50 recession-proof business ideas
50 Recession-proof business ideas in 2022

The world is changing, and it’s getting harder to predict where businesses will be in the next five years. We’re not sure what the future holds regarding recession, but we know that technology is here to stay. Knowing about recession-proof business ideas can help entrepreneurs get ahead in the league. While countless industries will always

mobile app development frameworks
Top 8 mobile app development frameworks in 2022

Mobile app development frameworks are the building blocks of mobile applications. They are used to integrate the various parts of a mobile app, such as user interface, backend services, and data storage. They help developers structure their projects and make them more modular and scalable. With the technology becoming more accessible, mobile apps are only

e-commerce application
15 Must-have features of an e-commerce application

An e-commerce application has become an indispensable part of our routines. Thanks to the increased use of smartphones and rising internet penetration. People prefer shopping online rather than visiting physical stores. The ease, convenience, and ability to compare prices and view customer feedback induce people to opt for online shopping. The digital shopping apps have

MaaS business model
A complete guide to MaaS business model and how it is revolutionizing mobility.

Today, on-demand apps are increasingly gaining traction. These apps have made it easier and convenient to access everyday services like entertainment, shopping, travel, etc. Transportation is a new addition to this spectrum, with ‘Mobility as a Service (MaaS)’ becoming common. The MaaS business model is a new way of thinking about mobility. It’s not just

VR cooking simulator
Learn how to develop a VR cooking simulator in 8 simple steps.

Why only play a game when you can feel the game? That is exactly what VR helps you to achieve- a 3D experience of the game. With the advancements in technology, AR and VR have changed how we view entertainment, gain education, play games, and more. Cooking simulator games are one of the popular VR

buy now pay later app
15 Must-have features of a Buy Now Pay Later app

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ or ‘BNPL’ has been the talk of the town or at least the talk of the “online shopping” world. Why? The reason isn’t quite hard to guess. It’s because of the growth of e-commerce! If you are an avid reader of tech news, or even if you skim through tech information

top real-world iot examples
Top 10 real-world IoT examples in 2022

The Internet of Things has enabled firms to incorporate intelligent systems into their functions. As a result, entrepreneurs wish to know more about real-world IoT examples and how they can scale their businesses. IoT has changed the economic and technological landscape by integrating intelligent systems into day-to-day processes. It has shown time and again that

waterfall vs. agile
Waterfall vs. Agile: Choose the right methodology for your project

The corporate world has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. Traditionally, while smaller businesses tried to retain their local customers, giant-sized companies tried to corner most of the market. Project management methodologies have become essential to how everything functions. This article will examine the difference between the most popular methodologies, Waterfall vs. Agile.

dating app
How to create a dating app? Learn from the experts.

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have been instrumental in expanding the market for dating platforms. Meeting potential partners in malls, parks, and restaurants is now a thing of the past. In today’s era of mobile apps, everything is accessible right at our fingertips, and so is dating. Thus, learning how to create a

best parenting apps
10 Best parenting apps in 2022: A complete guide

Becoming a parent is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Parenthood becomes challenging when you cannot juggle multiple things at a time. Thankfully, mobile apps exist that make taking care of your child a smooth-sailing experience. Advancements in technology and scarcity of time have led to the growing prominence of parent-support apps.

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