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What has been one of the most significant improvements in the educational sector? It’s Digital Education. Over the past few years, almost every industry has integrated itself with technology, be it finance, shopping, or transportation. And education is no exception. The rise in the popularity of apps like Masterclass, Duolingo, and Google Classroom is evidence of the success of the EdTech sector. As a result, more and more people wish to know how to create an educational app like Masterclass.

Learning how to create an app like Masterclass involves knowing various aspects like the market, the app features, the technology stack, etc. This blog talks about all of these things in detail.

App NameMasterclass
App CategoryEdTech
Launch Year2015
FoundersDavid Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen
CEODavid Rogier
Number of Users1.5 million subscribers
Price$15-$23 per month
iOs/Android RatingsiOS- 4.9/5
Android- 4.4/5
CompetitorsUdemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Google Classroom

What is the Masterclass app, and why is it popular?

An educational app is a mobile software that offers remote learning facilities to its users. In other words, it integrates learning management systems with the necessary technologies to provide an end-to-end learning solution

Masterclass is one such EdTech platform whose USP is to deliver courses taught by famous people to its customers. Formed by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen in 2015, the Masterclass website and app feature a diverse range of courses taught by prominent faces like Gordon Ramsay for cooking and Martin Scorsese for filmmaking. So, Masterclass seeks to take advantage of the success of these personalities to grow its business.

But why is Masterclass so popular?

There are three reasons why Masterclass is so popular:

1. Video Quality

Masterclass has an impressive video output efficiency that engages with the learners. It employs filmmaking experts who know how to light, film, and edit high-quality lectures. The videos are also shot with exciting backgrounds, sometimes even in the trainer’s home.

2. Workbook

Apart from video quality, Masterclass offers a workbook for personal use. Each workbook is unique and fits the instructor’s teaching style.

3. Graphics

Graphics are yet another exciting feature that makes Masterclass popular. If an instructor wishes to explain a topic visually, Masterclass provides infographics that are simple and easy to follow.

An Overview of the Educational Apps Market

educational app market

The educational apps market will grow by $70.55 billion from 2020 to 2025, according to Technavio. 41% of this growth will originate from APAC (Asia-Pacific region). The growing demand for STEM-based apps is one of the key factors driving the global education apps market growth. Moreover, the market is fragmented, and several players occupy the market share.

Categories of Educational Apps

An EdTech app does not restrict itself to providing boring classroom lectures. There are numerous categories of such apps that are available. Before developing an education app, you must understand the different forms that such apps can take and decide which one you would like to go ahead with. The categories of such apps are listed below.

educational app categories

1. Learning Platforms

Learning platforms are apps that provide multiple courses on a single platform. They do not restrict to a specific topic or course. Also, they are open to usage by people from all walks of life. For example, Udemy and Coursera provide many courses that the users can access anytime, anywhere.

A learning platform developer should make sure the course content is easily accessible. Accordingly, the instructors can divide the content into parts, try multiple formats, and take tests and quizzes to make the app interesting.

2. Learning Apps for a Specific Subject

In contrast to the above category, some apps provide training on only one topic. These apps specialize in a particular subject and offer in-depth information. For example, Duolingo teaches its users new languages, and Yousician offers guitar courses.

If you wish to develop such an app, you need to focus on information delivery. Moreover, the app should have maximized functionality and a unique design.

3. Educational Games

Educational games combine learning with entertainment. Such apps make learning fun by using various interactive tools like flashcards and mini-games. These apps are complex but more popular than other forms of education apps. For example, MentalUp and Coco are apps that add a fun element to education.

Educational game developers should have clarity of concept, innovative ideas, and game scenarios to make the app stand out and motivate users to study.

4. Learning Management System (LMS) Apps

Learning management system apps are used by organizations to train their employees. These apps provide a common training platform for all the employees of an organization. They also integrate multiple learning concepts to be provided to the employees. Thus, the companies can analyze and evaluate the performance of their employees in a better manner.

For example, TalentLMS and GoToTraining provide a shared training platform for employees.

5. Classroom Education Apps

The classroom apps focus on remote learning and its management. These apps facilitate virtual lectures provided by school and college teachers.

At the same time, such apps provide features that enable the teachers to mark attendance, provide assignments and homework, and share relevant study materials. These apps also act as a link between parents and teachers to efficiently track the student’s progress.

For example, Google Classroom and ClassDojo are classroom apps that facilitate remote learning.

6. Apps for Kids

These apps are specially designed for children less than five years of age. These students’ minds function differently than adults. They have a lesser attention span and are in the early stages of growth. As a result, creative, colorful, and engaging apps are necessary. For example, Endless Alphabet and Busy Water are education apps for kids.

Kids app developers should carefully understand child psychology and should be able to provide relevant information interactively.

Which features do people expect from apps like Masterclass?

educational apps features

An app’s features may vary depending on its type, its target audience, and value proposition. However, people expect some essential elements from almost every educational platform. Those are listed below.

1. Audio-Visual Content

A user wishes to gain knowledge from an app with interactive content like audio, video, activities, etc. Providing interactive educational content to the users ensures that they stick to using the app. Indeed, the course content should be mobile friendly, understandable, focused on the target audience, and retain users’ attention.

2. Live Tutorials and Sessions

Hosting live interactive sessions and tutorials enables the users to interact with the instructor in real-time. This feature ensures a better understanding of concepts. The app can also have a ‘Chat now’ feature to facilitate real-time doubt resolution for pre-recorded videos.

3. Offline Classes

Another primary feature that people expect from educational apps like Masterclass is the ability to save the online lectures. They should be able to either keep it on the app, on their device, or the cloud. Thus, they can access the classes offline as well.

4. Knowledge Testing

Another important feature that users expect from these apps is the ability to test themselves on the lessons learned. The app should include mock tests, quizzes, etc., on various topics to check the knowledge gained and know which areas need improvement.

5. Gamification

Gamification of an app is crucial if targeted to a younger audience. This feature ensures that the user’s attention is maintained and can interestingly grasp the information. The app can also include digital badges to motivate the users to take up study challenges and move to the next level.

6. Personalization

An EdTech app has different types of users. A standard app for everyone might not be pleasing to some. The users should be able to personalize the app based on their course preferences, interests, content style, etc.

7. Database

The app should have a robust database containing all the information relevant to the courses. Having a strong database eases the process of updating lessons. Thus, the students can have a seamless learning experience.

8. Push Notifications

Push notifications inform the users about the new developments on their profiles. These developments can include new courses, existing course updates, assignment of new tasks, provision of test results, etc.

9. Feedback

In learning platforms, the feedback feature enables a student to provide feedback to the instructor. However, in a classroom app, it works both ways. Both the teacher and the student can provide feedback to each other.

The feedback feature may also include feedback by the user on the app’s usage.

10. Social Network Integration

The users should be able to link their social media accounts to educational apps. They should be able to log in using their social media accounts and should also be able to share their learning progress with their connections.

What attracts users to apps like Masterclass?

why people use educational apps

There is a rising demand for apps like Masterclass. People are looking for newer and unique learning apps. Here is why:

1. Time and Place Flexibility

Academic apps offer the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere. Education has shifted from physical classrooms to people’s fingertips. This flexibility is the most significant reason behind the increasing demand for such apps.

People no longer need to pay vast sums of money or travel far distances to upskill themselves. What they need is right in their pockets. As a result, these apps have gained prominence.

2. Greater Choice

People now have a broader spectrum of courses to choose from and are not forced to depend on courses available in their place of residence. There are courses for almost every topic, but there is still scope for more. Thus, the development of new EdTech apps becomes all the more relevant.

3. Affordability

The education apps available in the market either provide free service or charge subscription fees for using the app or for the courses. These subscription fees are way cheaper than the fees one has to pay to the tutors.

Using these apps saves both time and money, and the users can learn what they want quickly on their mobile phones.

4. Efficiency

EdTech apps provide a quicker and more organized way of learning. Users can multitask efficiently without compromising the quality of education. Also, they can learn what they want comfortably at their own pace.

5. Simplicity

The last and most obvious reason people use apps like Masterclass is that they are simple to use. They are designed to suit the human eye, and the brain can absorb information more efficiently.

How to create an educational app like Masterclass: Step-by-Step

educational app development steps

1. Find a unique Idea 

The foremost step is to think of what you wish to offer through your app. This stage is the foundation of your app development process, and you must pay full attention to this stage. Moreover, the app idea should be unique to your business and should define what you do. The ideation stage consists of many aspects like determining the app category, target audience, value proposition, USP, app features, etc.

2. Market Research

Market research is yet another crucial step in the app development process. Researching the market will give you a clearer picture of your audience’s wants and where your idea stands.

You must research the market to:

  • Analyze your target audience’s needs
  • Understand the challenges of customers
  • Create a potential solution for customers
  • Understand the revenue models
  • Identify market trends

Apart from market research, you should also conduct a SWOT analysis of your app idea.

3. Determine the App Development Platform

The next step is to determine whether you wish to develop an app for iOS or Android

A few factors to consider before choosing the app development platform are:

  • Geographic location
  • App development time
  • Development complexity

After considering the above factors, you can either develop individual apps for iOS and Android or go for cross-platform app development to make a single app for both platforms.

4. Hire Mobile App Development Company

After completing the above steps, you need to hire an excellent mobile app development company. You need to be very careful with your selection as a lousy app development company can significantly impact your app’s success.

An ideal educational app development team consists of:

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Mobile Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • QA Engineer

5. App Design

The next step is to determine how the app will look. The UI/UX of an EdTech app depends on its type and its target audience.

However, every EdTech app should be able to:

  • Capture and retain a user’s attention
  • Engage the users
  • Offer meaningful experiences
  • Let users interact socially

6. App Development

Subsequently, according to your instructions, the app development company will start working on the development process.

Technology stack required for developing an app like Masterclass

Application and DataReact, CloudFlare, AngularJS, Rails
Business ToolsGmail, Google Fonts

7. Launch and Market your App

Once you get your app developed, you need to launch it on the respective app store. But launching an app isn’t the end. You need to market the app to make it reach your target audience.

You can do that using the following strategies:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Introduce on your website or conduct a press release
  • Write a blog
  • Create a landing page
  • App Store Optimization

Build your educational app with Idea Usher

By now, it is clear that developing an app like Masterclass is a lucrative business opportunity. We have also discussed how a good app development company can take your app to the next level.

Idea Usher has been in the business of app development for many years. With expertise in various areas of app development, our developers are sure to deliver the best product.

Get in touch with us and watch your education app business skyrocket.

Build Better Solutions With Idea Usher

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From our portfolio: AcceleratedX (An app similar to Masterclass)

educational app AcceleratedX

AcceleratedX is an EdTech app that enables students to learn from industry experts in various areas like music, cooking, sports, and even tech.

Our client approached us with a clear goal- promoting education. They wanted to provide an enriching experience to the users by accumulating original content from the subject matter experts. They also wished for the app to have interactive and easy-to-use features.

Our team quickly understood the client’s requirements and immediately acted upon the same. After thorough market research, our developers created an app for both iOS and Android along with a website. The team made sure to include all the features requested by the client with suggested add-ons to make the app stand out. The client was happy with the service and provided positive feedback.

Some of the features of AcceleratedX are:

  • Video Lessons
  • Conversations
  • Connecting with friends
  • In-app texting
  • Live Sessions
  • Additional Resources

Final Thoughts

The educational sector has taken great strides in improving the learning experience by integrating technology within its functionality. The global EdTech market was valued at $85 billion in 2021. A significant part of this growth can be attributed to educational platforms.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the academic platforms saw a never-seen-before rise in demand, and this demand will continue to grow in the coming years.

Looking at the market and the opportunities that the EdTech sector brings, it is safe to say that now is the right time to launch an academic app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some exciting FAQs on how to create an educational app like Masterclass.

1. How can I monetize my education app?

You can monetize your app by using any of the following models:

  • Freemium model
  • Free trial
  • Advertisement model
  • Paid apps

Read more about app monetization strategies here.

2. What are some apps similar to Masterclass?

Apps like Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin Learning, and Creative Learning are similar to Masterclass.

3. What are some of the trends in EdTech app development?

These are some of the trends in education app development:

  • Video content
  • AR, VR and AI technologies
  • Gamification
  • Micro Training
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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