how to make an app like ntwrk shopping app

The crazy fan following of pop culture is why a variety of merchandise is in fashion now. Fans love to get their hands on celebrity merchandise. Therefore, an app like the Ntwrk, empowers fans to have access to exclusive products. Some notable celebrities on the app are Billie Eilish, Dr. Dre, and Kehinde Wiley.

The app is already in the business of providing the best brands and names in pop culture. It offers a reinvented way of shopping limited-edition apparel and other collectibles that drop in with each new episode. It is more than an app. It’s an online community that collaborates with artists, interactive panels, performances, etc. NFT’s are becoming a part of the Ntwrk Livestream shopping model.

From purchasing rare art to sneakers and chatting in a real-time frame to attending digital events, all come under the reach of it. Therefore, only an app that encompasses such lucrative features identical to Ntwrk shall become like it.

Application NameNTWRK App
CEOAaron Levant
Launch Year2018
InvestorsGoldman Sachs, LionTree, Kering, and others.
Competition GOAT, Buyma, G-Tech apparel
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Revenue$26.2M per year


What makes the Ntwrk app different from other shopping apps?

how is ntwrk app different from other apps

We all know the online shopping apps and how they sell their products to customers. When there are so many shopping applications, why create an app like Ntwrk? What makes Ntwrk app different from other apps? Well, to answer this question, let us dig in a little deeper.

1.    Ntwrk focuses more on pop culture.

For the present generation, something of their choice can be the best option for sales. Keeping this in mind, Ntwrk has focussed on the pop culture that Gen Z and millenials like. And has introduced its products for sale with live streaming.

2.    Ntwrk uses TV series to sell the products.

The app uses TV series and daily episodes to sell the products. If any price drop, sale, or other news or update is to be communicated to the customer, the app uses the same platform. There is nothing wrong if we call it a stream shopping app.

3.    Exclusive drop in the prices.

Ntwrk has very smartly introduced a price drop feature to keep the customers hooked with the app. They occasionally give price drops to the customers of the famous Hollywood brands. In this way, the product becomes affordable to all.

4.    Virtual festivals.

The Ntwrk shopping app introduces virtual festivals in which people from all over the globe come together virtually. The festivals are full of laughter and entertainment. Big stars give musical performances, funny mimicries, etc. at these festivals. The price drop of streetwear products forms an integral part of these festivals.

How to make a Ntwrk clone app? Step-by-step guide

Creating an app requires the developer to pay attention to the basic steps. These steps would guide the creation of a true masterpiece that can compete with Ntwrk. Since it is an app that has been listed on big names like Hypebeast, Yahoo Business, etc., the process has to take cautious turns.

1.    Allocating the features

Allocating the features of the app is the foremost step. The app can be a big success if this step is done correctly. Here are a few features that should be included in the Ntwrk clone app.

      Drops Button

An app similar to Ntwrk cannot ignore the drops button in it. The app’s drop button serves as the gateway to the offers after each update. Therefore, a similar button should be included in your app.


The categories tab makes the user familiar with the choicest range of products and streaming services available on the platform. Your app must show all sorts of artists-inspired products like sneakers, art, music, etc., to stand apart from Ntwrk.

      Live and Upcoming

The live and upcoming section in the Ntwrk app is all about the anticipated goodies and streams. It notifies the user about the same and keeps them tuned. This section creates the needful enthusiasm, so it should accompany your app’s feature list.


An ideal competitor of the app must try to include the trending artistic group’s bands, etc. For instance, BTS, Black Pink, Eminem, etc., can be featured in the trending section to get popularity.

      Festivals and seasons

This is a typical feature that the app should focus on using. It can tell the details of the upcoming music festivals, live concerts, etc. Moreover, highlighting the dates of the event seasons can become an attractive feature.

Process of getting started

Here is the introductory user journey!



The first step of starting the app is relatively simple in Ntwrk. It only asks for your mobile number with country code. So ensuring a similar or even easier beginning step is vital for an in-app detail.

      Code verification

code verification

The code verification is sent to the same number; the user gets to explore the app on entering the OTP.

      Purchase, payment, and discounts

purchase, payments and discounts

After the shopping is done, a customer wishes for a smooth payment procedure payment. Also, the app must incorporate various payment options like PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, etc. UPI and QR codes should also form a part of the app for faster payments.

2.    Selection of a compatible tech

Before the development, it is significant to select the primary operating system that the app expects to function on. It decides the target audience of the app. For example, currently, there are two market leaders, iOS and Android, in the smartphone world. So, choosing among them or making it compatible for both is an essential step.

Moreover, social networking should not be ignored. It should be compatible with various messengers and sites for socializing, as the triumph of a video stream shopping app depends on the size of the customer base.

Push notifications, and cloud environments are essential. Selecting and Twilio can help send notifications directly to the user’s mobile. Whereas deciding a cloud environment can come in handy with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. This eventually gets an upgraded data storage and transmission.

3.    Designing the UI

Ntwrk is an app that concentrates on a fast and interactive user interface. For a Ntwrk clone app the primary and perhaps the most decisive step is to design an equivalent UI. The primary purpose of the app should be to stream shopping trends. Therefore, only focusing on creating a smooth interface will enable the customers to stream actively.

The UI designers must make sure to have an interactive web page first. Later on, there should be a product hierarchy that lets users understand the latest to old trends. The UI should be simple and should have a purposeful layout. It is advisable to use colors and textures strategically.

Then comes the use of cookies, which helps understand the user’s search liking. Cookies are the coding texts in a UI that allows tracking of customer preferences. It helps in an easy estimation of possible choices. A UI developer should make sure the user never feels the app is unintuitive.

Even the Ntwrk app lags in certain areas regarding the user interface. Therefore, while creating the app, make sure to resolve the issues arising in the Ntwrk app. Considering these points would give an upper hand in the market.

ui problems

      Faster verification code

Slow generation of the verification code is a common UI issue. Even Ntwrk misses rectifying this issue in its UI. So, focusing on a faster verification code generation can be advantageous.

      Ship timing accuracy

The accurate mentioning of the shipping time is another UI standard that an app should maintain. It is unprofessional to deliver at a different time than what we mention on the app.

      Loading time

When it comes to UI development, loading time needs critical attention. Ntwrk app sometimes faces the issue of a lag in the loading time. The developer needs to resolve it to make an app dominate the competitors.

4.    The development process of the app

The development of the app takes place in stages. Unlike the first two steps, now it is time to develop the app’s core. This step involves all the stages to bring the app into a working form.

The development needs to be done correctly to sell products in real-time, like the Ntwrk app. Marketing at no cost should be ignored while making the app. The technical aspect is governed by the prototype, making, designing, etc. On the other hand, the business part concerns app functionality, cost of making, etc.

5.    Making a Beta version of the app

Making a beta app is probably the best way to understand how your app functions in the market. It is nothing but your app with discounted features yet similar functioning. Giving the users a beta app is comparable to a trial and error mode of understanding the needs. It can be done in two ways: internally by giving it to the employees and externally with the public. It opens the ways of improvements in your app.

6.    Detailed publication of the in-app features

Publishing the in-app features and their details is the next step. It allows the users to form an idea of the app. It doesn’t matter if the app targets the Android or iOS platforms; the details serve as the guide for a better user-app experience. It is often seen that in the Ntwrk app, the features mentioned sometimes fail to live up to the standards. Therefore, only those features and details shall be mentioned which stays put. Additionally, giving a user guide can also amount to a better rating.

7.    Deployment

The last and finishing touch to the whole process is deployment. The app can go live when the final configuration comes to an end with this step. Finally, the app is now likely to surpass the Ntwrk app.

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Live commerce – A step towards future

The future is going to witness the market evolution. The live stream shopping industry will be an essential part of every smartphone. VR and AR will contribute to the immersive shopping industry. Online retailers will use AI technology to make the shopping experience enriched. If you want your business to be a part of the change and introduce something new for your customers, this is the right time. Bring a twist to your business with something that will be a part of the future.

NFT drops – A bridge between digital and physical goods

Ntwrk has involved NFT in the business model.  By introducing NFT drops the app is taking a step towards the bridging of digital and physical goods. The artists whom Ntwrk has collaborated with are either already in NFT space or are curious to be in the space. Through the app, the creator who is launching NFT will have access to the global community of Ntwrk.

How much does it cost to make an app like the Ntwrk shopping app?

The stream shopping market is gaining popularity in different countries. And hence, the cost of making such apps is an essential factor that the businessman considers. Well! The cost of making an app usually starts from $8000 onwards. 

Winding thoughts

The above information provides all the details and answers to the questions that may erupt in the readers’ minds. For a person with an innovative business perspective, the following approach definitely will be to create an app like the Ntwrk shopping app. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] to ease this search process and get your app ready. You can also call on these phone numbers (+91)9463407140, (+91)8591407140, and (+1)7329624560 to connect with us. We assure you that our experts will leave no stone unturned to create an app that you have in your mind.


1.    How does the Ntwrk app make money?

It is pretty obvious that retail sales are the primary source of making apps for any stream shopping app. Apart from this, it also creates content for different brands, which contributes to making money.

2. How much time does it take to develop a mobile app like Ntwrk?

Depending on the complexities of the project the time taken to develop an app like ntwrk usually varies between 45 days to 70 days. 

3. Where can I find the best app developers to create a video shopping platform?

Although there are several app development companies choosing one is a matter of concern. Idea Usher is one such company that has an excellent team of developers. Also, their customer reviews show their enriching experience in the app development process.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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