Top 10 benefits of b2b apps
What are the Top 10 Trendy Benefits of B2B Apps?

The majority of mobile applications are designed for consumer use. B2B business owners can harness the power of mobile apps to interact with their customers and manage their operations from anywhere. There are many benefits of B2B apps that give flexibility to individuals to grow their businesses.  According to the Forrester report, 59 percent of

Steps to develop event booking app
Event Booking App Development: A Step-By-Step Guide

Implementing an event booking app development system has simplified the booking process for your users. The users don’t have to wait in line for long to purchase tickets anymore.  Statista projects an increase of 11.6 billion US dollars in revenue in the event booking app market.  In this blog, we will explore the event booking

Best Gig apps
Top 10 Gig Apps that Pay you Real Money

Today, job seekers no longer find opportunities through newspaper ads in this age of digitization. Nowadays, the majority of job searchers submit their applications online via platforms like gig apps.  The future of the job market depends on the gig economy. Research done by Gallup found that 36% of US workers are gig workers. Forbes

Best Apps like earnin
What are the Top 8 Apps Like Earnin in 2022?

Imagine having access to some of your income before payday. That could enable you to pay your expenses on time. Getting ahead, however, may be challenging due to the high costs associated with the conventional methods of early paycheck access. However, apps like Earnin give you the option to withdraw a portion of your salary

Chef on-demand apps
What are the Easy Steps To Create Chef On-Demand App?

No one can deny their love for delicious food. A tasty meal can transform a person’s routine day into a surprisingly memorable one. Making time to cook, specifically, is quite hectic with all the office duties. Therefore, the market for food delivery app development has grown, and chef on-demand apps are gaining popularity.  Just like

8 Best Recipe Apps: Build your Cooking Inspiration in 2022

Cooking your own meal could be an individual’s best choice as you don’t have to be dependent on anyone. One can be sure of the ingredients they are putting in and can control the seasoning amount. It saves money and time and is probably the best choice for health, but the question arises of where

buy now pay later app
15 Must-have features of a Buy Now Pay Later app

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ or ‘BNPL’ has been the talk of the town or at least the talk of the “online shopping” world. Why? The reason isn’t quite hard to guess. It’s because of the growth of e-commerce! If you are an avid reader of tech news, or even if you skim through tech information

best parenting apps
10 Best parenting apps in 2022: A complete guide

Becoming a parent is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Parenthood becomes challenging when you cannot juggle multiple things at a time. Thankfully, mobile apps exist that make taking care of your child a smooth-sailing experience. Advancements in technology and scarcity of time have led to the growing prominence of parent-support apps.

How to Make a Mobile Game Application
How to Make a Mobile Game Application? Everything Explained.

Mobile games are creating a buzz in the market for quite a while now. Everyone is going crazy with the advent of new mobile games every day. In this blog Idea Usher experts will tell everything about mobile games and How to Make a Mobile Game Application? As the pandemic hit the world, there was

how to make an app
4 Points to Help You Build a Dynamic Mobile App

Apps are easily one of the most convenient digital tools we have on our devices. From managing money to studies to tracking one’s water intake. Applications are capable of doing it all. So how did these applications become such a big part of our lives? Do we know how to make an app? More importantly,

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