DeSo interface. ui
DeSo: First Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform

DeSo blockchain, a brand-new layer-1 blockchain; built from the bottom up to scale decentralized social apps to one billion users. Deso already powers over 100 applications, including (a decentralized social network). The concept of a decentralized social (DeSo) network, which is the next phase in the evolution of social networking, has piqued the interest

what are p2e games
A complete guide for P2E games development.

P2E games have become the primary topic in the gaming community after the popularity of blockchain. Moreover, many investors and entrepreneurs are interested in making their play-to-earn games after knowing the potential of making profits from such games.  But what are P2E games? Why adding blockchain technology to your play-to-earn game can give better results

How do dApps make money?
How do dApps make money? – A detailed explanation

How do dApps make money and benefit firms? These are some central questions in today’s times? Unlike revenue models for the traditional applications, dApps offer initial coin offerings, token launch activities, transaction fees, and donations as unique money-generating ideas. There are already some dApps having a large user base and earning a massive chunk of

What is the difference between custodial and non custodial wallets
Know the difference between non custodial wallet vs custodial wallet.

Non custodial wallet vs custodial wallet. Crypto users get different choices for storing their cryptocurrencies by selecting between these wallets. Moreover, the digital platforms of both kinds of wallets are making more profits due to the sudden increase in crypto investors worldwide.  Many entrepreneurs and investors are interested in making their crypto platform through blockchain

How blockchain helps healthcare?
Know the ways by which blockchain can improve healthcare

Blockchain is gaining popularity in healthcare as it improves the service in many ways. But how does blockchain help healthcare? Understanding blockchain can help to give a better idea of how it works. Also, knowing blockchain allows you to generate better ideas and find drawbacks in healthcare that can be solved by blockchain. So it

blockchain identity management
Your Guide to Blockchain Identity Management

Industry 4.0 has brought about many changes in the world as organizations are focusing on creating intelligent systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides, organizations have also started emphasizing ‘Blockchain Identity Management’ and have started thinking about its various aspects. “How does blockchain identity management work?” “What are its benefits?” “Where can it be

Decentralised cloud storage
A detailed guide on decentralized cloud storage

Due to limitations and many restrictions within centralized cloud storage platforms: users are moving towards decentralized cloud storage.  Many entrepreneurs are aware of this ongoing situation which encourages them to enter this market by launching their innovative and advanced decentralized cloud solutions. You can learn about this new type of cloud, its benefits, and business

How to start a cryptocurrency exchange app like coinbase
How To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange App Like Coinbase?

Crypto-curious? You’ve come to the right place. Crypto exchange platforms are becoming a rage these days. The whole concept of digital currency has caught on like wildfire. People are using it for trading goods and services and are even investing in them. With digital currency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, etc. gaining popularity, more and

Make your Smart contract with these top-listed platforms

Have you ever heard of blockchain? This decentralized technology has become popular after introducing many things such as NFTs, tokens, Web 3.0, etc. The Smart contract is also one of the essential parts of the blockchain. It automatically executes an agreement after meeting predetermined terms and conditions.     You can check the best Smart Contract platforms

What is metaverse?
What is metaverse? Let’s explore every corner of this virtual world.

After crypto and NFT sensation, investors are now looking forward to metaverse for juicy returns. But what is metaverse? Why did Facebook change its name to Meta? How this virtual world can be a better choice for investment and project development?  Well, stick with us till the last part of this blog. Before jumping into

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