Travel dating app; sounds scam, right?

Here’s a quick fact check:
Tinder broke all the records by becoming the most downloaded travel dating app in the US till April 2021. The app had over one million downloads in just a month. Bumble bagged the second position with over 560 thousand monthly downloads.

With the numbers disclosed, it must be evident now how popular travel dating apps have become in the digital age. 

With the digital world evolving, dating is also getting evolved. The internet gets bombarded with tons of dating apps every now and then. However, it becomes highly critical to stand out in the world of travel dating apps. 

We at Idea Usher have the best in-house experts who persistently upgrade their skill-set to get aligned with the requirements. We behold extensive experience in developing several matchmaking and dating apps whose success rate speaks for our expertise.

So, with the digital trends getting transformed, build an app that is embedded with everything the world needs today. Before getting into developing an app, know the ins and outs of a travel dating app.

From the top travel dating apps to the must-have features, let’s dig deeper about the app. 

What is a Travel Dating App?

For those not familiar with a travel hookup app, it is just like any other online dating app. But instead of swiping right or left, the user scrolls through profiles. The profiles include photos, quick bios, and an additional feature; search by trip

To get a clearer picture, let’s understand with the example of a popular travel dating app: Miss Travel. The interface of the app allows the users to list trips by adding a few key details: destination and date. For instance, the users can share information like “buy your own ticket”(i.e., the user informs the date to have their own expenses including ticket); or “willing to carry out expenses (i.e., the user will cover travel buddy’s expenses)or something else. 

From there, the hunt for finding the perfect match begins. Unlike other dating apps, the conversations are more of roam-ance and not romance. Anything and everything regarding travel gets discussed, and thus the user gets the perfect travel buddy. 

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How is a Dating app Related to Travel?

A report by Statista states that The US online dating market is booming, projected to reach $1.49 billion by 2028 with a steady growth rate and 65.9 million users. This surge surpasses other countries, boasting the highest revenue and user penetration rate globally (19% by 2028). This trend reflects the growing popularity of online dating in the US as people seek connections in the digital world.

Since these numbers speak volumes for themselves, businesses are playing around with these dating apps and bringing the best to the market. Having said that, the dating apps got designed and developed with a focus on the travel niche. The apps evolved and focused on pitching solo travelers and helping them find a date, a travel buddy during the vacation. 

Similar to conventional dating sites, travel dating apps allow the user to create a profile, short bios, and every other detail. Additionally, they provided the location feature where the user connects with other travelers having the same itinerary plans so together they enjoy their vacation. 

Tinder, Bumble, MissTravel, and so many more gained huge popularity among solo travelers. The underlying reason behind infusing a dating app with travel was to help people make connections while traveling. The apps came with exceptional features that allowed users to chat, plan and meet a travel companion. 

The best travel dating apps were the ones that combined travel insights, technology, and user experience perfectly and successfully attracted all the single solo travelers out there.

Top 5 Trending Dating Apps for Travelers 

Based on the features that lead to high user engagement and retention, a quick rundown through the best travel dating apps has been summoned.

Let’s quickly get into it:


Tinder App Interface

Tinder tops this list with more than 50 million users around the globe. It is one of the most popular apps to find travel partners even before you land the destination. The app is embedded with rich features that maximize the user experience, with Tinder Passport being the most exclusive and audience engagement feature.

Tinder Passport feature lets the user change their geographical location and easily find a match in the area traveling to. Based on the user’s location, interest, and travel plans, the app allows the user to make new friends, catch up with the locals and find a date in just a few clicks. 

Other than this, social media integration, Prompts and safety-induced video calls and chats, and more helped the company generate revenue of 1.35$ billion in the year 2020.


Bumble App Interface

The app was launched in 2014 by the former Tinder executive and it expanded like fire in the online dating business world. The app supports several orientations different from other travel dating apps but giving women users the driver seat made the hot news. 

Started as a plain conventional dating app, it turned as the second most popular dating app in the United States. Year-over-year, the app evolved by adding an array of exceptional features and now has three modes for users: Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. 

The Bumble BFF feature makes Bumble a perfect dating site for world travelers who wish to share their vacation with someone else. The feature allows the traveler to connect with people at their final destination. They can chat, video call, and plan their vacation with the adventurers in the same destination.


Tripr App Interface

Next on the list of dating sites for world travelers is the user-friendly Tripr app. The app has a highly simplified navigation process that just requires users to fill out a form along with their itinerary details. With some clicks, the user can choose with whom they wish to travel the trip.

The best thing about this app for solo travelers is that the user can add multiple or upcoming trips and the current trip as well. Tripr not only connects the users with fellow travelers and initiates a conversation but also users get to know about new activities to indulge in at the destinations. Getting information about accommodation is an additional benefit of the app. 


Tourbar App Interface

With more than 3.5 million users, Tourbar is another best find your travel partner app having high popularity in Europe, the United States, and Asia. The app is an investment of $29.99 per month, yet the app has beaten the path in the online dating scene successfully. 

The app is embedded with simple yet highly functional features that effortlessly connect travelers with those who extensively know the in and out of the destination. Users can easily chat with people of their next destination and can line up the dates even before the actual vacation begins.

Better than “just a dating app” and “a local guide”, Tourbar allows the users to share itineraries, get traveling advice and make new friends. The app is included with the invite people feature so that users can catch up with other adventurers around the place and make spontaneous plans. 


Skout App Interface

Last but not least, Skout is another location-based travel dating app working progressively in more than 180 countries. The app is a free travel dating site embedded with an array of highly functional features. It allows the user to instantly connect and chat with someone based on location.

The filter feature of the app allows the user to filter people based on their likes, dislikes and then build a relationship. It shows the people having the activity timeline as that of the user, making it highly rich in user experience.  

Key Features of Travel Dating Application 

Today, there are over 5000 dating apps available worldwide, with just 2500 operating in the US alone. Having said that, these statistics don’t tell the whole story. As per BusinessofApps, a gradual decrease was observed in the download percentage of dating sites after the year 2019.  

Thus, it makes it imperative for developers to design a fully featured travel dating app. The app should not only be about chat tools but must support features that help in retaining and engaging the users.

Other than the basic features of dating apps, here’s a rundown through features that paves the way to the best app.

Key Features of a Travel Dating Application


Popular travel dating apps like Tinder offer users the silent check-in feature. The feature allows the user to send notifications to friends and emergency services in case of any situation arises. It ensures the safety of the user and keeps the experience very real.  

Another dating app named Magnet effectively merges the best of online dating with real-life experience through this feature. It allows the user a quick check-in. It eventually leads to filtration, giving a result list of singles doing activity that the user may be interested in.

Advanced filters

A conventional must-have feature in dating apps that allows users to connect effortlessly with one another. To remain the best in the travel dating business, US-based app; Hily did not limit to providing filters options of just age, occupation, location, etc. The users connected with like-minded people because of the options like eating habits, reading habits, and other preferences included. 

The app makes it very easy and fast for individuals to get connected.

Ice breakers

eHarmony’s ice breakers is another popular feature to embed in the travel dating app. Along with other features, it paved the way of success for the app. As the name states, the feature aims to provide conversation starters to break the ice. The feature intimidated the users to make the first move when they were not able to initiate the conversation. 

Tinder’s cue cards called Prompts is another perfect example of aptly using the Ice breaker feature. 


Having talked about the popularity of the Tinder app while building the perfect dating site for travel lovers, embedding correct Geo-targeting is critical. The success rate of the top travel dating sites depends on the proper functioning of this feature. 

The feature in Tinder effectively fetches the contacts as per the location for the user allowing easy meetup. Also, the user can select at what distance the travel partner should be.

Integration of social platform

From Facebook to Spotify, Tinder takes the potential user to its interface effortlessly. As a result of the integration of social platforms in the dating app, Tinder enhances the user experience by saving their time otherwise would have been wasted while creating a profile on Tinder. Thus, to compete with the giant travel dating industry out there, embedding such a feature that allows easy social sign-ups is highly imperative. The more the app has a user-friendly interface, the more successful it gets. 

Growth of Travel Dating Industry

According to a report by Statista Digital Market Outlook, the online dating industry is expected to touch the peak of 413 million active users globally by the end of 2022. Also, the industry is expected to generate a revenue of approximately $3.7 billion through paid subscriptions.

Countries around the globe are major contributors to the revenue of this industry, with the United States being the clear market leader. The country’s active users are approximately 53 million people, with a penetration rate of 15.7 percent. As a result, their expected market size is estimated to reach $829 million by the end of 2022.

Other nations having big online dating markets include the UK (11.5 percent penetration rate), France(10.9 percent), India(3.4 percent), China(6 percent), and other European countries.

For a clearer understanding, have a look at the following demonstration:

Growth of Travel Dating Inustry

Build Your Own Travel Dating App With Idea Usher

With everything uncovered, saying that the world of dating apps won’t have a recession is not too much. The only way to be ahead in the curve is by developing an app that goes above and beyond in user experience.

So, if you are determined to venture into developing an app like the above, you must connect with Idea Usher. Having years of expertise and proficiency in mobile app development, we have hands-on skills in design, development, and marketing. 

With the best backend developers team and the end-to-end solution makers, we indeed deliver the best. Our passion and experience speak volumes about the success of our developed viral and cost-effective applications.

Final Words

From local singles to international travelers, travel dating apps make it effortless to find the perfect match. All it begins with; is creating a profile, throwing a dart on the board, and bang; the user is ready to head out! 

Travel dating apps or hookup apps don’t let singles miss the adventure that life is full of. These apps take heaps of load in finding an adventure partner for the user.

Year-over-year, the travel dating apps are gaining immense trust among users indicating sure financial success for the developers. However, one must be very critical of all the requirements that the present-day user comes looking for in the app. To fuel your chances of glory, contact the best agency and get the best travel dating app developed.

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1. How to measure the success of a travel dating app?

The success of a travel dating app is measured using different metrics and KPIs. These metrics need to be predetermined by the developer before getting into the process. 

A few key examples of metrics include:

  • Engagement metrics: Measures how many users engaged with the app by the number of downloads, website visits, etc. 
  • Outcome metrics: Measures what actions the user makes while using the app. 
  • Behavioral metrics: Measures the interaction of people based on their location and how many times they use it. 
  • Retention metrics: Measures how many users come back or stick to the app. 

2. How much time does it take to develop a travel dating app?

Depending on the key requirements and features, the time can vary from client to client. However, an estimated time of 90-100 days in developing, deploying, and testing the app for both iOS and Android platforms. With Idea Usher, you can

3. What statistics state about the online dating market?

As per the recent statistics, the online dating segment revenue is expected to grow by 4.2% annually (2019 – 2023). The average revenue amounts to $4.9 million.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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