How to make an app like clubhouse

The Clubhouse app has opened new doors for social media users to communicate uniquely. 

Our team has gone through the app to guide you on how to build an app similar to Clubhouse social media app. If you wish to develop the same app for your business. 

Learn the development steps and requirements for building your voice-based chat room app. 

What is the Clubhouse app?

The Clubhouse is a social networking platform where communication happens only in voice. The app contains many topics that users can discuss and listen to other people’s conversations. The Clubhouse app lets users chat in real-time, share stories, and collaborate with other users. 

There are many ways the Clubhouse app is redefining social media platforms by bringing the best level of engagement for businesses and marketers:

  • The app provides a chat room where the users can discuss numerous topics available on the app.
  • Users can communicate with others that belong to the same industry and profession.
  • More focus on high-value conversations instead of producing content.

There is a need for an invitation to join the app from another person already registered. Know your audience by understanding who uses the Clubhouse app. 

Who uses Clubhouse?

Using the Clubhouse app becomes social status as only a few are able to join the app. It’s an app where celebrities such as Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock, and Ashton Kutcher are common users. All these celebrities host chats for the fans.  

In December, the New York Times reported around 600K registered users on this app.

But how does the clubhouse app work? Let’s check.

How does the Clubhouse app work?

The algorithm of the Clubhouse works based on users’ interests to provide a more personalized experience. Moreover, the app does not record or transcribe the users’ conversations. 

The users can join chat rooms, listen to the conversation, and even share their ideas and opinions by speaking in the chatrooms. 

However, users can only join the app after getting an invitation link from the Clubhouse app’s registered users. Users can join the waiting list where any random app user will share their invitation.  

How did the Clubhouse app become famous? Let’s check.

What makes the Clubhouse app popular? 

Here are the few things that make the Clubhouse app popular among their audience:

1. Exclusivity

Users can join only through the invitation. Invitation-based joining provides users a feeling of exclusivity to become a part of exclusive communities on the platform.

2. No-recording and unscripted conversations

App users experience the best safety and privacy for their communication as the app does not record any conversation that happens to the app communities.

3. Simple interface

The app provides a great way to help users to switch from one community to another to start a discussion on their interesting topics.

4. Personal optimization

App provides users with relevant topics for their feed. Along with, it provides recommendations on other interesting topics such as cryptocurrencies, healthcare, gaming, etc.

5. No limit on room selection

Users can choose from any room to discuss their topics and are free to join for topic discussions.

Check out all clubhouse app features to include the same in your app.

Best features that Clubhouse offers

1. Profile creation

The clubhouse app offers a fundamental profile creation process. The users have to submit their name and phone number during their sign-up. The users must book their username in advance until they don’t get an invitation link to join the application.

2. Hallway

The hallway is the app’s main feed, where users can view the ongoing chat rooms. The chat rooms followed by users can view them on the top of the hallway. 

From the hallway, the users can:

  • Search for someone by using their name 
  • Invite someone to join Clubhouse 
  • Manage their Clubhouse profile 
  • Access the calendar to know the dates of upcoming rooms.

3. Chat rooms

The users can access the name of people and topics that people are discussing in the room. Chat room can be used as a podcast to listen to the conversation of different people on specific topics. The users can get the details such as the speaker’s name, moderator, and the names of the users that joined as a listener.

4. Clubhouse app clubs

Appclubs enable users to create clubs within the app. With the Clubhouse club, users can create communities inside the app where they can host many conversations and meet up with their members. The club offers four types of memberships:

  • Founder 
  • Members 
  • Admin 
  • Follower

5. Notifications

The clubhouse offers a variety of information through notifications. The app notifies users of the following things: 

  • New followers of the app users
  • When users’ connection invites them into a room
  • Users’ connections are speaking in a room
  • Notifies followers when the users schedule a room  

6. User invitation 

The users can invite their phone contacts to the app. The users can access all their phone contacts within the app and invite them to join the Clubhouse app.

7. Trends & activity

Different trends can help users stay updated with the conversations in the other chat rooms.

In Clubhouse, activity is the area that creates a history of all the interactions of the app user. The Clubhouse users can access all the accounts they are following and can access their activities. Also, the users can see the clubs where their connections are present and access the upcoming occasion for chat rooms.

8. Topics

In Clubhouse, the topics work as a tag for the room. The clubhouse offers a large topic list to help users to find the right room. Also, the speakers can assign topics to the rooms so users can find custom rooms with the help of topic names.

Know some advanced features that you can add to your app.

Advanced features that you can add to your app

1. Moderation

Moderation is the feature that the Clubhouse app lacks. Many users complain about abusive talks happening in the chat room of the Clubhouse social media app. At the time of app development, you can give extra attention to the moderation feature to provide a safe user experience for the app users.

In your app, you can add a feature for which the speaker can limit the audience’s interaction when spreading hate speech within the chat room.

2. Reminders

We have already discussed that the Clubhouse app doesn’t record conversations in the chat room. To let your app users not miss any critical discussion in the chat room, you can remind users about the ongoing conversation from the app notification.

So, this paves the way to getting an app like Clubhouse developed, curbing these major shortcomings in the app.  Let’s learn how to get started with development. 

Steps to developing an app like Clubhouse

1. Do your research

Market research for your app is essential to increase the chance of making more profits from your app. Market research will help you identify the user needs and areas of improvement.

During the market research, you need to identify what customers want to see in voice chat apps so you can fulfill their requirements and go ahead of your app’s competitors. Market research helps you identify your target audience to develop your app according to their needs. Understanding new product development will help you to gather better ideas for your app development.

2. Design app MVP

The MVP version of your app only includes the essential features and functionality for providing cost-effective app development in the early stages. It also includes taking your customer’s feedback to make changes in your app and improve the user experience.

3. Design the user interface of your app

The stage will involve working on the front-end part of your app. When designing, you can work on creating the app user interface, app navigation, buttons, etc., and can decide the color theme of your app.

Choosing a simple and clean user interface will help your app users to access your app more easily. Android/iOS have design guidelines you must follow when designing your app.

4. Backend development

The stage involves working on the programming part of your app. The developers will start working on creating an app API, integrating SDKs and other programming parts to make your app fully functional.

Also, you can follow the latest app development trends to make your app more advanced and unique. 

5. User Feedback

Since you are working on creating the app MVP, taking user feedback is important to add/remove features and make your app more useful and valuable to the user. 

6. App testing

After finishing the development of an app like Clubhouse, you can perform app testing multiple times to identify and resolve all technical bugs and drawbacks in your app. Also, app testing will help you understand how users feel using your app.    

7. Launch the final product

After making changes to your MVP (based on user feedback), your chat room is ready to launch. When app launching, you can focus on app marketing and follow publishing guidelines on Android, iOS, and other platforms.

Check out all the tools experienced developers use to create an app like Clubhouse.

Tech stack for app

Checks list of tools developers uses for building an app like Clubhouse. You can choose these given tools for your app building. Learn more about the tech stack for app development.

Application and DataJavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5, NGINX, TypeScript, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, React Native, GraphQL, Markdown, Swift, Kotlin, Amazon DynamoDB, Less, D3.js, Clojure, Relay Framework
DevOpsGitHub, Git, Docker, Sublime Text, Sentry, Bower, Rollbar, Emacs, Flow (JS), Librato
Business toolsSlack, Zapier, Shortcut,
UtilitiesGoogle Analytics, Elasticsearch, Gatsby, Chartio

Know the ways and means to make money from your app like Clubhouse, and select the best revenue model for your app.  

The revenue model of apps like Clubhouse

Since the app is in beta, it hasn’t implemented all the monetization methods in its app. However, you can still explore many ways to make money from your voice chat app, like Clubhouse.

1. App subscription

The app offers monthly or weekly subscriptions for which users must pay processing fees. Only subscribed users can stay connected with all the premium hosts’ paid community. 

The app generates interest as a commission from each premium host starting their rooms on the clubhouse social media app.

2. Paid communities

Along with a premium subscription, the app provides an alternate way for users to join paid communities. Users will pay to join and interact with other users in the paid community. 

The host that starts paid communities are mostly celebrities or tech people who share their knowledge in chat rooms of specific industries.

3. Live one-on-one interaction 

The feature allows users to interact with their favorite persons directly in one-on-one interaction. The feature works best for social media influencers, musicians, celebrities, sportspeople, etc. 

So it will be better to assume that the fees for one-on-one interaction will be higher than expected. The app takes commission between each one-on-one interaction on their app, giving it a better revenue source.

Know the market stats of the Clubhouse app to get an insight into its popularity of the Clubhouse app.

The market size of the Clubhouse app

Explore all the market stats of the Clubhouse app to understand the market trends:

  • From 600K in December 2020, the Clubhouse got a massive boost in weekly active users of around 10 million. 
  • The app is valued at $1 billion, getting massive success from $100 million in May 2020.
  • Over 180 organizations and ventures have invested in Clubhouse. 
  • Right now, the Clubhouse app has raised over $10 million.

Build your app like Clubhouse!

The audio-based chat rooms are the new trend and are less competitive, making them a great investment option.

However, developing such tech-centric apps may become an uphill battle. Thus, the best decision for developing your social media app is to outsource your project to an experienced software-making company. 

Search no further, Idea Usher is a one-stop solution for the best development solution. 

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1. How does the Clubhouse app work?

Clubhouse social media app work as an audio-based social media app. In Clubhouse, you can create and join chat rooms and can communicate and listen to the conversations of other users in the room. The app has rooms for different topics that users can join based on their interests.

2. What features does Clubhouse have?

The Clubhouse app has the following features:

  • User onboarding 
  • Invitation 
  • Hallway 
  • Clubhouse rooms 
  • Clubhouse clubs 
  • Activity tab 
  • Upcoming for you

3. How to create an app like Clubhouse?

The best way you can develop an app like Clubhouse is to hire IT professionals that are experienced in creating apps like Clubhouse. The developer will help you to ease the development process of making your voice-based social media app.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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