, there were good results during performing Aptos’ test net, indicating that the development team behind Aptos has put great efforts into creating a viable product.    

Aptos comes in the list of reliable blockchain networks with better future potential and bridging out positive results for their investors.

After looking at all these factors, we can conclude yes, it is worth investing in Aptos blockchain!

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Q. What is Aptos Blockchain?

A. The Aptos is a decentralized network that works as a layer-1 blockchain. The platform uses a Rust-based programming language called “Move,” developed by Meta.   

Q. When was Aptos blockchain founded?

A. The Aptos crypto is planning to launch its blockchain on a full scale in Sep 2022. 

Q. What does Aptos blockchain do?

A. Aptos crypto is well-suitable for handling crypto transactions, and the blockchain has great potential for providing fast and secure blockchain transactions.  

Q. What is a layer one blockchain?

A. Layer 1 is the base level of blockchain, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, etc. At the same time, the blockchain builds on the base level of blockchain layer one blockchain, such as Polygon and ImmutableX.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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