how to get an app idea developed

You woke up this morning with a brilliant app idea. If you are an entrepreneur, then you are on the right track. With more people using smartphones and spending a lot of time using mobile apps, app development has become a lucrative business. So, how to get an app idea developed?

If you are thinking,” I have an idea for an app. Where do I start?” Keep scrolling.

Top 14 tips to get an app idea developed

So, we have compiled the top 14 tips to help you understand how to develop an app.

Tip 1: Know your competition

With so many entrepreneurs interested in app development, this business has grown competitive. App businesses usually have many app development ideas and always wonder about “how to get an app idea developed”. But often, they invest in coding and designing without understanding the competition they will face in the app business.

To identify your app competitiveness, know their strengths and weaknesses. See if you can outperform them. Check out the features your competitors are using and whether or not you can provide better alternatives. Research the complaints that users make about your competitor’s app and try to avoid such errors in your app.

Only then, the users will love to prefer your app over your competitors. 

Tip 2: Problem solving approach

The most important part of the app development jigsaw is to answer the question, “What problem will my app solve?”.

If you enter the app business only for money with no unique solutions to unsolved problems, this market will not reward you. 

Plan an app that solves a problem that no other app has solved. Or, a problem that other apps in the market might have attempted to solve, but failed to live up to the mark. It provides you with an opportunity to bridge this gap with your application. Think of apps that need to be invented, and work on the same.

Tip 3: Evaluate your app idea

Many entrepreneurs think they have a great idea for an app, but seldom introspect it. Now that you know how to get an app idea developed, evaluate your app.

A successful app is one that the users want to download, love to use, and bring profit to its owner. So, do your homework. 

Prioritize not just the coding part of your app but also its design and marketing plans. 

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Tip 4: App development is a business

You have a lot of emotions related to your app idea, but the practical part is that you have to treat it like a business. There may be many viral app ideas, but many fail because there is no business strategy to make it a profitable business. 

how to get an app idea developed in 2022

You have to get the word out to promote your app business ideas, you have to make them look and feel appealing to the users, and they should not have any bugs or glitches. 

Tip 5: Make a marketing plan.

A lot of terrible apps get more downloads than the good ones. Why? Because marketing is the key to getting more app downloads. When users download the app, they do not know how great it is because they are yet to use it.

So, you need to develop a great marketing strategy. Digital marketing has evolved as a profession over the past decades. Take help from those professionals. Many apps are in the app store, and marketing your app will save it from being forgotten and lost among your competitors’ apps.

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best platforms to get an app idea developed

Tip 6: Know your users

To have a great idea for an app is just the beginning. Try to add value to the users’ lives by using the app. Know your users will and customize your app accordingly. 

What is the age group, gender, geographical location, etc., of your target customers? These are some of the questions related to users. 

Tip 7: Partners and co-founders

If you do not have the resources or time to develop your app idea, it is better to tell other people who may have them and get them interested in your project. This way, you could find partners, and the app development process gets more manageable for you by sharing responsibilities and profits. 

Tip 8: MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. App development is a dynamic process. App developers keep updating their apps even after launching them, adding new features.

But, when you are creating a new app, there will be some minimum features that you may want to provide to your first users. These initial features are known as MVP. Take a look at the successful apps that started as MVPs. So plan which features you should include in your MVP. 

Learn how to scale an app.

Tip 9: Build wireframes

When people talk of app development, the first thing that comes to our mind is coding. But, the layout, font, style, and overall design of an app are what the user will see first. They should be able to locate the options quickly and navigate throughout the app without any difficulty. 

build wireframes to get an app idea developed

So, you have to sketch how the app’s home screen or login screen should appear. At this stage, no need to worry about the color palette or graphic design. Wireframes include boxes and circles, and borders. 

Take a pen and paper and make fifty or so wireframes of how you want the various pages of your app to appear. Many free tools are also available to help you build wireframes. Then hand over the wireframes to your designers.

Also, specify the fonts and layouts, brand colors, and other design specifications in your mind regarding the appearance of the various pages of your app to the designers.

The professional designers who take care of the user interface and the user experience are UI/UX designers. Hire the best UI/UX designers. 

Tip 10: Find app developers

Your app idea is ready with wireframes and business strategy. All you have to do is contact app developers who will perform the following app development steps. 

As startups are on a budget, it is crucial to research and find the best possible options. The best option is that developer who builds the app within your budget but does not compromise with the app quality. 

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Tip 11: Build a brand

At this stage, you don’t have to build a great brand like Google or Facebook, but since you will launch your app, develop the preliminary designs. 

Create a logo, an app icon, and a name for your app. Make sure that the app icon looks attractive because that will boost downloads. 

Tip 12: App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization refers to an app developer’s strategies to make their app more visible in the app stores. ASO refers to those practices that make your app easier to find among your competitors. 

Your app solves a specific problem, so it belongs to a particular category. Your app should have a relevant name. So, do some keyword research. When someone goes to the app store and types in specific keywords in the search bar, proper ASO implementation will let your app rank at the top of the search results. 

The higher it ranks, the greater its visibility and the higher the chances of a customer downloading the app. 

app development ideas

While adding keywords but be careful not to stuff too many of them in the app description. Stuffing too many keywords in the description or app name will lead to a penalty. So, be careful there. 

Remember that the description an app has should be appealing to the users. Hence, use only the most appealing keywords in the description. While writing the description, do not write as if you were addressing a robot. Remember that you have these limited opportunities, like the app name and the description, to communicate with the users and make them download the app.
Hence, keep the description warm and professional at the same time.

ASO practices take some time to be learned and applied. Most of the time, ASO includes understanding the basics. The internet has many such websites related to ASO.

Tip 13: Test the app

Let your team use the app for some days. Evaluate the performance of your app under different conditions.

It should not have any errors or should not take a lot of time to respond when many users login simultaneously. If your app does not work as expected, correct all your mistakes before launching. 

Tip 14: Publish your app

Now comes the day for which you had been eagerly waiting. Publish your app and let it appear in the app store. Celebrate your success; you have built a mobile app. But, the launch is only the beginning of a long adventure.

You will keep updating your app and adding new features to it. Also, keep finding new ways to make money from your app.

When your app starts getting a lot of downloads, then run ads as well.

Additionally, always check what your competitors are doing and whether you can perform better and ace the competition.

Read more if you want to develop an app based on a subscription model.

Wrapping up

App development is a long process, but you can count on us to deliver the best services and be with you throughout your app development journey even after the launch. It’s your time to develop your own app.

Do not hesitate and act now. Turn your idea into an app with Idea Usher. If you have a novel app idea but are still confused about how to get an app idea developed, then contact us

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some interesting FAQs about how to get an app idea developed.

Q. How do you turn an idea into an app?

A. Turning an idea into an app requires extensive research about the market and the competition, drafting a plan to develop the app, working on the UI/UX design, hiring an excellent mobile app development company, developing and marketing the app.

Q. Can I sell an idea for an app?

A. Yes. You can sell your app idea to popular companies. However, you need to make sure your idea stands out among thousands of app ideas already existing in the market. A good idea will bring you several benefits.

Q. How does free app make money?

A. Free apps have numerous monetization strategies like in-app advertisements, in-app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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