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No one can deny their love for delicious food. A tasty meal can transform a person’s routine day into a surprisingly memorable one. Making time to cook, specifically, is quite hectic with all the office duties. Therefore, the market for food delivery app development has grown, and chef on-demand apps are gaining popularity. 

Just like the high demand for on-demand online meal delivery apps, which greatly aided people in maintaining a balanced work-life and provided a significant boost to the online food delivery sector.

Now, people are increasingly opting for an on-demand chef finder mobile app, which aids in preparing affordable, nutritious meals that match their diet plans. People now realize that ordering food online is not a practical solution for long-term hunger issues.

Around 42 percent of the population in the USA has used at least one on-demand startup and 3.14 percent annual growth is predicted for this market (CAGR 2021-2025).

How does the Chef On-Demand App Function?

This is how a chef booking mobile app works in a nutshell:

  • Users will need to download the chef booking app.
  • Sign up to get started
  • Create a user profile.
  • Book a chef in your area by searching for availability in a given location, hourly pricing, cuisine specialty, and experienced cook.

They must then alter their profile details before proceeding to explore the list of chefs and sort the options based on their location, time, and cuisine requirements.

When customers need prepared food, they open the app and enter the address of where they need to find the chef and the type of cuisine they prefer.

The app will alert the chef who is available in the preferred location based on the preferences. Chefs can communicate with users through the app and meet in person.

What are the Features and Functionalities of the best Chef On-Demand App?

Here, we’ve compiled some of the top features that are categorized into two sub-categories: the chef panel and the user panel.

Key Features for the Chef Panel: 

  • Managing Profile: Using this functionality, chefs may add or change their information to make their profile more interesting. This also includes details like specialization, serving locations, experiences, projected cooking times, and more.
  • User Request: This feature allows chefs to access all the information on the user’s request and the cooking services they wish to use.
  • Booking Calendar: Allowing access to the booking calendar in-app will enable cooks to receive information about the reservations at a glance.
  • Specialties: The cook or chef included on the app has added a summary outlining their skills, experience, preferred projects, and other information.
  • Manage Cost: Allow chefs to modify or update their hourly fee under this section.

Key Features for the User Panel

  • Registration: To use an app, users must sign up using their credentials, such as their email address and contact information.
  • Edit Profile: This tool enables users to add or modify their profile information, such as their preferred cuisine, location, availability, and more.
  • Choose a cook: Allow users to choose or find a cook or chef based on their preferences and search factors such as availability in a given location, hourly pricing, cuisine specialty, and more.
  • Send requests to cook: Here, once users have found the ideal cook or chef for their culinary needs, they can utilize this tool to send a request to the preferred cook.
  • Cook history: Users can utilize this feature to read the cook’s description and get an idea of the services provided by various chefs. This allows them to get a sense of the cook’s specialty.
  • Check chef specifics: Before scheduling a chef, consumers can look up information about the chef, such as location, expertise, experience, hourly rate, and more.
  • Schedule booking: This app feature allows customers to arrange a time slot with chefs ahead of time to avoid last-minute complications.
  • Booking History: If they are not able to find their best cook, an individual can go through the history anytime they want.
  • Payment option: Allow individuals to pay the cook or chef using several payment methods such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and more. 
  • Ratings and reviews: Allow users to give comments and rate the chef based on their experience and service quality.
  • Customer support: Offers help to customers with any query related to app or cook. 
  • Offers and coupons: Users can use discount codes and offers when making a purchase.
  • Customer dashboard: Users can view through many food stations and filter according to their preferences.

Advanced Features to Build Chef On-Demand Mobile App

The cost and time spent developing an app will depend on the app’s technical functionality. But for business owners, building brand identity in this competitive industry has never been a simple task. 

Thus, the list of advanced features will provide a significant advantage. Here are some cutting-edge features you can add to your chef finder app:

Advanced features to build chef on-demand app

Social Media Integration

To make a lasting impression on users and cooks, consider including social media integration features in your app to improve the whole app registration experience. 

Allow customers to register securely using their social network credentials. This will not only link people to an app but will also speed up the entire signup process.

Advanced Searches

By selecting the meal categories, location, skill, and experience, consumers may search and send the request to the cook.

However, With the use of this filter,  app users can reserve the ideal cook as per their requirements.

Push Notifications

This is one of your app’s most crucial features that integrate well with AI technology. It also allows apps to continuously remind customers of offers, discounts, new services, additional chefs, new payment choices, request confirmations, and more by tracking user behavior using AI technology.

In-App Communication

Users and their selected chefs can communicate with one another by making calls from within the app, thanks to in-app calling. This feature can be used to talk about the cost per hour or a day or the meals that need to be cooked. 

The in-app chat feature enables users and the chefs they want to work with to communicate via messaging, much like in-app calling does.


This might be one of your app’s most unique features because it gives chefs the chance to share advice; on how to keep users motivated to eat well by showing appetizing photos of meals and sharing cooking techniques.

Multilingual Support 

It is a worthy implementation if you are aiming to reach many different regions and bring chefs from all over the world together through your app. Ensure that users can use this app without interruption in their native language.

Customer Loyalty Program

This is a great approach to draw consumers to your app and give them a purpose to come back. Give loyalty or referral points that can be quickly used in future purchases.

Who are the On-Demand Cook and Chef Finder App’s Targeted Audience?

Every success story requires a strategy, and every strategy needs a spending plan. The cost of developing an application depends on the features it has. 

The intended audience will, however, affect the characteristics of this application. For example, the target audience can be divided into three categories.

Typically Outside Eaters

One can discover the recipes that are well-liked in those specific restaurants and cafés through location services. As a result, this will stimulate their desire to prepare their preferred dish at home.

Travelers Group 

These types of customers choose quick and simple meals. Also, they can be found on the app as this group rarely stays at home. With access to this application, one can evaluate the time a user spends at home and prefer to cook. 

Special Occasions

One might opt to engage a chef or cook to create the ideal menu for their parties or events and serve freshly prepared food without having to spend the entire day in the kitchen. It also saves them from missing out on the enjoyment of the occasion.

Lifestyle Users

Everyone has a unique lifestyle and set of likes and dislikes in the present period. While some sectors of the audience might want affordable fare, others might prefer to stick to their diets while eating vegan meals. 

It’s always a pain to customize the selection of foods an individual wants to have. This chef on-demand app will help individuals in that situation.

How to Get Started with App Development?

Creation of App development

The understanding of developing mobile apps and key practices to take into consideration are mentioned below:


Before beginning the development operations, one must first determine what purpose the app will serve. An individual needs a plan that details all of the app’s requirements. It is crucial to plan the entire process.

Create your strategy and all associated techniques to provide high-quality services.


The purpose of this phase is to determine which features must be incorporated to meet the needs and expectations of users.

In addition, this stage comprises relevant market and user requirements, which will be very beneficial in figuring out the best course for scheduling future operations. 

Prototype Designing

You can start developing the app prototype once you’ve defined the fundamental architecture of your on-demand cook finder mobile app. 

This covers design features such as UX/UI and architecture design—everything that improves and expands the user experience. The design stage is the initial step in developing an app, and a strong design will assist you in attracting users.


To build an on-demand service platform is to fill the graphical app shell with code. Here are a few points. The back end is where the majority of the logic and calculations take place while users interact with the front end (whether it’s a mobile or web application). 

As a result, you’ll require at least one back end for end-user and provider applications. Consider the backend to be the brains of your on-demand app. APIs are stored here, allowing all applications to interact with one another and sync data.

APIs are also used to connect your mobile app to other apps. If you believe your product will benefit from other developers producing new products based on it, you must account for this in the general back-end design.

To hasten development, you can reuse specific code blocks. That applies to the majority of generic features, such as user profiles, settings, registration and authentication, and other similar features that are shared by both apps.


Testing is the process of running an application to detect glitches. It is also known as the process of validating and verifying that a piece of software or hardware meets the technical requirements that influenced its design and development.

Testing is done to uncover and identify errors in software so that they can be fixed before they are delivered to customers.

Deployment and Maintenance

Moving an app from the development environment to the production environment is known as deployment. Deployment happens after development and testing since the app must be checked for potential mistakes or security errors before deployment.

Also, any successful online endeavor must have a well-maintained and high-performing app. 

There are many ways to make sure that quality is maintained. Qualities such as fixing bugs, adding new features, updating existing features, adding new content, updating existing content, scaling up your servers to handle a load of more users and data, and maintaining security, and many more. 

Finally, the app is ready to use. 

On-Demand Cook & Chef Finder Mobile App Monetization Opportunities

on-demand chef monetization opportunities

In the case of start-ups, one of the essential components determining future success is the selection of the best business monetization strategy. 

A profitable, scalable, and sustainable monetization approach is required. So, the on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app can employ the following three monetization strategies:

In-App Advertisements

The majority of mobile app owners use app advertising as their primary source of revenue generating to recover their initial investment in the business. 

When creating a mobile app that helps people find a chef on-demand, the app’s owners can make money by displaying advertisements for related goods, including cooking equipment, food, fresh recipes, and more. Make sure your ads are engaging to keep customers using the app because this monetization might make or ruin your company.

Featured Listing

One possible way for app developers to generate enormous profits is through this feature. 

Since every cook or chef wants to be in the spotlight, the app owner can charge a fee to list particular cooks on the top picks or featured chefs.

Additionally, all chefs and cooks want to be included on the app and are prepared to pay a fee to do so to increase bookings.

Commission or Transaction Fees

One of the most effective approaches to app monetization is that it enables app owners to charge a particular percentage from cooks for each transaction. 

As a result, paying a commission on each sale will enable the app owners to make money through this monetization approach. 

Who are the Top 3 Players of Chef On-Demand Mobile App?

Here are a few examples of chef on-demand apps:


Rockoly boosts team-building events by providing live chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, and ingredients.

Founded DateJan 1, 2020
Downloads100+ downloads
CategoryFood & drink
USPRockoly events promote connection, morale, and socializing. During the class, they include exciting group games and entertainment for the team.


It is a great experience for both cooks and diners. It is a mobile application-based on-demand service that connects Chefs with Diners by searching and selecting the Chef meals they prefer.

Founded DateOct 20, 2018
Downloads100+ downloads
CategoryFood & drink
USPWith Cookinat, people can support local cooks while receiving a deluxe home service at a fair price.


EatWith is a platform that connects individuals globally to provide real dining experiences. Visitors may interact with incredible hosts through EatWith, exchange tales, and remarkable experiences, and savor delectable homemade fare.

Founded Date 2012
Downloads100,000+ downloads
CategoryFood & drink
Ratings 3+
USPEatwith is the largest community for authentic culinary experiences with locals,  and it is accessible in more than 130 countries.

What is the Cost of Developing an Android and iOS Chef On-Demand Mobile App?

The creation of an application requires extensive research. A sufficient quantity of time must be invested in this. This is why many variables directly affect the cost of building the app.

These considerations include the application’s size, complexity level, number of integrated functionalities and features, design, and a host of other things.

The location of the application development company is another crucial aspect that affects the cost. Consequently,  additional factors, including the company’s unique time zone and physical architecture, also influence the expenses.

Final Words

Without any question, the food, and the cooking sector has flourished in the wake of the pandemic, reaching new heights by integrating a unique array of cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, hiring a mobile app development company will help individuals turn a business idea into a reality and add world-class chefs to the app.

If you are ready to launch a food and cooking-related app, get in touch with us, at Contact Us – Idea Usher

Idea Usher offers complete customized application development opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Idea Usher is more than just a group of developers; we are consultants who create your product following your specifications. We deliver high-caliber work that guarantees effectiveness and value for money.

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How long does it take to create an app for an on-demand service?

Platforms, technologies, features, and design are just a few of the variables that will affect how long something will take. Ideally, it takes 3-4 months on average. But for faster delivery, connect with Idea Usher

Which platform should I choose to create the app?

If you want to launch your app on a certain platform, you can decide to design a native app. Also, a hybrid app can be the ideal choice if you want your app to be available across all platforms.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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