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Since trendy and latest sneakers are the new rage among the youngsters, sneaker app development has become necessary. Incorporating proper functionalities and overcoming the challenges can help provide a seamless footwear app for the sneakerheads. With the help of some helpful and meaningful tips, developers can create a fantastic application and avoid unforeseen pitfalls. 

The applications are available in abundance in the market, but not all fully satisfy the users’ intent. Therefore, developers can launch a one-stop-shop for all the sneakerheads looking for the hottest and trendiest sneakers by learning the shortcomings and exploiting opportunities.

Developing a sneaker application comes with its hurdles and strengths. Evaluating early and accommodating them in strategies and plans will smoothen the app development process. 

What are sneakers shopping apps?

what are sneaker shopping apps

Sneaker shopping applications enable users to buy, sell, resell the trendiest, rare, and limited edition sneakers. It provides a platform for online retailers and buyers worldwide to quote their prices. They reserve their favorites without getting stuck in the hassle of long queues outside sneaker stores.

With a few clicks, users can get their hands on highly coveted releases. It makes purchasing and selling sneakers efficient for both buyers and sellers. Moreover, reselling quality pairs on secure and reliable platforms strengthens both parties’ credibility.

Although every reservation does not lead to a win (buying the favorite sneakers), it does beat the hassle of staying in long queues since early mornings, scoping out retailers, and the rush to snag the best pair. Each sneaker application comes with its pros and cons, and users can identify which suits them the most and the least.

Market Size 2021USD 78.59 billion
CAGR5.2% (2022-2030)
App downloads200,000 +
Top playersGoat, StockX, Nike SNKRS, NTWRK
USPBuy, sell and resell
Source – Statista

Features of sneaker shopping apps

A sneaker shopping application must include the following features that will attract users and lead to better engagement.

1. User Profiles

Sneaker shopping apps allow users to create personalized profiles, enabling them to save their preferences, track purchase history, and set up notifications for new releases.

2. Search Filters

These apps offer extensive search filters to help users find the perfect pair, including options for size, brand, color, style, and price range.

3. Sneaker Release Calendar

A release calendar feature displays upcoming sneaker releases, helping users stay informed about drop dates and plan their purchases in advance.

4. Virtual Try-On

Many apps utilize augmented reality to enable users to virtually try on sneakers, providing a realistic preview of how the shoes will look on their feet.

5. Sneaker Authentication

To combat counterfeit products, some apps offer authentication services to ensure that the sneakers are genuine, enhancing the trustworthiness of the platform.

6. Wishlists

Users can create wishlists to save desired sneakers for future reference or purchase, making it easier to track and buy their preferred styles.

7. User Reviews and Ratings

Detailed reviews and ratings from other users provide insights into the quality, comfort, and fit of the sneakers, helping buyers make informed decisions.

8. Push Notifications

Apps send real-time notifications about restocks, price drops, and exclusive releases, ensuring users don’t miss out on coveted sneakers.

9. In-App Purchases

Users can seamlessly make purchases within the app, saving time and effort in navigating to external websites for transactions.

10. Sneaker Tracking

Some apps offer package tracking services, allowing users to monitor the delivery status of their purchased sneakers until they reach their doorstep, ensuring a smooth buying experience.


Top 10 sneakers apps to shop the latest trends

Sneakers have become an essential fashion item in the current era. Sneaker shopping applications are the perfect solution to avoid long lines while purchasing trendy sneakers. These applications alert when a new sneaker comes to the market and increases users’ chances to secure them. The following applications are a must download for users looking to get their hands on the latest trend sneakers:

1. Solelinks


Solelinks is a free application that alerts the users whenever a new shoe gets released or restocked. It sends notifications that direct the user towards the relevant link. Thus, it saves considerable time for the users and allows them to get their hands on the new releases before they get sold out. 

Manual users can get a list of the retailers selling the releases online. It also provides information about the releases. The application is available on both Apple and Android systems.


  • Sends direct links for purchases
  • Favorable for new releases and restock information
  • Offers links to the US and international retailers 


  • App freezes during specific hectic releases
  • Sometimes the notifications do not come through
FounderJay Estacio
USPNewsletter releases all the information about the latest arrivals
Platform FeesFree
Ratings2.4 – Android / 4.6 – iOS

2. Goat

goat sneakers

Goat is the most famous online marketplace for sneakerheads. It offers more than 150,000 pairs of sneakers, from smooth streetwear to crisp kicks. The user experience is seamless and guarantees authenticity. 

Users can buy sneakers at sellers’ nominated rates or bid their rates. The Goat verification center receives and inspects the pair scored for an authenticity check before shipping. Although the delivery time lengthens, it is worth it because of the chances of getting counterfeit slims. 

The account setting process is easy, and buying and selling are effortless. It enables buying and selling used or second-hand sneakers at low prices. The applications’ legitimacy has solidified with millions of investments from Foot Locker. 


  • Best customer support
  • High reselling prices
  • Both new and used items are available


  • High seller fees that do not lower over time
  • Historical pricing data not available (or very little)
FounderEddy Lu
USPA global platform for the greatest products
Platform FeesFree
Downloads5 M+
Ratings4.5 – Android / 4.9 – iOS

3. StockX


StockX provides the latest releases and rare old gems on its application. Along with sneakers, it offers accessories, handbags, and streetwear. It is a highly reliable secondary market with prices lower than the original retail price.

A team of specialists assures the authenticity of the pieces before delivering them to customers. It works like a stock market with the seller asking prices and buyers making bids. Once both these elements match, the transaction begins. The application interface provides average resale prices due to its ask and bid structure.

The app offers historical pricing data for users to see the trends and fluctuations in prices over time. 


  • Reduced seller fees after reaching a particular sales volume
  • Best place for streetwear and collectibles
  • Visuals and graphs are easy to read and understand 


  • Doubtful authentication process
  • Limited time for the seller to ship items
FoundersDan Gilbert, Greg Schwartz, Chris Kaufman, Josh Luber
USPBuy and sell the hottest sneakers
Platform FeesFree
Downloads5 M+
Ratings4.4 – Android / 4.6 – iOS

4. Nike SNKRS

nike snkrs

Nike launched the Nike SNKRS application to sell their highly coveted sneakers through the online distribution channel. It is a go-to platform for the latest and exclusive Nike and Jordan sneakers at retail rates. 

Using the application involves creating a Nike+ account. It will take the user to a home screen with the latest and past releases, and tapping them will give information about the same. 

SNKRS app lets you place an order but does not guarantee a purchase. The app interface is super-chic and conducts raffles seamlessly. The winners get selected randomly, and both winners and losers get notifications about the results.


  • Includes all the exciting releases
  • A clean and easy to use interface
  • Opportunity to reserve sneakers
  • Saving ridiculous resale prices


  • Random raffle process
  • In-app costs for some products are higher than in-store
  • Store coupons do not include many products
FounderVik Singh
USPFill your wardrobe with the must-haves
Platform FeesFree
Downloads5 M+
Ratings4.3 – Android / 4.8 – iOS

5. Foot Locker 

footlocker sneakers

Foot Locker hosts numerous companies under its umbrella, including Footaction, Champs, and Eastbay. Being one of the largest retailers worldwide, it provides vast product selection release dates for sneakers and enables direct purchases via the app.

The user does not have to sign up for an account. However, benefitting from the Foot Locker loyalty program requires it. It improves the shopping experience as loyalty points accumulate with shopping. Users get a chance to win coupons and a better shot at reserving limited edition sneakers.


  • Vast selection of products available
  • Excellent user interface
  • Amazing loyalty programs
  • Opportunities to reserve sneakers


  • Big releases cause app crashes
  • In-app costs for some products is higher than in-store
  • Store coupons exclude many products
FounderF.W. Woolworth
USPOne-stop destination for athletic-inspired shoes
Platform FeesFree
Downloads1 M+
Ratings3.6 – Android / 4.7 – iOS

6. Hibbett City Gear

hibbett city gear

A sporting goods retailer with 100s of brick-and-mortar stores, running from 50 years, Hibbett City Gear allows users to grab limited edition sneakers such as Air Jordans and others. Acquiring City Gear gave its sneaker collection a boost.

The user interface to this sneaker shopping application is the best of all. It has numerous value-adding features and enables securing of limited edition pieces. Users can purchase the sneakers in-store by creating an account. Before release, more limited or exclusive categories can go through a raffle process for reservations.

The Hibbett City Gear loyalty program provides coupons for reserving and purchasing sneakers. These coupons can work like cash for the next purchase.


  • Excellent user interface and design
  • Sneaker raffles for free
  • Unique benefits to the reward program


  • Hyped sneaker releases are fewer in numbers than other apps
  • Inadequate bot protection during releases that go famous
FounderMichael E. Longo
USPAthletic-inspired fashion retailer
Platform FeesFree
Downloads500,000 +
Ratings4.3 – Android / 4.8 – iOS

7. Finish Line

finishline sneakers

If you are a sneakerhead looking for highly coveted models, Finish Line is the app to go. It is the largest online retailer worldwide with the hottest sneakers like Jordan Retros and Yeezys.

Purchasing via the application requires users to go to the app and finish a release reservation process. It only takes a few seconds. The reservations open 9-10 days before the release, and results get announced seven days before the release.


  • Intuitive, clean, and easy to use interface
  • Reward coupons are applicable on all sneakers, no product exclusions
  • Straightforward raffle and reservation process


  • Busy releases lead to frustrating long queues
  • The probability of winning new raffles or releases is low
  • Limited hyped sneaker releases
FounderDavid Klapper, Alen Cohen, John Domont
USPA retail chain that offers for sale athletic shoes and related apparel and accessories
Platform FeesFree
Downloads1 M+
Ratings4.2 – Android / 4.8 – iOS

8. Kixify

kixify sneakers

Kixify lets users dive into the pool of the coolest and best sneakers in the market, from Nike to Air Jordan kicks, with an easy-to-use interface. Users must keep a keen eye on their favorite pair and multiple categories before selling out.

Although they have a massive inventory, it is essential to check the authenticity. Like Stock X and Goat initiatives, Kixify employs ‘Select,’ a process to guarantee the legitimacy of the sneakers. It follows a commission-based sale framework, where worldwide sellers flip the sought-after drops. It acquires the sneakers directly from retailers’ platforms, and the in-house team conducts due diligence in verifying its authenticity.


  • Easy ordering process and speedy delivery
  • High-end sneakers are available at reasonable rates than other sites
  • Good inventory


  • App crashes frequently
  • Tracking is not reliable
  • Possibility of getting scammed
  • Not a good customer support
FounderFurqan Khan
USPLargest sneaker’s marketplace in the world
Platform FeesFree
Downloads1 M+
Ratings3.8 – Android / 4.7 – iOS


ntwrk app

A blend of entertainment and retail, the NTWRK app offers a unique shopping experience. It provides watchable shows featuring the best streetwear and sneaker brands. It releases ‘episodes’ to drop exclusive products.

The application gives access to limited edition and rare sneakers collections. With the NTWRK Drawings app, users can enter into raffles and reservations for the more coveted items.

The application has leveled up its content by bringing abundant star power. These include Billie Eilish, Juice WRLD, Odell Beckham Jr, DJ Khaled, Alexander Wang, Jonah Hill, Doja Cat, Blake Griffin, etc.


  • Exceptional user interface
  • Good inventory collection
  • Brilliant customer service


  • Issues at checkout
  • App crashes with big releases
FounderJamie Lovine
USPMobile-first video shopping platform
Platform FeesFree
Downloads500,000 +
Ratings4.3 – Android / 4.7 – iOS

10. Sneakersnstuff (SNS)

sneakersnstuff sneaker app

Sneakerheads can get the most-hyped and hottest sneaker through the SNS app, available on both Apple and iOS. It offers raffles and drawings processes to buy and sell sneakers.

Although the probability of winning the hottest pair is low, its easy-to-use interface lets users come back for more. The process of creating an account and entering drawings through the app is straightforward. Users need to enter their billing, shipping, and shoe size information. When the drawing closes, the order and payment process will proceed automatically if you are the winner.


  • Clean and minimal user interface
  • Vast selection of the hottest releases
  • Quality products available


  • Prices are higher than other US retailers
  • Loading speed gets low sometimes
  • Low winning chances
FounderPeter Jannson, Erik, Borjesson Fagerlind
USPSneaker’s culture and community
Platform FeesFree
Downloads500,000 +
Ratings2.4 – Android / 3.8 – iOS

Tips for developing a sneakers e-commerce app in 2023

Footwear app development is not everybody’s cup of tea. It includes challenges and obstacles that are tricky to manage. However, the rise in these applications, their benefits to users, and their profit potential unlock the key to success. The following carefully curated tips by experts can help developers establish a seamless and user-friendly footwear application:

1. Elegant product display is important

elegant product display for sneaker app

While developing a sneaker shopping application, designing the product layout, description, and display is essential. Unlike physical retail stores where the collection is artistic and cleanly lined for safety, online applications can show usage and toughness.

The product images should provide a clear vision of quality, design, etc. Moreover, it should be an immersive experience with a unifying theme- color, fonts, etc. Since users cannot use their touch and smell senses, it is essential to heighten and engulf the others.

Along with the product display, description plays an equally significant role. It provides users with information about the products’ quality, sizes, styles, colors, etc. These descriptions must be persuasive and hit the buyers’ personalities for a more significant impact.

The way an application displays its products can make or break a deal. Many users judge authenticity, quality, and uniqueness based on product layouts. Developers must take a keen interest in creating a user-friendly and appealing design that matches the products’ theme and attracts potential customers.

2. Navigation that is more straightforward

straightforward navigation for sneaker app

No user wants to keep opening pages and links to reach nowhere. A clean and straightforward interface makes them stay and use the application for long and even leads to sales. It is also a highly contributing factor in positive or negative word of mouth.

The applications usually crash with new releases or heavy traffic. The ease with which a user moves forward determines links, and selects options affects the overall experience. Too slow loading speed, crashes, and glitches discourage users from using the application again. Therefore, developers need to consider these issues and develop a smoothly functioning app.

Continuously fixing and improving bugs is one way to make the application bearable and functional. Automation in testing and debugging helps considerably. A responsive platform is the need of the hour in current times. Therefore, the development process should strengthen this crucial stage for the best user experience and review.

3. Effective checkout, payment, and delivery features

effective checkout, payment, delivery for sneaker app

Many users discard online applications because of the hassle involved in checking out, payment, and delivery. Since users enter their private financial information, security measures must be robust and reliable. Similarly, the delivery option should not confuse or misstate information.

The check-out page should be simple and easy to navigate. It should provide every detail about the purchase, quantities, terms, and conditions in-depth. There must be a variety of payment options to accommodate every customer. These applications must follow the applicable security regulations and data privacy rights to keep the information safe.

The delivery feature must correctly select the current or entered address to avoid confusion. It should determine the shipping charges appropriately. Moreover, the order tracking and delivery status in real-time will update the user about their shipment.

A seamless checkout experience converts lead into sales and encourage users to visit again. Thus, effective checkout, payment, and delivery features must receive priority.

4. Recognize and support your unique selling proposition.

usp for sneaker app

Every sneaker shopping application must outline its unique selling proposition before app development. It will help developers incorporate it in every stage. The USP must match the developers’ vision, mission, and objectives.

While many apps provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, some are just information-sharing places. For example, SoleLinks gives information about the latest launches, dates, limited edition pairs, restocked products at different locations, etc. Other applications offer a marketplace for sneakerheads, retailers, and resellers to transact their favorite pairs. Some apps select winners randomly, while others invite bids.

USP does not lie in products alone. It is in the functionality, design, attractiveness, navigation, and other features. Therefore, developers must recognize it early and improve it constantly. 

5. Ascertain that your customers will return.

customer return sneaker app

A sneaker application should make sure its customers will return. It should not be a one-time use for users as it will lower the profits for developers. Retaining customers is a challenge if developers do not track specific metrics and apply adequate strategies.

Application engagement offers various metrics like the number of downloads, active users (who use the app regularly), interval sessions (time between two consecutive sessions), time length of using the app in one sitting, lifetime revenue, etc. Tracking these metrics enables developers to identify shortcomings and strengths and implement appropriate strategies.

6. Support and feedback

support and feedback sneaker app

When a customer requires help and support for their queries, doubts, issues, etc., the footwear app must be at the forefront. It will enhance apps’ credibility among users. After the app gets launched on different platforms, developers must address the users’ reviews, ratings, suggestions, and feedback.

These support and feedback measures provide developers with actionable insights. Developers can improve their applications by measuring user satisfaction and retention. They can gain support and feedback from various sources and take the following actions:

  • Ask for feedback through questionnaires, comment boxes, etc
  • Categorizing input received from users, marketing, accounts, customer support team, etc
  • Following up with the complaints and customer review status
  • Sharing user feedback across the organization

Develop your own sneakers shopping app 

Developing a sneakers shopping application is tricky and requires specialized individuals to manage the technical and legal aspects. The developers must cover the problems with expertise and resources. It employs highly qualified personnel to manage various aspects of sneakers app development.

Final words

Sneaker applications cover the user needs who strive to get their hands on the latest and hottest sneaker releases without any physical hassle. Although it has its shortcomings like higher prices, application crashes, etc., many apps try to overcome these challenges to the maximum.

Idea Usher has the team to help you, from outlining apps’ USP and expectations to making it users’ favorite place. For more detailed information, you can reach us at

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone Numbers : (+91)9463407140, (+91)8591407140, and (+1)7329624560

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Q. What features must the developers include in a sneaker’s app?

A. Developers must try to incorporate favorable features like an elegant product display, an easy-to-navigate interface, seamless checkout, and delivery, developing the USP, encouraging and retaining customers via support and feedback.

Q. Explain the process of developing a sneakers app.

A. Developing a sneaker application requires outlining the need, features to add, etc. Then, with the help of a professional development team, the app can be developed, tested, launched, and continuously improved.

Q. How long does it take to develop a footwear app?

A. Developing a footwear application takes anywhere between 45-90 days. It depends on customization and other features you want to include.

Q. Is it worth creating a footgear application?

A. The sneaker application industry is increasing every day as more and more youngsters become sneakerheads. Moreover, the reselling applications generate a billion-dollar industry with people looking for the best and rare sneakers for their feet.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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