Why Cryptopunks NFT are taking the world by storm | Detailed Guide 2021

Anyone who bought NFTs in the past three years is more than just happy in 2021; the NFT market is single-handedly making people not only rich but giving them a new experience towards owning a piece of art. Contents What are cryptopunks? And where did they come from?Where did it all begin?Why are Cryptopunks selling

Top 10 NFT game apps 2021
Top NFT Game apps 2021 and their features

If you surf around the internet, you must have come across the term  “NFT”. The new trend encapsulates almost every sector and is humongous beneficial for artists and collectors. But do you need to be an expert to understand NFT? What is NFT, and how are people making millions out of it? How did Jack

Proof of stake vs proof of work
Proof of stake vs Proof of work| Which is better?

In this crypto world, you will often hear the phrase: proof of stake vs proof of work. But many people may not be sure what they mean. Let’s face it, the terminology is quite complicated, but with some basic explanations and tons of examples, it shouldn’t be too hard to build your own understanding. To

crypto games
Crypto Games: A Guide to Blockchain Game Development

With this Idea Usher guide our experts will explain everything you need to know about Crypto Games and Blockchain Game Development process. So without waiting any further, let us begin! Contents What are Cryptocurrency Games? - A Brief Introduction to Crypto GamingComplete Guide to Blockchain Game Development1) Analyze and Understand the Blockchain Infrastructure2) Understand Different

How to create a crypto trading bot: Everything you need to know
How to create a crypto trading bot: Everything you need to know

Contents Introduction to crypto botWhy is crypto trading gaining traction?What exactly is a crypto trading bot, and how do crypto bots work?Various cryptocurrency bot strategiesTrend tradingArbitrage botsCoin lending botsMarket making botsAdvantages of using a crypto bot1. Preset goals2. Faster than humans3. Backtesting4. Confined to predetermined trading rulesWhy using an open-source crypto bot a bad idea?Tech

Top Blockchain Platforms in 2021

As the recognition of blockchain technology continues to rise universally, industries now want to experience the potential of this technology. An immense disruption was already witnessed in the financial industry (fintech, as it is casually referred to), through the involvement of Blockchain. While now its applications have been firmly researched and evaluated, various industries including

How to create a crypto wallet app?
How to create a crypto wallet app?

If you are still living in the remote parts of the Amazonian rainforest or interstellar space, chances are pretty high you haven’t heard of the term ‘Cryptocurrency’ in the last few years. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin getting popular overnight, people needed to store their hard-earned crypto money somewhere. Thus arose the need for a crypto

Build cryptocurrency exchange website
How to build cryptocurrency exchange website? Step by step guide

Contents What is cryptocurrency?How was cryptocurrency created?Do you plan to build a cryptocurrency exchange website?How to build cryptocurrency exchange website? (step by step guide)Starting processSteps involved in building a cryptocurrency exchange websiteStep 1 Research the competitorsStep 2 Decide business operation limitsStep 3 Identify your target marketStep 4 Create a professional siteStep 5 Distribution ChannelStep 6

How To Start Your Bitcoin Exchange App in 2021

Cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange are gaining immense popularity worldwide. Moreover, the most well-known crypto: Bitcoin, continues to grow with value and with fame every passing month. In such an extraordinary market, business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs want to leverage this opportunity. Individuals with the sense and will of business are thriving to enter the

how many bitcoin are there
How many Bitcoins are there : A Review

Bitcoin is the new gold, and it is finite in supply. Do you know how many Bitcoins are there? Or do you know how many Bitcoins can there ever be? We are here to your rescue. With its blockchain-powered technology, it is changing the face of digital currency. In other words, it is set to

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