How to create educational app

Are you looking to develop an educational app for your business? 

Do you want to enter this business with your unique app idea?

But don’t know the cost of building an educational app and its development process?

Check out all the development steps, market stats, and factors that affect the cost to build an educational app. 

But first, let’s understand what an educational app is in detail and its market value. 

What is an educational app?

The educational app helps users to learn new skills and access educational materials and live classes. Education apps are just not limited to the school and college levels. Moreover, many people use education apps to boost their careers and businesses by learning new skills relevant to their industries.

Also, for the users who prefer remote learning, the educational app provides the best way to learn new things.

Take a quick overview of the market size of the educational app industry worldwide.

The market size of educational apps

Knowing the market size will help you select a suitable audience base and understand why investing in building your educational app development is a great decision. 

Demographics Market size
Smart education market$281 billion
Adult learning market(continued education)$11 billion
K-12 educational market$2.19 billion
Higher Education$13.7 billion
Tutoring and test preparation market$29 billion 
Online education market$315 billion
Mobile learning market$20 billion

Check out the users’ demographics who might be interested in using your educational apps.

Who uses educational apps?

Many users and organizations use educational apps for their skills and career advantages, such as

  • Students and candidates preparing for their examinations.
  • Parents enroll their children in new things like arts, languages, personal development, etc.
  • Professionals and teachers want to extend their skills.
  • Teachers and coaches use educational apps to provide online courses to students and individuals.

Why do students and other users use educational apps on such a large scale? Know all the benefits of using educational apps.

Why do users prefer educational apps?

Check out the benefits users can take from an educational app. 

1. Portability

The educational app allows users to access live classes and educational materials using mobile phones. Having the availability and access of apps anytime and anywhere helps users to become free from location dependency for learning new things.

2. Better engagement

Education apps provide an interesting way for students to learn new things. These apps have incorporated different initiatives such as quizzes, challenges, mock-tests, etc.  Also, many apps provide scoring and communication features that help users interact with other users and teachers to understand the concepts more deeply.

3. Time efficiency

Educational apps help users access classes and other educational materials remotely. Remote access helps users save time by avoiding commutes from home to their classes, and as a result, learners get to invest more time in their studies.

4. Budget-friendly

Taking a subscription or purchasing an online course is more effective than hiring private tutors or joining city coaching classes. Moreover, educational apps regularly provide discounts and coupon codes to help save money.

5. A large variety of courses 

Talking about another benefit of educational apps: the users can choose from a large variety of courses on the same topic to get a better return on their purchase. The app also showcases each course’s user reviews to help students understand which course will be the best for their purchase. 

6. Constant availability

The educational material and recorded classes on educational apps are always available for the students. Having courses and education material available always helps users manage their time comfortably so they can learn new things without compromising their daily routine.

Know the development steps for building your educational app.

The development process of making educational apps

Here are the app development steps that you can follow for building your educational app. By following them, you can ensure that your educational apps provide a better user experience in design and responsiveness.

The development steps of building an educational app are as follows:

1. Market research for exploring app ideas

You need to perform market research to know your audience and then build your app according to their needs. Embedding features that fulfill users’ needs will help you to attract more users to your educational platform.

2. App design

The next key step is to provide a fantastic app experience to your users by offering the best user interface in your app. You can give an excellent user interface by creating a simple design of your app yet appealing enough to attract your users. 

Also, you must follow iOS and Android design guidelines to have an excellent user interface in designing your app for both platforms.

3. App development

After the app design, the next step is developing your app. The development process involves performing backend programming of your app, such as creating API, functions, and classes and integrating the front end part to the back to make your app fully functional.

The team will use different tools and technologies required for building your app. The team will choose an app development methodology such as Agile or Waterfall for your app building.

Also, the team will prepare detailed technical documentation to help you understand how a team will build your app. 

4. App testing

You must test your app multiple times for every technical issue and error. App testing will help you experience how your users might feel while using your educational app. Experiencing your app’s usability by yourself will help you improve each part of the app to provide a great user experience.

5. App deployment

After making your app ready to publish, you can check guidelines on different app publishing platforms such as iOS and Android to ensure you will not face any difficulties publishing your app.

Understand the basic features you need to include in your educational app. 

Features you must include in your educational apps

Features of educational apps

Here is a list of features you can add to your educational app:

1. Personalization

You can offer different personalization features to make changes to your app. For better personalization, you can provide different app themes such as light and dark mode, offering personalized course recommendations relevant to their industries, choosing from different payment modes, demographic targeting, etc.

2. Database

Your educational app must have optimized a database that contains all the information relevant to the courses. A robust database helps you update their process by adding and removing content from them.

3. Push notifications

Want to increase the active user base on your app? The best thing you can do is to implement the push notification feature in your app. Push notifications will inform your app’s users about

  • Upcoming lessons 
  • New content added to users’ purchased courses, 
  • Discount offers

4. Feedback

The feedback feature will enable users to submit their reviews and opinions on purchased courses. User feedback will help teachers improve their educational courses, and students select the best one to improve their skills. 

5. Social network integration

Allow students and teachers to integrate their social media profiles on your app. Social media integration helps users create their accounts in a single click by asking permission to take the required information from their social media accounts.

Also, social media integration will help users to share their progress on social media networks, and teachers will promote their content on different social media platforms.

6. Audio-visual content

Providing a wide variety of education-related content in different formats such as audio, videos, text notes, etc., will help an app attract a large audience.

Also, allow your app users to upload their educational content as a course to your app. Allowing your users to upload their content will help you generate a large amount of educational content for your app.

7. Live tutorials

Offering a live-streaming feature will be another best feature you can include. Real-time classes help users interact with their students to solve their doubts in real-time. Also, you can offer chat features to enable users to communicate with their teachers and discuss their doubts.

8. Offline classes

You can allow users to download content on the app to access it even if their device is not online. Enabling offline class features will help your app users access the educational content without lags and other quality issues due to poor internet connectivity.

9. Knowledge testing

Allow your users to test their skills by offering to take their test from your app. Also, you can provide scoring features and a detailed dashboard to help them understand where they need improvement in their skills and knowledge. 

10. Gamification

You can integrate goals in your app so the users can take them as a challenge, which can help you increase your app’s engagement. Offering different challenges and digital badges motivate the user to continue their courses on your app, generating better results for your business.

Tech stack for developing educational apps

The development tools that you can use for application development are as follows:

HostingAmazon EC2
Content delivery network Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
Push notificationTwilio, Firebase Mobile os-iOS, Android 
SMS, Voice phone notificationNexmo, Twilio
EmailMailChimp Integration
DatabaseHBase, Cassandra, MongoDB
Messaging queuesAWS Simple Queue System
UIReactJS, BootStrap JS
Real-time analyticsHadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Check out the factors that can affect your app development budget.

What affects the cost to build an educational app?

Check the following factors that can affect your app development cost: 

1. The complexity of an idea

The out-of-the-box idea that requires multiple features and functionalities takes too much developer effort and directly affects your app development budget.

2. App development and design efforts

You can go for a simple design to minimize the app development cost. Adding unnecessary UI elements can cost more to build and publish your educational app.

Also, app development practices such as creating app features, APIs, and others can affect the app development budget. The pricing for designing and building tools will also affect the cost to build an educational app.

3. Targeted platform for a publication

There are three major platforms that many app owners use to publish their apps: iOS, Android, and the web. It will be more costly to publish your app if you choose both iOS and Android mobile platforms at the start.

You can research on which platform your audience is most active. Hence from your findings, publish the app having a large user base. Later, you can choose other platforms for your app scaling.  

4. Financial deal with an app development team

The cost depends on the software-making team hired to build your educational app. Each development team has its development charges based on proficiency and app-building experience. 

5. Maintenance and marketing cost

Along with building and publishing your app, there is also an additional requirement of updating it. Thus, this is another cost-affecting factor.  Having to do maintenance regularly to improve the user experience in your app increases the cost.

Also, you will need to market your app, thanks to many development companies with a marketing team.  The marketing team can help you promote your app with an additional charge which can bring positive results to your educational app business.

Build and publish your educational app! 

Creating educational apps for students offers many advantages to your business. 

But developing an app requires too much effort and time, requiring years of programming experience. 

If you don’t have your development team, including graphic designers and project managers. The best thing you can do is to outsource your project to an app development team.

Contact Idea Usher if you want to build your educational app from start to finish. The company’s development team will help you build and publish your app with the best development and design practices. 

Check out their project, AcceleratedX (an educational app developed by Idea Usher for their client), to help you experience the app’s design and functionality. So you can also implement it in your educational apps.  

Contact our team for taking free consultation on your app development project or for proceeding with your app development project with us.  

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1. How do I start an educational app?

You can start your educational app by following these steps:

  • Perform market research
  • Outsource your app 
  • Do app testing by yourself to find any technical errors and bugs
  • Publish your app on app distributing platforms by following their guidelines. 

2. How much does it typically cost to develop an educational app?

The cost to build an educational app depends on the following factors:

  • The complexity of an app idea
  • App development and design charges
  • Targeted platforms for app distribution
  • App maintenance and updating its features

3. What kind of educational apps are there?

Educational apps are of six types:

  • Learning platforms
  • Learning apps for specific subjects
  • Educational games
  • Learning management system (LMS) apps 
  • Classroom educational apps
  • Apps for kids
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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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