IDO Launchpad Development

Decentralized exchanges are experiencing a surge in popularity, with Uniswap reaching a staggering $2 trillion trading volume. This growth highlights the increasing demand for peer-to-peer crypto transactions. Additionally, DEX platforms like Dexalot are expanding their reach, fostering interoperability across different blockchain networks. Their recent launch on Arbitrum, a rapidly growing Ethereum scaling solution, helped them expand user access by many folds.

The trend of IDO fundraising is also rapidly growing alongside the increasing popularity of DEXs. As a result, many entrepreneurs are looking to develop their own IDO launchpads. But, before jumping into this trend, it’s essential to understand the key features, development costs, and benefits of launching an IDO platform. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about developing an IDO launchpad and unlocking the exciting potential of the current IDO fundraising market!

What is an IDO Launchpad?

IDO Launchpads serve as the launch pad for these IDO events. They provide the infrastructure and resources needed for startups and businesses to conduct successful token offerings.

These Launchpads address a key limitation of traditional Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs. ICOs have often been criticized for being centralized and lacking transparency. In contrast, IDOs leverage the power of DEXs. This means token offerings happen directly on a DEX, eliminating the need for a central authority and fostering a more democratic investment landscape. Investors can participate directly with projects using their crypto wallets, streamlining the process and increasing accessibility.

Centralized vs. Decentralized

IDO Launchpads often utilize a hybrid approach, combining elements of both centralized and decentralized finance. While IDOs occur on decentralized exchanges, Launchpads frequently manage liquidity pools to ensure smooth token trading and price discovery. This can involve collaborating with liquidity providers or employing automated market maker protocols.

Recognizing the diverse landscape of blockchain technology, IDO Launchpads are increasingly becoming multi-chain compatible. This means they can support IDOs on various blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain, providing businesses with more flexibility in choosing the best platform for their project.

For businesses looking to capitalize on the IDO boom, developing their own Launchpad can be a lucrative venture.  

How Does an IDO Launchpad Work?

IDO Launchpads act as the bridge between blockchain startups and potential investors. Leveraging the power of DEXs and smart contracts, IDOs offer several advantages over traditional fundraising methods like ICOs.

Here’s how IDOs work: 

  • A startup seeking funding applies to an IDO Launchpad platform. After a thorough vetting process to ensure the legitimacy and potential of the project, the launchpad approves the IDO. Interested investors then undergo a KYC process to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. 
  • Some Launchpads may also have whitelist systems where users can participate in tasks or hold a specific amount of the platform’s token to gain priority access. When the IDO commences, investors deposit funds into the Launchpad platform, usually in a widely accepted cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Binance Coin (BNB). A smart contract, a self-executing code on the blockchain, automatically facilitates the exchange. A predetermined portion of the raised funds is then utilized to create a liquidity pool on the DEX. 
  • This pool functions as a marketplace where investors can later trade the project’s tokens after they are released. The remaining funds go directly to the project team to fuel their development and operations. The IDO culminates in a Token Generation Event or TGE. At this point, the project’s tokens are minted and distributed to participating investors. At the same time, the liquidity pool becomes tradable on the DEX, allowing investors to buy or sell the tokens freely.
  • Importantly, these liquidity pools are often locked for a specific period to prevent volatility and ensure project stability in its early stages. This entire process, from investor participation to token distribution, is conducted transparently and immutably on the blockchain, fostering trust and security for all involved.

Key Market Takeaways for DEXs

According to Xangle, the DEX market experienced phenomenal growth in 2021, fueled by the DeFi boom. Transaction volume skyrocketed to a staggering $1.8 trillion, a 23-fold increase compared to 2020. 

Key Market Takeaways for DEXs

Source: Xangle

This growth can be due to two key factors. First, the popularity of high-yield DeFi products like staking and lending protocols drew users towards DEXs. Unlike Centralized Exchanges, DEXs facilitate peer-to-peer crypto transactions without relying on intermediaries, offering greater control and flexibility. Second, increased regulatory scrutiny on CEXs by governing bodies may have inadvertently pushed users towards DEXs, which operate in a permissionless and self-custody environment.

This presents a golden opportunity for companies looking to launch their own IDO platforms. The booming DEX market translates to a larger pool of potential transactions, generating significant revenue for IDO platforms through transaction fees. These platforms also benefit from aligning with the ongoing DeFi revolution. By leveraging the DEX infrastructure, IDOs can cater to a growing audience of DeFi-savvy investors seeking the next big project. Additionally, IDOs conducted on DEXs generally face less stringent regulations compared to CEX-based fundraising methods. This streamlined approach can expedite the fundraising process for startups utilizing the IDO platform.

Benefits of IDO Launchpad 

While ICOs and IEOs have paved the way for crypto fundraising, Initial DEX Offerings offer a distinct set of advantages that are revolutionizing the landscape. 

Here’s a closer look at the core concepts behind IDOs, highlighting their unique value proposition for both projects and investors:

1. Frictionless Liquidity

Unlike ICOs and IEOs, which often struggle with initial liquidity, IDOs leverage DEXs to ensure immediate tradability for new tokens. 

IDO launchpads facilitate the creation of liquidity pools where investors can swap project tokens with established cryptocurrencies (like USDT) instantly. This eliminates concerns about low trading volume and potential price manipulation.

By guaranteeing immediate liquidity through DEX integration, IDO businesses can present their launchpads as an attractive proposition for projects seeking a smooth and efficient fundraising experience.

Furthermore, ample liquidity within the pool minimizes the price difference between buying and selling tokens, ensuring a smoother trading experience for investors, especially during the initial launch phase.

2. Decentralized Power: A Level Playing Field for All

One of the most significant advantages of IDOs is their inherent decentralization. Unlike IEOs, which require exchange approval for listing, IDOs remove the gatekeepers. This allows promising early-stage projects to raise capital without relying on centralized entities, democratizing access to fundraising opportunities.

By eliminating gatekeepers like centralized exchanges, an IDO platform can allow early-stage projects with innovative ideas to access vital funding for development. This broadens the project pool for IDO businesses and attracts a wider audience.

Smart contracts govern IDOs, ensuring a transparent and automated process. This reduces the potential for errors or manipulation, fostering trust and a level playing field for investors of all sizes.

3. Streamlined Fundraising: A Cost-Effective Approach

IDO launchpads offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional fundraising methods. Project creators avoid the hefty listing fees often associated with IEOs on centralized exchanges. IDO launchpads typically charge lower platform fees, making them a more budget-friendly option for startups. This allows businesses to attract projects while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

The streamlined nature of IDOs allows projects to launch their fundraising campaigns quicker compared to ICOs, which have lengthy approval processes. This faster time to market translates to quicker access to capital for project development. IDO Businesses can build an efficient fundraising process for projects, generating a faster influx of potential IDOs for the platform.

4. Building a Reputable Brand: The Foundation for Long-Term Growth

By implementing a thorough due diligence process, IDO businesses can establish themselves as a trusted gateway for high-quality projects. This reputation attracts promising ventures seeking a reputable platform for their IDO, further strengthening the launchpad’s brand value.

Businesses can explore partnerships with DEX aggregators or secondary market platforms to offer seamless token trading experiences for investors post-IDO. This not only enhances investor convenience but also positions the launchpad as a central hub within the project’s ecosystem, fostering long-term brand loyalty.

5. Technological Innovation: A Competitive Edge

Developing a launchpad with the ability to create bespoke smart contracts allows businesses to cater to the unique fundraising needs of diverse projects. This flexibility attracts innovative projects seeking launchpads that can accommodate their specific token distribution models or vesting schedules.

By integrating with DeFi protocols like lending platforms or yield aggregators, launchpads can offer additional utility to investors. This not only enhances the overall investor experience but also positions the launchpad at the forefront of cutting-edge DeFi innovation, attracting projects seeking a future-proof fundraising platform.

6. Data Analytics and Investor Insights: A Goldmine for Strategic Growth

By capturing and analyzing investor behavior using an IDO platform, businesses can gain valuable insights into market trends, preferred token types, and investor risk tolerance. This data can be leveraged to curate project offerings that better align with investor preferences, increasing project success rates and attracting a wider audience.

Businesses can also explore offering anonymized investor behavior data and market research reports to established crypto firms or venture capitalists. This valuable data can inform investment decisions and fuel further innovation within the DeFi space, generating a new revenue stream for the launchpad.

7. Regulatory Compliance and Security: A Foundation for Trust

With the regulatory landscape surrounding IDOs constantly evolving, businesses can offer compliance-as-a-service to projects. This service would involve assisting projects with KYC/AML integration, smart contract audits, and regulatory filings, ensuring a smooth and compliant IDO process.

By prioritizing robust security measures like multi-factor authentication and penetration testing, IDO businesses can build a reputation for secure fundraising. This attracts projects seeking a safe environment for their token launches, and fosters trust among investors, translating to higher platform adoption.

Must-Have Features to Integrate in IDO Launchpad

To thrive in the competitive DeFi landscape, your platform needs features that ensure a secure and efficient fundraising process while simultaneously unlocking new revenue streams. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the must-have features, along with insights on how they contribute to a flourishing IDO launchpad:

1. Strategic DEX Integrations: Expanding Reach and Liquidity

Consider expanding the launchpad’s capabilities by integrating with multiple established decentralized exchanges instead of just one. This will attract a more diverse investor base and create a wider range of token ecosystems. It will also enable projects to select the DEX that best suits their target audience. 

Additionally, consider integrating with DEXs that offer advanced order book functionalities such as limit orders and stop-loss orders. This will allow businesses to cater to more sophisticated investors and potentially increase trading volume on the launchpad. Also, providing creators with tools to manage their liquidity pools effectively, such as locking mechanisms, automated buybacks, and yield generation strategies, can encourage projects to maintain healthy liquidity for their tokens, fostering long-term investor confidence.

For example, Polkastarter integrates with several DEXs, enabling project teams to choose the best fit for their token launch. They also offer tools for liquidity management, such as lockups and buybacks.

2. Robust KYC/AML Compliance: Building Trust and Security

Building trust and ensuring security is of utmost importance for any launchpad. To achieve this, it is recommended that a multi-tiered KYC process with different verification levels be implemented. 

This approach enables IDO businesses to customize the verification stringency based on the investor’s contribution amount or risk profile, striking a balance between security and ease of access for both large and small investors. Additionally, integrating the launchpad with industry-standard AML tools would help to detect and prevent any suspicious activity. By doing so, businesses can ensure a secure environment for investors and safeguard your platform’s reputation.

Another option to consider is offering compliance-as-a-service to projects. This service would involve assisting them with KYC/AML integration, smart contract audits, and regulatory filings. By providing such a service, the launchpad becomes a one-stop shop for compliant IDOs, attracting projects seeking a streamlined fundraising experience.

For instance, Launchpool utilizes a multi-tier KYC process for investors and offers KYC/AML integration assistance to projects, streamlining their compliance efforts.

3. Secure and Scalable Smart Contract Architecture

Develop a library of customizable smart contract templates that cater to different IDO models such as fixed price, Dutch auction, etc. This will enable projects to select the fundraising mechanism that aligns with their requirements while ensuring a degree of standardization for security audits. 

IDO businesses should also consider collaborating with renowned blockchain security firms to conduct comprehensive audits of the smart contracts before each IDO. This will help minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and exploits, thereby building trust with the projects and investors. 

Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that the platform’s infrastructure can handle high traffic volumes during IDOs. This can be done by leveraging a robust blockchain network and deploying efficient caching mechanisms to prevent slowdowns or outages.

4. Streamlined Token Distribution and Management

Consider using smart contracts to automate the distribution of tokens to investors after an IDO. This approach ensures that the process is transparent and efficient, reducing the potential for errors or delays. Additionally, businesses can allow projects to implement token vesting schedules for their team members, advisors, or investors. This incentivizes long-term commitment and helps projects manage their token distribution strategy effectively.

To further enhance your project’s success, integrate tools that track your project tokens’ performance on secondary markets. This data can be valuable for investors and can potentially be monetized through the development of data analysis reports.

5. Fostering Community Engagement: A Gateway to Growth

To expand reach and connect with potential projects and investors, it’s important to establish a strong presence on various communication channels such as Telegram, Discord, and social media platforms. This will also help IDO companies to build a vibrant community and foster organic platform growth. Additionally, implementing gamified mechanics such as reward points for participating in IDOs or referral programs can incentivize user activity and help cultivate a loyal community around the launchpad.

To further engage the community, consider integrating governance tokens that allow them to participate in platform decisions. This fosters a sense of ownership and can attract a more engaged user base.

For example, Solana Launchpad maintains active social media channels and utilizes a points system to reward user participation in IDOs and community activities.

How to Launch an IDO Launchpad?

The world of DeFi is brimming with potential, and IDO launchpads are emerging as a powerful tool for businesses to capitalize on this exciting space. However, navigating the launch process requires careful planning and a proper understanding of the intricate steps involved. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide that breaks down the essential phases of launching your own IDO launchpad, equipping you with the knowledge to become a leader in the IDO revolution:

1. Crafting a Winning Business Strategy: The Foundation for Success

Before diving into development, conduct thorough market research to pinpoint the specific challenges your launchpad will address. What pain points do current IDO platforms have? What unique value proposition can you offer to both projects and investors? A proper understanding of the market landscape will guide the platform’s development and marketing efforts.

Financial Roadmap and Resource Allocation

Develop a detailed financial plan outlining your funding requirements, operational costs, and potential revenue streams. This plan should also include resource allocation strategies, ensuring you have the necessary development expertise, marketing capabilities, and legal support to navigate the launch process effectively.

Blockchain Selection: A Strategic Decision

The choice of blockchain technology for your launchpad is crucial. Consider factors like transaction fees, scalability, security features, and the existing DeFi ecosystem of each platform. Popular blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana each offer distinct advantages and disadvantages – weigh them carefully based on your target audience and project needs.

Marketing Masterplan for Pre-Launch Buzz

Devise a comprehensive marketing strategy to generate pre-launch buzz and attract promising projects and investors. This plan should encompass an online presence through a good website and engaging social media channels. Additionally, consider collaborating with influencers and prominent DeFi communities to amplify your reach.

Post-IDO Support for Long-Term Growth

A successful IDO is just the beginning. Develop a post-IDO support strategy to foster long-term project growth and maintain investor confidence. This could involve offering marketing support, community management tools, or even secondary market integration for enhanced token liquidity.

2. Compelling Marketing Collateral

Create a well-structured white paper that clearly outlines the technical specifications, functionalities, and security measures of your launchpad. The document should be concise, informative, and easy to comprehend, showcasing your platform’s technical proficiency and reliability.

It is important to develop a website that is visually appealing and easy to use, as it will serve as the face of your launchpad. The website must be user-friendly and provide clear explanations of the services. If possible, include success stories to help build investor confidence and attract potential projects to your platform.

In addition to the technical aspects, try focusing on developing a strong brand identity that can resonate with the target audience. This involves developing a compelling brand story, establishing core values, and creating a consistent visual identity across all marketing materials. A strong brand helps set you apart from competitors and fosters brand loyalty among projects and investors.

3. Partnering with DEXs

It is essential to research different DEX platforms that offer IDO launchpad services. Each DEX might have specific project approval requirements, which usually involve a consensus mechanism or a whitelisting process. It is necessary to get familiar with these requirements to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for projects launching on your platform.

It’s crucial to establish strategic partnerships with well-established DEXs. This can help expand the reach and attract a wider pool of investors while leveraging the DEX’s existing liquidity pools. This can potentially enhance the liquidity of tokens launched on your platform.

4. Developing Your IDO Launchpad Platform

If you plan to launch an IDO platform on a blockchain, it is crucial to have the necessary development expertise to create a secure and scalable platform. Although the technical specifics may vary depending on the blockchain, it is important to partner with experienced blockchain developers if your team lacks the required in-house capabilities.

Smart contracts play a vital role in IDO functionality, as they automate tasks like token distribution and fundraising. It is essential to partner with trustworthy blockchain security auditors to conduct thorough audits of your smart contracts before each IDO. This helps minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and exploits and builds trust with users.

5. Launching Your First IDO and Beyond Bringing it All Together 

Utilize smart contracts to automate token distribution to investors after a successful IDO. This ensures a transparent and efficient process, eliminating the risk of errors or delays. Additionally, consider offering features like token vesting schedules for project teams or advisors, allowing for controlled token distribution over time.

Explore different IDO models like fixed price offerings, Dutch auctions, or launchpad token offerings. Each model caters to different fundraising objectives and investor preferences. Consider offering a flexible system that allows projects to choose the model that best aligns with their needs. For price discovery, explore options like open auctions where supply and demand determine the final token price.

Furthermore, liquidity is crucial for the success of any token. To incentivize investors and foster long-term project growth, consider offering liquidity incentives. This could involve rewarding investors who provide liquidity to the token pool on a DEX. Additionally, explore integrating with secondary market data providers to offer investors insights into token performance after the IDO.

Popular Blockchain Platforms for Creating an IDO Launchpad

The success of the IDO launchpad hinges on the underlying blockchain technology. Each blockchain platform offers unique advantages and considerations that can significantly impact the target audience, project compatibility, and overall platform functionality. 

Here’s a comprehensive analysis of the top blockchain platforms that can be used to develop an IDO Launchpad:

1. Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain uses a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, which enables faster block confirmation times than Proof-of-Work blockchains such as Bitcoin. This leads to significantly lower transaction fees, making it an ideal choice for cost-effective IDO participation.

Moreover, BSC’s compatibility with the EVM makes it a natural choice for developers. Existing Ethereum smart contracts can be easily transferred to BSC, reducing development time and costs while launching the IDO platform.

The popularity of BSC, supported by the Binance ecosystem, also provides a favorable environment for the IDO launchpad. A vast user base implies a larger potential pool of investors for projects launching on the platform.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum’s decentralized Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism provides a high level of security and immutability, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of IDO smart contracts and safeguarding investor funds. Additionally, Ethereum boasts a mature ecosystem of established projects, tools, and developers. By choosing Ethereum, you position the IDO businesses at the forefront of innovation and attract projects that value the security and credibility associated with this well-respected blockchain.

Ethereum’s virtual machine is capable of executing Turing-complete smart contracts, which allows for the development of sophisticated and versatile IDO functionalities such as multi-stage token vesting schedules, dynamic pricing mechanisms, and automated KYC/AML checks. 

Furthermore, Ethereum’s adherence to widely adopted token standards like ERC-20 ensures seamless integration with wallets, DEXs, and other DeFi applications, making it easier to trade tokens launched on the IDO platform in the secondary market.

3. Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon, formerly known as Matic, is a technology that addresses the issues of scalability and security on the Ethereum network. By operating as a Layer-2 solution on top of Ethereum, Polygon significantly reduces transaction speeds and gas fees compared to the Ethereum mainnet. This cost-effectiveness can incentivize both projects and investors to participate in Initial Dex Offerings on the platform.

Polygon employs Plasma sidechains, which is a scaling technique that shifts transaction processing away from the main Ethereum chain, leading to improved scalability and cost-efficiency for IDO execution on the launchpad.

Moreover, Polygon is designed to be interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet. This allows projects to utilize existing Ethereum infrastructure and take advantage of its vast developer ecosystem while also enjoying the scalability benefits offered by Polygon.

4. Solana

 Solana’s consensus mechanism is a combination of Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake that allows for remarkable transaction throughput and minimal latency. This makes Solana an ideal platform for IDOs on the launchpad, providing a high-performing environment.

Furthermore, Solana’s Sealevel parallel processing architecture enables horizontal scaling, which means the network can handle a considerably higher volume of transactions per second compared to traditional blockchains, making it perfect for high-demand IDOs.

Even though Solana uses its custom virtual machine, some blockchain development firms are developing tools to simplify the compatibility of existing Ethereum smart contracts with the Solana ecosystem. This could potentially expand the reach to a more extensive range of projects.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IDO Launchpad from Scratch?

StageDescriptionEstimated Cost Range
Research & PlanningMarket Analysis, Regulatory Landscape, Project Scoping & Feature Prioritization$5,000 – $10,000
Smart Contract Development
* Basic FunctionalitiesSecure Token Holding, Token Distribution, Fundraising Mechanisms$10,000 – $15,000
* Advanced Features (per Feature)Multi-stage Vesting, Dynamic Pricing, KYC/AML Integration, On-chain Governance$15,000+
* Security AuditsIndependent Security Assessment & Vulnerability Identification$5,000 – $10,000
Front-End Development
* UI DesignUser-Friendly Interface & Mockup Creation$5,000 – $10,000
* Investor DashboardReal-time Investment Tracking, Secure Wallet Integration, Portfolio Overview$5,000 – $7,500
* Project DashboardIDO Management Tools, Investor Communication Channels, Real-time Data & Analytics$5,000 – $7,500
Back-End Development
* API IntegrationsBlockchain Oracles, Wallet Providers, Data Analytics Tools$5,000 – $10,000
* Database ManagementSecure & Scalable Database, Data Encryption & Access Controls$7,500 – $12,500
* Admin PanelUser Management, IDO Listing Management, Platform Analytics & Reporting, Security Features$7,500 – $12,500
App Features (per Feature)
* Staking MechanismsSecure Staking Contracts & Reward Distribution$10,000 – $15,000
* Referral ProgramsReferral Tracking & Reward System$7,500 – $12,500
* Gamification ElementsIncentive Programs & User Engagement Features$10,000 – $15,000
* Community FeaturesChat Forums/Social Media Integration & Moderation Tools$5,000 – $10,000
Testing & Quality Assurance
* Unit TestingSmart Contract Functionality Testing$2,000 – $4,000
* Integration TestingPlatform Component Interaction & Data Flow Verification$1,500 – $3,000
* Security TestingPenetration Testing & Stress Testing$1,500 – $3,000
* Usability TestingUser Experience Evaluation & Feedback Sessions$1,000 – $2,000
UI/UX Design
* UI DesignVisually Appealing & User-Friendly Interface$5,000 – $7,500
* UX DesignUser Research & User Flow Optimization$2,500 – $5,000

The total estimated cost can range from $100,000 to $400,000 or more. Remember, this is just a starting point, and this expense can be higher or lower depending on the specific needs.

Apart from that, there are several factors that can affect the overall development cost,

Platform Fees

For businesses evaluating pre-built IDO launchpad platforms, the initial setup might seem quicker and potentially cheaper. However, these platforms often levy fees for using it’s services, which can vary depending on the platform itself, the features offered, and the complexity of the IDO. A cost-benefit analysis is crucial here – weigh the ongoing fees against the potential benefits of a pre-built platform compared to the flexibility and control offered by custom development.

For businesses opting for a custom-built IDO launchpad, the chosen blockchain network introduces another layer of potential platform fees. For instance, Ethereum gas fees can fluctuate significantly, impacting the cost of deploying and executing smart contracts during the IDO. Careful selection of a blockchain platform that aligns with project needs and budget constraints is essential.

Smart Contract Development

The intricacy of the IDO’s smart contracts directly affects development costs. Basic functionalities like token distribution and fundraising mechanisms may be relatively inexpensive. However, implementing more advanced features like multi-stage token vesting schedules, dynamic pricing models, or KYC/AML integration requires more development effort, translating to higher costs.

The experience and skill set of the development team also significantly impact the overall cost. Highly experienced blockchain developers command a premium, but their expertise can ensure secure, efficient, and scalable smart contracts, mitigating the risk of costly bugs or exploits that could jeopardize the IDO.

Marketing and Promotion

A successful IDO hinges on attracting both promising projects and a wide pool of investors. Effective marketing and promotion strategies are crucial, but they come at a cost. Businesses should factor in expenses for social media advertising campaigns, influencer marketing partnerships, and public relations efforts to generate pre-launch buzz and ensure a thriving IDO.

Beyond traditional marketing tactics, fostering a strong community around the IDO launchpad is equally important. Community management tools, engaging content creation, and active participation in relevant online forums can organically build trust and attract potential users.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Regulations surrounding IDOs and token offerings vary depending on the jurisdiction. Consulting with experienced legal counsel is essential to ensure compliance with relevant securities laws, anti-money laundering regulations, and other legal frameworks. The complexity of these regulations and the need for ongoing legal guidance can significantly impact the overall cost.


The structure of the IDO’s tokenomics, including the total token supply, initial token price, vesting schedules, and token allocation mechanisms, can influence development costs. More complex token structures may require additional development effort to be implemented and managed effectively.

Network Fees

The underlying blockchain platform chosen for the IDO launchpad significantly impacts network fees. While platforms like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) boast lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum, they may lack the established ecosystem and user base. Carefully weighing the cost implications of each blockchain platform against the project’s specific needs is crucial.

Market Conditions

The overall state of the crypto market can influence the cost of developing and launching an IDO platform. During periods of high demand and market volatility, developer fees and marketing costs may surge due to increased competition. Businesses can manage the impact of market fluctuations by adopting a strategic approach and carefully planning their launch timeframe.

Most Successful IDO Launchpads in 2024

The IDO landscape is constantly evolving, with new launchpads emerging and established players solidifying their positions. Here’s a deep dive into five of the most successful IDO launchepad across different blockchains:

1. DAO Maker (Ethereum)

DAO Maker Ethereum App

DAO Maker has been operating in the IDO space since 2018, making it a long-standing player in the industry. Its reputation has been built on the quality of projects selected and secure fundraising processes. DAO Maker stands out for its SHO model, which prioritizes token distribution to users who hold and stake the platform’s native token (DAO). This approach aims to foster a loyal community and encourage long-term investment.

Success Story: In June 2024, DAO Maker facilitated the IDO of “Metaverse Magna” (META), a play-to-earn metaverse project. The IDO raised over $10 million with strong post-IDO token price performance, highlighting DAO Maker’s ability to identify promising projects.

2. BSCPad (Binance Smart Chain)

BSCpad Ethereum App

BSCPad capitalizes on the popularity of the Binance Smart Chain, known for its faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees compared to Ethereum. This attracts projects seeking a cost-effective launchpad solution. BSCPad offers a tiered participation system, allowing users with varying levels of holdings in the platform’s token (BSCPAD) to participate in IDOs. This caters to both large and small investors.

Success Story: In September 2024, BSCPad hosted the IDO for “GimFi” (GMI), a fitness-based move-to-earn project. The IDO sold out within minutes, raising over $5 million and showcasing BSCPad’s ability to attract high-demand projects.

3. Solanium (Solana)

Solanium Ethereum App

Solanium is a well-known launchpad that is exclusively designed for supporting projects built on the Solana blockchain. This unique focus enables the platform to take advantage of Solana’s impressive scalability and attract projects that need a fast and efficient launch environment. Solanium has an active community that engages through various social media channels, AMAs with project teams, and gamified mechanics that incentivize user participation. This vibrant community helps generate a lot of interest around IDOs hosted on Solanium.

Success Story: While not the oldest player, Solanium has facilitated successful IDOs for rising stars in the Solana ecosystem. In August 2024, they hosted the IDO for “Zeta Markets” (Zeta), a decentralized derivatives exchange. The IDO raised $15 million, marking Zeta’s successful entry into the DeFi space.

4. TRONPad: Powering Innovation on the TRON Network

TRONpad Ethereum App

TRONPad is a launchpad designed specifically for projects being built on the TRON blockchain. This focus enables them to fulfill the specific requirements of TRON developers and provide IDO solutions that are optimized for TRON’s functionalities. TRONPad utilizes a tiered allocation system, which ensures equitable participation in IDOs. This system takes into account factors such as the amount of the platform’s token (TRONPAD) held by the user and their level of involvement, offering equal opportunities to both small and large-scale investors.

Success Story: In July 2024, TRONPad facilitated the IDO for “WINdfall” (WIN), a decentralized prediction market project on TRON. The IDO raised over $7 million and witnessed strong post-IDO token performance, showcasing TRONPad’s ability to identify promising TRON-based projects.

5. Avalaunch: Taking Flight on the Avalanche Ecosystem

Avalaunch Ethereum App

Avalaunch is a platform that utilizes the strengths of the Avalanche blockchain, which is well-known for its high transaction speeds, low fees, and interoperability with other blockchains. This makes it an attractive option for projects that are looking for a scalable and efficient launch environment for their IDOs. Avalaunch also fosters a strong community by maintaining an active social media presence, providing educational resources, and offering community rewards programs. This engaged community plays a key role in the popularity of IDOs hosted on Avalaunch.

Success Story: In August 2023, Avalaunch hosted the IDO for “Crabada” (CRA), a play-to-earn metaverse game built on Avalanche. The IDO sold out in seconds, raising over $20 million and demonstrating Avalaunch’s ability to attract high-demand projects with strong community backing.

Some of Our Latest Projects at Idea Usher 

At Idea Usher, we don’t just follow trends; we create them. We are a team of dedicated tech innovators motivated by the goal of designing outstanding digital experiences that break new ground and spark user interaction.

Here are some interesting projects we have recently worked on,



The minds behind MOGO sought to revolutionize the music industry. Their vision was to empower independent artists with a platform that facilitated content creation, monetization, and fan engagement while simultaneously offering a rewarding experience for listeners. However, the existing music streaming landscape often left both artists and listeners feeling limited.

Idea Usher took on the challenge, crafting a solution tailored to MOGO’s vision. We transformed their concept into a robust music platform leveraging blockchain. MOGO’s NFT-based streaming service empowers artists to distribute and monetize their music directly, fostering a fairer revenue model. Additionally, features to cultivate fan communities and incentivize listeners through rewards create a win-win scenario for both artists and music enthusiasts.

2. Esaiyo


Easiyo, a company pioneering secure NFT transfers, approached us with a challenge: fragmented NFT ecosystems. Creators and collectors struggled to manage NFTs across different blockchains, requiring multiple wallets and facing compatibility issues. Easiyo envisioned a streamlined platform to bridge this gap.

Idea Usher delivered a transformative solution leveraging blockchain technology. We developed Easiyo’s platform with a unique object graph technology, enabling seamless NFT transfers across various networks. This eliminates the need to juggle between multiple wallets and simplifies the NFT management process. Furthermore, the platform establishes clear ownership and provenance for NFTs, fostering trust and transparency within the digital asset landscape. Easiyo empowers users to safeguard and connect with their valuable NFTs, streamlining the experience for creators and collectors alike.

3. SALVACoin

SALVAcoin App

The team behind SALVACoin sought a development partner to create a cryptocurrency tied to real-world cannabis operations. They desired a user-friendly platform built on a secure and scalable blockchain, along with a well-designed website and future plans for an NFT marketplace.

Idea Usher stepped in to deliver a comprehensive solution. We spearheaded the development of SALVACoin on the Polygon blockchain, which is known for its low transaction fees and efficiency. We also revamped their website, conducted thorough ICO research, and prioritized robust security measures to ensure user confidence. With a focus on user experience, SALVACoin offers an accessible platform for buying and holding currency, accessing exclusive rewards, and exploring a dynamic NFT marketplace.


The world of IDOs is a thrilling space, brimming with potential for both entrepreneurs and investors. By leveraging the power of DEXs, IDO launchpads offer a more secure, transparent, and accessible fundraising alternative to traditional methods.

However, building your own IDO launchpad requires careful consideration. Understanding the key features, development costs, and regulatory landscape is crucial for success.

This blog has hopefully equipped you with a foundational knowledge of IDO launchpads. Remember, this is just the first step! Conduct thorough research, weigh the pros and cons, and carefully evaluate your resources before taking the plunge.

The IDO market is still evolving, and there’s immense potential for innovative platforms to make a mark. If you possess the vision, resources, and commitment to secure and transparent fundraising, then developing your own IDO launchpad could be a launchpad for your entrepreneurial dreams!

Want to launch your own secure and feature-rich IDO launchpad?

Idea Usher can help! With over 1000 hours of proven blockchain development experience, our team will craft a solution tailored to your needs. We’ll guide you through every step, from concept to deployment, ensuring a user-friendly platform that fosters successful fundraising for deserving crypto projects. Let Idea Usher turn your IDO vision into reality.

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Q1: What are the benefits of a crypto launchpad?

A1: Crypto Launchpads are platforms that connect promising cryptocurrency projects with potential investors. They offer investors the opportunity to purchase discounted tokens at an early stage, which have the potential for high returns. At the same time, these projects secure funding and exposure to a crypto-savvy audience. Launchpads often thoroughly vet projects to minimize the risk of scams, thus providing a layer of security for all parties involved.

Q2: What is IDO launchpad development?

A2l: An IDO launchpad is a platform designed exclusively for Initial DEX Offerings. These offerings allow projects to sell tokens directly on Decentralized Exchanges, ensuring fast and secure transactions. The development of an IDO launchpad includes features such as user sign-up, compliance with KYC and Anti-Money Laundering regulations, management of token sale mechanics and provision of liquidity management tools.

Q3: What is an IDO strategy?

A3: An IDO strategy is a plan that lays out the steps a project will take during its IDO. It takes into account important aspects such as the token price, fundraising targets, the distribution of tokens, and the duration of lockup periods during which investors may not sell their tokens. A well-crafted IDO strategy can attract investors and establish a foundation for the project’s future expansion.

Q4: What is the benefit of IDO?

A4: Initial DEX Offerings have several advantages over traditional fundraising methods. Firstly, they are more accessible to investors since anyone with crypto holdings can participate in them. Secondly, IDOs enhance security as transactions happen directly on Decentralized Exchanges, eliminating the need for centralized custodians. Finally, IDOs provide immediate liquidity for investors as tokens become tradable on DEXs right after the offering.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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