AcceleratedX is an innovative ed-tech platform that allows users to learn from industry experts directly. The main motive behind the solution is to connect and provide users with the best-in-class knowledge and learning.

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Idea Inception

Our client had a clear goal in mind – promoting education. And what is the best way to do so? – Learning from the experts themselves! By cumulating carefully curated, original content from subject matter experts, our client wanted to offer the users an intimate experience. Our client recognized the importance of having a digital product on par with entertainment and giving students many interactive, easy-to-use features.

Our Solution

After closely analyzing the client’s demands, Idea Usher created a robust mobile app for Android & iOS; and a website solution. Using additional analytics such as careful market research, we smartly incorporated all the features with suggested add-ons that we believed were necessary to make a successful solution.

App Flow

Top Features

Video Lessons

After selecting a subscription package, users can choose from various niches (from music & entertainment to IT & software). After the selection, they can access video lessons or choose a suitable pre-made playlist. . Video lessons are a convenient way to take lessons as they can watch them anytime and anywhere. They can also replay the videos or download them on their devices.


After watching a particular video lesson, the user can go to the ‘conversations’ section to ask any questions or doubts they may have. They can also catch a glimpse of what the other users ask and ‘like,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘comment on,’ ‘flag,’ or even ‘bookmark’ the questions they find there.

Connecting With Friends

To make the entire experience more fun, the app and website offer its users a feature to connect. The users can view other people’s profiles and see what they are interested in. Once they find someone they may want to communicate with; the users can ‘follow’ or ‘message’ each other. However, if a particular user decides to keep their profile as ‘private,’ the other users can only ‘follow’ them.
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In-App Texting

The in-app chatting feature eliminates message fragmentation and keeps your chats organized. Our solution lets users chat within the app in real-time. The app manages the display and typing order of the messages to ensure the best experience. There is also a provision for sharing media attachments/ emojis.

Live Sessions

The moderators on the app can host live sessions that are live classes. Participants can attend these sessions by simply going to the ‘live’ tab and clicking on ‘join the discussion.’ Users can also keep track of all the upcoming events and set in-app reminders for the same. Our unique solution also ensures that a “participation invite” provision exists for the host to share with potential guest-session attendees (outside the app as well).

Additional Resources

Apart from the video lessons, users can also access other premium resources such as images, other helpful videos, and word files/PDFs at their disposal for a better hold on selected topics.


Idea Usher understands how educators and students want to use the app for educational purposes. We created an all-inclusive app, which caters to these needs while also including socially shareable elements to draw traction for the app. In addition, our priority was to keep the client ahead of the curve in terms of technology to empower them in generating business and elevating the socio-economic landscape.

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