Masterclass app
Learn how to create an Educational App like Masterclass in 7 easy steps

What has been one of the most significant improvements in the educational sector? It’s Digital Education. Over the past few years, almost every industry has integrated itself with technology, be it finance, shopping, or transportation. And education is no exception. The rise in the popularity of apps like Masterclass, Duolingo, and Google Classroom is evidence

blockchain identity management
Your Guide to Blockchain Identity Management

Industry 4.0 has brought about many changes in the world as organizations are focusing on creating intelligent systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides, organizations have also started emphasizing ‘Blockchain Identity Management’ and have started thinking about its various aspects. “How does blockchain identity management work?” “What are its benefits?” “Where can it be

IoT in Gym
IoT in Gym: The Future of Fitness

In the past decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) has spread its wings and has captured almost every industry. The fitness industry is no exception, with ‘IoT in gym’ becoming a common phenomenon. More and more gyms and clubs have started integrating technology into their functions. They use smart wearables and other devices that exchange

IoT in Hospitality
Grow Your Hotel Business with IoT in Hospitality

The Internet of Things, which means connecting digital devices via the internet, has opened up many opportunities for industries to grow. Various sectors like agriculture, healthcare, sports, and manufacturing have successfully applied IoT. Hotels can also take advantage of this technology with IoT in hospitality. IoT in the hospitality industry means a network of interconnected

top downloaded apps
Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps

We’re in 2022, and we cannot imagine our lives without mobile apps. From shopping to entertainment, education to finance, our lives revolve around apps. An increase in smartphone users has made mobile apps a necessity. Businesses wish to develop apps to expand their market, and users are willing to use mobile apps that make their

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