Online Event Booking Apps like BookMyShow
How to build an Online Event Booking App like BookMyShow

Remember the last time you stood in a long queue to get a movie ticket? No right? Like who even does that nowadays, when you can book a ticket from the comfort of your house through an Event Booking App like BookMyShow?  Technology has simplified our lives in ways we previously thought only magic could.

Events Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Technology has made our lives simpler in a way we earlier wondered only magic could. There is hardly any sector left to be assisted with technology, and event ticket booking is not an anomaly. If you are an event management organization and you haven’t yet digitized your offerings, there’s a lot in this blog you

event management app
Online Event Planning App Development: step by step guide

Contents Step by Step guide of Online Event Planning ApplicationTake your business to the next level! Secrets of the best event planning app: benefits, major types, and use casesHere's why you should build an event planning app:1. Simplifying client needs:2. Aesthetic UI3. Networking opportunities for attendees and planners4. Customer delights5. Social media synchronization6. Real-time analysis7. Distance

The person enjoying an event from her home using VR technology
How can the events industry use VR technology to cope with COVID-19?

Contents The mask of uncertaintyHow can VR technology be beneficial for the event industry (and even the world)?1. Virtual attendance2. Removing attendance limits3. Replaying sessions4. Reduce environmental impactConclusionThe mask of uncertainty The recent coronavirus outbreak has thrown almost all major industries across the world into total disarray. However, the event industry is expected to bear

artificial intelligence in event industry
How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) benefit the events industry in 2021?

Welcome to the future When it comes to adopting new technology, the events industry is at the forefront. And the technology that is leading the charge of transforming this industry in 2021 is artificial intelligence. It has the potential to completely change how events has planned and give the attendees an enhanced experience. And going

augmented reality showing the way
How Augmented Reality (AR) can make your events more interactive

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most fascinating concepts that has become a trending topic in the tech industry. And rightly so. Since Pokémon Go started the AR hype, this new technology has gone on to impact almost all industries. From Facebook and Snapchat’s camera effects and lens tools to

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