ithere an app for RV travel

You know it is time for you to hit the road in your RV. To know if there is an app for RV travel, you have to get through this blog.

The seasons have changed, and every camper or even traveler is looking for optimized apps to help them travel better.

Although we should head out into the great outdoors to escape from the daily grind of email and work, mindfully applied technology can enhance our adventures. So with the help of this blog, we will help you understand if there is an app for RV travel. Unlike in 2012, the problem today is there are too many apps out there that you can refer to when traveling.

If you search for the best camping app for the RV app, then an array of options will appear right in front of you. So, Idea Usher has done the hard work. Presenting you with a list of RV traveling apps that can accompany your next adventure session.

Android and IOS Apps Are Ruling The Market

ithere an app for RV travel

In today’s world, if you know, both iOS and Android have taken the platform. If you want to search if there is an app for RV travel, then you can get plenty. The recent development in apps and technologies is helping human beings to come together. Android and Ios have taken their platform to the next stage.

Many people have said that with the help of these apps, people can now perform and be better. Suppose you are traveling somewhere and you don’t know the part of the route. However, with this help, you can understand where to go and which area to choose.

Besides, it was traced back to the early days when the campus of travelers had no single information about which area was better for them. This is where these RV travel apps work rightfully for them. If you are a new traveler to a completely odd place, we have the perfect solution here for you. Traveling in your RV can be the best option for you. Provided you have guidance helping you to understand the safety of each route you take.

Top RV Travel Apps

If you are looking, is there an app for RV travel, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at this list of sections and plan out the right app which can work out for you.

For Planning Uses: 

ithere an app for RV travel

InRoute Planner

This is an app that can be used for route planning. Figuring out the best route for your RV can be challenging for you. This amazing app comes with inbuilt features which can help you to plan accordingly. However, there are similar apps on the store that can help you out with the same thing. In route planner makes it easier for you to plan accordingly and more in a precise manner. If you are traveling in your RV, then this app lets you optimize the waypoints for the fastest time. It even helps you to find different locations altogether on your map.

There are about 150 locations with the manual order, which you can pinpoint right on your map. Interactive sessions show elevation and even implications depending on the weather, which will be there. If there are indications of snowfall or heavy rainfall, then in route planner works out for you. You can also export routes to google maps and use GPS devices along with Waze.

The cost of this application is free for the first seven days. But once you use the trial period, then it will cost you 3.99 dollars monthly. The cost goes up to 29.99 dollars annually or even 14.99 dollars for the premium version. The in-route planner is available for all android and Ios users.


Roadtrippers is an amazing app that can help you with your road trip. If you’re looking for an app for RV travel, then this is the best choice for you. Roadtrippers has the answer to all your questions. However, this app comes with a lot of drawbacks that can be settled later on.

First of all, this app helps you to find quirky roadside attractions along with scenic points. It even helps you to save money on all the trips or places wherever you go. Being a traveler to a completely new place can be challenging at times. But Roadtrippers do the work right here for you. It helps you to understand the places where you can go and even manage your traveling insights. If you are traveling with a group of friends and want to stop your RV from getting some coffee or drinks, then this app has the perfect feature for you.

The cost of this app is completely free. It comes with seven waypoints, which is a bummer, and the content is based on populated regions. You can get this app as a free version on ios and even Android.

Roadside America

Lastly, if you’re looking for a planning app, then roadside America is a wonderful choice. Although this type of wave can be used for a lot of travel, it is best meant for RV traveling. If you cannot get enough of the nearby attractions found all over the place where you travel, this app can help you find yourself.

It comes with photos and feature options. Suppose you are traveling to a new place, and you want to see what the attractions hold for you. This app does the deal. It comes with under-the-weather destinations and reservations to your email, which you can get as notifications. It even plays out the plan and navigation site, which provides an organized map for your top travel destination point.

This app is completely free till you are done with the trial period. It will cost you about 2.$99 on ios, as it includes one of the seven US or Canadian regions. There are options where you can purchase more if you feel like it. This app is completely flexible for an RV traveler to manage.

For Miscellaneous Uses:

ithere an app for RV travel

Sani Dumps

This app provides the number one essential feature that every RV traveler looks for. It is convenient for you to know a place where to dump your holding tanks. Suppose you’re traveling out for a very long time. However, you haven’t found a single resource or dump trunk where you can pour out all the dumps right from your RV. Sani dumps come with a navigation system that lays out a detailed assessment of the dumping place.

This app provides a simple map to help you find the nearest RV dump. There is the location along with the information and even the price plus the hours stated. If you are looking for contact information, then this app features you with the same. Roadside travelling means that you will have to get all your dumps into a single place collectively with Sani Dumps.

Dumping your resources somewhere is not what you should look out for. Just understand how this app works, and it shall be the best choice right here for you. If you’re looking for an app for RV travel, then Sani dumps are completely free for you to use. You can get it on google play or even iTunes.

Weather Radio

One thing which you cannot miss while traveling is the weather. Besides, not always your weather report or news report is going to be the same. Suppose you’re traveling somewhere, and the weather has suddenly changed from a bright sunny day to heavy rainfall. You cannot blame your news report for not helping you to find out that this was going to happen. This is when an app can be the best buddy for you. However, this app comes with a lot of features other than telling you the weather.

Suppose you have traveled through the Midwest or even the south during storm season; you know the feeling of impending doom. The weather is changing fast, and you need to make a split decision within a second. A weather radio is an ultimate app that can help you to keep on date with the latest from alerts. Weather radio offers a fantastic weather map that will keep you feeling safe all-around your way. It is just not a tornado app. It helps you find out whether or not it will rain. It even helps you to understand and make informed decisions right in advance.

This app is completely free once you use the trial period, which comes for about seven days. Once you are done with the trial period, this app will charge you 2.99 dollars. Depending on the user, this app can even charge you 3.99 dollars per month. This app is available on the google play store or iTunes.

Key Ring Rewards Card

If you’re looking for an app for traveling and are willing to get discounts or offers wherever you go, then a keyring rewards card will help you. Are you sick of the discount cards for every business known to man? If you collect shopper cards and frequent flyer cards, and even gym memberships, then this is the best app for you. It comes with a lot of features and even barcode scanning options.

Suppose you travel and your close friends want to drop in somewhere. If you find a spot at a local disco bar and want to have some fun, then this is the right one for you. Besides, this app is extremely simple to handle. Is there an app for RV travel this amazing app works like a wonder for discounted previews.

You need to simply download the free app and then scan the barcode on your rewards or club cards. When you visit any one establishment, you hold the card and simply have their staff scan your barcode from your phone. One of the best apps it features comes along with nifty online account management. This is a good app if you are looking to travel on the streets through the US.

This app is completely free. You can get this app on your play store or even iTunes. It comes with a trial period and even a subscription option. For the subscription part, if you wish to pay for the same, then you can enjoy the premium features.

For Navigation Uses:

ithere an app for RV travel

GPS CoPilot

Gps copilot is one of the finest offline apps around. The best feature of this app is it is completely offline, and you don’t have to need the internet to use this app. It offers a few other map features that come with navigation and even Garmin. This app is preloaded with thousands of points of interest.

It even comes with nearby places such as ATMs, restaurants, hospitals, vets, spas, or your favorite gas stations. Are we traveling can be considered a long list and form of travel since you have to cover so many points to check out the view? Gps copilot helps you to understand and take all the information which is shared on google and even Wikipedia. It helps you to know which place is the best choice for you. Suppose you are traveling to a new place and you don’t know which hotel will work out for you. Gps copilot does the work.

There are a lot of hotels that come with a four or even 5-star rating system. It suggests the same kind of hotel based on your budget. There are additional features, such as a map of dates and even life traffic, which are available. If you upgrade to the paid version, then this app comes with even loads of premium features.

Gps copilot lives stores all the map information directly on the device so that you can get additional information.

If you enjoy trips and Microsoft street software, then this app is the perfect option for you. You can get this app free on your google play or items. This comes with a free version. There is a catch. If you want to use the premium subscription or the other features, then the paid version will work.


Waze is one of the most general navigation apps that you can use for your RV traveling. Looking is there an app for RV travel and even navigation, then this is a perfect application. First of all, there are a lot of countries and a lot of territories where you travel. Waze keeps an update of the real-time GPS traffic and transit info along with the best routes.

Use this app for navigating traffic and getting a real-time arrival estimate. Suppose you are traveling for a very long time and you don’t know the place of the location where you are visiting. This can be a long haul for a lot of RV travelers. This is when apps like Waze can come in handy. Somewhere if you want to compare the rules and the timings along with accuracy options, then this is right after you. It comes to the free version, which is available on ios and even Android.

The installation of the app is extremely simple. All you have to do is get this app from the store and then set up your account. Once you do, you have to enable the live GPS tracking software on your phone.

For Checklist Uses:
ithere an app for RV travel

My Pilot

My pilot is a fantastic app that helps you get to a truck stop whenever you need it. Suppose you are traveling for a very long time and you stop somewhere. This app helps you to find out the place where you can settle your RV. My pilot app from the pilot and J helps you to find nearby places together to take care of all your RV needs.

Aside from sorting all the locations, you can check out the fuel prices along with the contact location from inside the app. It helps you find your favorite features, which are the ability to enter your trip, start date, and even endpoint. However, this app comes with a lot of other features which can be used for your traveling. Suppose you’re traveling with a lot of groups and friends, and you want to crash somewhere. This will help you to save all your time and money. It is not 100% infallible because, most of the time, it is accurate and helpful.

A word of caution.  

This app sometimes lists all the stations that are no longer there. Because it based on your GPS tracking system, this app does not come with an understanding of whether the location is still there or not. But if you’re looking forward to having a good travel weekend, then this is the perfect choice for you.

This app is completely free, and you can get it on Google Play and iTunes. All you have to do is install this app, and the installation is extremely simple. Besides, once you are done with the installation process, you can set up your account and then start using the features.

Trip Journal

The trip journal is a wonderful app that pretty much does what its name implies. Looking out for is there an app for RV travel, then this is the option. Journal comes with a wonderful collection for all your traveling needs. Suppose you are going out on a trip and you want to journalize everything which has been happening to you.  Searching for is there an app for RV travel will do the work for you.

You can add the mapping points and personal thoughts through photos. Trip journal with them altogether and helps you to create a wonderful virtual scrapbook of all your trips. You can even add your favorite attraction instantly to the app. This can include all the restaurants and even the rest stops you have been to.

It even supports videos.

The trip journal supports videos, so if you are lucky enough to grab some cool footage, then you can add this to your travelogue. If you have the habit of keeping journals for all your trips, then this is the app you can try out for. Camping is a wonderful part and the journey of your life. If you are traveling out with your friends, can you want to keep each and every single piece of information and memory instilled in your brain? But sometimes, due to the load and stress that our brain takes, it can be hard for you to keep a proper journal. This is when an app does the need for you.

The trip journal is completely free. However, there is a catch. The trip journal comes to the free version until and unless you take up the premium features. So the premium features option comes with about 2.99 dollars per month. You can get this app on your google play or even Itunes. This amazing app comes with a lot of features and is extremely easy to install.

Choosing The Right App For Your RV Travelling

ithere an app for RV travel

In today’s environment, smartphones and even tablets these days go hand in hand. These days nearly everyone travels with either a smartphone or tablet. If you are one of them, then traveling is not a thing of the past anymore. Now you can get to places and discover all the unique attractions and spots from all around. If you are a traveler, these apps might fascinate you to the core.

Choosing the right kind of travel app can be a difficult option for you. 

This is when Idea Usher has brought to you the right list chosen by our experts. We all understand the meaning of traveling and how close it can be to your heart. Idea Usher presents you with the right apps for RV traveling with the help of the above-mentioned options. Feel free to give in feedback or whatever you have discovered on your own while traveling. Also, with the help of our experts, we can help you to build a custom mobile app that is solely meant for travel. We are here to cater to your needs and wants.

Contact us anytime, and we are here to get you the deal you are asking for.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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