How To Create A Cryptocurrency – Everything Explained

Let’s talk about cryptocurrencies! What is a cryptocurrency? How to create a cryptocurrency? You have heard people talking endlessly about it. And you know how important it is. But still, you are having difficulty in catching up. Idea Usher experts will help you understand what a cryptocurrency is and why it is so essential for

Distributed Apps
Distributed Apps (D-Apps) For Blockchain

Distributed apps (DApps) are PC applications that have seen sudden spikes in demand for a conveyed figuring framework. DApps have been promoted by circulated record innovations, DLT, for example, the Ethereum Blockchain, where DApps are regularly alluded to as savvy contracts. DApps can be found on Brought Together Commercial Centers, for example, State of the

Blockchain System
Block chain – The Future of Growth

What is Blockchain? Why is everyone suddenly talking about it? Is Cryptocurrency a future currency? And will it wipe out the paper currency? Is blockchain- the future of growth? We all are curious to know the answers to these questions and why not? After all, it is related to money-making on a large scale. But

Hybridization- The Cryptic Way

Hybrid cars. Hybrid computers. Hybrid species. You have heard it all. Ever heard about “Hybrid Crypto-currency”? Yes. It’s no more a concept. The reality is here! HYBRIDIZATION- THE CRYPTIC WAY The current scenario: With the global ecosystem changing at an unbelievable pace the need for the hour is a simplistic yet flexible solution model that

A Simplified Approach to ICO Whitepaper Drafting

White papers are in-depth reports that promote information, a technique or best practice, a product or service as a solution for the reader. Some communications professionals argue about whether or not they should be considered marketing collateral or supplements to marketing collateral, but generally, everyone agrees that the white paper should be used as a

How to market to Millennial?

“MILLENIALS”……the puzzle every marketer tries to solve yet so few succeed. What makes these “YOUNGSTERS” so difficult to understand? Are they different than the rest of the generations? Well, the answer to that is “No, they are not different” They, are just like any other group of consumers. Millennials have grown up in a connected

Tokenization- An alternate economy

When the whole planet seems to be buzzing around the Bitcoin bubble, there’s a not so new entrant waiting in line to gain the traction of the masses and leave them spell-bounded once again. Still in a situation of confusion? Time to up the curtains! “TOKENS” Yes.”Tokens” is the word. Though the term might not

Block Chains: The missing link to settle concerns in IoT

While the cryptocurrency craze seems to be settling down, the fundamental blockchain technology is expanding enormously, griping its way in IoT. Blockchain technology goes far beyond just financial transactions. The secure transaction management offered by blockchain can enable a raft of IoT applications. The secure transaction management offered by blockchain can enable a raft of

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